WAN And Network Engineering Resume Profile USA

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WAN and Network Engineering   Resume Profile USA



Executive Summary

Network Architect and Senior Network Engineer with strong understanding of structured network design with ISP/ASP experience. I have over 10 years of Engineering and Architecture experience in the networking industry focusing on routing, switching and security. I have obtained certifications in Cisco and Microsoft with management experience overseeing projects and mentoring other engineers.






Employment:    Confidential – WAN and Network Engineering  


·          Day to day WAN engineering support.

·          Provide Load Balancing guidance and Load Balancing expertise

·          Create and Document detailed troubleshooting techniques for off shore L1 and L2 teams

·          Document standard operation procedure for off shore L1 and L2 teams Worked with Linux, VMware,

·          Introduce and standardize engineering documentation for network changes

·          Introduce standardized network diagram and documentation templates for all of remote sites

·          Assist in pinpointing networking deficiencies regarding routing, switching, security and load balancing

·          Provide Network Engineering guidance and Level 3 support for the Architecture team

·          Provide advice for MPLS connectivity design and rollout project

·          Serve as an SME for Load Balancing, routing and switching, Nexus 7k experience



Employment:    Confidential – Network Planning and Design (Architecture & Engineering)  


·          Plan and design datacenter migration of TDN real time (multicast) network environment from OCL to Dallas.

·          Work in the Global Architecture group and provide high level network designs (LAN / WAN) and guidance for high visibility projects such as Thomson Reuters Eikon and Elektron.

·          Work independently as a Network Architect (LAN / WAN) responsible for project design and guidance to engineering teams and implementation teams.

·          Provide Network Engineering, Security and Level 3 support for the Architecture team and NETSEC (Network and Security)

·          Provided Network engineering and architecture support for the CELL 2.0 Migration project (Architecture). Experience with scripting.

·          Performed the role as the ACE SME (Cisco ACE Application Control Engine) and Senior Engineer for the CELL 2.O migrations (Architecture).

·          Work independently, manage and implement multiple customer projects simultaneously and provide post implementation support for various mission critical projects (NETSEC).

·          Perform network audits, network performance test and network readiness evaluations for the datacenter relocation project from 395 Broadway NYC to multiple datacenters (NETSEC).

·          Implement and configure Cisco, Extreme, Checkpoint, F5 and Cisco Loadbalancer devices in the Thomson Reuters cell environment (NETSEC).



Employment:    Confidential – Sr. Converged Solutions Engineer Contractor  


·          Provide VOIP Converged (voice and data) design solutions and services for customers

·          Work independently, project manage multiple customer projects simultaneously, provide statement of work and customer pricing for services. Provide post sales support. Reported directly to director of engineering.

·          Functioned as a pre-sales engineer, post-sales engineer, design engineer, and an implementation engineer.

·          Perform network audits, network performance test and network readiness evaluations for VOIP services.

·          Develop Visio designs with Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, and Avaya components. Implement Cisco, Extreme switches, and Juniper Firewalls.

·          Created network designs for VOIP components, Avaya communications Manager, Avaya Voice gateway, G250, G350, G450, G650, and G700, Cisco 3750,2960, Extreme Networks switches, Juniper Firewalls.

·          Implement and configure QOS on Cisco, Extreme switches.




Equipment and Technologies used:

    • Cisco 3750, 2960. Extreme Networks Summit X250e, Summit X450e. H.248, G711, G729 protocols, QOS, IP trunks, dial plans, Call admission control (CAC), Network Regions.



Employment:    Confidential – Sr. Design/Network Lead Engineer Contractor   


·          Provide detailed dual CPE VRF-LITE MPLS design, diagram, and configuration with datacenter redundancy between multiple datacenters using OSPF for IGP redistribution and BGP for EGP peering with carrier in an unmanaged MPLS solution.

·          Implement the Core design in 2 major datacenters in NJ and Fort Worth TX.

·          Provide detailed design template, diagram, and configuration for 120 remote sites to be added to the MPLS cloud. Managed MPLS solution.

·          Design and configure the MPLS CE/PE templates for the remote sites and datacenters.

·          Configure and deploy MPLS P routers and BGP route reflectors within the AIG MPLS network.

·          Test and configure Cisco Optimized Edge Routing (OER) for the AIG internal MPLS network.

·          Implement remote site design template (MPLS Migrations). Divide remote site deployment among engineers.

·          Provide level 3 technical support for operational issues that can arise during the project. Provide and implement solutions to routing issues that arise with dual homed datacenters, i.e. Asymmetric routing due to statefull Firewall inspection (FWSM).

·          Address and resolve remote site connectivity issues to legacy environments using legacy protocols with IPX, SNA, and DLSW, with EIGRP.

·          Provide documentation for CMDB (change management) to aid, clean up, and decommission missed equipment and circuits from CMDB.

·          Build test labs for critical changes for Core and remote site implementations.

·          Perform additional non project tasks such as remove, replace and upgrade primary AIG internet routers, upgrade LAN switches, implement QOS for VOIP, upgrade sup720, 7200 Network Process Engines.


Equipment and Technologies:

    • Cisco 3750, 2821, and 3845 routers. 7606, 6509, and 6513 multilayer switches, SUP 720, SUP32, and FWSM. Routing protocols BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP.



 Confidential Sr. Design Engineer Contractor Advanced Services  



·          Re design the overall Paterson school district (PSD) WAN.

·          Refresh PSD WAN Core, Distribution, and Access layers from Avaya and Cajun switches with Cisco

·          Create configuration templates for Cisco 6513, 4510R, 4507, and 3750 switches

·          Plan, configure and deploy 5 core sites, 60 collapsed distribution/access sites

·          Project Manage configuration, deployment and installation of PSD refreshed WAN of 65+ sites

·          Manage deployment team of 11 engineers

·          Integrate and Migrate Cisco, Avaya and Cajun switches.

·          Troubleshoot interoperability issues, optical, OSPF routing and STP issues.

·          Refresh Hoboken school district, with Cisco 6509, 2940 switches, replace Avaya and Cajun

·          Project Manage Hoboken Deployment, configure and install all switches


Equipment and Technologies:

    • Cisco 3750, 4510, 4507, 6509 and 6513 layer 3 switches, Cisco 2960 layer 2 switch. Cisco 3845, 7206 routers. Cisco ASA 5540 firewalls, OSPF, EIGRP.


Employment:    Confidential Sr. Design Engineer  


·          Resolve STP issues and restore network stability

·          Redesign Network and deploy VOIP and QOS in the enterprise

·          Manage Checkpoint FW IP350

·          Manage VPN Concentrators

·          Manage their MPLS CE routers, configure and troubleshoot

·          Design and deploy VOIP SOHO routers with VPN

·          Migrate the network from a layer 2 environment to a routed environment.

·          Deploy CSS 11503 load balancers

·          Redesign their DMZ

·          Upgrade 6513 and 6509 core switches with sup 32 engines

·          Manage and deploy Cisco 6500 and 3550 switches

·          Deploy BGP to provide redundant application visibility from the internet




Employment:    Confidential – Sr. Systems Engineer  


·          BGP and IGP Engineering and implementation for third party vendors and customers through the transit AS

·          Provide network design, engineering, implementation and technical support/documentation for the Verizon Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), OBM (Out of Band Management) and Northeast Area Network.

·          Configure and test MPLS VPN’s on PE and customer CE routers.

·          Project management of new network deployments and assist in the design process of integrating data networks with the ATM backbone.

·          Manage, maintain, and configure network hardware (ex: LAN Switches 6513, Load Balancers CSS11503, Content Switches, Routers 12000, and ATM devices).

·          Create detailed MOPs (Method of Procedure) to fulfill service requests and Change Controls, including port activations, customer FES connectivity, vendor FES connectivity, CDMA soft-handoff mesh creation, WDN, EDN, Content Service Load balancing and ATM changes. 

·          Execute MOPs including pre- and post- testing of network changes.

·          Resolve and close Remedy tickets assigned to queue

·          Coordinate and implement data network copper and fiber cabling.

·          Design, manage, deploy CSS 11503 Load balancing devices

·          Conduct regular meetings with Data Sales Engineers to discuss service request status, prioritization and ongoing Data Services Engineering activities.

·          Worked with wireless customers to engineer FES (Fixed End System) customer connectivity, bring customer connectivity online, and troubleshoot customer connectivity issues.





·          LAN switches, ATM switches, Load Balancers, and Content Switches CSS 11500, (Cisco 12K, 10K, 7500, 7300, 3600, 2600, 6500, Terminal Servers, MGX8850, Cisco IOS/IOS-XR, Cisco Content Services Switches (CLI and IOS-WEB-NS)

·          BGP, OSPF, VLANs, VTP 802.1q, TCP/IP, PPP, MLPPP, Frame Relay, ATM, PNNI, MPLS, QoS, T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, CSU/DSU, CAT5-6 cabling, Copper and Fiber connectivity, ATM products (MGX8850, MGX8950) and Sniffer products.


Employment:    Confidential Project Manager/ Sr. Technical Consultant,  

·          Project Manage Preventive Maintenance Program for Servers Routers Switches and Datacenter

·          Project Manage Backup San Solution. Move from VERITAS Backup Exec to HP Datacenter

·          Manage 250 Windows 2000 environment, Active Directory 2003

·          Build HP PROLIANT Servers DL380, 580, 760


Employment:     Confidential Contractor Sr. Technical Consultant,  


·          Plan design and implement network systems

·          Participated on project support teams for routine network implementation efforts.

·          Provide performance analysis and quality assurance support to the Global Services Operations Center.


·          TCP/IP, Cisco IOS/CATOS, PIX, Checkpoint, LAN/WAN technologies including Ethernet switching

·          OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, IPSEC, and Frame Relay.

·          CSS 11150, PIX 525, Cisco 7200, 3600, 2600, Proliant DL380, DL580, array controllers.

Employment:     Confidential  Sr. Security and Systems Engineer.  


·          Plan, design and implement network design and architecture for new data center.

·          Manage, maintain, and configure, network hardware (ex. LAN Switches, Firewalls, Routers, and VPN Concentrators) when necessary.  Provide higher tier technical support to the Data Services Operations and Engineering teams on all networking issues.

·          Provide network designs, solution based deployments, and technical documentation for the Tokio Marine WAN, LAN, and remote office locations.

·          Participate on project support teams for routine network implementation efforts.

·          Provide mentorship to Technical Operations staff in appropriate technologies, as required.

·          Plan and engineer a migration plan from Plan from SNA to DLSW for the Tokio Marine WAN.

·          Develop Network management guidelines and Security Engineering guidelines.

·          Work closely with customers and Vendors to provide secure connections to the Tokio Marine network environment.

·          Plan design and implement turnkey security solutions.



·          VPN, TACACS, Radius, L2TP, GRE, NAT, Checkpoint, Pix Firewalls, IPSec, Cisco Secure (TACACS+), RSA SecurID, AAA, 3DES, DES,  

·          PIX 515UR, IDS, WEBSENSE, VPN Concentrators, Cisco 7200, 3600, 2600, MRTG, Cisco 3500, 6500.

·          TCP/IP, EIGRP, RIP, RIP V2, IPX, SNA, Token Ring, DLSW, HSRP, VLANs, PPP, MPLS, Frame Relay, Bridging, T1, T3, CSU/DSU, CAT5 cabling, Fiber connectivity, ISDN, SNMP, Sniffer products, protocol analyzer.



Employment:  Confidential



·          Design and implement a DCN (data communications network) for Verizon Global Services Inc.

·          Manage rollout of and network implementation of the DCN design to 45 plus Points of Presence (POP) and Central Offices (CO).


·          TCP/IP, X.25, ISIS, EIGRP,  OSI, Frame Relay, ATM,

·          CISCO 3600, 5500, 6000, 7000, DDM 2000 Multiplexers, digital cross connects,




·          Provide onsite technical and vendor support for the ATT NOC in Piscataway NJ.

·          Provide tier 4 ATM support for the ATT lower tier engineers such as tier 2 and tier 1.


·          CBX500, GX550, BSTDX 9000, BPX, IGX.

·          ATM, PNNI, UNI, T1 to OC48, Frame Relay, ATM,




·          Provide technical and vendor support for Lucent ATM equipment in Westford Massachusetts.

·          Assist in managing trouble tickets for Major accounts.

·          Recreate and validate bugs and issues identified in the field.

·          Provide technical feedback to developers that would help make the product more robust and fix issues.


·          CBX500, GX550, BSTDX 9000, BPX, IGX.

·          ATM, PNNI, UNI, T1 to OC48, Frame Relay, ATM,




·          Implement local and wide area networks for the first cable/internet providers such as Cable Vision, Kentucky University, New England Cable, Adelfia Cable, and Bresnan Communications.

·          Plan, design and implement the infrastructure for tier one, two and three companies that would allow them to offer internet access to their cable subscribers called HFC (Hybrid Fiber Cable) networks

·          Planned and tested new technology VPN from the Home office using IPSEC and L2TP, DES and 3DES

·          Tested and worked on NEW technology VOIP.


·          TCP/IP, EIGRP, RIP, RIP V2, TACACS ++, HSRP, VLANs, DES 3DES, VPN, IPSEC, T1, T3, CSU/DSU, CAT5 cabling, Fiber connectivity.

·          CISCO UBR 3600, UBR 7200, Catalyst 5500, 2900, PIX,





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