Storage Administrator Resume Profile, TX

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Storage Administrator Resume Profile, TX


  • Over 7+ years' experience of IT industry in storage area networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Backup and Disaster recovery in UNIX and Windows Environment.
  • Strong background in IT industry. Worked as Storage/Server Administrator, supporting multiple platforms and applications.
  • vSphere Storage Metro Cluster deployment using EMC VPLEX environments for Business Continuity and Workload mobility solutions.
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager and EMC Recover point Implementation and Management for Virtual Infrastructure Automated Disaster recovery.
  • Good experience in using EMC VNX/VMAX deployment and Implementation. Experience in Time Finder BCV/Clone/Snaps, SRDF/A, Open Replicator, Mirrorview/ SnapViewSANCopy and Open Migrator.
  • P2V (Physical to Virtual) and V2V (Virtual to Virtual) conversion using VMware Convertor.
  • Experience with SAN storage integration with VMware/Windows/Unix hosts.
  • EMC Clariion/Cellera/Symmetrix/DMX SAN/NAS installation and configuration, administration and support.
  • SAN/Brocade/McData/Cisco SAN switch zoning, configuration and administration.
  • Solaris/AIX OS installation, configuration and OS troubleshooting.
  • Implementing effective storage administration management policies and procedures.
  • Experience on LUN provisioning, storage allocation and zoning, file systems and patch/Package administration.
  • Upgradation operations on fiber channel switched and directors using EFCM and DFCM

Core Skill Set

Storage Arrays

EMC Symmetrix (VMAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX-2), Clariion (CX600, CX700CX4- 120/240/480/960, CX3-40/CX3-80), VPLEX, VNX (5500, 5700, 7500), HP 3PAR, EVA,IBM XIV, Celerra NS-120 ,NS -480, NetApp FAS6000, FAS3000, FAS2000 series

SAN Management Software

EMC Navisphere Manager 6.x/5.x , Navicli, SMC 7.x, Symcli 7.x/6.x, Timefinder, Snap View, Mirror View, SAN Copy, SRDF S/A, EMC PowerPath 5.x/4.x, EMC control center 6.x/5.x, Open Replicator, EMC Connectrix Manager, ECC Storage Scope 6.11, ECC Performance Manager . ECC 6.1/6.0/5.2, Unishpere, Cisco CLI, Fabric /Device Manager, Open Migrator, snap mirror, snapvault, FlexClone, Robocopy and EMC Solutions Enabler

SAN Switches

Cisco MDS-9513/09/06/9216, Brocade 48000/24000/3800/ DCX-B, Brocade 5300/5100/7500/3200, DS- 4100B McData 4500/4700/6064, McData ED140M, ED64M, ED 32M2.

Operating Systems

Solaris 8/9, HP-UX 10.x/11.x, AIX 5.x, Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP, Unix, ESX 4.0, IBM-AIX, VMware 4.0/3.5, Linux 5.x/4.x


Dell Blades, HP, IBM Series, ESX.

Network and Storage Protocols


Backup and recovery software

Veritas Netbackup 6.5/6.0/5.1, Symantec NetBackup 5.2, EMC Disk Library DL4206, EMC NetWorker, Data Domain, StorageTek L1400, L700, L180, Symantec Volume Manager

Ticket Management System

Service now, Remedy.

Professional Experience


Storage Administrator

  • Experience in Administration of EMC VNX/VMAX SAN storage
  • Experience in administration of Cisco MDS SAN switches
  • Supported the following platforms CX3-80, CX3-40, NS960, NS80, NS20, AX4, and Data Domain 880.
  • Supported Brocade DCX4 and Cisco MDS9509 fiber channels switches
  • Implementation of EMC Celerra with CIFS, NFS and Multiprotocol FS.
  • Expectance in VMware ESXi 4.1 environment implementation and SRM testing
  • Responsible for the implementation of a Data Domain backup and archive solution.
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 server, Professional, Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers.
  • Supported a large scale Data Center projects including server installation, hardware maintenance, and break/fix activities
  • Assisted in P2V conversions of Windows servers using VMware vConverter
  • Creating and implementing Disk groups, Device groups, and Composite groups using SymCLI.
  • Server virtualization by downsizing the number of CISCO Edge switches from 10 to 6.
  • Providing Brocade access gateway configuration on Solaris servers.
  • Providing administrative support for EMC NAS Celerra.
  • Responsible for implementing and guaranteeing process and systems are in place to deliver highly available storage platforms
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment of a variety of hosts in the following environments Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Install and configure all EMC layered applications.
  • Implemented and configured multiple CLARiiON Storage environments from initial setup to binding LUNs, creating RAID group, installing CLARiiON storage array software's, enabling the host address the EMC CLARiiON storage array, provisioned and documented them to meet the requirements.
  • Used EMC Open Replicator for data migration from Symmetrix 3830 storage array to DMX 3000 storage array
  • Installed and configured EMC SANCopy for data migration from CX 600 to CX3-40 for Windows and Solaris operating system.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of a full storage refresh for the Enterprise.
  • Establishes standard processes and procedures for system
  • Performed Data migration using SAN Copy software for CLARiiON storage systems.
  • Implemented and maintained high availability clusters (MC/ServiceGuard) on HPUX servers with integration for EMC Symmetrix, HP and Hitachi Enterprise Storage Units.
  • Directly involved in a high profile project to migrate all mission critical UNIX server environments to a new state-of - the-art Data Center ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Implemented and evaluated a Network Appliance NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.
  • Implemented and upgraded the enterprise-wide backup strategy and a Disaster Recovery Solution utilizing HP Omniback II with HP SureStore and ATL tape libraries over Fiber Channel switches in the SAN environment.
  • Reviewed, tested and applied system level patches.
  • Provided off-hours and weekend technical support

Environment: EMC Unisphere, EMC Navisphere CLI, VMware VSphere, VMware VCenter Converter, EMC VNX replicator, HP ILO.


SAN Administrator


  • Implemented SRDF for existing production environment. Involved in Design, Planning, Implementation and testing of disaster recovery with solutions architect for business critical applications. Also used Timefinder Clones/Snaps for backup of oracle database application. Clones were used for backup and multiple snaps were taken for meeting the required RTO/RPO.
  • Experience in administration, configuration, troubleshooting of NAS systems like Celerra NS-480.
  • Created port groups, initiator groups, storage groups and associated them all in a masking view using Symcli and SMC on VMAX storage array for the host to access the storage.
  • Configured and Installed PowerPath for load balancing and path failover on host systems.
  • Deployed a comprehensive and sustainable data storage systems migration that supported company's instant mission-critical online transactions at the top-tier from DMX-3 to DMX-4 using SRDF business continuity solutions.
  • Configuring Luns in NetApp filer using data fabric manager utility.
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees, Luns and assigning it to NetApp Filers.
  • Actively involved in Migration of Brocade Fabrics to the Cisco MDS 9513 Directors with minimal downtime.
  • Implemented Disaster recovery for production servers between CX3-80 to CX3-80 using mirrorview/s and mirrorview/A.
  • Creation of FC Aliases, zones, zone sets and activating the zone sets using Cisco CLI and fabric manager.
  • Created multiple Device Groups depending on the application, requirements of the environment and Data Replication (BCV, SRDF).
  • Troubleshooting and administration of SAN environment consisting of Brocade and Cisco switches.
  • Created volume groups, logical volumes, imported and exported volume groups during open migration sessions. Grouped physical disks into logical volumes dynamically sized and resized volumes to fit in the application.

Environment: Celerra NS- 480 VMAX, DMX- 3, DMX- 4, Clarrion CX3-80, Cisco MDS 9513, BCV, SRDF, Time finder Clones/Snaps.


Storage/Systems Engineer


  • Maintained a healthy NetApp storage by Configuring vfiler, qtree, volume, aggregates and snapshots using Data ONTAP, FilerView®, and DataFabric® when required.
  • Created Aggregates and Volumes in NetApp FAS 960c, FAS2020 and FAS3040 using Filerview.
  • Implementation and support for a SAN/NAS network, based on a NetApp FAS 960c, FAS2020 and FAS3040.
  • Provided capacity planning, storage expansion, storage creation and presentation as well as all zoning activities on the Brocade Fiber Channel switches.
  • Add switches into current production SAN fabric. Monitor and response to SAN related issues, escalate to vendors if needed.
  • Configured and Implemented SRDF/A using Replication Manager.
  • Migrated 30TB of Storage using Snap view and Mirror View.
  • Configured Time Finder Clone / Snap and BCV's using SYMCLI and EMC Control Centre (ECC).
  • Symmetrix Device Masking using SYMCLI and ECC.
  • Deployed and executing Disaster Recovery plan using snapmirror Replication, snap restore.
  • Migration between NetApp Filers FAS3040 and FAS 3070 using Snapmirror.
  • Hands on Experience with Veritas NetBackup.
  • Designing, architecting, and implementing bunker and remote replication using NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault technologies.

Environment: EMC Unisphere, Netapp Manager, SYMCLI


Confidential , Confidential

Network\System Admin


  • Responsibilities include analysis, installation, maintenance and modification of
  • Storage area networks and computing system
  • Ensure the compatibility of the hardware and software of the system by determining it.
  • Responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of the new hardware and software.
  • Assist team in resolution of hardware, software and system issues.
  • Analyze performance of the system and ensure the performance objective and availability
  • of the requirements
  • Responsible for providing the desktop system administration and support to the network.
  • Interact with the clients to resolve the queries, issues and problems.

Environment: Red Hat Linux, Windows 2003/2000/98, Netscape Navigator ,Confidential Explorer,Confidential Exchange,Confidential Outlook,Confidential Office.

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