Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator. Resume Profile, Hartford, CT   

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Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator. Resume Profile, Hartford, CT   




  • Over Seven years of experience as SAN administrator in EMC SAN, UNIX Administration with extensive experience in IT industry.


·         Used various storage administration tools likeECC, SYMCLIand Navisphere/Navicli for diverse array’s management and tools like Fabric manager, device manager, brocade/Cisco cli and webtools for switch configuration.

  • Experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity replication technologies using Snap View, Mirror View, BCV/Time Finder, Time Finder/Mirror, Time Finder Clones, SRDF/A, SRDF/S, SRDF/DM and SRDF/Adaptive Copy solutions.


  • Experience in Backup and recovery administration using BCV, Clones and Snapshots.


·         Experience in installation and configurationof Cisco MDS 9513/9509/9506enterprise directors and9140/9120departmental switches, Brocade 48k/24kenterprise directors and 4900/4100/3900/3800 departmental switches.

  • Expertise in Meta device creation, Mapping, Zoning, Masking andDisk group creation.


  • Experience in SAN related host connectivity for different Open systems like Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows operating systems.


  • Expertise in Host based migrations (PPME & Open migrator) Array based migration (Open replicator & SAN copy)


  • Hands on experience with data migration tools, both array based (SRDF and Openreplicator) and non-array based (Unix native tools, Open migratory.)


  • Experience with storage arrays like Symmetrix DMX, VMAX, Confidential, VNX and DELL Compellent arrays.


  • Used different replication technologies like SRDF & Time finder Clone/SNAP/Mirror technologies.


  • Experience in implementing Disaster recovery involving data replication at remote locations for both SAN and NAS administration.


  • Experience in configuration and management of EMC Power Path solution for path failover, load balancing, path management, and automatic I/O failure detections.


  • Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously with good mentoring skills.


  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, good team player in dynamic work group environments and also self motivated to work independently with excellent communication skills.


Technical Skills:


  • Storage Arrays: Symmetrix DMX-2 / DMX-3 / DMX-4, VMAX, Sym8830/8730                              CX500/CX600/CX700/CX3-40/CX3-80/CX4.


  • San Software: ECC 5.2/6.0, SYMCLI 6.x, Navisphere Manager/NAVICLI, NAVI Analyzer, SRDF, SRDF/A, EMC Replication Manager, Time Finder/Clone, Mirrorview/SnapView, SanCopy, Open Replicator, Open Migrator, EMC Recover Point, BrocadeCLI / WebTools, CiscoCLI / Fabric/Device Manager and Power Path.


  • San Switches: Brocade 48k / 24k/12k/4900 / 4100, McData ED-10000M/ED-140M/ED- 64M/MP-1640M/MP-2640M Series and Cisco MDS 9513, 9509, 9506, 9140 and 9120.


  • Volume Manager: AIX/HP/Linux Logical Volume Manager, SUN Volume Manger and VERITAS Volume Manager.


  • Operating Systems: AIX 5.2/5.3, Solaris 8/9/10, Redhat ES3/ES4 Linux, HP 11/11i and Windows 2k/2k3, VMWare ESX Server 3.x.
















Role: Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator.




Storage: Symmetrix V-MAX, Confidential CX3-80, CX4, DMX4, VNX & Dell Compellent.

Fabric/Switch: CISCO MDS 9124e, 9509,9513, 9222i

Operating Systems: Windows 2003/2008, UNIX, AIX, Redhat LINUX.

Tools: Symmetrix management console, Navisphere manager, Storage scope, Powerpath v5.3 & v5.5, Dell Compellent multipath manager, symcli & powerpath migration enabler.





  • Remediated more than 600 servers and upgraded necessary SAN software.
  • Involved and planned all the meetings for the migrations using PPME, Open replicator (hot pull/push).
  • Migrated more than 600 servers using PPME, Open replicator (Hot Pull/Push) from DMX-3/4, Confidential, Dell Compellent& VMAX arrays to VMAX, which involved windows 2003& 2008 clusters.
  • Good understanding on VPLEX and Recover Point.
  • Created RAID groups on VNX storage arrays.
  • Installed Naviagent on hosts that are not registered on the array.
  • Provisioned storage from DMX 3/4, VMAX, Confidential& VNX to ESX, UNIX, Windows 2003/2008 standalones and cluster servers.
  • Provisioned disk and maintained storage arrays using Unisphere (created LUN’s, storage groups, and registered hosts), SMC (symmetrix management console), ECC, Navisphere&symcli.
  • Migrated more than 70 servers using Open replicator (Hot pull) from Dell Compellent arrays to VMAX storage arrays.
  • Created Data devices for thin pools on VMAX.
  • Created and re-balanced thin pools on VMAX.
  • Used HPSM ticketing system to create tickets for all the SAN activities and created more than 1500 tickets.
  • Created policies, Tiers and implemented FAST-VP on VMAX storage arrays.
  • Used storage scope to generate reports.
  • Involved in doing SRDF along with clients storage team.
  • Used SRDF/A and Snap/Clone technologies.
  • Modified SRDF sessions by adding devices and deleting devices.
  • Created RDF pairs for SRDF/A.
  • Used SPA (symmetrix performance analyzer), ECC performance manager to monitor performance.
  • Generated and analyzed grabs & heat reports on Hosts and uploaded them to Elab advisor.
  • Installed Hotfix, storport drivers, Emulex firmware and upgraded the software to latest version.
  • Planned & scheduled migrations by scheduling meeting with the LOB (line of business) and server owners for the entire project.
  • Reclaimed old disks from all the servers (DMX, Confidential, VMAX & DELL COMPELLENT ARRAYS) that have been migrated.
  • Expertise in Host based migrations (PPME & Open migrator) Array based migration (Open replicator & SAN copy)
  • Trained offshore team by doing a complete knowledge transfer on VMAX, Confidential, VNX& DMX
  • Good understanding on FLM migrations
  • Migrated hosts using various migration technologies like PPME (powerpath migration enabler), Open replicator Hot-pull, Hot-push, Robocopy, SAN copy, Open migrator and storage VMotion.
  • Trained offshore team by doing a complete knowledge transfer on VMAX, Confidential & DMX.
  • Maintained storage arrays using ECC control center.
  • Trained clients storage team onsite and planned the whole migration project.
  • Hands-on experience on VNX arrays by provisioning storage to servers.
  • Submitted zoning for new hosts to existing VMAX and VNX storage arrays.
  • Submitted zoning templates to the network team.
  • Allocated disks to all servers for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix & Solaris).
  • Used storage scope to generate storage reports of servers using scripts.
  • Involved in troubleshooting the issues during the migrations and boot from SAN hosts.
  • Troubleshooting all the issues while migrating servers, remediation, allocation & reclaims.
  • Created Data stores and RDM’s on ESX servers.
  • Worked in cluster environments and did load failover/failback and load balancing for powerpath v5.3& v5.5.
  • Upgraded all the powerpath versions from v4.5 to v5.3 & v5.3 to v5.5.
  • Upgraded all the Emulex drivers & firmware for all the servers in the environment.
  • Created storage groups, Initiator groups and Port groups and masked devices in VMAX.
  • Performed all day-to-day activities creating tickets for all the activities in the environment.










Role: Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator.


Storage: Symmetrix V-MAX, Confidential CX3-380, CX4-480

Fabric/Switch:Cisco MDS 9509, 9506 Directors.

Operating Systems: Windows 2008, RHEL

Tools:Powerpath v5.5, powerpath migration enabler, solutions enabler v7.1, symmetrix management console v7.1, symmetrix performance analyzer v2.0, ECC, Fabric Manager.




  • Planned and implemented migrations using powerpath migration enabler (Host Copy).
  • Involved in migrating complete data from Confidential.
  • Planned and implemented migrations using open replicator hot pull.
  • Involved in the vmware migrations using storage vmotion.
  • Installed and configured powerpath v5.5 and upgraded powerpath from v5.3 to v5.5 on various servers.
  • Installed and configured Symmetric management console, symmetrix performance analyzer, solutions enabler on management server to manage the symmetrix V-MAX.
  • Created DRV devices to enable symmetrix optimizer.
  • Created storage groups, initiator groups, port groups and associated them to masking view using Confidential.
  • Performed knowledge transfer to the team in customer side regarding V-MAX, migrations using powerpath migration enabler & open replicator.
  • Created runbook for the customer and received appreciation from customer and EMC project manager.
  • Created pools, Meta devices and performed virtual provisioning using SMC and symcli.
  • Responsibilities include trouble shooting operating system and san related issues.
  • Performed day-to-day storage allocations from V-MAX to various servers and monitored the performance of V-MAXusing performance analyzer.
  • Provided all the documentation to the customer and helped them in performing day-to-day tasks.
  • Activated all the licenses to all the tools used in the customer environment.



Role: Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator


Storage: EMC DMX-3/4, DMX 3000 and Confidential CX-600, CX3-40, VMAX

Fabric/Switch: Cisco MDS 9509, 9506 Directors and MDS 9120, 9140 Departmental

Switches, Brocade 12k, 24k Directors and 3800 switch

Operating Systems: AIX (5.2/5.3), HP-UX (11.00/11.11), Win 2K/2K3

Tools: SYMCLI, NAVICLI, ECC, Navisphere Manager, Time Finder/BCV,

Snaps, SRDF/S and SRDF/A, Snap View, Mirror view/S, Open Migrator and Open replicator




          Implemented Confidential for existing production environment. Involved in Design, Planning, Implementation and testing of disaster recovery with solutions architect for business critical applications.  Also used Timefinder Clones/Snaps for backup of oracle database application. Clones were used for backup and multiple snaps were taken for meeting the required RTO/RPO.

          Created port groups, initiator groups, storage groups and associated them all in a masking view using Symcli and SMC on VMAX storage array for the host to access the storage.

          Configured and Installed PowerPath for load balancing and path failover on host systems.

          Deployed a comprehensive and sustainable data storage systems migration that supported company’s instant mission-critical online transactions at the top-tier from DMX-3 to DMX-4 using SRDF business continuity solutions.

          Involved in planning and migrating data using open migrator.

          Actively involved in Migration of Brocade Fabrics to the Cisco MDS 9513 Directors with minimal downtime.

          Allocated storage from DMX -3/4 to Celerra NS40G/80G and NSX series.

          Implemented Disaster recovery for production servers between CX3-80 to CX3-80 using mirrorview/s and mirrorview/A.

          Creation of FC Aliases, zones, zone sets and actiaving the zonesets using Cisco CLI and fabric manager.

          Created multiple Device Groups depending on the application, requirements of the environmentand Data Replication (BCV, SRDF).

          Troubleshooting and administration of SAN environment consisting of Brocade and Cisco switches.

          Created volume groups, logical volumes, imported and exported volume groups during open migration sessions. Grouped physical disks into logical volumes dynamically sized and resized volumes to fit in the application




Role: Sr. SAN/Storage Administrator


Storage: EMC Symmetrix DMX-3, DMX3000, Confidential CX-600/700 CX3-80

Fabric/Switch: Cisco MDS 9513/9509, Brocade 48k

Operating System: HP UNIX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows.

Tools: SYMCLI, ECC, Navisphere Manager, Time Finder & SRDF/A, Cisco CLI and Cisco Fabric Manager, Brocade CLI and Webtools.




          Implementation, administration and maintenance of High end storage arrays like EMC Confidential CX600, 700, CX3-40, 3-80, Symmetrix DMX 3000, DMX-3 in SAN environments.

          Performed various methods of data migration on Confidential using Mirror View/A & SAN copy.

          Created MetaLUN’s by expanding base LUN’s using striping and concatenation.

          Migrated TB’s of data from old storages arrays like DMX-2/Symm5 to new array DMX-3 using LVM/openMigrator and open Replicator depending on the customer requirement.

          Well versed with the planning and implementation of Data center Migrations.

          Identify underutilized resources (FA ports and host based assets) using Storage scope reporting and proactively resolved the capacity allocation issues.

          Installed and configured PowerPath on various operating systems to support the “load balance” and “failover” features among the HBAs on the system.

          Proficient in troubleshooting SAN environment, allocating storage, monitoring and Reporting

          Prepared all the necessary documents (host list, required software updates, required disk capacity planning) prior to the migration by discussing with various people in the organization.

          Based on the EMC recommendations, updated required patches (Operating System) and HBA drivers on all systems that are part of the data migration.

          Expertise in Trouble shooting and resolving diversified Operating Environment Problems.

          Worked on Disaster Recovery operations such as failover, failback and update when using SRDF/A.

          Created volume groups, logical volumes, imported and exported volume groups during open migration sessions. Grouped physical disks into logical volumes dynamically sized and resized volumes to fit in the application.

          Installed and configured the new Brocade 48K switches into the existing environment to support the Data migration.

          Set the policies on the storage systems to collect the “Work Load” reports to analyze the performance of the DMX3s.

          Generated health reports periodically for the entire SAN/Storage environments.





Role: SAN/Storage Administrator


Storage: Symmetrix 8830/ 8730, DMX-2/DMX-3, Confidential 500/700.

Fabric/Switch: Brocade 3900/3800

Operating System:Hp-UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows.

Tools: Symcli, ECC, Navisphere Manager, Time Finder, SRDF/S & SRDF/A, SAN COPY, Brocade/Cisco CLI and Fabric Manager.




          As storage administrator, took care of the day to day storage provisions from both Symmetrix and Confidential

          Project involves working as SAN storage administrator for EMC storage arrays DMX-2/DMX-3, Confidential CX-500/700, with Brocade 48k Enterprise directors.

          Involved in converting of STDs to BCVs using symconfigure, create and manage device groups by establish, split and setup the BCVs for the backup operations.

          Created Raid groups, storage groups and bound the Confidentialluns to the hosts

          Created larger luns (metas) to support the application needs using SYMCLI

          Configured the BCV and clone mirror copies of the production data using the TimeFinder Business continuity solution for backup and for the testing team to use the production data.

          Configured PowerPath for dynamic load balancing, masking system redundant of power failures and masking the LUN’s for providing security to SAN.

          Planning and Implementing SRDF in SRDF/A environments for Disaster Recovery solution.

          Performed Zoning for SANCopy. Create scripts using navicli commands to perform migration.

          Restored the data from the BCVs in case of a corruption/deletion on the production environment.

          Troubleshooting day to day performance issues and resolving them using Navianalyzer and Performance Manager. Identified unused storage using Storage scope reporting and actively resolved the capacity allocation issues

          Monitored system performance, addition, removal, administration of hosts, users, disks on DNS /NIS domain.

          Identified underutilized host based assets using Storage scope reporting and proactively resolved the capacity allocation issues

          Troubleshooting routine critical issues including threshold optimization, server throughput, ports availability, meeting zoning requirements, one-path down, host not seeing storage and storage management problems.






Role: System Administrator


Hardware: HP N4000, K560, SUN 220R, 280R, 420R, E450, E4500 and E6500

Operating System: Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8, HP-UX 11.00/11.i and Win NT/2000



          Installed, configured and maintained UNIX and Windows operating systems, including the system software and provided hardware.

          Responsible for system backup and recovery.

          Responsible for system monitoring, application and security support.

          Responsible for providing high system availability and, performance management.

          Responsibilities include knowledge on patches, Troubleshooting, firmware, file system maintenance

          Monitoring system security, network traffic, network connections, and adjust system parameters to increase system performance.

          Maintain the systems up-to-date with patch maintenance.

          Created Volume groups, Logical Volumes, File systems.

          Creating root disk encapsulation/mirroring using VERITAS volume manager.

          Remote installations of Solaris OS using Jumpstart

          Involved in hardware maintenance, upgrading the memory and interface cards, add and replace the failed disks.

          Trouble shooting of day-to-day Unix and network problems.

          Performance tuning of Systems, NFS and Network using system commands, Symon and HP Glance

          File systems recovery and making OS backup

          System administration includes NFS, NIS and DNS configuration and maintenance.

          Responsible to upgrade the Operating Systems and patch them up-to-date.






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