Sr. Oracle Exadata DBA Resume Profile, MD

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Sr. Oracle Exadata DBA Resume Profile, MD


  • US Citizen and qualified PMP with over 25 years IT experience and 2 years of SAP Support BO BW ECC with good concepts of Hana 1 x and 2 years of Exadata experience Install/Upgrade and Migration trouble shooting of Oracle Well experienced in Process Methodology and Process Tuning Handled 500 databases in all Installed and configured 11g SPA
  • Implemented Security Compliance Encryption and provided Security Guidelines and Auditing
  • 20 years in Oracle 7 x/8 x/8i/9i/10g/11g 20 years Oracle DBA 3 years Oracle Apps DBA 11 x/11i 2 years UNIX Admin experience on NCR platform 2 Years AIX experience 6 Years Datawarehousing experience and around 6 years of Oracle Development and performance tuning experience A couple of years of Windows NT/XP experience
  • 18 years experience inVarious Flavors of UNIX mostly Solaris HP AIX Around 8 Years experience handling Oracle Databases on Solaris Platforms 2 Years Retail Industry Experience Sound Logical and Physical Oracle DatabaseDesign skills
  • Extensively involved in Data Encryption Data Masking and Developing Governance processes for protecting critical data
  • Implemented Oracle Asymmetric/Symmetric Replication Implemented Shareplex for Oracle replication Did Database Migration from Oracle 7 x to 8 x and 8i Upgraded from Oracle 8 1 6 to 8 1 7 Did 8i to 9i Migration and 8i to 10g Migration and 9i to 11g Migration Did a lot of performance tuning in 9i 10g and 11g Recent experience in Database Migration to 11g
  • Implemented more than 30 RAC installations
  • Implemented Oracle Parallel Query Option Parallel DML and tested and evaluated Oracle Parallel server and the application impact of implementing Oracle parallel server Implemented 9i RAC/10g/11g RAC using RAW as well as OCFS/GPFS Installed and Configured 9i/10g/11g RAC Connect Time and Total Application Failover and provided tuning and backup solutions Very Strong in Dataguard and performance tuning Did a lot of remote implementations where graphical user interfaces like enterprise manager or any such tools cannot be used because of security and firewall considerations My Major strength over the years has been in performance tuning Largest DB handled was 140 Terabytes
  • Implemented and has very sound knowledge of 11g Dataguard
  • Frequent monitoring of the database to look for any resource drain as well as any runaway processes effecting the system response time
  • Scheduled jobs using the job scheduler as well as UNIX cron
  • Did a lot of trouble shooting at
1 Application level using tkprof/explain plan
2 Oracle Database level using schema management
Index Creation partitioning locally managed
Tablespaces Bitmap indexes reverse key indices etc
3 OS level using SAR VMSTAT IOSTAT and TOP tools
4 and Network levels

  • 4 years experience in supporting high number of user connections Involved in Data loading using Oracle SQL LOADER
  • 3 years experience in implementing transaction registering mechanism using Oracle s DBMS APPLICATION INFO Implemented JDBC Supported Applications using Java and PHP
  • 6 7 years experience in Bourne/Korn/C/bash shell scripting and some Perl also
  • 4 years experience doing Database Sizing Capacity Planning and building Very Large and High Performance Databases Very Much involved in Benchmarking and Server selection
  • Implemented High Availability solutions viz Hot Standby Replication and Oracle Parallel Server Used VCS and EMC Used Raid 0 1 and Raw Devices apart from ufs and nfs
  • 6 years experience in building and maintaining OracleDatawarehouses/Data Marts
  • I have a comprehensive and in depth experience in the System Development Life Cycle and the role of Database in this process
  • Experience in mentoring junior DBAs and documenting the dba standards/ work book Involved in documenting the application as I consider it as one of the most important things to do 2 years experience in Data Modeling
  • Excellent project planning budgeting and prioritization skills
  • Apart from these the value additions I bring to the table is in terms of a vast experience coupled with a complete commitment to the project at hand and have a US Citizenship

Technical Skills

Operating Systems
Sun Solaris 8 2 6 2 5 HP UX AIX AT T System V Red Hat
Linux Windows NT/95/XP/2003 XENIX and MS DOS
Programming Languages
Java PL SQL SQL PERL UNIX shell Lighthouse Network Shell and Bladelogic Splunk Sitescope Nagios
Oracle 11g 10g 9i 8i 8 0 5/8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 11g RAC 9i RAC 10g RAC flashback Active Dataguard Real time apply Exadata X2 and Exadata X3
Oracle Tools
Developer 2000 Designer 2000 SQL Loader Remedy
Oracle Applications
Oracle Applications 10 5 10 7 11 0 3 11i SAP 7 1 B O Hana 1 x and Hana 2 x
Applications/Patching Tools
Adautocfg adaimgr adadmin adpatch adrelink adclone pl patchmgr opatch QDPE
Tools Utilities
Oracle DataGuard Flashback Quest SharePlex Replication I/Watch SQL Lab Xpert Live Reorg Quest Central Spotlight Oracle Streams Oracle Replication Microsoft Projects Veritas Quick I/O and Oracle Enterprise Manager Veritas Volume Manager Veritas File system Veritas Cluster Server 3 5
Domain Knowledge
Finance Accounts Human Relations and Administration HealthCare Telecom
Sun E4500 E6500 E10K Work Stations IBM Compatible PCs
HP D K N V Class servers NCR S50 RS 6000 Windows 2003 Server
Case Tools
Erwin Designer 2000 Oracle CASE
Management/Leadership Skills
Lead DBA DBA Architect Backup Systems Administrator Technical Manager People Manager
Skill Matrix
23 yrs
Shell Programming
8 yrs
23 yrs
Oracle DBA
21 yrs
6 yrs
DB Design
6 yrs
High Availability
5 yrs
5 yrs
Oracle 10g/11g Streams
24 months
5 yrs
3 yrs
4 yr
6 yrs
Oracle Apps
3 yrs
Oracle Advanced Security
3 Yrs
Data Architect
5 Yrs
SAP 6 x/7 x
4 Yrs
Oracle Text
12 months
Exadata X2 2/X3 2
2 Yrs

Professional Experience

Confidential MD
Sr Oracle Exadata DBA

  • Completed Configuration of Exadata X 3 half rack
  • Monitored and tuned Siebel SQL in EIM
  • Tuned SQL in OBIEE Seibel UCM SOA PS5 and PS6 and other Oracle Fusion middleware COTS
  • Completed exacheck analysis
  • DBA activities calendar maintenance
  • Installed Oracle Binaries Created Database in an Exadata Environment
  • In Exadata X3 did exachk exaconf sh DB Migration developed strategies for cell server addition metrics monitoring DB stats and backup used patchmgr to patch cell servers qfsdp qdpe opatch for patching db servers DataGuard Creation as per Oracle MAA
  • Configured Database Vault Audit Vault and did Web Content List partitioning of UCM Securefiles Data with encrypt option
  • Maintained SOA DB did partitioning purging indexing performance troubleshooting SOA DB Enabled TDE and used wallet and store Data as encrypt BLOB for SOA and UCM data
  • Implemented TDE Did Re Key of tables

Sr Oracle DBA in SAP environment

  • Configured Exadata Quarter Rack
  • Completed Exacheck of 6 2 node RAC clusters from CRS network storage perspective
  • Completed patching of oracle database and CRS stack
  • Extensively analyzed AWR and RAC logs
  • Extensively Analyzed node evictions
  • Supported Other Oracle projects on Exadata X2 and X3 Recovery testing and Dataguard creation
  • In Exadata X3 Did exachk exaconf sh DB Migration cell server addition metrics and DB stats DB List Partitioning Scripted RMAN for backup
  • Performance optimization with SQL query rewrite and involved in process tuning

Sr Oracle DBA

  • Oracle RAC build and maintenance of 30 4 node 11 2 0 3 RAC clusters
  • Troubleshooting of CRS and RAC logs Extensively analyzed AWR and RAC Logs
  • Involved in Database wide wait tuning
  • Did Active Database cloning on 11 2 0 3
  • Implemented TDE

Sr Oracle DBA

  • Streams performance Troubleshooting in a 10 2 0 4 downstreams capture/apply and 11 2 0 3 RAC Downstreams Capture/apply Source is in 10 2 0 4
  • Extensively analyzed awr strmmon/utl spadv RAC logs alert log and streams Data Dictionary extensively
  • Involved in Database wide wait tuning

Sr Oracle DBA

  • One 11201 4 node RAC Build with ASM and 1 2 node 11201 RAC One Build with ASM
  • Upgrade Both environments from 11201 to 11203
  • Upgrade existing 10gR2 RAC to 11gR2 RAC on 3 nodes
  • Apply Rolling Upgrades
  • Implemented TDE for Emerson energy as part of At Rest encryption

Client State of Idaho
Sr Oracle DBA

  • Worked on Exadata X2 DB Migration of 5 2 node RAC clusters and 10 regular databases
  • Did a lot of performance troubleshooting in 10g and 11gR2
  • Handled Data Guard for DR
  • Attended HANA Training

Sr Oracle DBA in SAP environment

  • Worked on 3 2 node RAC clusters This is an SAP and Oracle implementation Adding 1 node to make it a 3 node cluster
  • Worked on brconnect brspace BR Tools
  • Did a lot of performance troubleshooting on HP UX Linux and SAP 7 and Oracle 10 2 0 4/11 2 0 2
  • Applied SAP Bundle Patches using mopatch
  • Completed 15 Migration from 10 2 0 4 to 11 2 0 2 on RHEL and Oracle Enterprise Linux Completed Migration across the landscape with strategies to de install the SBP
  • Worked on BO BW troubleshooting core dump analysis Supported BO 7 1 Well conversant with migration plan to HANA
  • Worked with SAP support and Oracle support
  • Using CMDB for Datacenter Migration between Orlando and San Diego
  • Evaluated Exadata quarter Rack for non SAP environments

Sr Oracle DBA

  • Worked on 2 3 node RAC clusters and 20 dedicated databases This is a new Oracle 11gR1 implementation from Sybase
  • Did a lot of performance troubleshooting on Solaris 10 and Oracle 11 1 0 7
  • Automated adrci implemented log rotation implemented incremental merge backups and scripted expdp
  • worked with Oracle support
  • Worked on Exadata X2 2 DB Migration
  • Did sql tuning to optimize for exadata features of smart scans EHCC storage indexes index drops after revisiting indexing strategy and sql rewrite using ANSI sql and with clauses
  • This is a high volume and highly critical and concurrent environment as it is the Payment Gateway acquired by Visa
  • Implemented TDE and also functioned as a Database Security Architect address issues of At Rest and in Motion encryption

Sr Oracle DBA

  • 3 10gR2 and 11gR2 RAC configurations build and maintenance
  • Grid control Configuration
  • Streams configuration and Maintenance Involved in conflict resolution
  • Performance tuning application and database
  • Implemented Database on Solid State Disks Flash
  • Implemented DB on Exadata X2 2 Quarter Rack

Principal Oracle DBA Consultant

  • Build 11gR1 RAC clusters with ASM and Active Data Guard with Real Time Apply and Flashback Database at alternate Data center The environment was AIX 5 3 and Linux
  • Upgrade Oracle 9i to 11g and 10g to 11g
  • Highly critical database of 140 Tera Byte size and growing
  • 11g RAC Installation and Monitoring of three 2 node very critical databases In total must have done 20 such RAC on ASM with Dataguard configurations
  • Extensively involved in Data Encryption
  • Working in a very fast paced environment
  • Worked on datawarehouse access strategies of large objects
  • Resolve Performance Issues in OLTP as well datawarehouse environments
  • My role is one of a very high end advisory Capacity as well as a Direct Contributor
  • Involved in Architectural suggestions of implementing Oracle Resource Manager Oracle Streams Flashback Database etc
  • Implemented 10g 11g and 9i streams for data Replication as part of database Upgrade Provided Backup/Recovery Solution implementation Fine tuned 11g restore
  • Implemented Materialized Views for datawarehouse aggregation
  • Handled Data Center Move from Rockville MD and Clarksville VA

Oracle Security Architect in an SAP environment

  • Enabled Virtual Private Database and Implemented Transparent Data Encryption
  • Extensively involved in Data Encryption Data Masking and Developing Governance processes for protecting critical data
  • Used TDE extensively
  • Ensured Databases are in compliance with HIPAA SOX PCI and GLBA standards Data mostly confirmed to PHI Currently working on Facets 4 5 and Portico Provider Used Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica PowerExchange
  • Configured Auditing and written Auditing Guidelines
  • Provided Security Guidelines for many ODS projects
  • Working in a very fast paced environment
  • Maintenance of RAC instance and databases
  • Working with Oracle Streams 10 2 0 3 as well Oracle 10g CDC
  • Installed Oracle 11g and Upgraded from 10g to 11g
  • Environment is HP UX and Linux RHEL5 Used Facets 4 5 and Portico
  • Used SAP 7 1
  • Used Oracle Text for Text based searching Used ctx ddl ctx output packages indextype ctxsys ctxcat indexes automatic index synchronization

Lead Oracle DBA/Oracle Architect

  • Installed configured and maintained 5 2 node 10g RAC clusters on HP/Linux SLES9/RHEL4/Solaris/AIX 5 3 Worked with IBM LPAR s
  • Maintained data Marts and Datawarehouse
  • Involved in suggesting alternate DB/Application designs and selection criteria for Hardware as also working on OS application database certification conformance
  • Provided direction to DBA teams
  • Did capacity planning and provided Proactive Performance Monitoring and tuning solutions Did a lot of Application Tuning Implemented 10g Grid
  • Responsible for SLA maintenance
  • Handled/Maintained Dept of Family Protection Services Database in the State of Texas
  • Worked on Apps 11 5 x and extensively implemented 10G table/Index Partitioning
  • Migrated from Windows to Linux
  • Used Facets Application and databases
  • Secured the Oracle Database access and played a key role in Database Security Architecture and Implementation


  • Responsible for Batch/Online Process Tuning in a Terabyte High Volume Retek Environment Now being called Oracle Retail
  • Upgraded from 8i to 9i Tuned 9i SQL for performance after the upgrade
  • Installed Implemented and configured 10g RAC
  • Suggested/Implemented tuning measures both proactive and reactive
  • Tuned a lot of Pro C batch programs Using Quest Central Spotlight and my own custom SQL scripts
  • Extensively did a lot of Database loading from External files using SQL Loader

Performance Analyst/Tuner


  • Responsible for Batch/Online Process and Tuning in a Terabyte Retek Environment
  • Implemented 9i Features extensively Implemented dbms application info for tuning
  • Suggested/Implemented tuning measures both proactive and reactive
  • Tuned a lot of Pro C batch programs
  • Did a lot of process tuning in an Oracle 9i RAC environment
  • Functioned as a Sr Oracle DBA in a Retek Environment

Sr Oracle DBA in SAP environment

  • Responsible for 9i Datawarehouse performance analysis and tuning
  • Did a lot of process tuning
  • Implemented a lot of Oracle 9i New Features on a 1 2 Terabyte 9i DB
  • Installed upgraded and administered 10g Database
  • Involved in Consolidation and cleaning up of databases and implemented 9i RAC
  • Managed MC/Service guard for HA/backup
  • Handled HP Servers Handled 3 N Class HP Superdomes
  • Implemented Oracle s Advanced Replication Asynchronous Symmetric
  • Used Network Shell Blade Logic and Sitescope
  • Worked on SAP 6 and sapdba and Apps 11 5 x as an Apps DBA

Sr Oracle DBA in SAP environment

  • Responsible for 8i to 9i Migration of a 4 5 Terabyte Datawarehouse Database
  • Did a lot of Performance Tuning in a 9i environment
  • Did a lot of Database refreshes
  • Did Database Character set Conversions DB Migrations for Seibel migration 7 0 to 7 5
  • Did exports of Very Large Databases with 1 export session creating multiple dumps
  • Handled Multiple Projects at the same time
  • Involved in Migrating to Linux Consolidation and cleaning up of databases
  • Worked in the capacity of Unix SYSADMIN also
  • Configured Veritas Cluster Server 3 5
  • Managed EMC Veritas Cluster Servers MC/Service guard for HA/backup
  • Handled Sun HP Servers Handled about 10 HP Superdomes
  • Implemented Oracle s Advanced Replication Asynchronous Symmetric
  • Handled about 30 large and critical Databases Used the Remedy Ticketing Model to support databases
  • Involved in Linux Migrations and database re architecture efforts
  • Installed and maintained 9i RAC
  • Implemented Shareplex for Replication
  • Migrated Database from Windows to Linux and HP to Linux
  • Supported SAP 7 and Seibel 6 and was the backup Basis Admin for SAP
Database Architect in SAP environment

  • Responsible for Compaq merger Server/Database Consolidation database uptime involved in capacity planning and involved in designing and implementing High Availability needs
  • Involved in Selection of Hardware and gave a lot Application DBA support Implemented DBMS APPLICATION INFO for Transaction registering and implemented Hints in a Cost based Optimizer environment Lead the architecture groups
  • Provided the client with Backup/Recovery and High Availability Solutions Implemented Data Guard
  • Did a lot of Database Migration From COBOL to Oracle and other Flat files to Oracle
  • Extensively involved in Production DBA Support Worked with K N and V class servers Worked with HP Super Dome
  • Database was implemented using AutoRaid Did the Database design for the comcat databases which are slated to account for 70 of HP s revenue
  • Written Shell Scripts and did PL/SQL coding
  • Designed and implemented Oracle Advanced Replication
  • Installed configured and worked with 9i RAC
  • Did a lot of application and Database/OS tuning Largest Database was 1 6 Terabytes
  • Did Application Development using PL/SQL and data feeds were from SAP R/3

Worked as a Lead DBA/Data Architect

  • Completed Migration from 7 3 4 to 8 1 6 on 5 servers On these Upgraded from 8 1 6 to 8 1 7
  • Migrated from Sybase 10 and Mysql SOLID database to Oracle 8i using external loading of text files and migration workbench These were carried on Solaris 2 x platform
  • Installed 9i on a development server Installed and Maintained Forms 6i Led the effort in redesigning the database architecture Involved in strategizing the Data access strategies for large and heavily used tables Developed a lot of PL/SQLTuned a lot of PL/SQL Application Code
  • Did a lot of shell scripting using Korn Shell
  • Implemented Veritas Quick I/O
  • Configured and Implemented Veritas Cluster Server
  • Implemented Oracle Parallel Server
  • Studied the database for Parallel server implementation versus Veritas Cluster Server Implementing Replication and High Availability needs Implementing EMC and Configured and Implemented Veritas Cluster Server The databases involved are very critical with a very high number of persistent database connections Worked with Shareplex Evaluated the application effects of implementing Oracle Parallel server
  • Implemented Table/Index Partitioning and Multi Threaded Server Option of the Database Capacity Planning and Optimal setting of Storage Parameters
  • Created and Maintained Hot Standby Given Development DBA support and Optimized SQL Did a lot of performance tuning in an OLTP environment Used Built the datawarehouse database from Production
  • Designed and implemented Oracle Advanced Replication
  • Involved in Datawarehouse requirement gathering and implemented Star Schema
  • Worked on Apps 11 0 3/11 5 4 Was on 24x7 Production support on call Application used Tuxedo
  • Given a lot of Development DBA
Senior Production DBA

  • Capacity planning
  • Database Sizing
  • Database Migration from 7 3 3 to 8 0 4
  • Converted from COBOL to Oracle 8
  • Performance Monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Implemented Multithreaded Server and wrote scripts to monitor the MTS
  • Implemented Oracle Asymmetric and Symmetric Replication
  • Did Shell scripting and a lot of performance tuning both at UNIX and Oracle levelUsed TOP and SAR extensively along with Oracle Data Dictionary monitoring Standardized DBA practices Was actively involved in Junior DBA mentoring
  • Implemented and maintained Oracle Standby Database Used Erwin for Logical design Functioned as a DBA for their Data warehouse Involved in Datawarehouse requirement gathering and implemented Star Schema Worked on NCR Solaris and HP UX and AIX platforms Handled Databases of various sizes largest being 3 Terabytes
  • Installed and Maintained NCR UNIX Functioned as a backup System Administrator
  • Migrated Oracle Database from Windows NT to UNIX
  • Created Datawarehouse database and partitioned Objects implemented parallel DML
Sr Oracle Datawarehouse DBA

  • Handled very large databases and used Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Did Capacity Planning Database Sizing Worked with the logical model team Involved in the Design of Summary Level abstractions in the Datawarehouse Design
  • Did physical database design implemented the logical model into Oracle Schema Used Erwin for Data Modeling Did Periodic Database Refreshes
  • Extensively implemented Oracle 8 0 4 features Used Star Schemas used Object Partitioning Index Organization local indexes Parallel DML Implemented the DB on HP Raw volumes DB size was 6 Terabytes on HP UX 11 and other 300 400Gig databases on Solaris 2 4/2 5 Written Oracle Stored Procedures
  • Was the primary Database Architect in sizing the Server and Database Building the Datawarehouse and populating the Datawarehouse
  • Functioned as a Sr DBA for their Data warehouse Involved in Datawarehouse requirement gathering and implemented Star Schema The Front end for generating SQL was Business Objects and for Data extraction Prism was used
  • Did a lot of Performance Monitoring/Analysis and Tuning and Standardized DBA practices
  • Was the Primary Datawarehouse DBA Also worked on Oracle7 Apps as Apps DBA

Senior Production Oracle DBA

  • Handled 20 servers and around 30 databases and did replication and handled Oracle Financials databases Given on call technical support to production databases of size 200 Gigs
  • Handled Hot Standby database Maintained Snapshots Snapshot logs and Refreshes for the Main Production server to a Replicated Server for reporting purposes Troubleshooting and server database uptime was one of the responsibilities Used explain plan and TKPROF to good measure in tuning the application on all the production systems
  • Handled on a regular basis Rollback segment management Transaction Management
  • Helped developers optimize SQL statements Was involved in DB design at the application level All the servers are on Solaris 2 5/2 6 platforms Supported Oracle Databases Remotely Used Erwin Extensive Solaris experience Did a lot of shell scripting using Korn Shell and C Shell
Oracle 6 x/7 x Lead DBA
Worked as a DBA for the TC 4 Project Team
Sr Programmer
In Charge of computerization and Database development and Administration at Commercial Taxes

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