Sr. Manager Resume Profile , USA

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Sr. Manager Resume Profile , USA

Objective: Opportunity to provide innovative and effective leadership in a senior-level management position in an Information Technology Organization.


Technology Management Professionalexperience in the computer and data communications industry. I have a proven track record of innovation, creativity, quality and success. I am an honest, energetic, enthusiastic and inspirational leader of technology professionals.


§  Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning, Implementation, Operations and Support Management.

§  Program Management, Project Management and Process Management.

§  Balances operational requirements and necessity with strategic direction and organizational goals.

§  Quickly makes sound business decisions in the face of numerous variables and complex conditions.

§  Talent for developing, planning and inspiring Enterprise-wide change in large organizations.


§  IT Staff and Budget Management.

§  Enterprise-wide IT Strategic and Tactical Planning.

§  Management of large-scale Enterprise-wide hardware and software deployment and implementation.

§  Project and Program Management including design methodology, development and deployment.

§  Process Management including; design methodology, development and deployment.

§  Enterprise-wide IT Policies and Standards Development and Implementation.

§  Information security, Risk Management, IT Governance, IT services planning and delivery.

§  ISO17799, ISO27000, CobiT, FAIR, FERPA, FISMA, FRAP, GLBA, HIPAA, ITIL, OCTAVE, PCI CISP, Sarbanes-Oxley.



§  Completed a comprehensive Enterprise-wide network security project on time and under budget at VMWare.

§  Completed an Enterprise-wide large-scale $15M IT Project on time and under budget at Cisco Systems, Inc.

§  Developed and designed Project and Program Management Methodology and Tools.

§  Developed and implemented Process Management Standards and Project Management Methodology in California Teachers Association Membership Benefits Department.

§  Co-developed and implemented Security Guidelines (Conceptual Designs), Plans, and Procedures for SCU, UCSF, USF, eBay, PG&E and PayPal.


ConfidentialTitle:           Sr. Manager

Responsibilities: Lead Mirai Consulting to a leadership position in Program, Project and Process Management standards-based as well as information security governance processes. Maintain subject matter expertise relative to standard IT management frameworks and control models (i.e., COBIT, ITIL, ISO17799 ISO27000-ISO27005, NIST). Conduct, HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI CISP compliance analysis, recommendation development and documentation, remediation and testing. Working with internal and external IT auditors, perform system impact analysis to ensure appropriate resources are applied to protection requirements. Select and design controls necessary to show due diligence in the risk-based protection of company assets. Implement controls where necessary and assess the effectiveness of the control framework for those implemented by others. Produce security control effectiveness report to management in the context of risk implications. Teach numerous “Information Systems, Technology Management, Project, Program and Process Management” courses at USF in both undergraduate and graduate levels, covering all relevant technology management and implementation.  Write System Security Plans, Configuration Management Plans, Change Management Plans, and conduct the independent Certification Agent function for Cisco Systems, CTA, VMWare, SCU, UCSF, USF, eBay, PG&E and PayPal.



Also performed:


§  Developed the security architecture for a project called FA (Fleet Anywhere) at PG&E.

§  Developed the security conceptual design for FA project at PG&E.  In addition, developed the data sensitivity level, Access Level Control methods for remote and on-site user base community.  Also developed Risk Based Matrix, and provided detail analysis for protection of sensitive data (IP) using 256kBit encryption method for the same project.

§  Co-developed interfaces (31 in total) design review, test methodologies (UAT, System Test, and Regression testing)

§  Provided project management and technical skills in the evaluation, testing, recommendation, and implementation of various CRM applications; SAP, Siebel, Salesforce (SaaS), and MS Dynamics CRM.

§  Led the requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and implementation of multiple SAP projects per PMBOK methodology, i.e. cradle to grave process.

§  Security risk assessments to identify threats to assets, and recommended risk control strategies to manage asset vulnerabilities.

§  Managed, analyzed, drove, and completed security risk assessments for twenty vendors to establish international office operations in the Europe and Asia Pacific.

§  Provided security consulting services to technical and business end user communities.

§  Developed and provided expertise in the development of policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures for an Enterprise IT Governance framework using COBIT.

§  Rendered project management skills in the testing, implementation and deployment of encrypted Oracle database schemas.

§  Architected, designed, managed, and deployed secure directory structures to provide all departments with access controlled group directories to safeguard Terabytes of confidential and restricted data.

§  Co-developed databases and reports to track and manage security risk and contingency planning, and consulting activities.

§  Lead security analyst in the design of an integrated 802.11 WI-FI corporate network for 10,000 users.

§  Provided security systems administration on Active Directory Forest for Windows and Exchange Server 2003.

§  Prototyped and implemented the key security components of Windows Server 2003 and Exchange server 2003.

§  Analyzed and recommended the design of Active Directory for high security, scalability, flexibility, and performance.

§  Created Enterprise Security Information Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines to enforce company wide network computer security.

§  Co-developed and deployed ITIL for Medium and High-End Catalyst Switches, IP Phones, and Routers.

§  Leveraged ITIL methodologies to lead and guide Systems Administrators, Network Engineers, and developers in security best practices for designing, administering, and implementing Windows Active Directory, UNIX, wireless systems, and secure application development.

§  Tested, configured, recommended, and trained personnel to use AirMagnet Laptop Trio v5.0 to perform intrusion detection and penetration testing for wireless rogue access points and devices.

§  Managed, created, and implemented policies, procedures, and software interdiction list to comply with OFAC and the USA Patriot Act in tracking and blocking transactions.

§  Implemented and administered a Public Key Infrastructure using Baltimore OmniCert v5.1 Certificate Authority and Registration Authority.

§  Provided project management and technical skills in the evaluation, testing and recommendation of Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition.

§  Integrity Desktop Firewall.

§  Installed, configured, and administered Cisco and 3COM switches.

§  Implemented enterprise backup strategy using Veritas Backup Exec 8.5.

§  Implemented disaster recovery program in case of a power outage using APC Smart UPS 3000 RM and Web SNMP Smartslot cards to remotely monitor and manage electrical power to all servers.

§  Researched and recommended top tier co-location facilities and made recommendation based on network reliability, service level agreements and business opportunities.

§  Provided cost benefit analysis and recommendation of monitoring tools for remote administration of web servers to monitor: network uptime and bandwidth, hardware, NOS, application and web traffic.

§  Standardized and optimized server hardware platforms for consistency, redundancy, fault tolerance and performance.

§  Researched and recommended NAS and SAN data backup strategies for the archival of clients’ data at co-location facility.

§  Built a lab environment running LINUX, Apache web and Windows 2003 servers for the testing of Futuristic Labs, Inc. InAdvance Decision Support System.

§  Developed project management methodology, policies, procedures, documentation and white papers.

§  Coordinated the centralization of redundant work groups by defining and implementing an IT deployment service organization and defining its jurisdictional, staffing, and financial requirements.


ConfidentialTitle:           Regional Technology Manager – Enterprise Market Area

Responsibilities: Led a network of Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts in the development and global deployment of a tool and methodology to support the delivery of Professional Services centered around infrastructure and security services. These methodologies encompassed both life-cycle (project) and service management (operate and maintain) aspects of infrastructure and security services. Defined and implemented new models for Sun Microsystems Knowledge Management and Intranet architectures. Developed organization processes by which Knowledge is captured, validated, organized, stored, maintained and retrieved. 

      Also performed:

§  Process Improvement Program Principal – responsible for the management of IT-related Improvement Projects and facilitation of large multi-day working sessions.

§  Recognized as process improvement methodology subject matter expert and mentor.

§  Developed and introduced Process Management Policies and standards.

§  Performed Process Owner and Process Manager Roles.

§  Developed and published Sun Microsystems Services Process Management Policies and Standards.

§  Planned and implemented various process improvement efforts.

§  Acted as Production Services customer liaison for process and service delivery issues and problems.

§  Presented keynote addresses at several successful U.S. Telecommunications Summits, numerous Enterprise Computing Advantage Seminars and business conferences nationwide.

§  Organized and delivered executive keynote speeches in nationwide. Audience: Clients, executives, management, sales, technical, and engineers.

§  Chaired and participated in various committees to establish Sun Micro’s technology direction.

§  Managed System Management and Storage Management products: drove competitive analysis, customer requirements, forecasting, pricing, promotion, and collateral.


ConfidentialTitle:           Sr. Manager – Network Infrastructure

§  ResponsibilitiesManaged, tested, configured, deployed, documented, and upgraded McAfee VirusScan for 15,000 nodes.

§  Evaluated, tested and implemented a VPN solution using iPass ISP, Checkpoint VPN-1 SecureClient and

:     Worked on high profile projects that were generally behind or problematic.  Took ownership of a $3M Foundry LAN infrastructure project that was 12 months behind schedule and was able to deploy in 6 months.  Project impacted over 1,200 users scattered across 12 sites.  Led implementation and deployment of a highly visible WAN Project that was 1 year behind schedule and only 30% completed.  Completed and closed this project 4 months after being assigned to the project.  Led multiple cross functional teams in a weak matrix organization.  Mentored various project leads and technical leaders on project management methodologies.  Led implementation and deployment of a Wireless LAN Project.Worked with very diverse business units to bring training applications into production.  Worked with telecommunication and IT units to install VoIP into the environment to reduce operating costs and improve operation costs.

Also performed:

  • Defined and developed the Enterprise Networking Services practice area for the company.
  • Documented methodologies for strategic and tactical network planning, network engineering and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for telecommunications costs.
  • Led a team of employee and contract technical professionals to meet the needs of a diverse and demanding client community.

ConfidentialTitle:        Manager – Technical and Network Operations,

Responsibilities: Customer/Account Database Integration Manager. Lead a team of programmer/analysts in the design, development, testing, and installation of a corporate (shared) database of Customer and Billing Account information, including the mechanisms by which that information would be securely passed from application to application. Interface with application groups and users throughout the company to facilitate the effective use of the database.


Also performed:

§  Led multiple projects: Standard Desktop Implementation; Enterprise-wide migration to TCP/IP network; Phasing out of obsolete technologies; Creation of centralized technology deployment group; (largest project = $5 million, 16 months, over 40 people)

§  Coordinated the centralization of redundant work groups by defining and implementing an IT deployment services organization and defining its jurisdictional, staffing, and financial requirements

§  Took part in the planning and restructuring of AMAT Taiwan’s IT organization to facilitate merger with AMAT’s IT organization.

§  Chaired and participated in various committees to establish AMAT’s technology direction.

§  Managed budget and vendor negotiations for AMAT’s conversion to a standard desktop configuration in the Operations Organization

Title:      Staff Manager – Network Operations,

Responsibilities: Supervised and led a team of 30 technical professionals responsible for designing the data communications networks for all internal AMAT users in accordance with defined standards for security controls. Developed repeatable processes to gather and document requirements, review designs for adherence to technical standards and strategic directions, and implement network construction and support capabilities. Installed metrics to measure process improvements over time.

Also performed:

§  Maintained and managed the voice and data networks for an AMAT Asia Pacific division.

§  Supported international operations for 15 sites. 

§  Managed voice and data networking vendors for company. 

§  Maintained 15 Cisco and NetScreen firewalls deployed overseas. 

§  Implemented multiple VPN solutions to service international business needs. 

§  Developed cost benefit analysis for various services used by AMAT including hosting of various business applications. 

§  Worked on generating various components of the security policy.

§  Managed budget and vendor negotiations for AMAT’s conversion to a standard desktop configuration in the Operations Organization


ConfidentialTitle:           Sr. Project Manager – Technology and Support Services

Responsibilities:  Managed a staff of 8 programmer/analysts in all aspects of SDLC phases for the PROMIS (Procurement Management Information System) and CAPRI (Computer Assisted Purchasing, Receipting, and Invoicing) applications.

Also performed:

  • Sub-system development included user access and audit controls.
  • Interfaced with user/client on estimates for enhancement requests, and budget considerations.
  • Monitor and tune batch, on-line, and network performance. 
  • Managed the integration of PROMIS and CAPRI to present a single system image to the user.

ConfidentialTitle:              Sr. Systems Analyst – System Technology and Network Operations,

Responsibilities:  COBOL and MRCS (Multiple Report Creation System) programmer. User interface and software release installation for the CAPRI (Computer Assisted Purchasing, Receipting, and Invoicing) application. Ensure integrity of code migrated from development systems to production systems.

Also performed:

  • Devised and implemented Lencioni’s IT Data Communications Workflow Process addressing planning and technology deployment processes. Acted as Workflow process subject-matter-expert and mentor to Data Communications Network Architects, Planners, Designers, Installers and Operators

§  Chaired Lencioni’s IT Technology Review Forum. (Directors and Managers)

§  Served as telecommunications/data communications expert on the IT Project Review Board responsible for the review and approval of projects over $250 K.

§  Data Communications Subject Matter Expert on IT Policies and Standards Development and Review Board.

§  Managed IT Data Communications Policies, Standards, and Approved Products List.

§  Wrote proposals, business plans, and operational procedures.





Title:      Systems Analyst – System Technology,

Responsibilities:  Led Technical analysis supporting over 1000 clients for both local and remote sites. 


Also performed:

  • Continuously analyzed the scheduling and education flow of on-line client’s requirements.
  • Led the development of bi-monthly performance evaluations and new technology support procedures.
  • Provided technical support on all dial-up proprietary software and communication tools.
  • Developed several transition plans to migrate from obsolete technology. 
  • Too ownership of a  remote site Wide Area Network planning, installation, and implementation project.




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