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Software Developer  Resume Profile USA



 My objective is to find a part time position as a graphic designer or usability engineer.



Software Technologies

ASP.NET, C# Win forms, Win Console, VB.NET, C# 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4, MS MVC3 Framework Using Razor, ADO.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, JQuery, DHTML, HTML, Visual Source Safe Version Control System, ODBC, FTP, HTTP, MS SQL, PL/SQL, CSS


Development Software

Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Pro Tools 7, Reason 4, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Premiere, Bryce, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, 2008 and 2010, NUnit, CruiseControl .NET, SQL 2000 and 2005,MS Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Office, SQL Management Studio, SQL Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer, Oracle 9i and 10g


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7, 2008 Server, Microsoft IIS 7;


Programming Methodologies

Test Driven Development, C# Patterns and Practices, Continuous Integration, Gang of Four C# Patterns, Agile





Software Developer, Confidential 

I’m currently working on a legacy integration team to integrate 3M’s Archon Technologies legacy DMV software into an MVC 3 web interface for the state of  Confidential. My primary tasks are to integrate legacy data access components into a WCF service layer that allows and MVC portal to access the existing business logic in 3M’s MOVRS software. I have architected views, models and controllers as well as service layer methods to facilitate existing functionality into the Web medium. I have also developed many stored procedures and written many queries to oscillate through a complex data structure.


Some of the technologies used include: ASP.NET, MVC 3 using Razor, C# 4, LINQ, Moq, Visual Studio 2010, MSTest, Parallel Programming, WCF, SQL 2008


Sr. UI Designer,  Confidential


Telepoint Global E-commerce Pre-Paid PortalI designed and implemented an MVC 3 based Web application for a prepaid phone card retailer. The site contained many features including authentication, personalization, security, messaging, and many customized account features for registered users. I created and designed the user interface and incorporated all CSS and UI features as well as all business logic and provider layer logic. *I can provide screen shots of the application upon request.


AMP Platform UI – I developed user interface graphics for several customers utilizing Avai's mobile CMS platform as well as many custom icons, logos and other UI related graphics.


Some of the technologies used include: ASP.NET, MVC 3 using Razor, C# 4, LINQ, Moq, Visual Studio 2010, MSTest, Parallel Programming, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


Sr. Software Engineer Contract,  Confidential


 Confidential Web Site Architecture – I worked on an architecture scrum team at Dell. My role was to architect standard software development methodologies to help facilitate rapid development for developers abroad. I have assisted in the construction of a next generation implementation of Dell’s premier portal application using MVC2 in C#. I’m also responsible for creating an abstraction layer over the portals enterprise services to allow for streamlined unit testing using MSTest and Moq.


Queuing Transaction Architecture – I implemented a wrapper around IBM’s WSMQ Series .Net Services component using a factory method pattern and created a test harness to test MQs performance of rapid messaging using the latest parallel programming methodologies.


Some of the technologies used include: ASP.NET, MVC 2, C# 4, LINQ, Moq, Enterprise Library 5.1, Visual Studio 2010, MSTest, Parallel Programming, IBM MQSeries


Software Developer Contract, Confidential


Field Asset Services Excel Web Interface – I was responsible for creating a generic document parser that accepted CSV file formats through a Web upload interface. The application was built on the MVC framework as a base. I created a generic parser that allowed for the possibility of accepting many different file formats using a factory pattern coupled with a dependency injection pattern to allow for quick and easy unit testing. I created unit tests using Moq to stub object simulation.


Some of the technologies used include ASP.NET, Ajax, Jquery, MVC Framework, C# 3.5, HTML, SQL Query Language, SQL Stored Procedures, Windsor Castle, Moq, NUnit.


Sr. Software Developer, Confidential 

My primary role on Austin’s GAF software development team was lead user interface designer. I designed and developed .NET based Web applications as well as Win form applications.

Two of the applications I worked on are: 


Phone Verification Workflow – I was responsible for designing the UI for an application that would be used by one of GAF call centers. The application was written in VB.NET as a win forms application. I designed and developed all of the UI access points into the app using Visual Studio 2008 and VB.NET. The app was designed as an MDI parent app with many sub components including a custom workflow question and answer pane that corresponded to a tree control with a history view.


Agent Service Center Web Site - I designed and developed a custom user interface designed for GAF’s many insurance agents. The site was created to allow agents to manage their personal information as well as information associated to their business as it relates to GAF. I used ASP.NET with C#, AJAX.NET and a custom SOAP client JavaScript library to allow optimum performance with asynchronous updates to and from the Web client browser. Some of the features included a messenger service, Web services to process Ajax requests, custom organizational menu components that contained JavaScript animations and varying loading screens to indicate that specific sections of the pages were being processed in real time.


Some of the technologies used include ASP.NET, AJAX.NET, C# 3.5, MS MVC Framework, C# WinForms, ADO.NET, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, SQL Query Language, SQL Stored Procedures.


Some of the software used include Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe Image Ready, Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Team Suite, IIS 5+, SQL 2005 Management Studio, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler.


Software Developer III,  Confidential


I was a team member in the Global Manufacturing and Fulfillment Systems IT division. My primary responsibilities were developing C# solutions for the Order Fulfillment System (OFS) in the ConfidentialLogistics division. OFS was a multi-tier C# Web application that manages Dell’s order distribution to various vendors and manufacturing facilities across the globe.


Some of the applications that I work on include:


Dell’s Order Fulfillment System or OFS. I was responsible for maintaining a system that manages most of Dell’s order brokering. It’s a global application with counterparts in Europe and Asia Pacific. I maintained a complex Win forms test harness written in C#. Responsibilities include creating new forms to allow testing of the OFS application.


Direct Ship Direct Returns multi-threaded test harness Win forms client: This C#/ SQL Server 2005 based test harness is used to help Dell’s business determine the min and max performance capabilities of the DSDR system. Using the test results, Dell was able to forecast required hardware and software changes needed to facilitate an increase in order transaction volume.


Transaction Queue Monitor: The VTA queue monitor was a C# based console application created in response to a growing need to automate a re-occurring support problem. Trouble tickets were being created daily because the VTA transaction queues were cycled daily. My queue monitor gave the support division visibility into the queues performance and generated messages to the support division when queues needed to be cycled. This eliminated all trouble tickets.


Manufacturing Support System (MSS): MSS is a C# 2.0 Web application that uses a SQL Server 2005 database. The solution consists of a multi-tiered Web application. The solution development is housed in MS Visual Studio Team Suite and source controlled by MS Team Foundation Server. I was responsible for developing data access components, business logic components, UI components and TFS unit tests. I was also responsible for managing the automated build and deployment scripts including TFS event subscriptions that enable continuous integration. In addition I have developed custom web components that take advantage of AJAX.


Some of the technologies used include ASP.NET, AJAX, C# 3.5, MS MVC Framework, C# WinForms, ADO.NET, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, SQL Query Language, SQL Stored Procedures, PL/SQL 9i and 10g, Nant Scripts, TFS Build Type script.


Some of the software used include Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe Image Ready, Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Team Suite, IIS 5+, SQL 2005 Management Studio, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Oracle 9i and 10g


Web Developer/Designer, Confidential


I was a member of the Information Systems department at Girling, where I serve the needs of the company by designing and developing internal Web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technologies. As a designer, I provide valuable expertise as a usability engineer, ensuring that each application flows seamlessly to the end user, providing a positive end-user experience. I use Adobe PhotoShop 7 to create and define the user interfaces for each application. As a developer, I work with other development team members to build applications using coding best practice standards by Microsoft. I use Visual Basic.NET and C#.NET as code behind for ASP.NET pages that leverage data from a SQL 2000 database. I have developed applications using the DotNetNuke portal as a primary engine, creating customized portal modules and stored procedures to manage database interactivity. At Girling, I have established a strong knowledge of building robust, usable applications using Microsoft .NET technology. I have also gained extensive knowledge of data modeling.


Some of the technologies used include ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, Classic ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, SQL Query Language, SQL Stored Procedures


Some of the software used include Adobe PhotoShop 7, Adobe Image Ready, Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, IIS 5+, SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer, MS Access


Web Production Architect (Owner) Confidential


I provided human experience design consultation services for various Human Pixel clients. The projects involved managing interpersonal relations and contract agreements with a client representative, developing graphic layout and design samples of proposed websites based on detailed analysis of the client’s target audience. Other services include information architecture design, corporate identity and branding design and Web page composition and navigation design. I also served as a project manager, team coordinator and Web application developer.


Developed an e-commerce system as a set of customized modules for the DotNetNuke portal including: Product Viewer, Shopping Cart, Order Management and Product Management systems.


Some of the technologies used include ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Active Server Pages, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML and SQL


Some of the software used include Adobe PhotoShop 6.0, Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe GoLive, Windows 2000 Server, Mac OSX 10.1.3 and 9.02, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, IIS 5+, SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer


Sr. Webmaster/Art Director, Confidential 

Performed an analysis of Lasting Value’s target audience for multiple websites and designed an appropriate look and feel using Photoshop 5.5 and human factors ease-of-use best practices. Developed a phase 1 content management system using ASP based templates and a customized server side function library.


Designed and implemented all marketing and advertising material for multiple corporate functions.


Sr. Portal Implementation and Development Consultant, Confidential 

Determined functionality and drove the development and process flow for new, personalized corporate portal (B2E initiative). Researched and evaluated third-party portal products from companies such as: Epicentric, Plum Tree, Vignette. Communicated and collaborated with business segments, including HRIM, to leverage corporate data to determine user roles and deliver targeted information. Re-designed corporate directory user interface using ease-of-use best practices.


Web Technologist 1,  Confidential


As a member of HR-on-the-Web, my responsibilities were to design and implement Web-based application solutions for various HR customers and all Dell employees. I prototyped a strategic information delivery system through a Web-based portal solution using the latest technologies and an understanding of the business need. I developed, designed, implemented, managed and supported multiple global intranet websites such as: Manager Tools, OHRP, Human Resources, Compensation Equity Tool, HR Info Central and While there I won the Intranet Award for Excellence for my design of the Human Resources home page for “Best overall design, Best user focused improvements.” I also facilitated and directed ASP training classes for HR administrators.


Some of the technologies used: Active Server Pages, ADO, Collaboration Data Objects, Active Directory Services Interface, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, Visual Source Safe Version Control System, PERL


Some of the software used: Adobe PhotoShop, Bryce 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Microsoft Visual Interdev, Windows NT 4 and 2000 Enterprise Server, Visual Source Safe, Allaire Homesite, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL 2000, Microsoft Office.


Webmaster ADGrafx, Confidential 

Authored and managed a registered domain website, including all graphic work. Implemented form mailing through CGI scripting. Managed accounting invoices for new clients as well as client interpersonal relations and contracting agreements.



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