SOA Consultant Resume Profile USA

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SOA Consultant Resume Profile USA



·         Over 9 years of Experience in Enterprise Software Implementation and Integration experience, that includes Analysis, Design and Development of Oracle SOA, ADF, Oracle BPM, Java and Oracle Applications.

·         Over 3 years of hands on experience in Oracle ADF 11g Architecture, JDeveloper, Oracle ADF Development (ADF, ADF Faces, ADF Task Flows and Business Components) with Web Services.

·         Expertise in SOA, Orchestration and Integration Technologies in the areas of Web Services, Java, ESB, SOAP, WSDL, BPEL, XML, XSD, UDDI, XML, Web Services Security and Virtualization of Services OWSM.

·         In-depth knowledge of SOA Components. Designed and coded many web services using Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).

·         Oracle Applications/ EBS R12 implementation experience with SOA.

·         Experienced in Developing Technical Design Documents using Application Implementation Methodology (AIM).

·         Highly experienced in the end to end Implementation of Oracle iStore and iStore with Configurator.

·         Experienced in customization by extension and modification of the standard application suite using Application Object Library (AOL) and setting up Oracle Alerts in Application.

·         Extensively worked on development using PL/SQL, SQL *Loader, Stored Procedures, User Hooks, Dynamic SQL and Triggers.

·         Knowledgeable and experienced in TCA Architecture.



Oracle Fusion: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle SOA Suite 10.1.3, Oracle BPM Suite 11g, Oracle ESB (Database Adapter, File Adapter, AQ Adapter, Oracle Applications Adapter and JMS Adapter) Oracle BPEL, Oracle Web Services Manager, Service Registry, ADF Faces and ADF.

Programming Skills: JAVA, JAXB, JAX-WS, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, Java Scripting, Ajax, SQL, PL/SQL, UML, XSD, XSLT, XPATH and WSDL.

Database: ORACLE v 8, 8i, 9i and 10g.

Operating System: Sun Solaris, HP-UNIX and Windows-NT/2000/XP.


Config.Mgmt: VSS, CVS, Subversion, Clear Quest and Clear Case6.0.
Design Patterns: GOF (Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory and Front Controller), J2EE Design Patterns (Business Delegate, Session Façade and Service Locator) and many more.





SOA Consultant,  Confidential


Responsibilities –


·         Developed Web Services to be invoked from managed beans and interacting to data layer.

·         Responsible for developed ADF Data Controls from Web Services and Java Components.

·         Responsible for writing JUnit Test scripts for testing in business layer & data layer.

·         Responsible for writing SQL Scripts and BPM Scripts. Managing BPM work flow process and verifying and reassign work item in BPW.

·         Responsible for implementing DAO’s in data layer.

·         Implementing end-to-end design for TSA using Oracle SOA and OSB 11g

·         Responsible for integrating multiple TSA third party systems with Java, SOA and OSB 11g.

·         Responsible for integrating SOA Services with Siebel CRM system

·         Responsible for setting up environment for Dev and other higher instances.

·         Developing SOA, OSB and BAM components.

·         Expertise in developing web services with NIEM schema

·         Setting up XML Gateway with Inbound and Outbound Services

Technology, Environment and Tools Used:

Java6.0, JSF, Oracle Fusion Middleware11G (Oracle ADF Faces, ADF Task Flows, BPM, UCM, Web Logic10.1.3), Web Center, Web Services, JDeveloper11g (, Ice Faces, JBoss6.1.0, Oracle11g on WinXP, Linux.


SOA Consultant,  Confidential

Middleware Orchestration Team-


Responsibilities –


·         Responsible for Integrating OSB and Java Components with SOA 11g and Oracle BPM 11g.

·         Responsible for Architecture and Design of SOA Implementation

·         Setting up Oracle SOA Suite 11g on DEV, Test and Prod Instances

·         Setting up Security – 2 way SSL

·         Implementing OWSM using policy files provided by Oracle SOA Suite 11g

·         Setting up JMS and MQ Queues on weblogic

·         Applying patches provided by Oracle Support for the issues raised during development and admin setups

·         End-to-End development of SOA composites using components such as BPEL, mediator and Human Workflow

·         Designing the WSDL with business team

·         Managed production support

·         Designed and Developed a Naming Standard Tool to check Naming standards in Oracle SOA Development

·         Responsible for integrating SOA with OSB, JAXB, JAX-WS components

·         Setting up Purge Scripts

·         Setting up continuous integration Ant Build Scripts

·         Logging Framework

·         Implementing Security on SOA Components

·         Setting up SSL on weblogic server.

·         Business Rules

·         Human workflow

·         Oracle BPM Components


Technology, Environment and Tools Used:

JDeveloper 11g, SOA Suite 11g, Oracle BPM Suite 11g, OSB, JAXB, WSDL, XSD, Clearcase, Unix and Oracle 10g, Core Java



Oracle SOA Consultant,  Confidential

Multifamily Servicing Data Integration –

·         Responsible for Analyze the system, design, and implementation of a project.

·         Participating every day scrum team meetings, and direct interaction with the users to discuss business requirements.

·         Execute all the software development activities contained in each sprint.

·         Responsible for fixing defects and developing prototypes and implementing the business requirements and testing the defects.

·         Design and developed multiple web (UI) pages using JSF, Rich Faces, JSP and XHTML.

·         Developed, invoking and implemented validations on JSF backing beans.

·         Implementing business logic using JAVA, JSF coding / development with EJB.

·         Responsible for the creation and execution of the Unit Test cases.

·         Responsible for deploying Media Pro application ear file on JBOSS Application server

·         Created enterprise service interfaces to flow data from Multifamily Servicing to consolidated Multifamily Operational Sub ledger.

·         Responsible for data analysis and develop data services utilizing Oracle SOA 11g

·         Develop and review design

·         Support application architecture

·         Support requirements, testing and performance.

Environment: Java 6.0, JSF, Rich Faces, XHTML, AJAX, CSS, EJB3, Oracle 10g, Quantum, Sybase, Sybase Central, Clear Case, JBOSS 5.0, JBoss JBPM, Eclipse 3.3, Ant on WinXP, Oracle SOA 11g, SQL, Java, Web services, UNIX, JDeveloper.


Oracle Application Administrator,  Confidential


·         Capture the requirements of integration. Suggest design approaches to the solution designer for Integration part.

·         Analyze the requirements and subsequently lead development of the integration module.

·         Implementation and development of Oracle ESB module.

·         Installed and configured the high availability setup for Oracle ESB. This includes setting up Oracle application servers and Apache web servers in a cluster, installing the runtime and repository ESB components and configuring the web servers with a load balancer. The high-availability implementation is done on Linux servers.

·         Have worked on JMS, Database, File and SOAP adapters for Oracle ESB. Setup and configured them as well.

·         Designed and implemented Business Processes using Oracle BPEL PM, JDeveloper.

·         Implemented Oracle ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and integrated with BPEL.

·         Involved in design and development of BPEL processes that contain Human workflow and paging.

·         Developed BPEL processes that contain exception handling to capture the Remote and Binding faults.

·         Using JDeveloper as the development environment.

·         Implemented best practices such as error handling and file archiving in Oracle ESB.

Environment: Oracle ESB, Oracle BPEL PM, BRE, BAM and OWSM, Oracle Application Server, Apache Web Server 1.3 / 2.0, Linux AS 4 servers, JDeveloper.


Senior Web Applications Developer, Merlin International, Aug 2010 to Nov 2010

This project was for Department of Veterans. Development involved building entire veterans application in ADF 11g.


  • Involved in developing ADF 11g User Interfaces.
  • Created ADF modules, entities, views, associations and view links.
  • Created page flows and implemented security on ADF pages.
  • Responsible for doing configurations in Oracle weblogic.


Environment: Oracle ADF 11g, Jdeveloper 11g, Oracle weblogic, Java, UNIX.


Senior Oracle Applications Developer,  Confidential

All interfaces (Web Services) were designed and coded using SOA Suite (BPELs and ESBs), ADF, and Oracle APEX to integrate e-Business Suite with other ERP and third-party systems.

Worked as a web Services / SOA / AIA Architect in designing the interface flows for the releases.  Extensive Fault/ Error Handling were done in the interfaces using a custom error handler.

Worked on ADF/Database/File/FTP/Adapters that involve bulk transformations, Java Embedding and XPATH Functions. Detailed description of interfaces can be seen below.


Project 1:  Confidential

  • Designed and developed a custom interface using SOA/BPEL to bring in Daily Foreign Exchange Rates from rates provider to Oracle General Ledger.
  • Developed an Enterprise Business Service (EBS) for the Foreign Exchange Rates interface, which can be invoked via Web Services and used as a common currency service across the Enterprise.
  • Developed an Enterprise Business Message (EBM) and an Enterprise Business Object (EBO) for the EBS.
  • Developed an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) process, which would receive the XML data and enqueue it to a Queue in SOA database via an AQ Adapter.
  • Developed a BPEL process to synchronously dequeue the data from the Queue. Data validations are done in the BPEL process and validated data is inserted into interface table.
  • Designed a custom Business Event to insert records into a staging table when a GL period is opened or closed.


Project 2:  Confidential

  • Designed and developed an Enterprise Business Service (EBS) program to import Purchase Orders from Legacy System(s) to Oracle Applications.
  • Developed a BPEL process to poll an XML file from a folder in Legacy Server using JNDI connection. The BPEL process receives an XML message, validates and inserts data into the Purchase Order interface tables using Database Adapter.
  • The standard concurrent program Import Standard Purchase Orders is invoked from the BPEL process to move the data into Oracle Purchasing base tables.


Project 3: ConfidentialDesigned and developed an Enterprise Business Service (EBS) program to import Purchase Order Receipts from Legacy System(s) to Oracle Applications.

  • Developed a BPEL process to poll an XML file from a folder in Legacy Server, validate and insert data into the Purchase Order Receipts interface tables. Data validations and Business Logic is implemented in Transformations (.xsl file).


Project 4: Confidential

·         Designed and developed an Enterprise Business Service (EBS) program to import AP Invoices from an external application to Oracle Applications via B2B.

·         The XML message is passed as an input to import Invoices into Oracle Applications.

·         Developed a BPEL process to receive the XML message from different Legacy Systems, validate and insert into the AP Invoice interface tables.

·         The standard concurrent program Payables Open Interface Import is invoked from the BPEL process to move the data into Oracle Payables base tables.

·         Developed an Enterprise level concurrent program, which calls a shell script to move files between UNIX boxes of legacy systems and EBS using SFTP connections.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Implemented Oracle iStore, iStore with Configurator, Order Management, Oracle Quoting and Shipping.
  • Responsible for functional setup of iStore and iStore with Configurator.
  • Responsible for requirement gathering and definition, conversion of business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Responsible for researching, finding solution, fixing production issues, releasing the fixes to production.
  • Support several stages of testing and fixing defects that come along the way.
  • Responsible for managing a team and guiding them on development.
  • Responsible for Implementing 3 sites.
  • 2 Sites have gone live and 3rd site is under development. At the same time supporting production with defects and enhancements.
  • Developed in iSupplier Customizations and Personalizations.
  • Managed in TCA Functional Setup and Customer Conversion.
  • Handled in Sales Dashboard and Territory Management Functional Setup and Development.
  • Designed and Reviewed (MD.50, MD.070, MD.120), Development, Testing and Deployment.
  • Responsible for developing extensions on Oracle Quoting using Oracle Jdeveloper and ADF 11g.
  • Customized JSF Framework elements – like Navigation Handler and Phase Listener.
  • Integrating pure CSS menuing system, with JSF components with a cached menu array. Menu structure was specified in a database table. Options included dialog/page, hooks into custom page access system.
  • Implemented auto-save functionality.
  • Created custom JDBC business-component framework methods to retrieve collections of structured data (database types/objects) from packaged procedure/ function calls. Used View Objects with SQL table function to achieve similar results.
  • Developed various Entity objects, View Objects, View Link Objects.
  • Developed ADF Business Components.
  • Built web pages with JSF, ADF Faces and ADF Business Components.
  • Analyzing the defects and providing solution to problems.
  • Managing production, test and development systems.

Modules worked on during this period:

iStore, Order Management, Quoting,  User Management, Configurator, iSupplier, Trading Community Architecture, Sales Dashboard, Territory Management and Oracle Pricing.

Technology Used:

OA Framework, JSP, JAVA, Java Scripting, PL/SQL, SQL, HTML, XML, XSD and Oracle Portlets.

Environment and Tools:

Java 1.4, Oracle JDeveloper 10.3, MVC using JSF, Ajax-enabled Oracle ADF, XML, Oracle Application Server (OC4J), JDBC, Oracle 10g, Java Mail API and Kintana.


Technical Consultant,  Confidential

  • Responsible for Oracle OAF technical development, unit testing and creating deployment scripts.
  • Developed Versions, Notes and Attachments screens in JSF.
  • Used Category Mappings for Attachments.
  • Implemented Security on Attachments page using User Management module.

·         Developed Simple and Advance search screens in OAF.

·         Extensively Used Framework Personalization to personalize various UIX components such as regions, Tables, Category Mappings for Attachments.

·         Tuning the above custom pages for optimum performance.

  • Developed new screens with Advance- Table in Advance- Table for hierarchical display of Service Requests and Install SR details.

·         Modified the CUSTOM.pll to call the JSF page when the OAF Service Request Function is clicked.

·         Developed PL/SQL packages to call the Service Request API’s.

·         A Rosetta Wrapper was developed on the PL/SQL packages as an interface between JAVA and PL/SQL.

·         Shell Scripts were written to unzip the class files and Import the xml files.

·         Designed and Reviewed (MD.50, MD.070, MD.120), Development, Testing and Deployment.

·         Modules: - Service Requests and Order Management.


Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10, Service Requests, Service Contracts, Install Base, Inventory, Quoting, Telesales, Oracle Incentive Compensation, Advanced Product Catalog, Order Management,

UNIX, Jdeveloper 9i, Oracle 9i, Oracle Forms 6i, TOAD, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus.


Interfaces Team                                                                         

  • Developed Interface program to Import Oracle Service Contracts and Install Base information from 11i IBIS instance to GPT systems.
  • Developed validation programs to validate data before loading into Interface Tables.
  • Developed a PL/SQL package to extract the Service Contracts and Install Base information, which are updated or created during the last execution of the program and till current date.
  • This Pl/SQL program generates an XML File (using UTL_FILE utility) under a specific folder on the Server.
  • Designed and developed an interface to load customer bank, site, phone, address and contacts information into the Interface Table and then used customer Interface to populate the base tables.
  • Developed a custom Workflow notification to send User Name and Password for newly registered user as per the client requirement using Oracle Workflow.
  • Defined the Transaction types and created Workflow assignments from Transaction types to control the Order Processing for different types of Orders.
  • Defined the Approvals and created new notifications in Oracle Workflow Builder.
  • Customized the order line level workflow, which will delay the invoicing based on schedule ship date.
  • Extensively worked on AIM Documents like MD070, TE020, and MD120.
  • Modules: - Service Contracts, Install Base and Trading Community Architecture (TCA).

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10, Service Contracts, Install Base, Trading Community Architecture, UNIX, Oracle 9i, Oracle Forms 6i, TOAD, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Workflow 2.6.


Technical Consultant,  Confidential



  • Designed and developed numerous packages and procedures utilizing various seeded APIs to load data from temporary tables into Oracle base tables
  • Designed and Developed a single interface program to import invoices into Oracle Payables from three different sources and registered this as a single concurrent program which was used by these sources
  • Extensively worked on report attributes like Report Triggers, Program Units, Attached Libraries and Built-in Packages that involve complex PL/SQL codes.
  • Developed breakdown of charges report, which breaks down all the freight and miscellaneous charges for headers and lines in OM before sending the consolidated charges to AR.
  • Designed the Layouts to be able to print on their Legal docs and also attached the Standard Terms and Conditions documents to the report wherever it is required.
  • Designed and developed custom code in SQL, PL/SQL for forms6i and reports6i.
  • Performed SQL tuning using Explain plan and tuning database with appropriate indexes.
  • Customized the order line level workflow, which will delay the invoicing based on schedule ship date.
  • Worked on the Order Import Open Interface Developed a custom interface, which will send PO information to external system.
  • Created BC4Js and UIX components for Sales Online Opportunity page.
  • Created and Customized UIX components such as Pages, Regions and items.
  • Created and extended various AMs, VOs and EOs as per the requirement.
  • Created new Pages to add rows and update rows for Custom tables.
  • Customized Shared Shortcut Region to add a new Custom JSP link and modified existing links.
  • Created new Lookups for the lookup values for the static choice dropdowns.
  • Created Drilldown to detail pages on various Reports.
  • Created and Personalized Short, Long and Page Tips.
  • Handled various Exceptions in the pages for various functions involved in transactions.
  • Involved in the creation and customization of styles.
  • Defined the Transaction types and created Workflow assignments from Transaction types to control the Order Processing for different types of orders.
  • Defined the Approvals and created new Notifications in Oracle Workflow Builder.

·         Used Application Object Library (AOL) to register generated Reports and Concurrent Programs.

  • Worked on Functional changes like Sales and Partner Integration, Sharing credits for Sales Team, Enable Contact Purpose and Enable Additional Information tab through Personalization.


Environment: Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.7), 10g, Oracle Order Management, Advanced Pricing, INV, PO, GL, AR, AP, Oracle on Windows 2000, Toad 7.3, Workflow Builder 2.6. Forms 6i, Reports 6i. Discoverer 4i                                      


Internship  Confidential

  • Involved in developing and implementing a solution to help the customer to transition their Installed Base and Service Contracts data from their legacy system on to Oracle applications 11i.
  • Involved with study of existing system, preparing the technical design to extract data from legacy system into Oracle Application open interface tables.
  • Loaded data from Flat file into staging table using a shell script.
  • Designed and developed a conversion program which includes SQL*Loader and PL/SQL Package to call seeded oracle API’s in Installed Base and Service Contracts.
  • Identified long running concurrent jobs and traced the concurrent program and tuned the bad SQL.
  • Developed interface programs as PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions to validate the OM and INV modules.

Environment:  Oracle Applications 11.5.10, UNIX, Windows 2000, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, INV, Install Base, Service Contracts, TOAD.




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