SOA Architect Resume Profile, Hartford, CT

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SOA Architect Resume Profile, Hartford, CT


-          More than 14 years of IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals.

-          Strong skills in J2EE Technologies, Web Services, OOAD, UML, Design Patterns, XML Technologies, MQ Series, WebSphere, Rational Rose, etc.

-          Served well-known international clients like Bank of Montreal, Prudential Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Ohio Casualty Group, Liberty Mutual, Sweden Bank, Westfield Insurance, Scotia Bank, Anthem Inc.

-          Experience in Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, SOA, Application Architecture, Design and Development in various domains like Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, etc.

-          Extensive exposure and expertise with IBM’s Insurance Application Architecture (CONFIDENTIAL)

-          Led and participated in J2EE based architecture and design as per the EA guideline and principles.

-          Excellent fundamentals and analytical skills in understanding the key business process in various industries andstrong ability to translate from business to sound technology solutions.


Skill Set

J2EE Skills/ Languages

J2EE, Java, EJB, JTA, RMI, JNDI, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, JMS, AWT, C++, C, JTA, JCA, Web Services , JAX-RPC, SOAP, Apache axis, UDDI, Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), Custom Tag Libraries, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, XPath, JDOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, Xerces, Xalan, UML, ESB, AJAX, XStream, iText, Apache FO, Apache JCS,(JSR107) , COBOL, Objective C(iPhone App development).

Methodologies/Frame Works

Object-oriented Analysis & Design(OOAD), RUP, MVC, OOPS, Design Patterns, Struts, Tiles, Log4j, IBM Jade, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) Process, DAO, Spring IoC/DI (Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection), TDD, iText


Rational Rose, RSA, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Requisite Pro, Informatica, FreeMarker, CB2XML, DBVisualizer, JUnit, JTest, CVS, PVCS, Ant, Http Client, Apache Axis, EclEmma, Visio, Data Power, JProbe, SoapUi, JProfiler, JMeter

Middle Ware

MQ Series, JMS, Toplink, Hibernate, Spring, ESB,


SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Client/Server n-tier architecture, J2EE, IBM Insurance Application Architecture (CONFIDENTIAL)


WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), Rational Application Developer (RAD), Rational Software Architect(RSA), Eclipse, Visual Age for Java (VAJ)

Application/Web Server

IBM WebSphere, WebSphere Work Manager, Apache, IBM Http Server


IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL, IMS, MS Access


JavaScript, UNIX Shell Script, Jython/Python scripts, Ant, Lotus Script

Operating System

Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT, UNIX, z/OS(Mainframe), OSX, iOS, DOS, OS2


HTML, DHTML, CSS, Lotus Notes


Professional Experience



Sr. Solution Architect

The scope of Confidential projectsare to build in-house application CONFIDENTIAL to assist in generation of Confidential and other documents for the contracts (stored on Product systems). Implement enhancements to facilitate migration of SBC documents from external vendor to CONFIDENTIAL. Confidential and Enrollment Accuracy projects scope was to enhance EHP (application to configure Health and Wellness products) as well as integration with downstream systems to minimize errors.


·         Participates in meetings with business stakeholders to determine and understand requirements.

·         Conceptualizes high level technology solutions that are aligned to architectural guidelines and principles.

·         Elaborate high level solutions as discovery architecture and incorporates feedback from enterprise architects.

·         Present  the solution to business owners and other stakeholders

·         Creates high quality software architecture design artifacts and incorporate feedback from enterprise architects.

·         Guides technology team in creating low level system design and perform technical design reviews.

·         Analyzes and evaluated technology alternatives (for example PDF scrapping solutions).




Architect/SOA Architect

Description: This project provides underwriting guidance to the insurance administration systems and thus helping to better understand the insured party risk characteristics. Along with the new development for Confidential, this project is a re-architectural implementation to build enterprise level Confidential services. Confidential services identification was derived from Confidential  (Interface Design Method) which is part of Confidential. The SOA implementation is part of the Westfield CoE (Centre of Excellence) division.


·         Define SOA based application architecture and create service choreography artefact

·         Derived WSDL and schemas from the IDM Components and Service Interface definitions (fromIBM CONFIDENTIAL and IDM) which are part of company business architecture.

·         Contributed to Software Architecture Document for Predictive Underwriting Application.

·         Attend and contribute to Architectural Assessments and Architectural decisions.

·         Created Top down EJB SOA services using WSDL/XSDs for each service defined in service interface of respective component. The SOAP services were JMS transport based so as to support heterogeneous (IMS) systems using ESB/MQ Broker.

·         Created Web Service clients and added a simplified interface that configures the client with ESB queues, queue factory and other service configurations.

·         Implemented service message interceptors to help ESB in routing the messages to appropriate receiver.

·         Re-factored existing J2EE code so as to support integration to new web service objects.

·         Added handlers that will add ESB header on the soap message to help identify the destination.

·         Some of the service interface implemented were Risk Analysis, Insurance Agreement Object Manager, Underwriting Management, etc. and the service operations) were to determine policy summary, get billing data, get D&B data, retrieve prediction modifier, etc.

·         Created sophisticated harness tools for all the new services, so as to simplify utilization, availability, referencing and testing of these services.

·         Applied WebSphere work manager solution, to run the independent commands in parallel leveragingWebSphere threads (these commands were taking between 2-8 seconds and were running in series, this saved processing time by approx. 70 %).

·         Used Apache JCS to cache D&B service response




Description: Project’s scope is to implement web based (J2EE) Loan Application. Loan application will be used by loan officers to work on various life cycles of the loan approval. The system needs to talk to various internal and external systems to obtain required information for the customer loan approval. The system also needs to implement a case engine that takes care of preparatory phases and notifies the responsible parties.


·         Study, analyze business use cases and clarify the questions with business users.

·         Create Use Case Realization (UCR) diagrams and reports.

·         Update architecture document with new/updated components.

·         Create high level and low level design (rose models) and respective documents.

·         Create class diagrams, sequence diagrams for the important business/flows.

·         Create low level component/application specification documents to guide development.

·         Reviewed code from the architecture perspective.

·         Update existing design documents.

·         Help/guide team in solving technical problems.

·         Review the design and code and create review records with suggestions.

·         Discussion with project manager and provide inputs towards project planning, identification of major and minor tasks.

·         Mentoring the new team members, provide a high level overview of the system architecture.

·         Estimate development/design effort and timeline of tasks and help assignment to developers.

·         Provide inputs to prioritize/re-prioritize design and development tasks to meet the SLA

·         Provide trainings, project overview and high level architecture to new team members.




Lead Developer

Description: This project provides underwriting guidance to the client insurance administration systems (WesCom, 5.3). This enables insurance applications to better understand the risks associated with an insured party and correspondingly adjust the premium.


·         Created CONFIDENTIAL-XML framework that translates CONFIDENTIAL-XML to Java based CONFIDENTIAL-Command Message graph. Applications can use this framework to provide interoperability between Java Command Message objects (CONFIDENTIAL) and CONFIDENTIAL-XML. This is currently implemented using XStream, through an abstraction layer, to support future JAXB plug ability.

·         Created Command Message Framework (utilizing JMS/MDB, to support SOA services) enabling command implementers to register them so that the framework could delegate respective CONFIDENTIAL-XML command to them.

·         JAXB/JAXP: Replaced XStream (that was converting DnB service response to Java objects) with J2EE standard JAXB coupled with JAXP.

·         Refactored existing code using hibernate so that complete object graph for the policy gets saved and retrieved.

·         Implemented BOP guidance/scoring modules that uses Deloitte engine.

·         Added DAO layers in front of the hibernate implementations for DB2 interactions.

·         Database Viewer – This utility is mostly like a faster version of DBVisualizer. It provides, a subset of functions provided by DBVisualizer, an user interface where user can enter a table name to view; this utility then displays all the columns of the entered table and DB2 operators ( e.g. =,<,>, LIKE, NULL etc) that can be used to easily create a condition. The utility then displays DB2 query and fetches record from the table using the query. This is a fast and easy way to enable a user to query a table at least for those not having DBVisualizer on their systems.

·         Fixed defects related to scoring, guidance and commands.



Team Lead/Lead Developer

Description: Personal Confidential is a web based insurance application of Confidential. It is used by agents and underwriters to create and manage auto, umbrella and property policies. The scope of this project is to develop Auto, Umbrella and Property policy administration systems from scratch into a WebSphere browser-based Java application. This project uses Confidential (Confidential) developed by Confidential; The Confidential implementation has already been developed and is being used to model insurance business. User Interface layer has been built using Confidential, Tiles, Standard /Custom Tag libraries. Web Server talks to Application server using Confidential. Application Server talks to lot of systems using various technologies. Rating is done by InsBridge module which is invoked by a web service call. Communication to Third Party Systems has been designed using SOA. Business model runs on different server, data is exchanged using RMI calls.


·         Implemented Third Party call modules to talk to SOA based components e.g. Choice Point, Confidential.

·         Implemented and re-factored Confidential components and fixed the defects related to CONFIDENTIAL specification implementation.

·         Implemented rating sub-subsystem which uses web service call for policy rating.

·         Worked on transforming the policy XML using JAXP and provided rating expected xml.

·         Coded SOAP based web service call to external Expert system, which uses blaze engine to run underwriting rules.

·         Analyzed and designed print sub module which is used for policy printing.

·         Coded MQ Series calls to talk to legacy, which is used to read legacy policies.

·         Created User Interface pages using JSP/Struts/Tag Libraries and Tiles.

·         Coded Struts Action classes which talks to Application Server over RMI.

·         Implemented business validation and process flow in the application layer.

·         Used Java implementation of CONFIDENTIAL components to build policy agreements with updated information.

·         Coded Confidential sub-system which sends premium information to external PETA system using MQ.

·         Enhanced Policy Saving procedure to Blob.

·         Implemented policy publishing (of Pub/Sub) to notify issuance of policy.

·         Fixed defects pertaining to business/UI/backend layers.

·         Meeting with the team weekly to review the work status and assign new work items.

·         Regular call with the offshore team to determine the work status and address questions.

·         Mentoring new team members and bringing them on board.

·         Meeting with client to update project status.

Note: Bravo Award for excellent contribution to project Ohio Casualty Group




Lead Developer/Onsite Coordinator

Description: Confidential is using Confidential which was developed in the Confidential  as the Confidential original desktop technology platform, to support the branch desktop interface with the Confidential mainframe applications for non dollar transactions. The system currently accounts for approximately 10% of Branch sales activity, however, it is Confidential based and as such, considered a "fat client" and uses significant Confidential resources. Confidential, the Bank made a strategic decision to transform its desktop environment to "thin client" web based technology in order to improve Confidential performance and better integrate user applications. As part of this decision and in support of the "thin client" strategy, Bank has decided to move Confidential functionalities to their java-based platform called "Confidential".


·         Identified the business requirements after discussions with client.

·         UseCase documentation for all features of the product.

·         Designed the Bankpro sub modules using Rational Rose.

·         Used Model View Controller (MVC) pattern using Servlet controller and JSPs.

·         Created sequence diagrams for the important flows.

·         Reviewed the code written by team and suggested enhancements.

·         Prepared Coding Guidelines for Java code and JSP to be followed by team.

·         Implemented the Safety Deposit Box UI interface using JSP.

·         Coded Application logic for Safety Deposit Box which talks to underlying Intralink platform.

·         Ran JTest to ensure that all the static coding guidelines rules are met.

·         Created JUnit test cases and ran them to ensure the system behaviour.

·         Worked on fixing the defects reported by customers.

·         Participated in defect review meetings with client to discuss defect status.

·         Involved in resolving production defects and other production issues.

·         Created Thread runners using java Thread APIs which were used to send client requests to existing BISB framework.





Description: The scope of the Confidential bank is to eliminate the time worn 4702 Financial Controllers and to replace its services through a S/W Emulator. Confidential Financial Controller is used for Banking as a server to do financial transactions. It is supported by workstations (Confidential) and printers (Confidential). Applications in Confidential are coded using the language called Confidential. The software emulator should provide interface to all these branch application. The communication between branch application and software emulator happens over Java sockets, and uses existing Confidential framework developed by Confidential bank.


·         Developed Confidential emulator window using Confidential which provides UI for users.

·         Designed TKS parser sub-system that is used to validate the entered tks and with adaptability to plug new parser sub-systems at any time.I was awarded the Bravo Award for suggesting efficient design. ICM (Intellectual Capital) Submission for Pattern Matcher utility, developed in Scotia 4702 Elimination project

·         Implemented TKS parser sub-system by tokenizing the entered tks and validating each token for its location and usage conditions.

·         Coded the module which is used to send validated tks to Server using BISB framework.

·         Implemented Formatter classes which are capable of formatting certain type of responses (Depending on certain bytes in response, It identifies which formatter it should bind to).

·         Developed virtual host which was used to test system offline (Server emulator maintained important request/response mappings) because host connectivity was not available. This virtual host was used for 90% of the unconnected testing.

·         Customized lotus notes based database to better track the defects.

·         Unit tested all the components using JUnit.

·         Integration tested the system using the developed virtual host.





Description: Confidential is re-architecture project for Prudential Retirement Services. The secondary aim of the project is to make it more user friendly and to increase its performance. Confidential re-architecture Project uses some of the common components including Content Management, Exception Handling, and Logging.


·         Review and validate the Technical Specification provided by client.

·         Implemented complete UseCase Investor Personality Quiz referred to as IPQ.

·         Coded JSP screens, which creates UI for Investor personality Quiz module.

·         Used IBM JADE framework which is based on MVC pattern.

·         Review the UseCases and discuss any of the shortcomings.

·         Created Action classes which talks to Business layer of the application.

·         Coded Entity/Session beans to provide various services to the customer.

·         Setting the Transaction Attributes for container managed beans.

·         Did code review for other team members and suggested possible improvements.

·         Measured system performance pieces using tools JProbe and Java Profiler.

·         Unit tested each class so as to make sure that it meets the expected behaviour.

·         String tested the complete use case and integration testing of all use cases across the build.




Description: The project ported the Application software from OS/2 platform to Windows 2000    operating system. Bank of Confidential has a set of applications developed on OS/2 platform, which caters to Product Presentation, Product Launch, Opening of accounts under selected products, and Safe Deposit Box functions of the bank. These applications were developed in 90s and are being used in over 6000 terminals in branches all over Canada. The applications were developed in C and Visual Age C++ and access data from btrieve files and DB2 tables on OS/2 server as well as CICS transactions on customer mainframe systems.


  • Develop a migration design to port system API calls to deliver functionality similar to that of OS/2 within the framework of facilities provided under Windows 2000
  • Coding wrapper methods for the calls where direct mapping is unavailable.
  • Finding OS/2 equivalent message in Windows.
  • Replacing OS/2 calls with windows messages.
  • Migrated Product Presentation, Product Open and Safety Deposit Box products.

·         Coding sqc files for creating and managing the new database through DB2.

  • Used WinEdit as the IDE in porting these soft wares.
  • Coded screen resolution change from 640x480 to 1024x768 pixel resolution.
  • Creating test cases based on already running application on OS/2 platform
  • Unit testing product screens in windows 2000.
  • Worked on fixing the identified defects.


Note: ReceivedBravo Award for excellent performance in the project.

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