SOA Architect-Consultant Resume Profile,USA

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SOA Architect-Consultant  Resume Profile,USA



Professional Profile


Primary Technical /General Accountabilities

Focused on the elements required to manage all aspects of data and information (both structured and unstructured) from business requirements to logical and physical design. Experienced in the data warehousing multi-dimensional database concepts, large project experience, and Data Warehousing project leadership, full project development life cycle for Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and CRM.

Responsible for effective data governance of the BI function to remain within program guidelines and procedures.

Igor has the following experience and skills in Big data, Business Intelligence and Analytics:

·          Experience building Architecture for complex, scalable, and high-performance data centric BI architectures with Hadoop and other big data/open source technologies

·          Successfully designed and implemented a large-scale data warehouse and an enterprise Operational Data Store (ODS)

·          En-depth knowledge of data Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) Tools

·          Data modeling skills with respect to VLDB's and data warehouses (star and snowflake schemes)

·          Evaluate and implement massive, scalable data stores

·          Directing the data modeling support for project specific needs, while ensuring enterprise consistency

·          Developed Business Intelligence Solutions including the design, architecture and service proposals.

·          Directing the data modeling support for project specific needs, while ensuring enterprise consistency

·          Defined, developed and supported the Meta Data Strategy

·          Very knowledgeable in the Data Warehousing, Business Area Analysis, Object-Oriented Analysis, Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Modeling, Client/ Server Application design and construction

·          Vast industry perspectives on solution requirements, development, delivery and selection of technology to meet business requirements

·          Expert knowledge on Information Management solutions and Data Governance

·          Leads and supports IA client Solution Briefings/Workshops, IA Roadmap Workshops and Business Value Assessments

Confidential  SOA Architect-Consultant

Responsibilities included: client solution design as well as some service briefing and project definition work. Familiar with the IAA, IFW reusable asset specifications, and was able to apply them in developing SOA assets based on engagement experience and opportunities. Was be able to perform component and service placement, design for overall performance and availability, developed infrastructure component specifications, Designed business architecture, Designed technical architecture, Performed architecture gap analysis, Develop architecture transition plan, and Design architecture governance. Has lead and performed on client SOA engagements. Has integrated IBM and partner software for SOA enablement. Has developed, evaluated, and designed to client non-functional requirements. Has designed and implemented SOA solutions.

Data Governance Consultant

Provides methodology and advised for Data Quality, Master Data Management, Meta Data Management. Responsible for managing project reviews, feasibility, cost benefit analysis, prioritization, initiation, execution, and closure for all project work related to the work related to the program. Provides input to the development and maintenance of Data Governance DQ, MDM processes, standards and procedures according to industry best practices. Provides contributions to the development of an enterprise wide data governance strategy.



Created and sold Smart City intuitive to St. Petersburg, solution was based on IBM Smart City methodology and IBM Intelligence Operation center software package (


Led workshops for Russian Oil industry to create analytics-driven oil and gas organizations, which provide trusted information to predict business outcomes, and to make real-time decisions that help them outperform their competitors. Using IBM Big data reference Architecture for Oil and Gas, which provides a scalable, easy to use, secure information management and analytics platform for complex and large-scale analysis and economical storage of drilling production data

Executive IT Architect, IBM Software group Information Management Sale

Reviews and/or recommends changes, exceptions and new architecture & technology standards globally.

Supports the review of business capabilities to identify unmet and future business requirements. Aligns the business requirements with respective architecture and technology components.

Develops enterprise-level conceptual, logical and physical data models working in concert with Enterprise Data Management objectives.

Provides architecture oversight on IT projects.

Reviews and/or approves project requirements, design and application integration globally.

Ensures that projects align to Enterprise Architecture model and comply with Enterprise Architecture Standards.


Igor was involved in the development of business cases requiring Data Warehousing solutions.  These solutions include data modeling, development and implementation of data, multigigabyte to terabytes size warehouse solutions, and establishment of new and enhancements to existing data transformation rules. He has determined business deliverables, data discovery processes, recommended a data warehouse approach  (i.e. IAA, IIW, BO or DSS data application tool, etc.), dimensional modeling, database sizing, physical database design, system infrastructure, data mapping, extraction, cleansing, transformation, propagation, and performance tuning.  Additional responsibilities included recommendation, development, and implementation of information access and delivery tool(s) appropriate and scalable for IBM clients (i.e. custom, OLAP/OLTP, ad hoc, web based, etc.).


Examples of Projects:


·          Lead Information Architect for the Caterpillar Finance Transformation project and Enterprise Information management assessment project.

·          Enhance the Conceptual data model to incorporate the additional systems of scope and perform the physical design of the staging area to store the Client Data Hub entities and attributes for Merrill Lynch CEDP project

·          Provide Systems Architecture and Data Management Detailed Design and Implementation Support   for the Boeing Finance Transformation program to support its vision of establishing processes and information systems that provide accurate, timely, consistent and robust financial information. Provided advisory, subject matter and best practice knowledge to Boeing as part of the preliminary analysis phase of the Finance Transformation Program, which included review of current as-Is processes, conceptual design of future state To-Be processes, and implementation planning.

·          Project manager and Lead Architect for the design and analysis of the HR Lincoln Financial Reporting Data warehouse project (HR RDM).

·          Technical Director of AOL-IBM OnRamp project, which including complete redesign of AOL Information Architecture and Systems. Project is to enable AOL to provide a comprehensive view of their customers and their experiences to any real-time system for immediate decision-making.

·          Lead Data Architect for FMEA project of Department of Defense. For the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Financial Management Modernization Program (FMMP), led a data management team in creating an enterprise data management strategy as a foundation to DoD’s Financial Management Enterprise Architecture (FMEA).  Responsibilities included:  data modeling, systems analysis, and systems design work in support of the C4ISR compliant enterprise architecture.  Led a team composed of system engineers and data modelers in creating C4ISR products in Popkin’s System Architect to define the enterprise application integration and data sharing functionality, enterprise metadata and business rule management, conceptual business model management, logical operational data store design, logical data warehouse and data mart design, and external interface functionality. 

·          Lead Data Architect for multiple multibillion-dollar Insurance companies on IBM’s projects

·          Lead Data Architect for e-commerce marketplace, using XML and MQSI), AFG, and ING engagements.

·          Lead Technical Data Warehouse architect for IIW implementation for Large Equitable Company, American Bankers Insurance group and Commercial Insurer

·          Leader of a Data modeling process for creation of enterprise Data model for Larger HealthCare Insurance

·          Led Data Warehouse Architecture proposals for Data Warehouse Implementations, using IBM IAA and IIW for several of the largest US Insurance companies (USAA, GEFA, CONSECO, ING and more)

·          Led Data modeling process for creation of the enterprise Data model for Aetna HealthCare Insurance

·          Led Technical and architectural implementation of a Data Warehouse for Insurance Information Warehouse and Insure Risk Network products of IBM



Database Architect-Consultant

Modeled and built Corporate Data Warehouse (> 1 TB) for Freddie Mac (McLean, VA) using SP2 server and DB2 Universal Parallel Processing Database. Consulted on modeling, design and architecture of component applications.

Modeling business processes and database design for enrollment and eligibility for CIGNA Insurance Company in Philadelphia. He was Created Standards, Procedures, System architecture and design for Data Warehouse solutions.

Created Executive Reporting system for Citibank Credit Cards Data Warehouse (>2 TB of historic data) using COGNOS, SAS.

Involved in Database Architecture Design and Data Warehouse development, enchantments to reporting systems (using Crystal Info and Business Objects) for Ernst and Young Financial and HR databases.


Senior Systems Specialist (Consultant)

Project leader of Data Warehouse implementation (Oracle) for Nationwide Insurance Company at Portland, Oregon.

Prepared Data Warehouse models for Data Mining, DSS and Business Analysis.

Application level DBA. Created indexed, tables, access level


Enterprise Database Analyst/ Architect

Developed proposals for platforms rollout and implementation projects, which included coordinating and planning application integration activities with IS personnel or clients, aiding in planning the software lifecycle for supported products, recommending upgrades and implementation plans, support and training. Provided senior level planning and consulting for IS management and clients. Supervised all Databases management and development activities for the healthcare Informatics group, and provided senior level research, planning, and administration and consulting services relating to the data associated with the healthcare Informatics business function.

Responsible for optimizing the design and utilization of development tools and products. Provided technical consultation and support to software development teams. Developed Enterprise database models using business process models; establish entity relationships within databases. Build and managed different Sybase databases, populated Sybase databases using MDI Gateway connections from mainframe DB2 databases (SMS INVISION and Signature). Managed enterprise object oriented encyclopedias (data dictionaries).

Designed and developed Business Intelligence reporting solutions, Performed analysis of reporting requirements and provided plans for implementation of Cognos technology. Supported graphical, visual presentation of data, created queries & reports data Using Cognos software (Impromptu, Power Play, and Scenario).  Worked with SMS Information Systems team in the development of the Enterprise data warehouse. Worked with clinicians and interdisciplinary teams to respond to request for special databases and client-server applications and solutions. Developed and ensure uniform standards among various databases used throughout company.


Senior Systems Analyst/ Programmer

Interacted with business partners to understand business needs and issues help business partners define effective business processes and define system requirements that will meet their needs. Used CASE Tool to develop Business Area Model, Analysis Models, Process Modeling, and Logical Data Modeling for Eligibility and Medicaid projects. Using Analysis workstation to provide Data Modeling, Analysis and Data Mining.

Developed detailed specifications for Decision Support System for the design of programs, code, debug and document using CASE Tools and Information Engineering methodology, Systems Analysis and mainframe programming. Responsible for Encyclopedia Management and Technical Support of ADW (CASE) users and Methodology Acquisition, provide internal consulting service.

Developed, Design and coding applications for Client-Server Projects, Business Area Model and Database Design, using CASE Tools, SQL server and MS Access, Visual Basic V.4. Provide training of programmers in using ADW (CASE Tools).


Senior System Engineer

Developed project schedules and assigned tasks, coordinated activities of project team performing Automation Management Process Systems (COBOL).

Provided supervision in testing, implementation and installation of these systems. Performed system analysis, design and programming. Served as the primary contact with users. Responsible for maintaining existing systems for Corporate Planning, Sales and Marketing Systems using MicroFocus COBOL developed PC applications, creating installation packages for PC. Developed new Corporate Planning Systems, using spreadsheet technology and wrote Macros Using EXCEL 5.0 


Systems Analyst

Responsible for development of new mainframe batch applications, following government methodology, analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation, maintained existing systems, recommended solutions.

Developed detailed specification using information Engineering methodologies and CASE (ADW) tools. Support PC-based applications including network applications, trained associates installed software. Responsible for various stages of development and implementation of inventory applications using Oracle 6.0. Created several Forms and Reports, using SQL Forms and SQL Report Writer.


Research and Software Specialist

Responsible for Software development and maintenance of computer simulation physical model for semiconductors including calculation; analysis, design, programming, debugging, testing and implementation of scientific application, data research, management and analysis of scientific data for developing the best model of Solar Cell. Published this work 12/1991.


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