Senior SAP Technical Consultant Resume Profile

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Senior SAP Technical Consultant Resume Profile


Pproviding high-level consultancy in the design, administration and tuning of SAP solutions. Over four years of IT industry experience implementing SAP and Microsoft Applications, Database design and architecture management, design and development


  • More than 10 years of IT experience including more than 8 years of SAP experience.
  • More than 6 Full complete life-cycle implementation experience with their support
  • Gained experience in SAP HANA, IS Beverages, IS Utilities, IS Oil and Gas, Telecomm and Higher Services
  • Expert in ABAP, ABAP Object Oriented Programming (OOPS), Business Server Pages (BSP), ABAP Webdynpros, Floor Plan Manager, Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP Scripts, Smartforms, HR Forms and Workflows
  • HCM ABAP with Personnel Administration (PA), Organization Management (PM), Time Management (TM), Multiple Payroll Experience (PY), Employee Self Service (ESS), Management Self Service (MSS), Personnel Development (PD), Appraisal, Travel Management, Travel Expenses, Cross Application Timesheet, CATS and Leaves with their respective Workflow configuration
  • Expert with Enhancement, BADI, New Enhancement Framework, Reports and Workflows for HCM, FI/CO, SD, MM, PM, PS, IS Oil, Telecom, IS Beverages, Banking Sector modules and having good functional understanding of these modules
  • Team Lead and Project Management Experience
  • Experienced with SAP HANA Data Modelling and Data Provisioning
  • Data Migration using BDC and LSMW
  • Prepare ASIS, BBP, UAT and Tutorials using SAP Tutor or Word based
  • Integration with SCADA System, IBM WebSphere,Confidential SQL, DB Connect, Java and Microsoft .NET with SAP System
  • Good object oriented programming concepts.
  • Experience on SAP Release 4.7, ECC 5.0 & ECC 6.0 EHP4 and EHP6 with IS Solutions.
  • Experienced full life-cycle SAP projects involving implementations and support.


SAP R/3 : Version 4.7c, ECC 6.0, EHP4 and EHP 6

SAP ABAP, User-exits, Enhancements, BADI, WebDynpro ABAP, Workflows, Adobe Forms, SAPScript, Smartforms, Dialog Programming, Data loads, ALV, BAPI, RFC, Floor Plan Manager, OSS Notes, Employee Self Service / Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS)


HCM ABAP : Personnel Management (PA), Payroll (PY), Time Management (TM),

Organization Management (OM), Travel Management including Travel

Expenses, Leaves, Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS), Personnel

Development (PD), Appraisals with their respective Workflows and


Languages : ABAP, Visual Basic, HTMLB


Senior SAP ABAP/HR ABAP/Workflow/Webdynpro Consultant


Senior SAP Technical Consultant


SADAD System


SAP Technical Team Lead / Project Manager


Banking Sector




SAP ECC 6.0 - EHP 6 Implementation

· Producing Project Management Documents based on ASAP Methodology

· Prepare ASIS and BBP Documents

· Integration with third party system using IBM WebSphere

· Native SAP Adapter was consumed to integrate with third party system

· Exposing Web Service through SOA Management

· Created various Attribute, Analytical and Calculation Views in SAP HANA

· Taking lead finalizing project documents

· Meeting users and setting up client expectations in terms of Standard as well as custom solutions

· Built conversions to migrate legacy system data to SAP

· Created new function in Payroll Schema to predict EOSI (End of Service Indemnity) of Employees

· This Payroll function was calculating total period of service within the company and forecasting end of service payment

· By using FORM Classes HRFORMS Payslips was created

· Created WebDynpro ABAP Application to cater Employee previous experience and showing company policy to be agreed upon.

· WebDynpro ABAP was developed using Floorplan Manager GAF (Guided Activity Floorplan Manager)

· WebDynpro ABAP Application FloorPlan Manager

o The purpose of application to go through Induction phase

o Used FPM GAF (Guided Activity Floor Plan Manager)

o Various steps were included to fetch department wise induction

o Upon saving this induction were recorded into InfoType

o Outlook Notification to all respective Departments

· Application development for SADAD Payment system which is the backbone for the business. Extreme complex application serving start-to-end cycle of SADAD business

o Fetching all day records through WMB to SAP using SAP Native Adaptor

o 1.5 Million records were fetched in chunks

o Calculating customer fees based on respective scenarios

o Created Custom Workflows for Multi Level Approvals

o Posting them to respective GLs

o Saving data in terms of granular as well as aggregated form

o Reports and Forms development using ALV, Smartforms, ADOBE Forms


Senior SAP ABAP Consultant cum Team Lead


Utility (Implementing IS-Util)




Support Project - SAP ECC 6.0 - EHP 4

· Managing SAP Team including functional as well as Technical Team

· Development of new Workflows for Travel Management, CATS, Leaves for R/3 as well as ESS/MSS

· Negative Leaves Accruals for Time Management - Enhancements

· Created Leaves Quota Report in WebDynpro ABAP showing complete year overview

· Enhanced Payroll Schema with new Function to calculate Service Indemnity of the employees

· This WageType had to be shown in Payroll and Payslip of all employees

· Enhanced HRFORMS Payslip to show this WageType

· HRFORMS are directly linked to ESS/MSS environment where employees can have a look at their previous payslips

· Retroactive and Offcycle Payroll results are automatically carried out by HRFORMS results

· Enhancing current modules and creating new reports

· Created various Adobe Forms


Project Manager


IS Oil (Crude Oil Sales)


Crude Oil Sales


Enhancement of Nomination System in Crude Oil Sales

· Automation of various application were developed to conclude payment based on Sales or HIGHSEA operation

· Raising auto tickets other than Non-HIGH SEA nominations

· Good understanding of Nomination system, ticketing and Inspection

· Knowledge of Pegging and respective enhancement

· Gathering requirements and preparing ASIS, BBP, High Level Design and Low Level Design Templates

· All applications were developed through OOPS ALV and extensively used Smartforms

· Project management and development activities following ASAP methodology


Senior SAP ABAP Consultant


Utility (Implementing IS-Util)




Implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 - EHP 4

· SAP ISU Developments

· Integrated SCADA System to Energy Data Management where Smart meters were used

· Complex calculation based on the customer profiles

· Built specific customer configuration tables for specific calculations

· Fact based billing was proposed by the customer

· Experienced in SAP ISU Enhancements

· Pushing the final data to the FICO for posting into GLs

· Reports and Forms development through Print Workbench

· Migration of Legacy data to SAP System using BDC Programs

· Complete Development of HR including ESS/MSS, Travel, Leaves, CATS and Appraisals with their respective workflows

· Creating Functions and modifying HCM Schema andf Payroll Driver

· HCM Developments including New InfoTypes, Enhancing Standard InfoTypes, Enhancing Payroll (PY) Schema, Workflows and ADOBE Interactive Forms for Travel, etc.

· Created Payslip using HRFORMS which shows PY results using Smartforms or Adobe Interactive Forms

· Troubleshooting Payroll results and Payroll Schema

· Changed levels of approvals based on company requirement

· Multiple levels of approvals in Travel Request, Travel Expense and Leaves Workflow

· CATS Workflow

· Enhancement in Standard WebDynpro ABAP Leaves Application

· Added a Field to the view and written own method to see advance salary request

· Producing Error or success messages in WebDynpro ABAP

· Created WebDynpro ABAP Application replacing standard CATS application due to complex requirement from customer

o It was created using FPM (Floor Plan Manager)

o Created WebDynpro ABAP application showing overtime and attendance across all employees

o Users were able to enter their working time and overtime

o Upon saving this would trigger multi-level approval which goes through supervisor and manager for approval

o Upon rejection user will be notified and again he need to fill out

o Upon approval this trigger BAPI to save data in IT2002

o Standard reports were consumed

· Various Custom Workflow Tasks were designed in WebDynpro ABAP and incorporated in MSS portal screens

· Archive Data Link (ADK) built reports to fetch data from Archive objects for FICO

· MM Workflows using Standard Release Strategy for Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

· Enhancement of Standard Workflows

· Troubleshooting Workflows in Production Environment

· Configured Virus Scan Server using Symantec Driver (VSCAN)

· Connecting SQL Server to SAP Landscape using DBConnect to fetch data from SCADA Server

· FI/CO, MM, DMS, PM Conversion, Reports, SAP Scripts, Notification and Mailing

· Treasury Management Application using WebDynpro ABAP

o Created dashboard which illustrated all the actions to be performed on application

o Mailing various banks to receive their rate of interest

o Based on selection and maturity period calculating amount or rather forecasting amount

o Posting to various GLs when reaching maturity period

o Comprehensive reports in WebDynpro ABAP showing complete path and history

· Deploying Transactional iViews

· Developed a lot of conversions for PM, HCM, MM and FICO Modules

· Troubleshooting and enhancing standard and custom applications and workflows



Senior SAP ABAP cum Business Server Page Consultant


Oil & Gas


MM & Customized Drilling & Work-over Module


Waterline Schedule Development in SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 6.0

· Business Graphics in Business Server Pages using GANTT Chart

· BSP was linked to SAP R/3 using shortcut to call them up

· Integrating BSP with SAP R/3 and Portal

· Collecting requirements from Key Users

· Preparing High Level Design and Low Level Design Document (HLD and LLD)

· Integrating with MM and Drilling & Work-over Module

· Training and producing Training documents

· Go-Live and support


SAP ABAP / Workflow Consultant


Oil & Gas


MM & Customized Drilling & Work-over Module


Manifest Application Development in SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 5.0

· Collecting requirements from Key Users

· Preparing ASIS & Blue Print Documents with Presentations

· Manifest Application Development using ALV and table control in R/3

· Integrating with MM and Drilling & Work-over Module

· Preparing High Level Design and Low Level Design Document (HLD and LLD)

· Training and UAT

· Go Live and Support

ABAP Consultant


SAP ABAP Team Lead


Telecom Industry


EP, Workflow, XI, HCM, FI/CO, MM, PM & PS


Implementation of SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 6.0

· Identified scope of SAP Content Management, Knowledge Management, Web Page Composer and Record Management

· Creating Custom Workflows and Triggering Standard Workflows

· Customized Pension configuration in SAP Schema

· Validation and Substitution enhancements

· Enhancement and InfoTypes creation in Personal Administration and Personal Planning

· Creating Reports, Smartforms and Enhancements of all above modules

· Managing and Training ABAP Team


SAP ABAP Team Lead





Implementation of SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 6.0

· Developed and deploying URL based ABAP WebDynpros with Portal

· Primary target of ABAP Webdynpros is to hire scholars into SAP HCM Module without e-recruitment

· Application was saving information in InfoTypes and sending confirmation receipt when actions and details were entered by user on WebDynpro ABAP screen

· Involved in sizing of portals

· Barcode integration with SAP Asset Module with Microsoft .NET.

· Identified and created new BAPIs for Assets.

· Indirect Valuation wage types and Enhancements for HCM, FI/CO, MM and PS Modules

· Creating Reports of all above modules


SAP ABAP Consultant


Oil & Gas




Short Assignment of SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 6.0

· Implemented BADIs and Enhancement for crude oil procurement

· Reporting of MM

Aug 2007 -

Dec 2007



SAP ABAP Consultant


Beverages Industry (IS for Beverages)




Implementation of SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 6.0 (Beverages Industry Specific Solution)

· Developed application in SAP console reading data fromConfidential Access for current production in plant

· Credit management in SAP is only on amount. Through user exit credit management is done on Empties for distributors. Invoicing was also covered.

· Developed custom application for incentive for the distributor depending on their target achieved.

· Sales Order, Delivery orders and Invoices were automatically printed at the time of creation through customized smartforms

· Enhancement through User Exit in Sales and Distribution module for pricing procedure

· Custom Sub Screen in Delivery transaction through Enhancement

· Billing enhancement through User Exit

· Worked on FI/CO, SD, PM and PP ALV reports


SAP ABAP Consultant


Utilities Industry


SD, FI/CO, PM,Confidential & MM


Implementation of SAP R/3 Rel. ECC 5.0

· Understanding Billing processes and mapping them into SAP.

· Analyze their current and other Billing systems and propose solution with respect to SAP environment.

· Designing and supporting Applications for meter installation and removal

· Sales and Distribution module reports like Sales Order, Delivery order

· Generated various reports and Interactive lists using Logical database and Dynamic Selection.

· Working as a part of a team.

· Data Uploads from legacy systems to SAP systems.

· Training fellow consultants.

Assistant System Administrator


  • Facilitate Research Department for new application for their research purposes
  • Analysis and design as per specific need of the Department
  • Developed Patient Info & History of Diseases Application for Fast entry
  • Statistical Analysis of patients.
  • Timely backups of databases
  • Created 50 port networks from baseline included windows 2000 servers (DHCP, DNS, RAS, VPN, Terminal Services, File Server and Print Server)
  • Installation, Configuration & Administration of Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Professional, up gradation of NT 4.0 domains to active directory of Windows 2000
  • Configuration and Administration of Norton Antivirus Server v8.0
  • Operating system and network configuration of Windows 98, Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP, Windows 2000 servers
  • To ensure detailed documentation of Information Technology
  • Creating, troubleshooting and maintenance Windows 2000 network environment

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