Senior Oracle ETL Developer , Resume Profile. USA

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Senior Oracle ETL Developer ,   Resume Profile. USA




More than Twelve years of professional experience in designing, deploying and managing terabyte data warehouses and enterprise data integration projects for Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare and E-commerce fortune 500 companies. My core strengths are data warehousing, ETL architecture, Data architecture, data management, modelling, business intelligence and application customizations. I have extensively worked in Ab Initio, BRE, Conduct>It, Unix (Korn Shell Script including SED and AWK),  Oracle, Teradata and Autosys scheduler. I also have working knowledge of Informatica ETL tool. I have an in-depth understanding of complete SDLC, worked in Agile projects too.


·         Experienced in implementation of Data Integration, Campaign Management, Credit Scoring, Data Migration, Data Virtualization and Data Conversion(Legacy to RDBMS) projects.

·         Defined uniform ETL reference architecture including Audit, Balance and Control features to provide a standardized means to load data into the warehouse and to facilitate reconciliation and tracking of data lineage.

·         Designed error handling framework/routine for projects.

·         Designed strategies for Data analysis, Data profiling, Data Validation and Data migration.

·         Implemented data conversion projects from legacy systems to RDMS.

·         Worked with Composite software to defined Data Virtualization layer for ETL and Business Object reporting.

·         Defined MDM approach for Reference data and Confirmed Dimensions.

·         Provided BRE(Business Rule Engine ) framework to implement campaign management.

·         Extensively worked with Fast Export, Fast Load, Mutiload (i.e. MLOAD FEXP, FLOAD, BTEQ) Teradata utilities to export and load data to/from files.

·         Experienced in Strategies and Developing Architecture for building and designing Star Schema and Snowflake Schema for very large databases in Data Warehouse environment.

·         Worked on data Capacity and sizing projects. Estimated data warehouse size/growth for 5 to 10 years including data history.

·         Defined data archiving approach to allow movement of obsolete or seldom used data to less expensive forms of storage.

·         Participated in proposals writing, biding projects, and winning new contracts like SunTrust and AIG. Worked on assessment projects and wrote proposals in response to RFP.


ü  Architectures: Multi-Tier, Client Server, Distributed Systems, Information Architectures

ü  Business Domains: Financials, Banking , Credit card services ,Healthcare and e-commerce

ü  ETL Tools & Languages: Ab Initio GDE 1.15.11,Co-op V3.0,BRE, EME, Ab Initio Data profiler, Conduct>it, BRE(Business Rule Engine), Informatica PowerCenterV8, Korn Shell, SQL, Java, Business Objects

ü  Databases: Oracle 8i, Teradata V2R5, MS Access 2000

ü  Database Utilities: Teradata SQL Assistance 6.1, Toad 7.5, SQL*Loader, BTEQ Oracle Intermedia, Oracle iFS Visio, S-designer

ü  GUIs/Reporting Tools/CASE Tools: Composite, DEVELOPER 2000(Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0), Crystal Reports 8.0/8.5 and MS-OLAP, Dream Weaver , Clear Quest , PVCS

ü  Methodologies: Dimensional Modeling, Star Schema



My global IT experience comes from . I am experienced with onshore and offshore delivery model.


HP’s Information management (Formerly known as Knightsbridge Solutions) is leading Data Warehousing consulting arm of HP with the clients across US. I’ve worked at below mentioned clients and projects while working for Knightsbridge/HP.



Role : Senior Strategy and Management consultant



The Confidential is one of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks. The, Markets Group has the unique responsibility for implementing monetary and foreign exchange policy, auctioning and issuing U.S. Treasury debt. The “Market” Group has undertaken an initiative to improve its analytical capabilities by introducing new and more complex datasets in support of financial markets analysis, market operations and portfolio management activities.


It is Strategy engagement and I am working as ETL solution architect and metadata consultant. This project has multidimensional requirements. Study existing environment, identify gaps between industry standard and home grown solution and defined a technical and functional implementation roadmap for new data warehouse.

  • Worked with senior management to develop strategy for technical IT implementation of monetary and foreign exchange policy, in phase manner and identified risk facts/constraints for implementation.
  • Estimated and defined implementation roadmap for the construction of the SOMA first Data Mart and later Data Warehouse.
  • Documented current technical BI/MDM landscape.
  • Defined MDM approach for Reference data, such as Security Master data, Party data, Calendar data, that is shared across all portions of the data warehouse.
  • Identified Confirmed Dimensions that will integrate the factual data in the warehouse.
  • Defined uniform ETL reference architecture including Audit, Balance and Control features to provide a standardized means to load data into the warehouse and to facilitate reconciliation and tracking of data lineage.
  • Defined Data access procedure that is controlled in a manner that flexibly implements the data classification policy. It includes data masking and data obfuscation.
  • Worked on data Capacity plan and provided the projected data warehouse size/growth which includes 10(ten) years of history.





Role: Solution Architect                                               



After great recessions, has to provide Risk portfolio information to higher management and CEO. The Velocity project is a Portfolio BI management system which provides policies insurance portfolio risk information for different regions (US, Asia Pacific and EMA etc).


My role in project was as Solution architect to provide end to end solution for ETL. I lead a team of 6 members. I have designed and developed Policy, Price and Claim modules along with history migration of data. I have also designed Dimension and Fact tables/data model for project. Velocity project has two types of In-coming data feed XLS and flat files. This project has unique challenges for error handling, User wants to capture all data and functional errors as a single record and attached with input file for correction. Same error file will be feed to ETL after correcting source record. I have also developed various aggregation queries to validate Portfolio reports and worked with business for validation.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.15.11 & Co-op 2.15, HP-UX 11.0, Oracle 10G, Autosys, KSH





Role: Sr. ETL Designer & Developer                             



Confidential  is one of the fastest growing unit in . Worked in commercial card as a part of data warehouse implementation team. Commercial card handles CITI Credit cards application data. It contains data of corporate (Government and non government), purchasing/procurement, fleet card, prepaid card, lodged card and one card data. I worked as Sr. ETL designer who build data warehouse for these Citi credit cards 50+ applications. It has two parts i.e. inbound and outbound. Inbound receives feed from TSYS and load data into warehouse. Outbound feed is to create and send various reports to different CITI clients as well as internal organization.


I was involved in design and development of Inbound and Outbound feeds. Helped team to add new feeds to warehouse and put reconcile efforts to find difference in existing and new feeds. Developed various outbound reports and worked with business for validation.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.15.11 & Co-op 2.13.1, Conduct>it, HP-UX 11.0, DB2 UDB, Autosys Job scheduler.




Role: Sr. ETL Designer & Developer 


Advisory Board has discovered that in order to help address the growing challenges faced in hospital Emergency Department, they could provide a series of reports that would aid in measuring performance, diagnosing problems, and drilling into potential root causes of problems. The ED Compass is a Business Intelligence system that provides in-depth analytics and an integrated set of services.


My role in project was as senior designer and developer for ED module and reporting. Worked on loading of data from source to Data warehouse and Data Mart. I also played a data stewards role in project and helped in end to end testing. During acceptance phase, found gaps between requirements and implemented code. Actively interacted with business and came-up with best solution. I was actively involved with business analyst to identify BI reporting bugs.


Designed reconciliation process between source and data-mart, which provided daily, reconciled report.
Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.13.10, Oracle 8i, Sun Solaris, Micro-Strategy and Jira





Role: Sr. ETL Designer



Confidential project is commitments/ Settlements system for MBS securities. RACE is an Accounting System that contributes to the General Ledger, Primary function of RACE is accounting for Commitments/Settlements related to securities, assets and their impact by calculating gain/loss. How they impact Fannie Mae's portfolio.


I have designed and implemented ETL processes for commitments, Settlements and General Ledger modules. These were very complex module with regards to business rule. I have re-designed some of module using BRE as prototype also for one of proposal.


Worked with mortgage business analyst to identify complex mortgage business mortgage rules. Prepared high level and low-level document for requirements.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.13.10 & Co-op 2.13.1,BRE,HP-UX 11.0, Oracle, Autosys





Role: Sr. ETL Designer & Developer



The Confidential was responsible to re-state Fannie Mae’s sub ledger income gain/loss Accounting entries for the re-statement period. The Guarantee Fee transactions that are processed by are subject to Amortization, Fair Value Adjustment and Impairment. It is intermediate process in complete picture and GFAS  interacts with external systems like Amortization, Impairment and SCBSL.

I was involved in designing and development of Amortization, Fair Value and Accounting Interfaces. I was also involved in designing and development of Business Controls, common reusable code and Autosys JIL scripts. Developed common graph/process to generate control file and data validation between interfaces in project. I played an important role in designing Job flow for GFAS in Scheduler.

Apart from design and development, I was actively involved in co-ordination with cross functional teams ranging from FAST Design/Code Review committee, Business Team for UAT, ROC team for post development support. I mentored 5 team members by giving presentation and technical guidance.
Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.13.10 & Co-op 2.13.1, HP-UX 11.0, Oracle 9i, Autosys Job scheduler, KSH, Perl





Role: Senior ETL Developer

Project:  is credit scoring application for the Capital One credit card customer. It is internal scoring process, which calculates internal FICO score for customer. All campaign management and collection team uses these score for any decision and services. Bad rate application, monthly process around 50 to 80 million accounts credit score. As it is most used financial application, It’s severity 1 application, it’s up and running, data validation, data quality was very important.


I was involved with sub-prime customer financial module. Prepared high level and low-level document for requirements for  sub-prime module. Designed several complex graphs to implement the accounting business rules. I also developed various conditional graphs to accommodate business requirement and created monthly cumulative file.


After rolling out this application into production, moved to support role for this and other PCARD application. I have worked with client to discover and prioritize deliverables for PCARD application in Level-3 support. I have rolled out more than 50 enhancements in production within 12 months of time. My leadership and management skills has played key important role to get work done.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.11.11 Co>Operating System 2.10.15, Oracle 8i, KSH (Korn Shell), PL/SQL, SQL, Erwin3.5, SQL Loader, Toad, HP-UX 11.0, clear quest, Control M





Role: ETL Developer/Team Lead


is a data-warehousing project for bank. Confidential

 provides an intermediate Information Layer within the bank.

I was involved for developing three domains Credit, Market and Risk. Data comes from different heterogeneous source systems to all domains. Risk domain receives the data in heterogeneous formats as Cobol Copy Book, XML and flat file from Credit, Market and Direct source system respectively. I have developed Risk module.


In Risk module, was involved to do completeness check of data-file, data validation, transformation and error mechanism. Event handling is one of important area of this project. Since Data is critical so have to keep trace status of data file by doing the polling for data file for a particular timeframe. I also played an important role in data sizing, Purging, Rollback since daily load data file size was in GB’s.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 1.11.11 Co>Operating System 2.10.15,Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i(8.1.6), MS VSS for Version Control



Global IT services and software solution providers like
application development management, BPO        Services, SAP Solutions, SAAS etc. NIIT Ltd has offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, UK, USA etc.





Role: Senior Oracle ETL Developer


Channel 4 developed Health Portal which is integration of 6 data marts i.e. Drugs, Stress, Food, Family, Mind and Illness. Initially Channel4 has these 6 individual databases. Data was in different formats i.e. flat file, excel and database. A centralized data repository has to be created. Redundant data pursing and data transformation was to be done.


I was involved in writing various Packages, Procedure, Function, and Trigger, which are used in data porting for project. I have written a search component Full text search in database using Intermedia Oracle Search Engine. Later this project was converted into informatica solution. I worked into various modules.

Environment: Informatica PowerMartV5 (ETL tool), Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i(8.1.6), MS VSS for Version Control, JSP, EJB, HTML






Role: Senior Oracle ETL Developer


I was involved in Sales and Inventory module and developed the logical data model based on the requirements. Designed and developed PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers for the different modules and wrote numerous backend Triggers for complex business rules for user level. Used SQL*Loader to load data into tables from text files. I  also created some of business report using D2K.

Environment: Developer 2000 Forms 5.0, Report Writer 3.0, Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL




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