Senior Oracle Consultant Resume Profile , USA

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Senior Oracle Consultant Resume Profile , USA


·         Lead Database developer with 12+ years of database (Oracle 11g/10g/9i, SQL Server) design/development experience and significant background in Finance and Pharma industry.

·         Expertise in Database design, Modeling, Performance Tuning, pl/sql & T-sql programming, data warehouse design, ETL processing and Shell Scripting.

·         Experience with Business Intelligence such as Business Objects.

·         Experience in Fixed Income Settlement System & Investment accounting System (Eagle star/pace).

·         Experience working with programming paradigms such as Agile/Test Driven Development.

·         Hands on experience with programming languages like C, Java, C# .Net.



Databases:                         Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2008/2005

Programming Languages: PL/SQL, T-SQL, Pro*C, C#, Java, C, HTML

Scripting:                           SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Shell scripting, JavaScript

Operating Systems:           Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, UNIX

Tools:                                ERStudio, MQ Scanner, Log Scanner, SQL Developer, Toad, Visual Studio 2010/2008, VSS, TFS, Git, SVN

Working Knowledge:          JDBC, Java Servlets, JSP, XML, .NET, MVC





Assistant Vice President, Lead Oracle developer, FISS Team

FISS (Fixed Income Settlement System) is the Barclays primary securities settlement and accounting system. FISS handles international trade settlement. The primary functions of the system are Trade Enrichment - Settlement Netting - Clearing/Settlement - Position Management - Books & Records keeping.


·         Analyze Business Requirements, design logical data models using ErStudio Embarcadero

·         Responsibilities include developing and tuning of Oracle code to achieve system performance requirements by reviewing SQL Trace, Tkprof, explain plan results. Identify and communicate system deficiencies.

·         Enhance/Modify business logic implemented in pl/sql & pro*c processes.

·         Play as a technical analyst role and facilitate on-going change request enhancements of the settlement system.

·         Implement processes to send data extracts to regulators, Intellimatch for compliance.

·         Liaise with Front/Middle office teams for Trade/Settlement Support to resolve any QA/UAT issues.

·         Mentor and train team members to facilitate various FISS development project activities.

·         Plan, delegate & Review code written by other team members, build productive working relationships with other IT groups, business users and support teams in global regions.


·         Devised and enhanced the settlement confirms logic to differentiate domestic and international confirms thereby avoiding compliance breaches involving mail returns.

·         Facilitated the Settlement Netting process between FISS and TD Waterhouse, thereby saving a few thousand dollars per day in swift messaging costs.



Environment:  Oracle 11g/9i, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports, UNIX, Tkprof, Sql Trace, Pro*C, MQ messaging


Senior Oracle Consultant

Eagle STAR/PACE - provides leading-edge data management, investment accounting & performance measurement solutions & professional services to support the global financial services industry.


·         Build PL/SQL packages using table of Records, table of Objects, Bulk Collect feature using limit clause. Wrote PL/SQL scripts to generate dynamic SQL code.

·         Developed PL/SQL packages, Procedures using ref cursors returning report datasets. Use autonomous transaction to log process progress and errors.

·         Improved module performance by improvising queries by using table partitions (Range & List) & Bitmap Index. Achieved optimal performance by using array-size parameter in Eagle Star engine and thereby reducing consistent gets.

·         Direct path loading of staging tables using NOLOGGING option.

·         Develop unit test plans that will thoroughly exercise PL/SQL program logic to ensure application adherence to requirements.

·         Assist in production support activities, resolving production problems quickly and effectively.

·         Created Uploaders to import data from different interfaces and move data between environments. Record level Uploaders were created for uploading securities and trades data and batch level were created for uploading positions and performance data.

·         Assist in migration of Eagle system from Oracle 9i to 11g.

Environment: Eagle PACE/STAR, Unix, Oracle 9i, 11g, PL/SQL, Sql*Loader, Sql*plus, Tkprof, Sql Trace



Senior Software Engineer

Medidata provides EDC application for capturing, managing and reporting clinical research data.

Member of the core Research and Development team responsible for application development.

·         End to end responsibility of migrating .Net application from SQL Server to Oracle, allowing a larger customer base.

·         Software development in technologies like Oracle, SQL Server, .C# .NET, ASP.Net MVC, JavaScript, HTML.

·         Perform Oracle tuning, optimize SQL statements and session tracing for best possible application performance using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

·         Interface with senior developers regarding logical & physical database design, create and maintain logical ER diagrams, transform logical models into physical data models.

·         Assist developers for resolving technical Oracle issues, document and implement Oracle best practices. Research/Advice on the issues related to application development on Oracle and SQL Server database.


Major Projects:

Application/Database Migration

·         Migrated the .NET application from SQL Server to Oracle, which involved the migration of SQL Server 2005 to Oracle 10g database. 

·         Converted over 300 tables, 2000 stored procedures and 200 functions from SQL Server to Oracle.

·         Designed the entire Oracle database including schema, users, roles, tables, constraints, indexes, partitions, etc…

·         Developed numerous packages, triggers, procedures, functions, views and user defined types. 

·         Built various UNIX scripts and PL/SQL scripts to initialize the Oracle database.

·         Created multiple PL/SQL objects with constructors, member functions and procedures.

·         Implemented various maintenance monitoring jobs and PL/SQL ad-hoc reports.

·         Oversee database team development and preform code review and performance tuning.

Data Migration Application

·         Designed and developed a .Net based data migration application meant to be used to transfer the data from SQL Server to Oracle environment. The application generates export scripts to export data from SQL Server and data import shell scripts to import data into Oracle.

·         Performance tuned this time consuming maintenance jobs, reducing the batch job execution time from several hours to two minutes.

Application Upgrade

·         Involved in upgrading the application from .Net 2.0 to .Net 3.5 and from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.

·         Designed logical and physical data model, and created databases and objects.

·         Utilized features User Defined Table Types of SQL Server 2008 and Data Table mapping to implement the bulk processing of the Objects within the application, thereby enhancing the performance 3 times.

Single-Instance Multi-Tenant Application

·         Designed and developed Asp.Net MVC based single-instance multi-tenant application enabling multiple clients to share the same application. Used Views, Controllers, JavaScript, Ajax, SQL Server 2008.


Environment: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, Toad, OEM, Korn Shell,

                        SQL Server 2008, .NET, Visual Studio 2010, C#, VSS, Git, TFS








Senior Software Consultant


Client: - Confidential

Member of the core team responsible for enhancement of T&E Expense Management System.

·         Extensive development in UNIX shell scripts and PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, SQL*Loader etc… to validate & import the data into the system and thereby maintain the data integrity feeding the GEAC system.

·         Designed and developed an Imaging solution for the Receipt retrieval in the T&E system using Java Servlets, JSP, BEA Web Logic 8.1, and Apache/Tomcat 5.5.15.

·         Work with the business users to gather Functional requirements, analyze requirements and create Functional Specifications.

·         Design technical and application architecture specifications.

·         Write code in PL/SQL, UNIX, to support the migration of users to new system and decommission the old system. Perform program and unit testing; Provide production support.


Client: - Confidential

Worked closely with the clients in engineering of business processes. Gathering, analyzing & translating complex requirements into functional specifications for business processes.

Major Projects:

Pre-Mover Data Mart:

A Data Mart in ORACLE 9i prepared for a business process that study and identify the trend of the customers, thereby leading to data feeds for marketing department.

·         Wrote PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers encapsulating business logic

·         Develop processes to load millions of call detail data into various tables on daily basis.

·         Created custom processes using Korn Shell, AWK, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader for data integration, data cleansing & ETL effort.

·         Created regular reports through Korn shell scripts, Excel & Brio/Hyperion tool.

VOIP Data Mart:

A Data Mart prepared to evaluate marketing strategies, discover new marketing opportunities & profile customers.

·         Design the database schema which will store business-critical data.

·         Written scripts to extract data from the Legacy Systems, load it in Oracle Data-Mart.

·         Designed dashboards (Brio intelligence, Oracle Web Toolkit) that helps visualize data to the users.

HSL (High speed lookup) Tool:

C-based routines prepared specifically for working with large (millions) lists of telephone numbers in a lookup environment and its related data like its activity, score, revenue etc.

·         Develop and enhance C based utilities to generate the compressed binary files with telephone numbers & its respective activity data for various analyses. The files consuming memory at the rate of 1KB for each exchange in the match list as opposed to ideal 40KB, in the text file.

·         Developed & enhanced these routines the routines were specifically designed to perform various functions such as: Searching, Intersecting, joining, Sorting, uniquing, Union, Randomization and Replication.

·         This project reduced the complexities of working with huge list of telephone numbers & its data.

Environment: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL* Loader, Oracle Designer/Developer, Warehouse Builder, Korn shell, Brio, Oracle Web Toolkit, VC++, VB



Software Engineer Intern – Release Management group

·         Developed a Web-based (System Management) Tool which tracks & helps manage the usage of various UNIX machines using PERL, C-GI, HTML, JavaScript and Solaris 5.6, Korn shell.

·         Perform code fixes for company’s proprietary Signalware software product developed in C, Java & UNIX.


Program Management Intern

·         Coordinate tasks amongst development teams; serve as a liaison between users and development.

·         Monitor project status, Identify technical and functional problems and resolve conflicts.

·         Plan project activities, tasks, and end results, including work breakdown and scheduling.



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