Senior Network Architect Resume Profile , Mediacom Park, NY

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Senior Network Architect Resume Profile ,  Mediacom Park, NY

Areas of Expertise


Network Architecture ¡ Network Engineering ¡ System Security ¡ Network Optimization

Project Management ¡  Pre & Post Sales Consultancy/Support ¡ System Analysis ¡ Troubleshooting

Process Reengineering ¡ Team Leadership ¡ Training & Development







Senior IP Network Engineer – Level IV

Deliver astute leadership in the evaluation, testing and deployment management of various new technologies that optimize overall performance and value enhancements for networks with more than 1,000,000 end users. Led the evolution to a modern infrastructure - the voice network - saving millions of dollars a year. Designed and project managed a system to support over a million simultaneous phone calls and participated in the implementation for the cable company including training and leading 2 junior engineers. Created and implemented new simplified IPv6 addressing and associated network device configuration, developed new test cases and managed overall testing. 

§  Designed and implemented OSPF IGP routing protocols to replace antiquated static routing

§  Conceived and implemented an interior gateway protocol resulting in sub second failover, significantly improving Mediacom's uptime and customer service

§  Led architecture design and implementation engineering for new customer VOIP network, designed to support 1.2 million end users, achieving multimillion-dollar savings

§  Developed fault tolerant internet routing and failover for over 200 virtual private network tunnels enabling continuous uptime in the event of an internet circuit failure

§  Identified many disparage single use networks with little or no redundancy and designed a national 100G core network allowing the convergence of networks into a single fully redundant high speed network, reducing operating expenditure

§  Devised training and development strategy that included a comprehensive training program along with an associated training lab to enhance mentoring and training of junior technicians, engineers and departmental technical abilities

§  Conducted extensive comparative router and switch testing with multiple international vendors and designed field trial phases to efficiently integrate with current network infrastructure and performed deployment of new vendors





Senior Network Engineer

Recruited as first Cisco engineer playing a key role providing consulting services, network design, project management, implementation and troubleshooting in support of numerous clients. Projects included networks ranging from 2,000-5,000 users in healthcare and banking segments for national and international customers.

  • Generated new contracts through the provision of high quality scalable, cost effective solutions for clients, while greatly enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Developed and delivered comprehensive training for junior engineers, leading to increases in industry certifications, skills and productivity, resulting in enhanced revenue
  • Tasked with furthering junior engineers skillsets by conducting training sessions that to more industry certifications which ultimately enhanced revenue with productivity gains from staff



Senior Network Engineer Consultant

Provided systems and network design, implementation and troubleshooting in support of numerous SMB companies ITC clients located throughout lower New York and New Jersey. Performed network design and implementation for diverse client base. 

  • Conducted on-site security analysis and subsequent implementation for each ITC client
  • Designed and implemented secure remote access template to facilitate remote support for distant clients
  • Implemented RSA Secure appliance to facilitate secure authentication for all support staff


Network Engineer Consultant

Developed and implemented numerous Cisco products/systems in support of networking staff and user base of approximately 2000 end users processing income/property tax filings for New York State and the Internal Revenue Service. 

  • Performed numerous core switch upgrades, DS3 implementations
  • Developed network device security and advanced routing schemas



Cisco Networking Academy Instructor

Provide expert instruction covering the Cisco Certified Network Professional and the Cisco Certified Network Associate curriculum for a regional Cisco academy. Deliver lectures to college aged and non-traditional students from introductory level to advanced. Recently recertified entire Cisco Certified Network Professional version 5.0 in accordance with Cisco Certified Academy Instructor requirements.

  • Design half of the curriculum/lectures including preparing students for the working world
  • Currently developing teaching materials to support new Cisco Certified Network Professional curriculum
  • Provide expert advice on other network related instruction
  • Received  service award



Network Engineer Consultant



Network Engineer/Manager



Network Specialist


Confidential Marine Corps                                                                                                                                                                                                   





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