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SAP SD Resume Profile     ,IN
  • Experience in Leading, Managing, Client-facing, Designing, Customization & Configuration of OTC, SD, LE,MM, WM Module and integration with other supporting modules (QM, PP,FI,CO-PA and BI/BW) and Supply Chain Requirements. Expertise includes the understanding, mapping, fit-gap analysis and implementation of user requirements vis-?-vis SAP functionality and recommendation of SAPís Best Practices.
  • Experience in working with various industry sectors namely Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, Chemical, Oil, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Automobile, Food, Medical Devices, Paper, Nuclear, Defense etc.
  • Experience in working with prestigious Organizations like Conagra foods, Perdue Farms, Coke,
Unilever, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon, Afton Chemicals etc
  • Experience on integrating SAP with 3rd party tools viz with Pricing tools - Pros Pricing, Vendavo using Idoc/EDI and PI, with Vertex and trained on Vistex and some others.
  • Expertise with Order Management, Pricing, Invoicing & Revenue.
  • Expertise with Data Conversion & Migration and with using LSMWs.
  • Expertise Expertise on interfacing Transportation(TMS) & Warehouse management solutions -Manugistics, GC3,Ultra, Manhattan, Red Prarie and other 3PL solutions using Idoc & EDI.
  • Experience with global implementations, global template and off-shore model.
  • Experience with Brazil implementation, Nota Fiscal & NFe 3.1.
  • Expertise in working on different phases of Project including Blueprinting, Realization, Cut-over, Go-live and Post Go-Live & Support.
  • Experience in working on implementation methodologies like ASAP, Solution Manager & other Integratorsí methodologies.
  • Experience in working and co-coordinating on different testing viz Unit, Integration, User Acceptance, Regression etc. and in working on test tools like Quality Center.
  • Very Strong process, engineering, fit-gap analysis, modifications and trouble-shooting skills.
  • Well versed with Visio, Power Point and MS Office products.
  EXPERIENCE Confidential Sr.SAP OTC/Supply Chain Consultant
  • Sales & Supply Chain processes fulfilling Brazil localization requirements(Nota Fiscal) covering
Order management in integration with MM,WM, shipping and billing areas.
  • Working on implementing Nota Fiscal 3.1 Requirements.
  • JIT requirements in the automotive industry with Schedule line agreements and JIT Calls.
  • Working with handling unit requirements in integration with warehouse management.
  • EDI requirements for JITs and ASNs.
  • Working closely with data migration team and data validation.
SAP ECC 6.0 Sr.SAP SD/OTC/LE Consultant
  • Upgrade of CPE(Commodity Pricing Engine) managed products on EHP6 from EHP4 and
TPM(CRM) implementation in integration with SAP.
  • Order management, pricing, execution and fulfillment of Regular & Catch Weight Managed
Products with Inventory Management and Movement types(MM areas).
  • Fulfillment of Allocated Products, VMI, Orders, Invoices and related EDI & Idoc interfaces.
  • COPA transport project.
  • Migration of EDI interfaces to PI for third-party applications.
  • Support of custom & complex TPM business processes.
  • Data migration for above requirements.
  • Training and helping business community in understanding processes in SAP.
SAP ECC 6.0 Confidential SAP OTC Lead & Solution Architect
  • Project:
  • Lead team for Order-to-Cash implementation thru Requirements gathering, Blueprinting & Design
Deliverables for Sales Orders, Pricing Delivery, Invoicing(Revenue Recognition) and Inventory Movement and Management(Related MM areas) for Batch managed products in consumer goods manufacturing environment.
  • Delivered and presented process flows to Business & Client IT Project Management.
  • Architecting solution and design for ATP requirements and fulfillment from manufacturing
  • Solution proposal for unique cross-docking transportation requirements.
  • Lead Data conversion and design strategy for migration of Customer, Material, Pricing data from
legacy systems..
  • Recommending and helping Client with SAPís best practices.
SAP ECC 6.0 Confidential SAP Lead SME Consultant
  • Project: Worked as SAP Lead SME Consultant for processes and data conversion and migration for Sales & Distribution,
Customer Service, Materials Management, Production & Quality in integration with Finance module.
  • Worked with Sales and Billing processes involving interfaces.
  • Worked with Contracts, Maintenance Plan, Service Orders,RRB for Customer Service and MRO
parts in Integration with CRM for managing Customer complaints.
  • Project Planning & Project Management.
  • Helping Business Community in understanding process and operations in SAP.
  • Testing, defects resolution and preparation for go-live activities
SAP ECC 6.0 Confidential SAP SD/OTC Lead
  • Project:
Involved in leading efforts on blueprinting and implementing OTC areas covering Master Data, Sales, Pricing (Taxes with Vertex), Delivery, Logistics, Billing, Account Determination & Revenue postings. Conducted workshops and presentation to Client on SAP solutions around business processes in Integration of Sales with Production Planning, Materials Management and Warehouse Management.
  • Logistics Execution(LE) & Delivery fulfillment is set up with warehouse managed inventory.
  • Sales integrated with Make-to-Stock Production Planning (PP) strategy.
  • Lead Development of test scripts test plan, execution and co-ordination.
SAP ECC 6.0 New Market/Afton Chemicals - VA Sr.SAP SD/OTC Pricing Consultant Feb-10- To Nov-11
  • Project: - SAP Auto Invoicing, Order-To-Cash Improvements, Fit-Gap Analysis & Production
Support. - Pros Pricing Implementation Integrating with SAP.
  • Worked on implementation of auto creation of Invoices with fit-gap analysis and solution for
contracts and sales processes.
  • Worked on Sales Order Blocking requirements for freight and logistics requirements.
  • Developed test plan and testing.
  • Project Preparation & Planning work for Order-to-Cash & LE processes efficiencies based on
considerations in Chemical Industry.
  • Involved with implementation and IT project management of Pricing tool- Pros (Like Vendavo)
interfacing with SAP.
  • Worked with Deal Manager, Price Optimizer, Analytics and Price Waterfall and pocket margin
  • Worked on the interface build between SAP, BW & Pros utilizing idocs & PI as middleware.
  • Liaison with BW Resources in development of Reports for Corporate requirements like Revenue
across Regions, product segments, on-time payments, freight etc. Had involved writing functional specifications to help developing Infocubes, Queries, field selection in BI/BW.
  • Involved in planning for implementing LE & Transportation requirements.
  • Resource deployment.
  • Training and hand holding for business community.
  • Involved in leading the team, Project management, team sizing for the project requirements in SD
& MM areas.
  • Working on the roll out of bringing the New Contract Manufacturers in US & Asia Pacific Region
in SAP for the sub and final assembly of hard drives.
  • Set-up Enterprise structure for new plants, storage locations and sales area.
  • Incoming Orders, Order Mgmt and Pricing effort.
  • Inter & Intra Co. stock transport(purchasing) was set up for materials transfer across different
regions world wide and the logistics requirements around it and set up of LE & delivery functions.
  • Order fulfillment, Point of Sale and invoicing design was set up for big Retail Customers on EDI.
  • Conceptualization and Customization of warranty requirements for replacements and repairs.
  • Working on EDI Idocs 850,860,856,852 & 810 interfaces and testing.
  • Development of test plan, management and co-ordination.
  • The program had involved managing, leading and developing ĎAs Isí & ĎFuture (Desired) Stateí
process maps for Developing ĎMaterial Tracking Systemí in tracking the life-cycle of a part from Design, Engineering, Procurement and Logistics to the Construction site. The development had involved utilizing the Six Sigma methodology, SIPOCs and SAP Best practices for mapping. The desired state process development for Sales and Customer Functions and Supply Chain Execution had involved using software Capabilities on managing logistics Workload, Alerts, Tracking, Transportation Planning, Carrier Selection & Shipment Optimization Advanced Shipping Notifications & Transportation Assets Mgmt.   Worked with Sales Orders & Resource Related Billing(RRB) in integration with PS.
  • Project
  • Lead Blueprinting, Designed and Configured the Order processing requirements for Logistics and
Customer pricing and Billing. Helped in building custom solution in mitigating pricing risk involved due to fluctuating packaging requirements for configurable products utilizing variant configuration..
  • Finalized the Blue-print for Transportation, Shipment Costing & LE. This had involved developing
and finalizing the transportation and warehousing requirements for Commercial plumbing products.
  • Configured LE and shipment costing functionalities.
  • Shipment Costing had involved developing and integrating the SAP Carrier payment functionality
for Truckload and Small parcel Carriers. Included were the interface considerations with FedEx and UPS Systems.
  • Conducted workshops in defining and making the Client understand the SAP Transportation,
Shipments, Transportation Zone, Route determination, Shipment Costing etc.
  • Worked with training in developing documents.
SAP ECC 6.0 Confidential SAP OTC/SD Logistics Consultant
  • Project: OTC Implementation: Logistics Execution(LE) & Transportation Mgmt. with TMS
  • Lead Blueprinting, Designing, Configuration & Realization of Transportation & Distribution
Requirements which involves Transportation planning in TMS solution(Manugistics) with interface to SAP for major part of the business. These complex interfaces were designed using EDI & Idoc flow between the two systems.
  • The other part of transportation requirement included planning in SAP which included
configuration of setting up shipments, routes and route determination.
  • From Drop requirements to warehouses till shipment confirmation was designed for creation,
change & cancellation of shipments.
  • Designed interfaces for sending shipment information for rating and carrier payments to third party
  • Worked on building interfaces for receiving payments and accruals information from third party
system to SAP and g/l postings based on business rules.
  • Liaison with BW Resources in development of Reports for logistics included reporting for freight,
transportation moves, shipments(Domestic vs Intíl) requirements. Had involved writing functional specifications to help developing Infocubes, Queries in BI/BW.
  • Worked with training and document development.
SAP ECC 5.0 Confidential Lead SAP SD/Transportation Consultant
  • Lead the As-Is and Blueprinting of Transportation Requirements which involves Transportation
Planning in SAP and some sites optimizing utilizing TMS solution (Manugistics) interfaces.
  • Configured setting up Routes, Route determination and Shipments.
  • Worked on developing custom Carrier determination requirements.
  • Setting up the foundation for transportation planning with APO.
  • Utilization and recommendation of Sapís Best Practices.
  • Project:
  • Lead the Blueprinting, Designing and implementation of complex and vast pricing requirements for
different contract requirements and sales processes. Conducted workshops in finalizing the requirements.
  • Configured pricing procedures, taxes, requirements, formula and developing functional
  • Worked on user-exits in sales document processing.
  • Setting up Sales deals and pricing requirements
  • Pricing Conversions & load using LSMWs.
  • Broker Commissions
  • Worked on requirements for copy control.
  • Configured the Account determination
  • Master data design requirements
  • Partner determination
  • Worked on Idoc mapping for EDI 850,855 & 810 for pertaining interfaces.
  • Liaison with BW Resources in development of Reports for pricing, Profitability margins etc. Had
Involved writing functional specifications to help developing Infocubes, Queries in BI/BW.
  • Test cycles- Unit, String, Integration, Cut-over, UAT.
  • Go Live & Production Support.
SAP ECC 5.0 Different pricing conditions utilizing characteristics off variant configuration and standardization of Process across the board. Also, had involved working on the design of variant pricing Conditions.
  • Provided & built the data quality and validation rules for the above which involves a huge amount
Of data for the billion dollar Company.
  • Lead the Make-to-Stock extensions and conversions for materials at the Companyís distribution
Centers which are originally produced at the producing plant in Make-to-Order environment. This involved Sales, MM,MRP, Foreign Trade & Accounting considerations along with variant configuration.
  • Worked on data conversions on Transportation Mgmt. with TMS solution(TPVS-APO) for
Transportation requirements and had involved Setting up of carriers, lanes, resources, means of transport, optimization profiles etc.
  • Involved in data conversions for Companyís new effort for building heuristic model of
transportation in TPVS for Make-to-stock with SAP directly and involves setting up data for new transactions like Customer Profile, Projected Equipment, modifications to optimization profile. SAP 4.7 and Shipments execution in SAP. The Blueprinting was done adopting global approach for rolling the solution world-wide. The project had involved building complex interfaces utilizing EDI & Idocs flow between SAP and and TMS solution(GC3).The deliveries created in SAP are sent to TMS solution for transportation planning and the resultant Shipments along with planned cost are sent back to SAP. These are then cost and accounted utilizing the SAP functionality of Shipment Costing for Carrier payment. The following interfaces were conceptualized and designed:-†††††††† † Outbound SAP Master Data -†††††††††† Outbound SAP Delivery Create, Change & Delete-†††††††††† Inbound Shipment Create, Change & Delete-†††††††††† Outbound Status Update & ReversalsThis whole gamut had involved mapping of various business requirements and improvement in processes utilizing SAP functionality. Also involved in this process design were MRP, warehouse planning and inventory management considerations in SAP.
  • The Shipment cost requirements included intricate pricing configuration as the calculated cost was
Coming from TMS solution to SAP and then this had to be distributed among deliveries based on weight which was achieved through Condition Base Value Formula in pricing. This cost was then sent to Customer Billing for CO-PA Analyses. Liaison with BW Resources in development of Reports for for freight, freight payments etc.   manufacturing plants with turnover of 500 million and around 500 users in US. Process owner for improving Customer Service, Pricing, Supply-Chain and related cost savings. Consultant responsible for integrating SAP SD & LE Modules with MM& PP modules implementation and IT management, including full life cycle planning, business process mapping, blueprinting, gap-analysis & improvements, and software integration and testing. The implementation was done using global template for uniform processes and reporting across all companies in North America & Europe.   The implementation and re-engineering efforts include designing the whole gamut of Order-To-Cash having thrust on configuring Contracts, Availability check, Inventory management with repetitive manufacturing in Production Planning, Improvement in pricing & Re-organization involving and capturing margins based on standard cost and mapping into CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) for reporting and analyses. The Supply-Chain improvements include the Delivery, Transportation process with external interface of weighment and capturing Carrier monitoring along with shipment costs for regular, Inter-Co. Sales & Stock transports. The InterCo. Processes included settlement with InterCo. Billing and creation of offsetting entries for Intercompany business via EDI. Conducted workshops for requirements gathering on designing and configuring the pricing requirements and taxes for Regular Sales and InterCo. Billing. SAP R/3 4.7
  • The project had involved planning of Shipments in TMS Solution(Manugistics) and creation in SAP
via Idocs and costing them.
  • Worked on Idoc configuring the pricing procedure for capturing the cost based on shipment-leg
  • Worked on requirement for applying the most unfavorable price by using the Condition Exclusion
functionality and building an Alternative formula for Condition base value on the pricing procedure. SAP R/3 4.6C
  • Configured the Order to Invoice process with a/c determination for different business processes of
the Company.
  • Worked with managing Customer Contracts, Order types, pricing requirements (including
Commodities requirements) and pricing procedures with taxes utilizing Vertex along with rebates.
  • Worked with Broker Commissions and built custom reports around this.
  • Liaison with BW Resources in development of Reports. Had involved writing functional
specifications to help developing Infocubes, Queries in BI/BW.
  • Involved in Integration testing for Logistics Execution(LE) & Transportation Planning which had
involved the Interface of TMS Solution(Manugistics) with SAP.
  • Worked on Shipments & Transportation requirement.
Project: COE activities as part of Offsite Consulting Model involving SAP Go-Live, Post-Production, Production Support & Development
  • Managed and lead the various intricate processes of SD,LE and MM,QM in integration with FI are
supported touching nearly all the sub-modules in different SAP environment viz 4.6 C and 4.0 B. This all included a timely delivery of solution for any Development, Configuration and Customization work as part of COE supporting the three Clients.
  • Supported Order-To-Cash from CRM into SAP for configurable products.
  • Configured and modified different pricing procedures and pricing requirements and a/c
  • Configured the sales process for free goods, and different discounted products.
  • Worked on Batch Management, Purchasing,Inventory Management and Material Master
  • Supported Vertex integration with SAP.
  • Different Stock Transport Processes were set-up.
  • Worked with configurable projects and variant configuration.
  • Worked on LE & Transportation requirements.
  • Support work for EH&S requirements.
  • Functional specs. Developed for Custom Reports(SAP & BI/BW), Program Development &
  • Lead the Conceptualization of design and business process flow along with covering gaps for
Order-to-Cash process. Also, contributed in Logistics execution(LE),Materials Management, Warehouse Management setup and Materials Management activities along with process handling for MRO parts & Warranty requirements.
  • Setting-up Enterprise Structure, pricing.
  • Worked on Licensing & Legal Control for the export process of Foreign Trade and logistics.
  • Worked on the configuration of MM, Purchasing,Inventory Management and WM areas.
  • Inter-Company Stock-transport process & split valuation.
  • Worked on logistics, packaging, labeling, and printing requirements.
  • Worked on the Service Order requirements for MRO parts.
  • Output determination
  • Master record for Customers
  • User training
  • Worked in Sales & Distribution module for OTC Implementation for downstream processes using
ASAP methodology; generated the Blueprint and gap-analyses were done.
  • Global template was used to ensure uniform processes and reporting across the units worldwide.
  • Participation in workshops for requirements gathering and blueprinting.
  • Setting-up the Enterprise structure and OTC process with availability check.
  • Order processing design interfacing between CRM and SAP.
  • Configured the Credit management, Pricing(Had involved looking into different pricing procedures
in Everest System), Invoicing, Rebate agreements and account determination.
  • Customized Sales Information System.
  • Worked on integration cross-modules.
  • Confidential
  • Created and modified the existing pricing procedures for different business-lines of the
  • Designed the Returns processing of items.
  • Setting up the Transportation sub-module.
  • Created Queries for various user-requirements.

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