SAP ABAP Senior Developer Resume Profile, MI

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SAP ABAP Senior Developer Resume Profile, MI
Confidential Biswas                                                        


¨       Nine years(approx) of IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals as a SAP ABAP technical consultant.

¨       Experienced as SAP Technical Consultant as Lead Onsite coordinator for 4 years in more than three assignments, Technical Developer, and ERP Systems Analyst in JCI, Confidential, SAIL, EMAL, NSN FICUS and Ashland especially in implementation and support projects.

¨       Worked as a technical analyst and developer for SRM extended classic scenario for JCI.

¨       Supported SAP NFe 1.0 and NFe 10 for more than a year for JCI for Brazil business process involving Legal documents which involves knowledge of SAP ABAP, SAP PI/XI monitoring and trouble shooting.

¨       Extensive experience with analysis, design, development, customizations and implementation of software applications including ERP applications.

¨       Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements through out the entire project life cycle.

¨       Strong database skills, Programming and development knowledge in SAP ABAP.

¨       Executed software projects for Pharmaceutical, Industrial Electronics and high tech Telecommunications, Chemical and Steel industries.

¨       Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner, team player.


Skill Set

ERP: SAP-ABAP Technical Consultant .

Worked technical developments for Functional Modules: Sales and Distribution, Material Master, Production Planning, Finance.

RDBMS:        Oracle

Languages:           ABAP, Informix (4GL/Sql in UNIX),

O/S:             Windows XP Professional, AIX/UNIX (Basic Certification)

Processes:    QMS (Quality Management System)


Professional Experience

Project: Confidential


ABAP Technical Analyst

Confidential is working a SRM Technical Analyst and developer for Confidential. Confidential has extensive work experience in Extended classic scenario in SRM 5.0. He is currently involved in developing new requirements and supported day to day production for SRM starting from Shopping cards, PO creation and approval process and getting confirmations. Confidential has working knowledge and expertise in integrating Confidential. Key areas of development and supports are:

  • Extensive hands on experience in SRM 5.0 for extended classic scenario for indirect procurement.
  • Confidential has very good knowledge in working in portal for SRM 5.0.
  • Integrated SRM and ECC for master data updates like Vendor master, exchange rate etc.
  • Integrate MATRIX external system with SRM via IDOC to create PO for both inbound and outbound sceanario.
  • Worked on changing the characteristics of standard SAP fields using  BBP_UI_CONTROL_BADI to change the visibility and the ready-to-input status of interface objects (for example, fields and pushbuttons) in PO and SC.
  • Implemented a BADI (BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI) for PO and SC approval process. This BADI is customized to determine the different label of approver based on the approval index depending on 1st , 2nd or 3rd label approval of the SC  or PO.
  • Worked on BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI , BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI to make changes to the document, after user entry and before saving the document to the database specially for SC and PO.
  • Developed the electronic signature which is automatically appended to the PO output for central buyer and also print and send email notification. This digigital signature covers all the scenarios where PO’s will be created from SC , from a external system MATRIX via IDOC  and PO’s getting created by excel using BAPI.
  • Developed custom reports like PO display report by cost center and integrate the report in portal for users to generate to output. Developed other reports like PO by status like approved, hold and deleted etc.
  • Worked PO and SC approval based on substitute whenever actual PO approver is not available, so that PO can be forwarded to his substitute for further approval.
  • Developed a custom requirement to display PO to the requestor without change authorization on item and header label, this development required both the security and BADI label development to restrict the user(requestor of SC) to only display the PO and not change.
  • Working currently on a process improvement for SRM so that users(for example buyers) can only see the PO based on the purchase group they belong to and can have the option to the print output without getting into the PO item to save time.





SAP Netweaver PI 7.0 experience:

 Confidential is a product recently released by SAP that implements the requirements for Brazilian specific electronic invoicing scenario. It handles several communication interfaces between the company's ERP(s) system(s) and the relevant government systems; xml document handling; digital signatures for the xml documents with specific requirements from the government; B2B communication between business partners (suppliers and customers), among other functionalities.


Confidential is working on this NFE process as a single person to support all technical trouble shooting to fix day to day issues. Architecture involves interaction and flow of XML messages between ERP , SAP Netweaver PI 7.0 and Confidential. Confidential performed PI message and adapter monitoring to make sure the messages are flowing successfully between systems as a part of production support activities.


  • Monitoring GRC system and process any failed NFE document whenever necessary.
  • Maintaining the Service status as green to successfully communicate to SEFAZ through SAP Netweaver PI Integration Builder design and configuration.
  • Analyze the Integration Repository(IR) design, Integration Directory configuration changes as per the requirements.
  • Import the new digital certificate to the Visual admin tool based on the region.
  • Communication Channel adaptor monitoring, Integration engine message monitoring to analyze issue and error happened during XML message processing via SAP XI/PI.
  • Running SXMB_MONI in XI system to for detailed analysis for the XML messages to find out the root cause and propose possible solution.
  • Performing Integration engine Queue administration via SXMB_ADM.


Developed the PS Exchange rate interface where I showed and applied all the necessary skills to develop the oracle stored procedure where a oracle stored procedure has been developed to run a package to populate the data in a staging table from Exchange rate table

This also requires extensive UNIX shell scripting knowledge. I developed the shell script to read the data from the staging table to push in to (EI) Exchange interface to finally update SAP. This work has been relay appreciated by the client and end users.



Project: Confidential


Project: Confidential


Confidential has engaged our Company to participate and lead the Confidential implementation of SAP through its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program.  The objective of the ERP program is to deploy standard Confidential business processes in the areas of Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Finance and Procurement, and Commercial Operations to advance Confidential’s business objectives, support its new business model, and be more cost efficient in basic transaction processing. 


Confidential, Confidential announced it would acquire Confidential.  As the two companies have integrated, it has been decided Confidential would adopt the SAP platform; Wyeth had implemented SAP at many of its sites over the previous six years.  To bridge the gaps between the two companies and continue with the Confidential rollout, the ERP program is divided into two implementation paths, a Confidential Model Enhancement and Deployments. 


The Confidential Model Enhancement (GME) portion of the implementation is focused on updating the legacy Confidential solution with requirements legacy Confidential has determined is required to meet the needs of the combined companies. 


The deployments will continue to rollout the legacy Wyeth solution and adopt the GME enhancements as they become available for release. 


In total, the ERP program is scheduled to be implemented over the next seven years and cover 50 markets, 66 manufacturing plants, 3 virtual plants, 3 logistic centers, and 40 distribution centers. 


Role: Regional Technical coordinator


  • Performing the onsite role as a Regional technical coordinator for Developments to keep constant focus on the project deliverables from planning, solution confirmation, and detailed design, deploy phase. Success of this role is to maintain good inter and intra team communication and relationship. Performing the technical analysis for the business requirements between the site (Confidential) and Confidential development/core team. Sites have its own business SME who requires the solution for their GAPS to be implemented through the help of the functional deployment leads at plant.
  • To ensure SAP software is installed and necessary access is provided involved in this project. 
  • To prepare the strategy of moving the transport requests to different systems like Quality, Pre-Production and Production system
  • Reviewing the code and ensure that all the issues raised during the review are closed mandatory.
  • To gather the data on the issues those were reported in testing and perform analysis and provide solutions to those issues with help of process team.
  • Driving discussion between Confidential solution team(functional Confidential), Core technical team (Confidential Confidential), site team (Kalamazoo Business SMEs) and Regional deployment team (Functional Consultant) to come-up with a proper solution for the identified business requirement(GAP).
  • Delivered the infrastructure assessment documentation for Kalamazoo and Franklin, which includes the approximate budget and cost analysis for the project with detailed     information regarding the printers, Wedge scanners and RF Devices etc.
  • Weekly reporting and tracking issues, escalating issues and finding out the resolution of issues with the site team  and addressing the issues with Core development team for site whenever required
  • Manage the defect call for different process area for resolution in coordination with site, Core and regional deployment team


Role: Development Lead.


Project Contribution: Confidential acquired a competitor Confidential for stable and strong SAP practice and using the business model to run their business. Confidential decided to migrate to SAP. In this process they wanted to leverage the existing process and build their Confidential template based on that process.


In Confidential SAP Implementation project assisted an offshore team in delivering some of the critical developments like

  • Purchase requisition create interface and release strategy by reading flat-file interface using FM BAPI_PR_CREATE.
  • ARIBA Purchase orders create/change through a RFC BAPI_PO_CRAETE1 and CHAGE FM while calling from APIBA system.
  • Created ASSET master in SAP using BAPI while creating PO from ARIBA.
  • Developed a complex ADOBE form for printing Purchase order output to support Confidential instance using Class and object oriented methodology.
  • IDOC Send for Inbound Delivery Changes through LSP outbound interface using output type configuration for Inbound Delivery.



Deveopment Lead


Client: Confidential

Role: Project Cell Lead


Confidential is fourth integrated public sector steel plant in India. It was originally incorporated as a limited company on Confidential, and was later merged with Steel Authority of Confidential, first as a subsidiary and then as a unit. Confidential Steel Plant is designed to produce flat products like Confidential. It has provided a strong raw material base for a variety of modern engineering industries including automobile, pipe and tube, LPG cylinder, barrel and drum producing industries. BSP is implementing SAP (ECC 6.0) including new dimensional components (PI , APO, SRM 5.0). The SAP implementation includes SD, MM, PP, PM FI , APO and SRM modules.


  • Confidential was responsible for delivering technical solution to our customer.
  • Managing team size of about 20 resources for their deliverables like code bundle, Technical solution and unit test plan and executed reports.
  • Responsible for identifying the risk and issues related to the overall delivery
  • Deliver high quality work products for the end users.




  • Brainstorming with functional and technical developer and other senior team member to rectify the probable issues to provide best design solution for the client.
  • Motivating team members to share the knowledge by arranging knowledge sharing sessions. Arranging knowledge sharing session within team to improve the team performance and overall knowledge base of the team.
  • Guide couple of complex custom development scenario to fulfill client requirement, like we have developed a very complex layout which will print the customized check for SAIL based on payment method and bank key automatically.
  • Worked for the below developments:
    • Master Recipe interface development to integrate SAP and Legacy System
    • Production version interface download file interface form SAP to Legacy.
    • Process order interface from SAP to Legacy file interface with user exit and BADI for transactional data instantaneously.
    • Create Batch interface form SAP to Legacy.
    • Purchase order interface for Vendor using remote function module (RFC) and simultaneously creating batch with its characteristics using FM.
    • Using BADI to download Batch data while creating the Process order.
    • Using output type control prints out for Purchase order while processing other output types for purchase order through VOFM module.


Project Lead


Client: Confidential

Role: Project Lead


  • Responsible for leading a project team in delivering solution to our customer.
  • Deliver new and complex high quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements
  • Responsible for managing scope, planning, tracking, change control




  • Brainstorming with PM and other senior team member to rectify the gaps about the work volume and stuffing to come out an exact figure of resource requirement for project stuffing.
  • Projecting expected work volume during Confidential phase (GP/AP/PP phase) and risk like when ramp up is required and how much quantity.
  • Recruiting resources for the project by taking interviews
  • Helping team members to share the knowledge by arranging knowledge sharing sessions. Using the idle time for knowledge sharing session like APO functional overview, remedy ticketing tool, RPM etc. These skills are required for the project during support work.
  • Prepare myself for future in maintaining the RPM and Team room.



Onsite Coordinator/ERP Consultant


Client: Confidential

Role: Onsite Lead Coordinator


Confidential started operations on Confidential. This organization jointly owned by Nokia and Siemens and is consolidated by Confidential. The Confidential Accounting Confidential Solution Migration Program are aligned with the Confidential consolidation program. The implementation of a centralized and harmonized accounting and reporting process and a single instance accounting system (P20) based on SAP R/3 Confidential enables:

Full compliance with ConfidentialAccounting Principles and Reporting Schedules. Single Accounting Service Confidential.  Deployment of existed accounting processes and related internal controls.


  • Responsible for leading a project team in delivering solution to our customer.
  • Deliver new and complex high quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements
  • Responsible for managing scope, planning, tracking, change control, aspects of the Onsite with respect to offshore. 
  • Responsible for effective communication between the project team and the customer. Provide day to day direction to the project team and regular project status to the customer.
  • Translate customer requirements into formal requirements and design documents, establish specific solutions, and leading the efforts including programming and testing that culminate in client acceptance of the results.


The main challenge for this project is to coordination between client expectation out of very complicated system lanscape and steep timelines. Legacy involved 56 legacy systems and so many service provider for performing many tasks related to development mainly migrate the legacy data to Confidential.

Performing the central point of contact form Munich based onsite team to coordinate all the developments deliverabels with offshore to meet end client expectation. He regualrly interacts with the end client to conveice them in building confidence and full support from onsite – offshore combination, also got several client appreciation for achieving cent percent of revenue by end of Cluster-7.


Environment:  SAP ABAP 4.6C







SAP ABAP Senior Developer/ Team Lead


Client: Confidential

Role: SAP-ABAP Consultant


Confidential has undertaken the transformational step of implementing SAP R/3 as its enterprise-wide common technology platform, which will span strategic business units and world-wide geographies. The long-term goal of transforming processes and deploying SAP is to optimize value at the regional, Strategic Business Units (SBU), and enterprise levels.

The SAP Roll-out for Ashland, Inc. is headquartered out of Columbus, Ohio. This Confidential initiative covers over 30 countries around the world (Confidential).The initial project scope is conventional functionality (Confidential) as it relates to the four mega processes Confidential operating on a single, Confidential instance.Confidential was working as a FI team member under the guidance of a P2P Consultant from Confidential and was engaged in implementation of the new Interface. Confidential was responsible for designing the interface and prepare the technical specification for the technical team, engaged in developing the interface. He had to closely coordinate with Confidential to ensure timely completion of the new interface for all Lines of Businesses.


Confidential has developed reports, SAP Scripts, Conversion programs, Confidential and Enhancements for this Confidential also developed knowledge in the functional specially in SD.



  • Guided junior developers
  • Developed several objects in EMEA implementation like reports, SAP Scripts, Conversion programs, SMARTFORMS and Enhancements for this EMEA Go-Live.
  • The functional skill also enriched with SD during the work in EMEA.
  • Performing a team of 4 members for CHINA implementation
  • Parallel working for a Support project along with implementation of China for AMS Ashland.


Environment:   SAP ABAP 4.7


SAP ABAP Application Developer


Client: Confidential

Role: Informix and UNIX developer


Confidential was migrated successfully on mid Confidential. I was there in the application from the beginning and worked from the scratch of the application. Initially I supported the application for 2-3 months when I was the only one member in Confidential, It’s a pure development project using UNIX as OS and Informix-4gl as a database language, and it’s also having server and connects direct upgrades as well. The application has different subsystems like Stars, Confidential etc.

The systems actually take the call detail data from different interface and process the data as required by Confidential another application. Confidential application hand-off the formatted data to Confidential and Confidential. These are all related to call details data formatting and report generation system. The main problem of the application is the rewrite of the Confidential subsystem to Informix-4gl, because the old language Supernova doesn’t supported by the new AIX server. Initially nobody knows the supernova and without getting any training we analyzed the old Supernova code and understand the program logic and implemented these in another new language Informix-4gl.

During the project development we learnt how to learn the old technology as well as new technology to meet the customer satisfaction and deadlines.

The customer really appreciated us for our hard work and devotion to deliver the product by overcoming all of the handles we faced starting from the migration to complete delivery.


Environment:   Informix 4GL in UNIX platform, Supernova



SAP R/3 Education / Other Trainings


SAP trainings:

Confidential has done trainings in advanced SAP-ABAP. Other than these he has done trainings on Workflows and Confidential. He has also helped juniors to take hands on trainings in SAP Scripts, Conversion and reports.



This thesis was done as a Final Semester Confidential project for the partial fulfillment of Master of Engineering Degree. In this project the comparison between the performances of packed bed column reactor and activated sludge reactor for the removal of chromium and studies of the kinetic behaviors of the reactor for removing such kind of hazardous heavy metals. I gave a presentation about this matter in Confidential.  




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