SAP ABAP Lead Resume Profile,USA

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SAP ABAP Lead  Resume Profile,USA


§  Having 8 years of Technical experience in comprehensive understanding of the SAP R/3 Business Data Model with strong process-to-technology mapping capabilities and full grasp of integration across the modules like Human Resource (HR), Sales and Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), Finance (FI) and Controlling (CO).

§  Highly proficient in ABAP/4 and HR-ABAP.

§  From the past 4 years involved in development of WEBDYNPRO ABAP applications, configuring the Enterprise Portal.

§  Specialized in ESS/MSS configuration including SAP Business Workflows, HCM Processes and Forms & Guided Procedures for Enterprise Portal.

§  SAP Portal ESS back end configuration.

§  Good exposure in SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and Business Intelligence (BI) modules.

§  Complete understanding and working knowledge of full life cycle implementation Projects.

§  Having experience on 4 Implementation projects, 1 Upgrade projects and 2 Support projects.

§  Extensive experience in reviewing Business Requirement Documents, Software Requirement Documents and preparing Test Cases, Test scripts and Execution.

§  Extensive experience in ABAP/4, IDOCs, ALE, RFC, BAPI, ALV, LSMW, Data Dictionary, Reports (Classical and Interactive Report), BDC (Batch-Input and Call Transaction Methods), Forms, Enhancements, Web services and Dialog Programming.

§  Experience in ABAP Debugging, Performance Tools, Runtime Analysis, and SQL Trace.

§  Having knowledge on Object Oriented Programming Models.

§  Excellent Working knowledge on Assistance Classes, OVS search helps, ALVs in WEBDYNPRO ABAP components.

§  Excellent Working knowledge on standard WEBDYNPRO components enhancements.

§  Excellent working knowledge on deploying applications and configuring ECC systems in Enterprise portal.

§  Excellent working knowledge on iViews, Pages, Roles and Worksets.

§  Excellent working knowledge on configuring SSO.

§  Having working knowledge on implementing Transformations, Update Rules from BW/BI.

§  Good Understanding of both business processes and Technical development.

§  Having Capability of running a Team.

§  Strong documentation skill using Microsoft Word and Excel.

§  Strong understanding of software Test Methodologies and knowledge of modern software development processes, including Issue/Bug Tacking, Release management, Requirements etc.

§  Self-Starter and comfortable in high intensity and challenging work environment.

§  Experienced in applying OSS notes as per business requirements.

§  Involved in the SPDD and SPAU process.

§  Experience with Onsite/Offshore global delivery models.

§  Excellent verbal and communication skills, Analytical and Technical attitude with the ability to solve complex problems, can work very well in a team as well as independently under minimum supervision.

§  Experience in Financial, Core Banking, Retail, Securities, E-commerce, manufacturing industries.

§  Involved in Agile and Waterfall methodologies.





Projects Handled:

Client                    : Confidential

Role                       : SAP ABAP Lead / Onsite Coordinator


Roles and Responsibilities


ü  Gathering the requirements from Business and preparing Functional specifications with the help of functional team.

ü  Preparing Technical specifications and guiding the off shore team.

ü  Responsible for designing technical specification documents based on the functional design.




§  Monthly Report for displaying employee Arrears and Deductions of an Employee group.

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component for Inbound receiving

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component for Outbound shipping

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component for Inventory Repots

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component for change Inventory status

§  Integrated the bar code scanner for the required WEBDYNPRO components

§  Implemented the internationalization for the WEBDYNPRO components

§  Integrated WEBDYNPRO components into Enterprise Portal by creating iViews, Pages and Roles

§  Uploaded documents in KM content

§  Configured SAP backend systems ( ECC, BI, SRM ) to the enterprise portal

§  Developed tracks using NWDI

§  Developed a Smartform for Customer Invoice

§  Developed a Smartform for Packing slip

§  Configured SSO for portal

§  Developed a Special allowances Report to determine allowance given to employee group and its sub-group for a particular period using ALV grid display.

§  Developed a Bank Remittance Statement Report to display employee salaries




Role                       : SAP ABAP Lead/ Onsite Coordinator




Roles and Responsibilities


ü  Leading 6 members of ABAP team.

ü  Developing the enhancements, Reports related to FI/CO, HR, SD and MM module

ü  Weekly status reporting on the work going on and the work that will be handled during a week month

ü  The project responsibilities involve different kinds of developments in ABAP, WEBDYNPRO ABAP and Web services

ü  Interacting with the Functional team to resolve the issues/tickets.

ü  Prepared technical specifications using Functional Design Document.

ü  Responsible for completing unit testing and fixing issues.

ü  Fix defects identified in integration testing.




§  Developed a BAPI interface program that will update the data in savings info type.

§  Data Conversion Program: Developed a conversion program for uploading transfer Vendor address information from legacy system into R/3 system. This program categorizes the list into existing and new vendors; it adds all the new vendors and updates the existing vendors’ details with the new information.

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component to display the open purchase order details and based on open purchase order details user can do the goods receipt.

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO Component to display the inventory details available for a material based on plant and storage location.

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component to display material details and to update storage bin for a material

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component to display service order details

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component to transfer the inventory

§  Developed a WEBDYNPRO component to update the inventory

§  Integrated WEBDYNPRO components in to Enterprise Portal

§  Uploaded documents in KM content

§  Modified standard layout of Credit memo output based on user customization. This will add two more windows, remove some text, add some text and add some fields according user customization.

§  Developed Smart Form for Summary Invoice from scratch and changed the print program to work for smart form and commented all script related code in it.

§  Invoice Status Report: Developed report having options list of invoices that have come in that do not have receivers and need to put on hold; the invoices on hold and how long they have been on hold; and last shows invoices on hold that now have receivers and can be released.

§  Developed Payroll report it provides list of open checks as well as provide the names of employees whose checks are still open.

§  Developed Employee detail report.

§  Created New fields for Change Amount (based on annualized salary change and locally entered amount, i.e. hourly or monthly) and Change Percentage in Info type 0008(Basic Pay) using the User Exits provided by SAP for PA Info types.

§  Enhanced Info type 0006(Addresses) using the User Exits for tracking Emergency contact details.






Role                       : SAP Senior technical Consultant

Environment     : SAP ECC 4.7 & 6.0, HR, SD and MM.


Roles and Responsibilities


ü  As a part of system upgrade from 4.7 to ECC 6.0 need to make all developments Non Unicode to Unicode in ECC6.0 system.

ü  Ensure to deliver the objects within specified timelines.

ü  Perform Unit testing of fixes and documenting the test results.

ü  Supporting Go live and production support.




§  Carry out the adjustments of modified SAP objects SPDD and SPAU.

§  Involved in the correction of Custom Objects and review process.

§  EPC checks corrections, replacing obsolete statements and function modules.

§  Inline documentation and changes in the program are documented.

§  Replacing the call transaction on obsolete transactions with the corresponding new transactions.


Role                       : SAP Senior Technical Member

Roles and Responsibilities


ü  As part of GlobalView Product Development, being a senior technical member involved in the following activities.

ü  Functional design understanding and interactions with onsite on phone calls as well as mails in Functional Design walk-through.

ü  Interacting with the Functional team to resolve the issues/tickets.

ü  Requirement Analysis, Estimation, Designs and Code reviews Development.

ü  Assisting junior developers to build and test the Reports and Interfaces.

ü  Involved in preparation of status reports.

ü  Helped team in handling complex issues.

ü  Coding, unit testing & test script preparations.

ü  Supporting the live objects.




§  Developed the objects in HR-PY, HR-OM, HR-TM and HR-PA.

§  Developed a G/L interface program to generate file.


§  Developed a Bank file program to generate the file to upload client system.

§  Involved in Development of various inbound & outbound Interfaces for different vendors for US.

§  Developed Payroll Register Report.

§  Developed Salary Register Report.

§  Developed an outbound interface to send it to United Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts.

§  Worked on BADI ‘PBEN0008’ for calculating benefit costs.

§  Worked on BADI ‘PBEN0011’ for calculation of the insurance coverage.

§  Involved in Data Modeling, Data Extraction, Data Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and Performance Tuning.

§  Worked extensively on Bex Analyzer in generating the queries using Variables, Filters, Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Conditions and Exceptions.

§  Developed Info objects, DSOs, Info cubes, DTPs, Transformations and Multiproviders as per the client requirements.

§  Developed process chains to automate the master data and transaction data loading process.


Role                       : SAP Technical Member


ü  SAP Technical Consultant for a SAP R/3 Support Project.

ü  Analyzing the Functional Inputs and understanding the Development Design Document received from onsite coordinator for the developments assigned.

ü  Coding and creation of unit test plans for the objects developed.

ü  Ensuring a high quality solution for all the delivered objects to the client within the schedule.

ü  Created technical specification documents using functional specifications.




§  Developed a pensionable earnings adjustments audit report which displays the data from a custom table from the last run of the report.

§  Developed a Payment Control report which displays data in ALV Grid from several info types according to client requirements.

§  Developed a report to upload the data into custom tables according to client requirements.

§  Created Salary Survey function modules which will create three files in application server according to client requirements.

§  Developed an interface program which uploads employee clock in/ clock out details in infotype 2001.

§  Designed a BDC program to upload Sales Order details using transaction ‘VA01’.

§  Worked on various existing reports of SD and MM modules to fit the business requirements.

§  Efficient usage of Code Inspector, Extended Program Check, SQL Trace.

§  Experienced in development of user groups, info sets and queries.




Role                       : SAP Technical Member


Roles and Responsibilities:


ü  SAP Technical Consultant for a SAP R/3 Implementation Project.

ü  Understanding the client requirement by reading the Functional Specification received from functional consultant.

ü  Object development and review of the development requests assigned.

ü  Interacting with functional team to resolve the issues in the given objects.




§  Developed an ALV report for displaying employees’ master data from several info types according to the client requirement.

§  Developed different inbound interface programs for IT0008, IT585, IT586 and IT591 to upload the employee master data from excel file to SAP HR system.

§  Enhanced the info types 0001, 0002, 0016 and 0021 according to the client requirement.

§  Created user exits for Info type default values and checks i.e. PBAS0001 and Absence quota accrual i.e. HRPTIM03.

§  Created several custom info types according to the client requirements.

§  Developed a customer invoice using SAP Smartforms according to the client requirement.

§  Developed a BDC program to upload GL master data into Sap system for transaction ‘FS01’.

§  Developed an ALV Interactive report to display the purchase order related details in basic list and stock details related to corresponding material in secondary list.



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