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Always a TEAM PLAYER first, self-starter, and able to learn new technologies quickly and use these technologies to design better SAN environment.

STORAGE HW:EMC Symmetrix (VMAX/DMX3/DMX1000/2000), RecoverPoint Appliance, EMC Clariion VNX7500/CX4-960/CX3-80/CX700, Centera, Data Domain DD880, EMC Celerra Gateways NS-40G), HITACHI (9960/9580), Network Appliance (F3020c/F940c/920c/R200/270c clustered systems), HP XP1024/XP512, Cisco (MDS 9513/9509/9506/9222i), Brocade (4100/3200) and McData switches, Anue Distance Simulators

STORAGE SW:EMC (Solution Enabler, Prosphere, ControlCenter (CC) 6.1/5.2, CC Performance Manager, Symmetrix Performance Analyzer, Simple and Cascading SRDF/S and SRDF/A, BCV/CLONES, SMC, RecoverPoint CDP/CRR/CLR, EMC Unisphere/Navisphere, Unisphere Analyzer, NAVICLI, Clariion Snapview/Clones/ MirrorView, PowerPath, NS-40G Celerra Manager), HITACHI Thunder Device Manager, Lightning HiCommand, TrueCopy), Network Appliance (Data Ontap, DFM, Snapmirror/Snapshot/ SnapVault, SnapManager for Exchange, SnapDrive), HP (CommandView, Continuous Access/Business Copy, and Performance Advisor)


AIX LPARS, Windows, ESX Window servers for VMware, Linux, and SUN Enterprise Servers: (6800, 4800, V880, V440, SUNFire 15K, and 10K, E6500, E450, E5000, E250), IBM 440, HP9000 and HP-UX 11



Storage Administrator-AVP

* 2012, Redesigned/engineer bank Tier 2 storage using VNX arrays. Defining standards for both operational and compliance process. Currently leading the deployment/implementation of VNX using VIRTUAL pool and FASTVP for VMware environment.

* 2011, currently redesigning the overhaul of Bank of Tokyo Core Banking SAN infrastructure

* 2010 Migrated the whole tape backup infrastructure to Virtual Tape Infrastructure using DataDomain DD880.

* 2010, Redesigned/engineer bank Tier 1 storage using VMAX arrays. Defining standards for both operational and compliance process. Worked with capacity planners to gauge and define tier 1 configuration for the bank. Lead the migration of the production data (Mainframe, AIX, Windows) from DMX3 to VMAX arrays. Implemented Cascading SRDF. Worked on different remediation efforts both on the host side (i.e. PowerPath, HBA firmware, OS patches, etc) as well as on the storage side i.e. Enguinity code, Solution Enabler, etc.

* 2009, led the effort in migrating CX3-80s to CX4-960 for tier 2 storage.

*2009, Tested and studied the feasibility of continuing SYNCHRONOUS replication for the bank with the anticipation of moving in to a new datacenter that is 60 miles farther than the original DR site. Engaged Anue systems and Cisco's Write-Acceleration to test the feasibility plan. Build LAB environment and worked with Capacity planning group to measure the performance of such extended distance. The test was successful and the bank is currently still running in SYNC mode in their new datacenter as planned.

* 2008, led the migration effort from DMX 1000s/2000 to DMX3. Work with EMC, project managers in streamline the tier 1 storage.

* 2008, led the migration effort from Brocade departmental switches to a more robust Cisco MDS 9500 switches. Led the design and implementation of separating the different fabrics based on hosts, backup and data replication functions.

* Engineered and implemented EMC Celera gateways for used in NFS and CIFS.

* Involve in day-to-day operations allocation/deallocation of Symmetrix storage.

* Participate in on-call rotation..

* Point of contact to storage vendors for all projects.

* Train and mentor members of the SAN team.

* Crafting standards in storage allocation process and procedures.

* Involved in vendor management for SAN related business like new SW/HW quotes, code upgrades, new technology, and root cause analysis.

* Track maintenance and support contracts with storage vendors. Periodic checkup on End of Support (EOS) equipment and making sure proper migration effort are in place before the EOS occurs.

* Worked with project managers in estimating cost and resources allocation for SAN related projects.


Sr. Storage Administrator

* Responsible for organizing a working storage group at Vonage.

* Lead staff in deploying DMX3-950 inConfidential andConfidential datacenters. Deployed softwares like EMC CC5.2, Solution Enabler 6.3, PowerPath, Veritas Cluster, Volume Manager and TimeFinder Clones/Snap.

* Participate in the performance tuning and monitoring of the Symmetrix using Performance Manager.

* Key staff in deploying Cisco MDS 9509, 9216i and 9120 switches in NJ,NY andConfidential datacenters.

* Deployed EMC Centera for Email Archiving/Symantec Enterprise Vault project.

* Manage 200TB SAN environments comprises of Cisco and McData switches , several EMC Clariions (CX700/500/300) using Navisphere/Navicli/ECC/Analyzer, Snapview(Clones, Snapshots), MirrorView and PowerPath. The SAN Clariions are used to service Solaris and Linux hosts using Qlogic and Emulex cards.

* Introduced and stabilized Netapp technology at Vonage. Manage Netapp 3020c, 940c, 270c and Nearstore R200 filers running Data Ontap 7, Snapmirror, SnapVault, Snaphots, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, SnapManager for Exchange and SnapDrive.

* Completed a project to design and implement Netapp 3020c/920c filers using iSCSI for Exchange server and CIFS/NFS for File servers. Using technology like Snapmirror, Snapshots, SnapVault, SnapDrive, SnapManager on FAS 920 and R200 using Data Ontap 7.

* Consolidated home and share directories across Vonage corporate windows environment.

* Re-layout Vonage Oracle databases to adhere to industry best practices and move the data from direct-attached storage to a more stable SAN environment using EMC technology.

* Introduced and setup NTAP DFM across Vonage data centers. DFM is used to manage NTAP filers and provide a means to gather statistics both for performance and usage which are used for capacity planning.

* Worked with EMC to mergeConfidential andConfidential SAN environment using a Mcdata bridges between two sites. Implemented MirrorView/Snapview for the Oracle 9i database.

* Developed scripts using Perl and KSH to generate storage-related reports.

* Worked with Unix team to implement Veritas cluster in SAN environment.

* Part of the Backup team using Veritas Netbackup 5.1 and Overland library for production environment. Netbackup 6.0 using Netapp R200 NearStore (disk to disk) for the corporate environment.

* OS Environment is composed of Solaris, Linux and Windows.

* Resolve day to day issues with regards to storage and backup.


Storage Administrator

Worked and successfully completed a project to implement HP Continuous Access/TrueCopy (mirroring data between enterprise storage frames) for T-MOBILE Data Warehouse Oracle Database Disaster Recovery. The environment utilizes Solaris 2.8/9/HP-UX 11 and Veritas Volume Manager/LVM, HP ServiceGuard/Veritas Cluster, Brocade 24000/3800, HP XP storages (XP1024/XP512, CommandView, Performance Advisor, CA) . The set-up utilized Emulex (Solaris and Windows) and Tachyon (HP-UX) adapters.

* Manage Hitachi 9570s and HP-512/HP1024 storage devices for their Solaris, HP-UX and Windows mixed 120TB SAN environment.

* Developed scripts using KSH to automate the whole DR process.

* Support OmniBack/Netbackup infrastructure for backup and restore on Oracle Disaster Recovery Project.

* Manage/Create storage standards and procedures.

* Perform day-to-day support, upgrade and project planning for the storage environment.

* Meet regularly with DBAs/Unix team to discuss storage issues.


System Engineer

* Point of contact for the Unix team to the Storage team. Resolve issues related to SAN (EMC) and NAS ( Network Appliance).

* Configure/troubleshoot Veritas Volume Manager 3.2/3.5/4.0

* EMC SAN Power Path configuration.

*Manage Sun Unix hardware/software with Veritas Volume Manger 3.2/3.5/4.0, Veritas File System, Netbackup, and Cluster.

* Perform day-to-day system support, upgrading and project planning ·

* Establishing automatic procedures for identifying problems and recommending solutions
* Sun Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 8 O.S. (2.8) management.
* Sun hardware platform, especially Enterprise SunFire systems (V880, E480, E490, F4800, F6800, 15K).
* NFS, NIS+, DNS, TCP/IP and Automounter management.
* Shell script writing.


SAN-NAS Administrator, Unix Engineer

Part of a four member team (2 DBAs and 2 Storage/Unix engineers) who implemented the first NAS based storage for an Oracle Database. The application is a reporting tool and its called EFConfidential There were so many challenges because of the nature of NFS but the project was a success with the help of Network Appliance.

* Member of the AT & T Labs Center of Excellence (COE) Storage group who is responsible for mapping out strategic storage solutions across the AT & T Labs environment.

* Lead Storage Administrator that manage SAN environment using HDS Lightning 9960, HDS Thunder 9580/9585, EMC FC4700 and Brocade 3800 switches. The size of SAN environment was at 70 TB. Configuring/managing zones, overall switch health, firmware. Also responsible for coming up with standards and methologies in supporting the SAN environment.

* Responsible for Hitachi maintenance/administration. LUN allocation. Very knowledgeable in using Hi-Command and DAMP. Created several scripts in DAMP to automate storage deployment.

* Install/maintain HDS software i.e. Hi-Command and Remote Console.

* Install/maintain EMC management suite i.e. Navisphere.

* Work with HDS technical engineer in resolving issues. Also work with them in coordinating firmware upgrade.

* Technical resource and subject matter expert on Veritas products.

* Lead storage administrator who is responsible for research/maintenance/administration of the Network Appliance Storage devices (940c) using NAS and SAN.. Implemented Snapshot and Snapmirror. Used Data Ontap 6.4/6.5. Managed 10 clustered systems with estimated 80 TB of total storage between Secaucus,Confidential and Lisle, Confidential .

* Part of the team that is responsible for installation, configuration and operation of Veritas Netbackup. Creation of classes and managing backup schedules both for development and production.

* Provides tier 3 support to production in regards to systems/servers/storage issues.


Unix Administrator

Duties :

* Supports 200+ Unix servers (SF6800s/4800s, v880s, multiple v480s for web servers, E10K, multiple E6500s for old applications, E5000, E4000 for mail server, E450s, E250s) located primarily in Middletown (development/system test) and Secaucus,Confidential (production) and Herndon,Confidential (production)

* Build and configure new SUN servers from ground up. Installation, cabling, jumpstarting OS, network, disk configuration, etc. Build approximately 30 + enterprise servers in AT & T alone.

* Solaris (2.7/2.8) administration ( Sun Patch Management/ installation and updates, applying packages for software, Jumpstart OS, NFS/NAS filers, system kernel tuning, Installation of new software, shell scripting, managing user accounts etc)

* Responsible for installation, configuration and upgrade of Veritas Volume Manager ( VxVM, VxFS, Quick I/O) for both development/ST and production

* Installation/Configuration/Maintenance of Jumpstart Servers

* Installation and configuration of new SUN Fire 6800/4800/15K

* Responsible for Hitachi maintenance/administration. Allocating storage to. Install/maintain HDS software i.e. Hi-Command and Remote Console. Creating volumes in Veritas Volume manager using the LUNS in the specific Sun servers.

* Lead SA who is responsible for research/maintenance/administration of Network Appliance Storage devices ( 940c ) using NConfidential

* Implemented a 2 node cluster using Veritas Cluster Server 3.5

* Supports HP9000 servers running HP-UX 11 and LVM.

* Involves in planning/purchase of new equipment for specific projects in the Division.

* Part of the team that is responsible for installation, configuration and operation of Veritas Netbackup. Creation of classes and managing backup schedules both for development and production.


Lead System Administrator / backup DBA

Wall Street Rarities offers its customers a vast collections of old and memorable coins, paintings, historical documents (i.e. Declaration of Independence) and other historical artifacts. Customer can avail of the coins through the Wall Street branch or online www. The IT team is composed of 9 members, 4 developers, 2 Unix SAs, 2 NT SAs, one QA. Development servers are located in Wall Street and production servers are housed in Midtown, NY. Utilized SUN E250s and E450s servers.

* Solaris (2.6) administration ( Sun patches and patch clusters installation and updates, applying packages for software, Jumpstart, system kernel tuning, installation of new software, shell scripting, managing user accounts etc)

* Installation/Configuration/Maintenance of Jumpstart Servers

* Installation and configuration of new SUN enterprise servers.

* Managed and monitor Veritas Cluster Server (VCS 2.0) in production environment located at Midtown Manhattan

* Responsible for installation and configuration of Veritas Volume Manager

* Responsible for installation, configuration and operation of Veritas Netbackup. Creation of classes and managing backup schedules.



Assigned to do dba/programming work on one RCG's client, School Construction Authority (SCA). SCA is an agency responsible for the construction and maintenance ofConfidential school buildings.

Most of the systems present in the agency primarily focused on construction activities, contract bidding and project controls and scheduling. All systems at SCA were implemented using Oracle 8.0 and Sybase 11. Platform is Solaris and





* Install, configure and upgrade Solaris 2.5/2.6 and HP-UX OS (Patch management, disk storage management and user management)

* Administration and maintenance of HP/SUN Unix boxes for Oracle DB.

* Managed/Allotted disk space for application usage.

* Create shell scripts to support system administration

* Work with DBA to fine tune database/Unix environment.

* Installation Oracle software tools (Forms4.0/4.5, Oracle Reports, Oracle Graphics)

* Creation/maintenance of Unix and oracle users.

* Developed applications using Forms4.5 and Oracle Database)


Consultant (programmer trainee, lead programmer, DBA and junior Unix administrator)


* Project leader/Team Lead for implementing several key projects namely Hospital System (Admitting and Billing System, Warehouse and Inventory System and Pharmacy System) for Cardinal Santos Medical Center and Timekeeping for KPMG-MCC using Oracle release 6 / 7.0. on a SCO-UNIX / Fujitsu platform.

* Part of the team that is responsible for installation, configuration and management of all development Unix servers in KPMG - MCC Confidential .

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