SAN Administrator Resume Profile

Reference Id: 82271     Posted on Wednesday 16th September 2015      Storage Area Network / SAN

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SAN Administrator Resume Profile


  • 7 years' experience of IT industry in storage area networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and on different UNIX platforms with backup and recovery.
  • Strong background as a Storage/Server Administrator, supporting multiple platforms and applications.
  • Expertise on EMC Administration.
  • Good experience in using EMC VNX/VMAX deployment and Implementation.
  • Knowledge and proficiency with administration, configuration, troubleshooting of storage systems such as EMC Clariion (CX4-960, CX4-480, CX3-80), EMC Symmetrix (DMX-4, DMX-3, VMAX),IBM DS, IBM XIV,HP 3PAR and HP EVA.
  • Overview of NetApp SAN storage on both NFS and fiber.
  • Experience with SAN and NAS replication technologies including, Time finder, Snap view, Mirror view, SAN COPY, Celerra Replicator and implementing disaster recovery solutions, SRDF S/A on Symmetrix arrays.
  • SAN/Brocade/McData/Cisco SAN switch zoning, configuration and administration.
  • Experience on Brocade 48k & DCX Directors and 3900, 4900, 5100, 5300 switches and Cisco directors MDS 9506/9509/9513 and departmental switches like 9120/9124/9134/9140 and Experience in Zoning Cisco, Brocade and McData switches.
  • Hands on experience on FCOE, iSCSI, FC, FCIP technologies on different storage and server platforms.
  • Experience on LUN provisioning, storage allocation and zoning.
  • Knowledge on Windows Server 2008, 2003, UNIX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX , HP-UX, Linux & VMware platforms as it relates to disk allocation, managing LUN's, Host Side and HBA configuration
  • Experience in installing McData fiber channel switches along with HBAs like Qlogic and Emulex.
  • Experience in system up gradations such as firmware upgrading on SUN systems and HP.
  • Experience on storage virtualization from modular storage array to enterprise storage array.

Core Technical Skills

Storage Arrays

EMC VNX (5500, 5700, 7500), Symmetrix (VMAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX-2), Clariion (CX600, CX700CX4- 120/240/480/960, CX3-40/CX3-80), Celerra NS-120, NS -480, EMC isilion, VPLEX, HP 3PAR, EVA, IBM XIV, NetApp FAS6000, FAS3000, FAS2000 series.

SAN Switches

Cisco MDS-9513/09/06/9216, Brocade 48000/24000/3800/ DCX-B, Brocade 5300/5100/7500/3200, DS- 4100B McData 4500/4700/6064, McData ED140M, ED64M, ED 32M2, HDS ARX series.

Storage/SAN Management Software

EMC Unishpere, Navisphere Manager 6.x/5.x , EMC Connectrix Manager, ECC Storage Scope 6.11, EMC control center 6.x/5.x, Open Replicator, ECC Performance Manager . ECC 6.1/6.0/5.2, EMC PowerPath 5.x/4.x, EMC Solutions Enabler, Navicli, SMC 7.x, Symcli 7.x/6.x, Timefinder, Snap View, Mirror View, SAN Copy, SRDF S/A, Cisco CLI, Fabric /Device Manager, Open Migrator, snap mirror, snapvault, FlexClone and Robocopy.

Operating Systems

Solaris 8/9/10/11, HP-UX 10.x/11.x, AIX 5.x, Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP, Unix, ESX 4.0, IBM-AIX, VMware 4.0/3.5, Linux 5.x/4.x

Backup and recovery software

Veritas Netbackup 6.5/6.0/5.1, Symantec NetBackup 5.2, EMC Disk Library DL4206, EMC NetWorker, Data Domain, StorageTek L1400, L700, L180, Symantec Volume Manager

Network and Storage Protocols


Management System

Service now, Remedy, HP-OVO, OVSD and OVPM.


EMC storage, Oracle SUN servers, Dell Blades, HP blade and itanium, HP ESL tape library, IBM Series

Professional Experience


SAN Administrator

Environment: EMC Unisphere, EMC Navisphere CLI, VMware VSphere, VMware VCenter Converter, EMC VNX replicator, HP ILO.

  • Administered and managed EMC VNX/VMAX SAN
  • Configuring and managing Cisco UCS Service Profiles, vNIC/vHBA interfaces, MAC/UUID/WWPN/WWNN identity pools, various Servers, Network and Storage related policies.
  • Storage infrastructure support for DMX-3000, Symmetrix 8830 and Clarion arrays.
  • SAN Fabric Architecture design, migration and maintenance using SAN Manager, Fabric Manager and Web tools.
  • Merging of SAN Islands to form a dual SAN fabric.
  • Storage Provisioning using zoning, LUN masking and reclamation, Capacity planning, disk layout planning.
  • Hardware and software support for PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage devices in a Windows and Linux environment
  • Provided installation and support of storage area networks (SAN), Fiber Channel Configuration, Fabric (zoning) & LUN Management, and host attach configuration and
  • EMC Time finder and maintenance and documentation of various procedures
  • Experience in administration of Cisco MDS SAN switches
  • Supported Brocade DCX4 and Cisco MDS9509 fiber channels switches.
  • Providing Brocade access gateway configuration on Solaris servers.
  • Expectance in VMware ESXi 4.1 environment implementation and SRM testing.
  • Responsible for the implementation of a Data Domain backup and archive solution.
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 server, Professional, Windows 2003 and 2008
  • Implemented and maintained high availability clusters (MC/ServiceGuard) on HPUX servers with integration for EMC Symmetrix, HP and Hitachi Enterprise Storage Units.
  • Migration of LUN's from HDS unified storage to EMC VNX.
  • Also maintaining and providing solutions for HDS using ARX
  • Implemented and upgraded the enterprise-wide backup strategy and a Disaster Recovery Solution utilizing HP Omniback II with HP SureStore and ATL tape libraries over Fiber Channel switches in the SAN environment.
  • Supported a large scale Data Center projects including server installation, hardware maintenance, and break/fix activities
  • Assisted in P2V conversions of Windows servers using VMware vConverter.
  • Creating and implementing Disk groups, Device groups, and Composite groups using SymCLI.
  • Server virtualization by downsizing the number of CISCO Edge switches from 10 to 6.
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment of a variety of hosts in the following environments Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of a full storage refresh for the Enterprise.
  • Establishes standard processes and procedures for system


Storage administrator

Environment: EMC Unisphere, Nexus CLI, Cisco UCSM, Power CLI

  • Administrating DMX-4 and VMAX with the help of ECC, SMC and
  • Supported the following platforms CX3-80, CX3-40, NS960, NS80, NS20, AX4, and Data Domain 880.
  • Document creation and knowledge transfer about VMAX administration with SMC and SYMCLI
  • Implementation of EMC Celerra with CIFS, NFS and Multiprotocol FS.
  • Providing administrative support for EMC NAS Celerra.
  • Implemented and configured multiple CLARiiON Storage environments from initial setup to binding LUNs, creating RAID group, installing CLARiiON storage array software's, enabling the host address the EMC CLARiiON storage array, provisioned and documented them to meet the requirements.
  • Installed and configured EMC SANCopy for data migration from CX 600 to CX3-40 for Windows and Solaris operating system.
  • Used EMC Open Replicator for data migration from Symmetrix 3830 storage array to DMX 3000 storage array.
  • Implementing best practices on VMAX administration and thin provisioning
  • Performing host based migrations using Powerpath Migration Enabler (PPME) from DMX to VMAX, OS includes Winodws/RedHat
  • Managing SAN fabric with CISCO fabric manager and device manager
  • Assisting with implementation and upgrade services CISCO MDS switches.
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment for Dell | EMC SANs in Windows, Linux, and Solaris environment incl. EMC layered applications
  • Install and configure all EMC layered applications.
  • Performed Data migration using SAN Copy software for Clariion storage systems.


Storage Administrator - EMC/NetApp

  • Managing SAN Environment consisting of DMX 3/4, VMAX, VNX 5700, Clariion CX 4-80, IBM V7000 and FAS 3000/6000, Cisco MDS 9509/9216 directors using SMC, SYMCLI, Unisphere, On Command System Manager, Fabric/Device Manager and EMC Power path.
  • Upgraded EMC ECC 5.2 to ECC 6.1 and documented the procedure for client.
  • Successfully configured and documented the EMC Replication Manger with EMC Recover Point to create application consistent bookmarks. Also used replication manager for local clones and BCV backups.
  • Migrated data from NetApp filer to VNX5700 using Robocopy, EMCopy and
  • Provisioned storage to VMware ESXi cluster servers from Symmetrix VMAX by creating Masking View and associating Initiator groups, port groups and storage groups to it
  • Supported VMware ESXi infrastructure by working with the windows administration team
  • Exposure on configuring iSCSI LUNS, assigning to Solaris/Linux hosts and administration.
  • Maintained and Implemented NetApp storages FAS 3000 and 200 Series in NAS
  • Administration of NetApp filers which includes creating quotas and sharing them to CIFS and NFS
  • Administering NetApp NAS services v3, v4 using ONTAP.
  • Configured quotas and quota limit as requested by the user.
  • Involved in performing the tasks like increasing the size of aggregates, volumes, LUN resize and increasing the quota limits.
  • Add disk as needed to existing storage systems and configuring to filers.
  • Worked in virtual environment like VMware vSphere 4.x and x which includes vCenter and Update Manager
  • Maintain reports on disk utilization, availability and growth patterns.


Data Center Operator - UNIX (HP-UX and Sun Solaris)/Windows/Storage.

Environment: Sun systems, HP-OVO, OVSD and OVPM.

  • Experience in managing and configuring the SUN/HP servers.
  • Upgrading firmware and installing patches.
  • Administering large scale data center.
  • Maintaining HP-UX servers in a HA cluster configuration, along with Wintel Servers under Win 2003 OS.
  • Managing Sun clusters.
  • Supporting XP-12K and EVA 8K SAN array and supported by the HP Data Protector Enterprise Backup Solution.
  • Servers are monitored using the HP-Open View Operations (OVO) suite, with HP-Service desk solution providing Help Desk Operations functionally.
  • Backup of servers using Data Protector Software on ESL712e Tape Library.
  • Backup on tape drive in Solaris.
  • Restoration of data using Data Protector
  • Management of HP-Open view tools like Service-Desk, HP-OVO and HP-OVPM.
  • Knowledge of working on Business Copy like splitting of database on backup server, synchronizing, pairing & resyncing for cold backup of database.

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