Release Management Resume Profile, Bellevue, WA

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Release Management Resume Profile, Bellevue, WA

Total 8 Years of IT experience in
Confidential Control Tools like TFS, VSS Admin SVN Admin. & Clearcase Experience in Build & Release Management along with Core area of Skills from IT Governance “Change Control, Software Configuration Management.

Profile Summary:    


·         Over seven years of IT experience with over six years of experience in Software Configuration and Change Management, Build Management, and Release Management.

·         Experience administering, troubleshooting and providing support for the build and deployment process, development tools and Configuration Management procedures for software development groups.

·         In –depth knowledge of Configuration Management concepts and experience with various source control tools like Subversion (SVN), CVS and Clear case, TFS 2008/2010.

·         Worked with ALM tool TFS 2010(Project Collections, Build Definitions, Work Items, Sharepoint Portal, Reporting)

·         Involved in Customization of WorkItems, Transition Matrix in TFS.

·         Experience creating, maintaining and modifying Ant build script and shell scripts.

·         Strong Subversion administration experience. Skilled in installation and configuration of Subversion. Skilled in migration of source code from other version control tools to Subversion.

·         Experience in providing builds automation and monitoring and troubleshooting builds.

·         Well versed in Build & Release management system, TFS and Rational ClearCase, Mulitsite Administration with Core Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Unified Change Management (UCM).

·         Well versed in IT Governance “Change Control Checking RFCs as per type of change and line of business. Required to communicate with requester verbally/written to acquire the correct data as per SOX compliance

·         Automation for Reporting on the Release Management Activities.

·         TFS Admin with core Knowledge on Deployments activities.

·         VSS & SVN Admin Activities with core knowledge on the tool.

·         SVN Adminstartion whereas Access Control, Branching, Tagging etc.

·         Rational ClearCase Multisite Administration with Core area of Skills from Operating

·         Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills

·         Knowledge of Team Foundation Server and other ALM tools  

·         Good knowledge in any one of the following technologies – WorkItem Customization, TFS Build, Version Control

·         Basic knowledge of Enterprise MS products like SQL Server, SharePoint, IIS, SQL Reporting Services, Active Directory, etc would be an added advantage.

·         Good Knowledge on Operating System Fundamentals.

·         Ability to learn from an issue/situation and adapt and carry forward the solution to another seemingly unrelated issue.

·         Good English Communication Skills - Spoken and Written (including technical writing)

·         Systems Competencies.

·         Excellent Interpersonal leadership and Communication skills.

·         Eager to take up challenging tasks and meet the deadlines with providing Quality deliverables.

·         Thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments.



Technical Skills:


Operating System



C, C# ASP.Net


VSS (Microsoft Visual Source Safe), TFS (Team Foundation Server 2010), ClearCase.Sub Verion(SVN)



VS2005, VS2008, VS2010

Bug Tracking Tools

Bugzilla,Zira,Quality Center



SQL 2005, 2008,Oracle 9i


Additional Tools

MILDL, VSS, MS Visio, Build Central, JAM,Moss,SharePoint

Internet Technology


Traffic Monitoring Tool     

Microsoft Network Monitor



Experience Summary


 Client                                   :    Confidential                                                                               

Platform                              :    Windows

Role                                      :    TFS Administrator


Confidential provides enterprise-wide support for configuration management tools to manage Application code and Data.

Confidential Integrated Development Environment – Confidential is to promote Confidential methods and tools to provide the oversight for design, architecture, tools, process, and training development for IT that will deliver Business Value.



·         Working on implementing the migration activity for TFS 2012 to TFS 2013 Preview version on sandbox environments.

·         Implementation of NuGet Package System for the MVC and Applications for the GIDE Project.

·         Working on Automating the Process of implementing the test case and test plan with Build version on TFS.

·         Pushing the Manual Activity on deployments of web application to Automating using MSdeploy and Powershell scripting.

·         Conducting trainings to the GIDI users on the latest developments on TFS 2013.

·         Integrating the Project Server with TFS 2012, for all the Project plans.

·         Customizing the Build Xmal Files on the complex applications for modifying the output of the applications.

·         Preparing the virtual labs for demo of TFS training to the internal several costumers.

·         Support to the Project Server and TFS Integration issues and customizing the workitems.

·         Support for the TFS Administration task for Installation of TFS Patches and up gradations.

·         Reviewing and analyzing the process for Submitting Change Requests to the GIDE Change Board for all the new TFS CRS.

·         Documenting the process of TFS Unified Project Plan and submitting to the competency center.

·         Environments setup for Builds & Deployments and TFS configurations and up gradations

·         Build projects using our cloud-hosted build service. Validate changes across the team by building your project at regular intervals.

·         Exploring Work Item Charting in Team Foundation Server 2013 and adding new additional charts to the exiting charts.



Client                                    :    Confidential

Platform                              :     Windows

Role                                       :    TFS Administrator


Confidential is primarily a holding company for ten customer-focused Confidential insurance companies rated “A” (Excellent) and ranked as the 44th largest Confidentialinsurance group in the Confidential. These companies offer a broad range of insurance and alternative risk management services. Selective* provides value-added products and services to businesses, public entities and individuals through independent agents in 22 primary eastern and Midwestern states..



·         Performed build and development release cycle duties for Java applications. Maintained and executed build scripts using Ant in co-ordination with development and QA teams. Improved existing Ant scripts for modularity and documented the process for future reference and optimized Perforce triggers for faster performance.

·         Setup various Team Projects into different Team Project Collections in TFS 2012

·         Configured TFS 2010 Environment along with Default Project Collections, Build Definitions, Work Items, Share point Services, Reporting Services

·         Customized TFS 2010 Work Item Templates and Workflow of the Work Items

·         provided ‘Manual’, ‘Continuous Integration’, ‘Gated Check-in’ and ‘Schedule’ builds (along with the option to force builds on that schedule even if no changes occurred since the last build)

·         Created Build Definitions for various environment deployments( DEV, TEST, STAGE)

·         Customized Automated Build Scripts by modifying XAML (Work Flow) template to Start, Stop & deploy code to various regions (Windows Service, Windows workflow).

·         Created Builds and deployed builds to different environments based on requests

·         Provided Build Scripts for Database Projects to Deploy DB and populate Test data in DB for various environments

·         Performed and deployed Builds for various Environments like QA, Integration, UAT and Productions Environments.

·         Trained developers to get familiar on TFS 2010 Work Items, Queue New Builds, and Work Spaces with Visual Studio 2010.

·         Trained new team members on CM policies and procedures. Defined processes to build and deliver software baselines for team members as well as external teams. Managed the integration of new software projects and products into the build environment. Actively enhanced MSBuild Properties, Tasks and Targets to automate the build, setup creation, deployment, symbol storage and running of test scripts for multiple Team Projects.

·         Worked on automating build and deployment using MSBuild engine, by writing xml script within Visual Studio

·         running the dash boards on the portal.

·         Running the TFS Reports for Build reports, Code Churn, Workitems.

·         Creating Workitems for Bugs and Task for the Test Cases and pulling the reports and sending the same to the project management and QA Teams.

·         Implementing END-END Traceability for the Project.

·         Back up the Analysis Services database dealing with a multi-server installation for restoration purposes, Back up the SQL Reporting Services Encryption Key

·         Utilize TFS reports focusing on build quality and other code quality metrics, as the



Client                          :       Confidential

Platform                      :       Windows

Role                               :       TFS Administrator




·         Primary Lead for TFS Administration and Confidential Infrastructure support

·         Manage TFS and build infrastructure using System Center tools and Lab Management

·         Manage and support the automation of software builds

·         Support activities and tool solutions associated with multiple disciplines to include: Requirements Management, System Design, SCM, Test Management, Defect Management, Release Management and Project and Portfolio Management.

·         Create, maintain, and suggest improvements to existing Confidential processes and tools, as well as improve best practices in the systems and software development and release lifecycles

·         Guide efforts to streamline the implementation of new or changed processes through automation strategies and by reduction of redundant or sub-optimal business applications, consistent processes, and metrics that align with business needs

·         Stay current with new technologies in ALM and provide seamless tool integration support to the R&D organization.

·         Provide training of Product/Project Management, Development, SCM and Testing staff on using the chosen standardized tools and processes

·         Manage R&D infrastructure used in Software Development, SCM and Test platforms including systems configuration setup/tear down, system monitoring, storage solutions and methodologies scaling across geographies

·         Create standard process and procedure documentation

·         Creating Team Project Collections and managing the Project Collections.

·         User Creation and provide Access Rights to users on the Team Project Collections

·         Creating Branches whenever required and merging the branches as per the request from development teams

·         Configuring share point portal for the Team Project collections.

·         Share Point Site Administration.

·         Deployment of Team Foundation Server.

·         Integrating the Third Party Tools with TFS for ALM & Traceability

·         Configuring Master and Proxy Server and make both Servers talk to each other.

·         Setup of Proxy Server on different domains and make Master & Proxy Server or in Sync.

·         Expertise in Integrating EA (Enterprise Architect) for design artifacts into TFS and make all the artifacts as version controlled and configured the same at client machines.

·         Trouble shooting the TFS issues like Code Merging, Access Forbidden issues.

·         Code Movement Tracking form one environment to other environment code movement

·         Creating the Share Point Portal for the Team Projects and managing the portal and the running the dash boards on the portal.

·         Running the TFS Reports for Build reports, Code Churn, Workitems.

·         Creating Workitems for Bugs and Task for the Test Cases and pulling the reports and sending the same to the project management and QA Teams.

·         Implementing END-END Traceability for the Project.

·         Back up the Analysis Services database dealing with a multi-server installation for restoration purposes, Back up the SQL Reporting Services Encryption Key

·         Utilize TFS reports focusing on build quality and other code quality metrics, as the quality of builds, code churn, defect rates, etc.

·         Synchronize bugs between QC and TFS to enhance traceability and allow code changes to be associated directly with the specific defects they resolve

·         Include all workitem types in TFS, including requirements (functional, features, and scenarios), tasks, bugs, test cases, and change requests. 

·         Separate the Build and Proxy processes Configuration

·         Set up Continuous Integration and automated deployment, including unit tests, code metrics, and analysis

·         Monitor build frequency and queue length and add additional build agents as needed. If CI builds are taking more than ten minutes, and if it is determined that this is due to an excess queue time due to a lack of build agents,

·         Defining and base lining the server all environment (Dev,Test, Integration,UAT and Production) matrix.



Client                                 :   Confidential

Platform                             :    Windows, UNIX

Role                                      :     Release Management, VSS Admin, Vss to ClearCase                            


Key Responsibilities:    

·         Confidential Configuration Management: Team builds and deploys packages for Products like Geneva, POS, and Applications for environment Such as   Development, System Test, UAT, Staging and Production

·         Coordinating the drops and deploying the code on to environments like Dev, SIT, and UAT PROD.

·         Working as VSS(Visual Source Studio),SVN Admin

·         Involved in the migration activities for VSS to Clearcase and to SVN

·         Involved in code Merging, branching, labeling on VSS & SVN.

·         Conducted Training Sessions for Users on for Remote Client ClearCase, VSS and SVN.

·         Maintaining Releases and coordinating all the configuration activities

·         Escalating on Build Issues to the Development Team and ensured for Smooth Progress of deployments on the environments.

·         Working closely with the QA team in identifying environment/code issues

·         Working on Server issues for disc space, CPU Usage, Increase memory, Database installation, New server installation

·         User Creation in VSS & SVN and giving access rights to Users on different products like Geneva, Pos etc.

·         Creating Repositories on SVN and troubleshooting SVN related issues

·         Verifying the CMT entries on code merging from one environment to other to be reviewed by CM and providing approval for the code movement.

·         Working on Release Management activities like preparing the Monthly Rollout Plans on the Production.

·         Preparing the Release Plan for Weekly Downtime Plan and seeking the approvals for downtime on production from the stake holders.

·         Taking NT Backup Client on Weekly basis for the VSS.

·         CSS Rules Team, Retail Infrastructure and implementation (RII), Middleware Installation Group and other Configuration issues.

·         TCL Configuration Team is also responsible in providing MSDNS to all the User's

·         Helping Dev team on VSS Client issues for applications.

·         Maintaining the Source Code Controlling.

·         Working on all the environments stability along with env team and application team.

·         Working as a SPOC between Client and the application team.

·         Working with Change Control on Weekly and Monthly Deployments

·         Working closely with Change Control in the cab call and representing our teams.



Change Management


Key Objective of the Job:

As a member of Change Control group accountable for validating Request for Confidential.Checking RFCs as per type of change and line of business. Required to communicate with requester verbally/written to acquire the correct data as per SOX compliance. Approving RFCs, Updating logs, Sending daily/monthly reports



Client                                                    :            Confidential

Platform                                              :            Windows, UNIX

Role                                                       :           IT Governance “Change Control


Team – IT Governance “Confidential

Major Activities

·         Responsible for communication and coordination of Extreme Risk Changes.

·         Verifying the risk and impact classification of all Request For Change (RFC)

·         Accountable for ensuring timely execution and closing of changes along with meeting Total Change Requests processed monthly is around 250-300.

·         agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Technology Services Group (TSG) Business Partners.

·         Changes closed within 10 working days of Actual implementation day.

·         Change Queue Management

·         All Changes get initial review same day.

·         All Changes acted upon (approved, rejected) within 48 hours.

·         Working with Level 2/3 support teams to ensure adherence to the Change Management process and policies.

·         Ensuring timely updates to Change Management Processes, Policies, and Procedures including Change Team Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)-Coordinated with Change Process Owner.

·         Deliver 2 Change Management Process Training per month.

·         Manage all activities for Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings.

·         Manage all activities for Downtime Calendar meetings.

·         Responsible for the pre and post-CAB activities within the change process.

·         Facilitate weekly Business CAB meetings (40 changes reviewed per week).

·         Coordinating, scheduling, and approving non-CAB changes if any.



Project Summary


Client                                     :           Confidential

Platform                              :            Windows

Role                                       :            Build & Release Management.


Product Info:


CONFIDENTIAL Configuration Management Team builds and deploys the packages for eOrdering, BSG and Alternate Channels Applications for environment

Such as Development, System Test, UAT, Staging and Production.CONFIDENTIAL CM Team works very closely with Firewall Teams, Retail Application Support (RAS or FLS),

CSS Rules Team, Retail Infrastructure and implementation (RII), Middleware Installation Group and other Configuration issues.

On Crisis CM Team will take responsibility of openings Confidential and will coordinate with CMC, RAS and Dev Team to work on quick resolutions of the issues.

CONFIDENTIAL CM Team is also responsible in providing MSDNS to all CONFIDENTIAL Teams under our ED and maintaining a centralized repository.


Roles and Responsibilities:

·         Clearcase and TFS windows Client and remote client support for all the applications.

·         Clearcase and TFS Administration work done from Onsite only due to clearance issue.

·         Helping Dev team on TFS Client issues for applications.

·         Creating Build Scripts.

·         Building the Kit or exe thru CMMC or VZRI Tool.

·         Maintaining Releases.

·         Coordinating the drops in UAT, SIT, Staging and Production.

·         Working Closely with Dev team on build issues.

·         Installing the kits from Development Env, System test, UAT, FTTP25, and WWW25.

·         Working closely with the QA team in identifying environment/code issues and opening a CMC to resolve the issues.

·         Creating TSWRs and getting approval for installing application in Staging and production Environments with the help of RAS.

·         Creating CSS rules.

·         Creating the weekly CA list to get approval of SVP.

·         Maintaining the Database for TSWRs, Firewalls, CSS and MSDN licenses.




Client                   :           Confidential

Platform              :           Windows

Role                       :           Build & Release Management.


Product Info:


Confidential manufactures mechanical and tissue heart valves, pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and electrophysiology catheters. Their devices offer physicians and those with heart conditions unmatched clinical performance and outstanding longevity. The project Involves development and Testing



Roles and Responsibilities:


·         Install and maintain ClearCase Servers. VOB/ VIEW setup security issues.

·         Customized training of ClearCase users.

·         Moving VOBs from one server to another and restore. Interface with System admin to ensure regular backups.

·         Enforcing of Software Configuration Management policies through

·         ClearCase triggers written in Perl.

·         Interface with Rational for reporting bugs/ issues in ClearCase

·         Installation of ClearCase on NT clients

·         Resolve the TICKETS (SLA).

·         Replica creation of VOBs

·         Monitoring Synchronization of VOBs

·         Changing mastership of VOBs.

·         Communicating with onsite coordinator

·         Manage ClearCase Licenses and Registries




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