Project Management Resume Profile, Saratoga, NY

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Project Management Resume Profile, Saratoga, NY






Consultant / Contractor/ Project Management

Freelance design of custom homes, multi-housing units, and temporary residences for

contractors, developers, and private residents. Perform client consultation, including review and production of

line drawings for all phases of construction including landscaping and restoration detailing.



Project Manager - Facilities Management Department.

Responsibilities included coordination, scheduling and oversight of projects to completion.  This included

securing, reviewing and making recommendations on contractor bids and contracts for campus projects.     


Utilities Upgrade:

- Scheduling, coordination and overseeing the inspection and evaluation of the University’s storm and sanitary

  infrastructure.  Initiating and coordinating all required repairs utilizing staff from the university shops and

  outside contractors.

- Elevator Contract Manager. Overseeing the elevator preventive maintenance and repairs contract on a daily

  basis throughout campus.

- Responsible for roadway resurfacing projects from implementation to completion.

- Coordination of bidding procedures from outside vendors for University projects (budget range from $50k

   to multi million dollars).

- Develop the scope of assigned renovation and new construction projects and gain budget approval.

- Review and analyze proposals and designs submitted to the Facilities Management Department for upgrades

  and improvements on campus.

 - Initiate funding for approved projects and normal preventive maintenance utilizing the University’s

  work order system.


Key Achievements:

         Security management of the University’s duct-bank system

         Cured in Place Pipe slip lining (CIPP). Used for repairing damaged sanitary and storm drains. 

         Renovation of Draper Hall (School of Criminal Justice). Project came in $100K under budget.    

         Renovation of the podium planters

         The Purple Path Project

         Replacement of Physical Education gymnasium operable partition walls

         Telecommunication housing review and evaluation

         New dock lifts and elevators at downtown and uptown campuses

         University GIS committee member

         Storm Water Coalition committee member    



Construction Supervisor/ Inspector

Responsible for daily inspection and supervision of the installation of a new water distribution system

for the Confidential.  Installation included fire hydrants and residential water services. 


- Create “as-built” construction plans/ drawing updates daily.

- Recording and inventory of laborers, tasks and hours worked, including heavy machinery operations.

- Verification and recording of quantities of materials used for the project on a daily basis.

- Met with area residents about impending residential water services and the process of implementation. 

- Addressed concerns and complaints about the project.

- Solved contractor issues with Town Supervisor/ representatives, DEC, EPA and NYSDOH.

- Worked directly with bargaining unit and employees of the assigned construction company.




Estimator for residential and light commercial builders. 

Customer consulting for design and construction methods.  Confidential. Code interpretations.  Design engineering

with engineered manufactured materials.   



Drafter / Contractor                                                                                                                                                            

Drafting residential floor plans for developer and custom home builders.  Confidential generated drawings.  Design,

construction and remodeling of interior and exterior living spaces including all aspects of building (framing, electrical,

insulation, and finishing work) as well as designing and building decks, finishing basements and home additions.                                       



CAD Technician                                                                                                                                                                               

Responsible for implementing revisions and modifications to wiring diagrams and schematics, Bill of Materials

and routing schedules.



Engineering CAD Technician                                                                                                                                   

Confidential Operator for all phases of engineering drawings for "Confidential", inclusive of Sales, Designing

Estimate Engineering, and Project specifics, and their related subgroups of drawings, e.g., production, field

assembly, vendor and contractor layouts and graphic representations.  Experience in specification writing,

installation scheduling, and produce drawings in architectural, Confidential and electrical disciplines.



Management, marketing and public relation responsibilities along with other tasks relating to the successful

operation of a bed and breakfast.  Prior to the Inn’s opening; completed all phases of design, blueprints, obtaining

local building permits, restoration and re-construction of the original farmhouse (built in 1875) which houses the

Bed & Breakfast. 




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