Oracle Consultant Resume Profile, Brentwood, Tennessee

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Oracle Consultant     Resume Profile,  Brentwood, Tennessee


Career Summary:

Ø  Twenty-plus years of experience as a software developer.  Last  working with Oracle technologies as an Oracle programmer and analyst.

Ø  Gained strong competency in writing stored Procedures, Functions, Database Triggers and Packages using SQL, PLSQL and Dynamic SQL (Oracle versions 8 thru 11G).

Ø  Experienced in creating tablespace, tables and Indexes, views and other database objects. Managing users, privileges and roles.

Ø  Experienced in tuning of complex SQL statements using Toad Optimizer. Ability to apply innovative approaches in solving design and technical issues.

Ø  ETL and Data Warehouse design and development.

Ø  Well versed in writing Unix Kornshell scripts and possess sound knowledge of standard business methodologies and solutions.

Ø  Ten years experience in both Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports (up thru version 10G).

Ø  Three years experience as an ETL Developer using Oracle Warehouse Builder

Ø  Experienced in writing and executing test scripts, conducting QA and user acceptance testing.

Ø  Personal attributes include: aptitude for group leadership, collegiality, interpersonal communication, analytical problem-solving, personnel management and presentation skills.


Certified by Oracle for SQL 9i, October 2010

Certified ScrumMaster (member #000194104), April, 2012


Employment Experience:


Oracle Consultant                                                                                Confidential



Ø  Performed Oracle PL/SQL coding of packages and Oracle object Types to interface with various Java front end applications for American Home Patient, Inc.  This was a short term contract.


Senior Programmer Analyst                                                                                Confidential



Ø  Performed Oracle analysis, Unix Shell scripting, and PL/SQL coding for Information Warehouse projects for the McKesson Medical Surgical subsidiary of this Fortune 14 company.  Developed ETL mappings in tandem with CDC mirrors using Oracle Warehouse Builder, versions 10.2 and 11G.  Also developed with IBM Datastage 9.1.2.  Provide overall 24/7 production support and troubleshooting for the Business Intelligence section.  Trained other programmers on my team.


Oracle Developer                                                                                                  Confidential



Ø  Performed Oracle PL/SQL analysis, coding, and UNIX shell scripting for a major data warehousing project (Adapt) using Oracle Warehouse Builder for the Virginia Department of Social Services.


Oracle Developer                                                                                  Confidential



Ø  Performed Oracle PL/SQL analysis, coding, Pro-COBOL, Oracle database tuning, PERL scripting, and UNIX shell scripting for the SAVES accounting system for Defense Commissary Agency of the CONFIDENTIAL Defense Department. Projects included enhancing the supplier payment program so it will intercept invoice payments for the IRS, if they are delinquent on taxes, and other reconciliation type report runs.

Ø  Profoundly worked with high-performance PL/SQL features such as REF Cursor, Composite Data Type such as Records, Collections, Bulk Collect, Autonomous Transactions.


Oracle Consultant                                                                                                Confidential                                         


Ø  Performed PL/SQL analysis and coding to create Oracle packages and procedures using Toad, UNIX shell, Cognos, Harvest and Lotus software tools in support of a major telemarketing application for service, products and commodities for Dominion Resources, a Fortune 500 company with operations in 12 states.  This application was a major component for increased company-wide retail sales. 


Oracle Consultant                                                                                Confidential                     


Ø  Analyzed, designed, coded and tested Oracle Web applications, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and various database objects for the Virginia Department of Health WIC program.  Projects included the WIC Retail Store Management System (allowing all Virginia retail stores direct access to the WIC intranet) and developing SQL packages for a Medicaid Billing extract subsystem. Also developed Client Certification, Vendor Mgt, and Financial Mgt areas. Used SQL Navigator, PVCS, Mercury Quality Center and CRON.


Oracle Consultant                                                                                Confidential

Ø  Programming with Oracle Reports 9i, I created and maintained over 50 sales and proforma invoices for the Purchase Sales Inventory system for Universal Leaf, Inc.

Ø  Analyzed formulae from large Excel spreadsheets to create Oracle report modules that perform the same task.  Also programmed with Forms 9i and PL/SQL scripts in TOAD.  Used PVCS for module management.


Oracle Consultant                                                                                                Confidential                                                                 

Ø  Performed PL/SQL coding to supply data for a high profile web site for the Licensing section of the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Ø  Programmed and documented integrated letter and certificate creation procedures for the LicenseEase application.  Used TOAD, MS Word field merge, MS SQL and F-Secure SSH File Transfer.


Oracle Consultant                                                                                                Confidential

Ø  Interviewed managers and users, and designed, coded and tested Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and various database objects (Certification, Medical, Financial Management, etc.)  for the Virginia Department of Health WIC


Ø  Coded SQL scripts and UNIX shellscripts to process nightly bank WIC payment files.  Also used SQL Navigator, PVCS, and Mercury Test Director and CRON.


Systems Analyst                                                                                                Confidential


Ø  Completed major analyses and programming for a Y2K bridge system for the Police Department using Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. This major effort was on time and successful, despite some last-minute personnel turnover on my team.  I was acting project leader for ten months after the first project leader was terminated.  The system processed over a half million incidents per year and was instrumental in reducing the workload of the police and providing more immediate and accurate crime data.

Ø  Interviewed all sections of the police department in preparation for Y2K and documented forty different detailed data workflows. This effort had never been done before and was commended by the police.  The data workflows were later added to the police academy curriculum.

Ø  Completed a requirements analysis, plan and logical model for a data consolidation of several police data systems.

Ø  Used FTP file transfers with custom PL/SQL code and Oracle Transparent Gateway with SQL *Loader to reformat and pull data to Oracle tables from the following source systems:

o        A Data General 2000 system that housed these Business Basic subsystems: 911 (CAD), Warrants, Accident Reports, Pawnshop, and Fingerprint

o        "PRISM", an IBM CSP/DB2 hybrid mainframe system which contained Incident, Arrest, Juvenile Violation, Stolen Vehicle, and Property table data. 

o        PC-based dBaseIV programs/tables of Criminal Intelligence, Personnel, Mugshot, and Off Duty Employment data

o        Central Address data (city-wide) on DB2 mainframe tables

Ø  Participated in a full requirements analysis and wrote the core section of an RFP for contractual bidding for a larger ten million dollar police system to eventually replace the in-house bridge system.

Ø  Wrote the core section of an RFP to install laptop computers in the police cruisers.

Ø  Proposed, designed, and coded a police Daily Activity system that captured data from the 911 center, eliminating police on-site paperwork and providing drill-down displays of each officer's activity and hardcopy activity reports. Also did enhancements on this system based on user feedback, to add more drill-down screens and speed up Oracle report run times. Used Oracle Forms 4.5 and Oracle Reports 2.5.

Ø  Conducted periodic demo sessions for the police and IS management on the new systems to keep them informed of progress. Some DB2 program maintenance was also needed on my part to keep the legacy PRISM system going until December of 1999.

Ø  Designed and coded an automated welfare real time checks system for city Social Services in COBOL.

Ø  Using Oracle Designer and SQL Plus 8.0, developed a new datamart for the Citizen Requests department as part of  a larger city data warehouse initiative as follows:

o    Interviewed the managers and business analysts to explain its benefits and determine their requirements for decision-support data and wrote a vision document. Recorded the business questions that the data warehouse must answer. Defined the overall technical architecture and performance requirements.

o    Specified a preliminary project plan with detailed steps and time lines. Assigned resources, staff roles, and responsibilities.

o    Interviewed the DBA and other individuals who had knowledge of the source system data and structures. Analyzed the data to identify quality problems and areas of loading complexity. Located areas where data was missing, to

determine whether the source data can support the users' business requirements. Recorded detailed metadata about the sources, data quality, and business rules.

o    Created a dimensional server model diagram in Oracle Designer by separating the ERD for the current system into its discrete business processes.  Designed the Data Definition Layout (DDL) for a permanent dimensional structure.

o    Developed transformation logic for mapping source data into the target data warehouse schema.

o   Designed the end-user query environment, including any required canned reports. Verified the design in an iterative process with managers, analysts, and the DBA.


Senior Technical Consultant                                                                            Confidential         


Ø  Provided IMS, VSAM, and CICS programming development in a client-server environment for the Automated Program to Enforce Child Support (APECS) at the Virginia Department of Social Services. 


Information Systems Consultant                                                                        Confidential

Ø  Provided analysis and programming support at First Health Services Corporation, Richmond, Virginia.  This included coding the first production MVS JCL for a new claims processing system for the New York City Early Intervention Program. 


Senior Programmer Analyst                                                                               Confidential

Ø  Analyzed user needs, wrote IS project specifications and testing procedures for Accounting, Claims, Marketing and Underwriting departments.  The programs were COBOL on an IBM VSE mainframe, using Power JCL.


Systems Analyst                                                                                              Confidential

Ø  Maintained and enhanced various inventory and cost analysis systems in contractual support of the Radiation Detection, Indication and Computation Equipment Program (RADIAC) for the CONFIDENTIAL Navy.  The program language was FoxBase+.

Ø  Provided technical guidance to  CONFIDENTIAL government management, programmers and users in support of the Pell Grant Central Disbursement System for the CONFIDENTIAL Department of Education.

Ø  Prepared technical specifications, testing procedures and implementation schedules.

Ø  Evaluated programming, documentation and overall progress for each task. I served as acting project leader from 10/90 to 6/91 for this $3 million per year contract when the original project leader resigned.


Programmer                                                                                                     Confidential

Ø  Provided COBOL coding and maintenance for the Pell Grant Central Disbursement System.  Several subsystems performed data entry, data query, data file cross editing, and report generation (over 50 different reports).

Ø  Wrote programs that uploaded student demographic input data from an HP OCR scanner to a Wang VS100 miniframe several times a day that was received from over 6,000 schools. 

Ø  Added programs to create standard label tapes to upload formatted data to an IBM mainframe nightly.

Ø  Added features that included tracking electronically transmitted data and floppy disk submissions from schools. 

Ø  Wrote and carefully maintained FIPS  documentation for 12 subsystems: flowcharts, data dictionaries, file/program cross reference charts, data entry user guides for each subsystem, operations guides (including recovery procedures), report summaries and distribution lists, and testing documents.


Programmer                                                                                                     Confidential

Ø  Provided programming support to meet the compensation and benefit requirements for over six thousand field agents, using COBOL, TSO, Panvalet on an IBM  MVS mainframe.


Ø  and Good Conduct Medal.                          

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