Network Support Technician Resume Profile OH

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Network Support Technician Resume Profile OH

Summary of Skills


Microsoft Certified Professional #11147589 – Installing and configuring Windows Server 2012


HDI Certified Help Desk Analyst, A+ Certified IT Technician, Network+ Certified Technician; Dell Americas Desktop Proficiency Certification; Dell Americas Notebook Proficiency Certification; Familiarity with ITIL


Troubleshooting, networking, and administrative experience with Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 including Server Core.  Knowledge of and experience with Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft Office including Outlook, and various anti-virus systems including Sophos, Trend Micro, and Symantec. This includes both deployment and configuration.  Experience writing batch files and bash scripts


Troubleshooting, networking, and administrative experience with GNU/Linux including CentOS, pfSense firewall, and Ubuntu Linux.  Experience with software applications such as Amanda Backup, UrBackup, PBX in a flash/FreePBX, LDAP, SSH, Postfix, Sendmail, MySQL, Samba, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and OpenVPN


Knowledge and understanding of LAN/WAN topologies; Experience configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Netgear routers, Cisco Wireless networking, and computer networking in an office and warehouse setting. Knowledge and experience with TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS.


Experience with virtualization including VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM.  Knowledge of Nagios monitoring tool as well as Scale HC3.  Experience with BMC Remedy, BMC Service Desk Express (Magic), OTRS, and Combodo iTop service management tools.






Skills in computer programming, networking, help desk operations, systems hardware configuration, application software, telecommunications, security, purchasing, decision making, and interpersonal skills.


Concentration is in both networking and help desk support.










Network Support Technician,  Confidential


Job duties include:


  • Support and maintenance of computer systems, phone system, and network printers including networking, routing, and interconnectivity issues


  • Identify departmental needs and make suggestions regarding technical direction
  • Test software applications and systems to ensure security and efficiency



Help Desk Analyst II,  Confidential


Job duties included:


  • Providing first and second level telephone and remote support to both AmTrust Bank employees and contractors


  • Analyzing and resolving problems related to desktops, voice and e-mail, servers, remote access products, blackberries, and PC applications and escalating to the appropriate technical level as needed


  • Participating in the rotation schedule for responding to Help Desk email
  • Assisting in the training and mentoring of other Help Desk Analysts and associates
  • Documenting new hardware and software procedures



Client/Server Support Analyst,  Confidential


Job duties included:


  • Providing Tier II Support to desktop clients to Kaiser Permanente employees throughout the Northeast Ohio area


  • Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of hardware including, but not limited to, desktops, laptops, servers, routers, and PDAs


  • Performing inventory of all equipment, including recommendations of needed upgrades




Technical Support Analyst,  Confidential


Job duties included:


  • Providing first level telephone and remote support to both National City employees and contractors


  • Providing second level support to contractors and employees regarding issues involving Microsoft Office


Client/Server Support Analyst, Confidential


Job duties included:

·         Providing end-user support to employees of Progressive Insurance

·         Providing support to Windows 2000 desktop and laptop systems with remote utilities such as PCAnywhere and Terminal Services


·         Performing software upgrades and installations manually and through software management tools


·         Performing hardware and network upgrades and installations



System Administrator, Confidential


Job duties included:


·         Providing end-user support to employees of the City of East Cleveland

·         Providing support to Windows 98/XP, Windows NT Server 4.0, & Exchange 5.5 systems

·         Overseeing the recommendations and purchasing of new hardware and software

·         Performing backups, daily maintenance, and preparing migration from NT Server to 2003 Server



Level Two Technical Support Technician,  Confidential


Job duties included:


  • Providing over-the-phone POS Retail Systems technical support in a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 environment


  • Assisting Level 1 Support Technicians in various trouble shooting procedures
  • Working with Account Managers, Project Managers, and clients to ensure complete functionality of retail systems



Desktop Support Operations Assistant,  Confidential


Job duties included:


·         Providing technical support in Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Mac OS 8.6, and Novell Netware to end users within the organization, including executive personnel


·         Assisting the Manager of Network Operations in various networking tasks, such as changing backup tapes, maintaining user accounts, and monitoring network status


·         Providing game-day support, through POS-Retail Systems, for the team shop and various novelty shops throughout the ballpark


·         Performing the initial load and configuration of operating systems, point-of-sale software, and applications specific to the organization, departments, and users


·         Keeping the company Intranet site updated




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