Network Engineer Resume Profile,Cranbury, NJ

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Network Engineer Resume Profile,Cranbury, NJ
  OBJECTIVE   A highly experienced IT professional with comprehensive Information Technologies knowledge and implementation skills, seeking a position to ensure cost effective, seamless IT operations and client satisfaction   EXPERIENCE
                                       Confidential  Network Engineer Tier II Responsible for monitoring all clients network infrastructure, handling of all escalated incidents by other tiers. Responsible for handling network outages, troubleshooting network issues. Design, implementation and management of new LAN and WAN infrastructures. Managing all Cisco routers and switches. Cisco 26xx, 28xx, 29xx routers and most L2 and L3 Cisco switches. Configuring Site-to-site IPSEC VPN tunnels and remote VPN access utilizing Cisco ASA 5505, 5510, 5525. FortiGate firewalls configuration and implementation. Responsible for all network infrastructure documentation and diagramming. Working closely with other engineering teams to accommodate their design requirements. Working with enterprise class broadband vendors like Windstream and ZAYO building router configuration for MPLS implementation.   Confidential Sr. Network Engineer Senior Network engineer for a managed services company. Responsible for 30+ network existing network environments. Designed and implemented 20+ LAN/WAN environments from the ground up.     Project management for network management augmentation to multi-site hospital environments, including working in conjunction with Dell hosted services for EMR implementations, site-to-site VPN solutions. Project manager for the GE Hudson River Project Designed and implemented NLOS (non line of sight) secure wireless mesh network to             provide for real-time seamless maritime vessel communication converging with on-shore LAN/WAN networks and Data Centers located in Boston MA. Project manager for on-premise Exchange migration to Office 365 Cloud services for 1500+ users and physical to virtual data-center migration for multi-city Hospital complex. Confidential Sr. Network Administrator Responsible for 50+ on-premise servers and 25 remote servers nationwide. Responsible for troubleshooting all network related issues including end user connectivity issues for over 2500 users. Administration and maintenance of production web servers and Active Directory, including NT and Exchange account creation and maintenance, group policy administration. Responsible for implementing and maintaining disaster recovery infrastructure. Implemented DataDomain with de-duplication technology with tape backup failover and integrated into current BackupExec and BESR technologies, saving the company $50,000+ per year and improving data recovery time and significantly reduced possible downtime. Designing and implementing VMware server infrastructure for testing and development teams. Working closely with other department business owners to liaison between other I.T. teams and achieve seamless problem resolution.     Responsible for all servers and server application documentation which includes Sarbanes and Oxley audit preparations.     Confidential Senior systems engineer Designed, developed and implemented company wide IT infrastructure, including implementation and administration of a WAN across a multi-site topography. Design and implementation of Tablet Mobile workstations installed across the mobile fleet, with cost effective real time network communications. Intimate knowledge of medical billing and computer aided dispatch systems was attained in order to implement cross system communications and a seamless work-flow which created an $80,000 per year savings for the company. Trained company employees in different departments specific to the each of their requirements. Administration of SQL, Win2000, win2003 servers and Active Directory. Disaster recovery planning and implementation using VERITAS (now Symantec Backup Exec.) Oversight and in-house Support Quality Assurance of other Network Administrators. Confidential During the First Union Bank and Wachovia Bank merger responsible for configuration and installation of 700 Desktop machines and Network communications upgrades in over 100 branches in the tri-state area. All current systems were merged with the new Wachovia banking systems, and a new LAN was implemented at each site. Worked closely with the NOC administrators ensuring 100% Active Directory functionality at the beginning of each day before each branch went live, and subsequently rectifying any technical and LAN communication problems. Responsibilities also included identifying and implementing LAN communications specific to each site.    
  Confidential Responsible for 735 workstations and disaster recovery planning. Windows 95/98 Windows NT based network design, Mass Storage solutions. LAN troubleshooting. Job description: Supporting all in house end-user pc’s 5% of which were laptops running windows 98, and 120 remote machines running mixed Windows 95/98. Support responsibilities (Help Desk Level III) included repairing hardware, resolving software problems, and network connectivity problems. On the server side, working with the “Network Services” team to resolve any server problems, designing scripts to be pushed through the network via logon scripts with Windows NT 4.0 servers to install new software and for anti-virus updating purposes. Every week meetings with all other IT teams were required to come up with new solutions as well as to improve current operations and Help desk system, to make it more efficient, and to cut down unnecessary spending.  
  Confidential 250 Laptop running (Windows 95) roll out for Johnson & Johnson (Orhto Clinical Diagnostics) Worked with a team to roll out special ordered laptop pc’s. Process included resolving any hardware problems with the machines before any software could be loaded on it, after that the pc’s would be imaged and Lotus Notes had to be configured specifically to access only Bio-Engineering related databases.  
    Confidential Project: Lotus Notes R5 roll out 900 Desktops. Responsible for preparing 900 Desktops and laptops for a database Upgrade. Working in a team to schedule and visit each workstation to resolve any existing problems in order to ensure a smooth roll out. Configuration of Lotus Notes was required to prepare the current version for the upgrade. After this process our team had to coordinate with network administrators from other departments to plan the company wide roll out.   Confidential Designing a company specific standard for the pc’s to be manufactured. Working with systems builders to find hardware to be utilized in the systems. Training other employees to build pc’s and building process, also building and repairing returned machines.    
  Confidential Responsible for all servers and workstations in the company. Responsibilities included Installation and configuration of Windows NT 3.51/4.0 servers and Windows 95 based workstations. Structuring and building of the network system in the company. Designing and building VIDEO servers that had to be capable of encoding and decoding live video using VistaCOM and Picture-Tel CODECS building VIDEO storage servers, implementation of back-up system for the video servers and all file serves. Providing support for 48 clients, which included traveling to clients sites, configuring and repairing the systems purchased from VC Solutions.    
      References available upon request  
  Certifications   Microsoft Certified Professional #2592422   CCNA/CCNP 2015     Skills Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 (all) Vmware vSphere ESX, ESXi MS Hyper-V Windows XP professional, Windows 2003 Server (ALL) Exchange 2003-2010 Office 365 (exchange) Symantec Email Gateway MXLogic SaaS Kaseya Administration Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Advanced, Cisco ASA 5505/5510/5525 Cisco Routers 4506, 26xx, 28xx, 29xx, 3640s Cisco Switches most L2 and L3 models. Fortigate Firewalls all models. Cisco PIX SonicWall TZ, NSA and Load Balancing Business Continuity Disaster Recovery and Planning DataDomain LAN/WAN Troubleshooting, Installation, Configuration, BackupExec BackupExec System recovery Walters Kluwer CCH ZipSales ProFX System Cognos 8 BI Microsoft Office(ALL), Outlook(ALL), Norton/Symantec Ghost(imaging) Visual Basic, PL/SQL, SQL,  Access Programming. VBA, VB Scripting, Windows Scripting              

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