Microsoft Based Architecture Resume Profile ,Parsippany, NJ

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Microsoft Based Architecture  Resume Profile ,Parsippany, NJ





I have over 20 years in Information Technology (IT). I have held various roles throughout my career including Application Architect, Team Leader, Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst, and Programmer. My management experience has included leading various small teams (3-12 people) in several successful full life cycle projects and ongoing maintenance. The various aspects of those full life cycle projects and others I have done include completing business analysis, requirements definitions, functional specifications, technical specifications, object models, database models, various UML deliverables, hardware configurations, software and database architecture, programming, testing, deployment, and obtaining, managing and developing staff.


skills summary



Application Architect/Team Lead/Project Manager                                                                       12 years

Microsoft Web Development (C#, VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT, COM+, ASP, XML, HTML, DHTML, MTS, .NET)        10 years
SQL Server                                                                                                                                 11 years
Oracle                                                                                                                                          6 years
Object Oriented Development (C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, COM+, PowerBuilder)             11 years
E-Commerce                                                                                                                               9 years
Software Development                                                                                                                20 years

Technical Skills

C#                                                     SQL Server 2000/2005              ASP.NET                                                  Windows 2000/2003
Microsoft Project                               Oracle 8i                                     ErWin                                                        UML
JAVASCRIPT                                    Visual Studio                              Visual Basic                                                TSQL
XML                                                  Visual Source Safe                      IIS                                                              COM/DCOM
.Net Framework                                Enterprise Architect                   Microsoft Application Blocks                    ADO.NET
AJAX                                                 Visual Studio Team System         SSIS                                                           Agile/XP/SCRUM









Application Architect/Team Lead/Manager/Product Manager/ Project Manager

Key capabilities:

·         Effective in working with business units to create business analysis, system requirements and project plans.

·         Skilled in creation of project plans, resource allocations, use cases, object models, data models, sequence diagrams, function and technical specifications.

·         Successfully manage and staff projects on time and within budget.

·         Capable to prepare RFP responses and negotiate project and service contracts.

·         Ability to manage scope, budget and project resources.

·         Hire, mentor and develop technical staff

·         Architect software applications and database designs

·         Expertise in application design patterns



Microsoft Based Architecture

Key capabilities:

·         Fluent in developing Microsoft based architectures.

·         Six years experience developing in .NET framework.

·         Ability to manage and work within a team environment.

·         Successfully mange and develop high volume, enterprise class software.

·         Define application functionality plus look and feel.

·         Fluent in current Microsoft best practices and design patterns


Database Architecture

Key capabilities:

·         Over 15 years relation database design and development experience.

·         Ability to develop logical and physical data models.

·         Write stored procedure, queries, view, triggers and table scripts in both T/SQL and PL/SQL.

·         Manage database storage, backup procedures, clustering, and database security.

·         Can specify hardware design and capacity requirements.

·         Experience with VLDB (exceeding 3 Terabytes)

·         Design and implement disaster recovery plans.








Technical Project Manager  – Consultant

Contracted to Microsoft Consulting Services for the following assignments:

Tasked with improving performance and response time of the global time and expense application for Ernst and Young. Managed and made several recommendations which produced significant improvements in application performance and throughput.

Tasked with managing a project which stress tested Siebel 8.0 upgrade from 7.5. The task entailed defining and evaluating specific tests that put significant load on the application.

Tasked with leading the re-architecture of an application in Verizon to load approximately 40GB of batch changes per night as well as 1 million online changes during the day into a 4 way federated/clustered SQL Server 2005/64bit environment with approximately 2 Terabytes of storage in total. Technologies included .NET 3.0, BizTalk 2006 and SQL Server 2005.  Wrote stored procedures, multiple SSIS package and several .Net 3.0 classes. Wrote .Net 3.0 based windows service to read messages from MSMQ and write them to Service Broker. Completed various troubleshooting of performance issues on existing applications. Provided client with several how-to documents as well as detailed hardware and system architecture documents.

Tasked with developing a disaster recovery plan for Hartford insurance that would exceed a 500 mile requirement for SQL Server 2005, Reporting Server and IIS servers. Evaluated both frame-based and database mirroring replication. Created test plans, failover documentation and setup documentation. Provide in-depth analysis of the pro/cons of frame-based replication verses database mirroring and made recommendation to management on which solution to implement. Built packages to synchronize users, jobs, and Analysis Services. Built, documented and implemented procedures to provide mirrored backups.

Contracted to Merrill Lynch to help reengineer and troubleshoot base .Net authentication framework for retail customers to support up to 10 million active users.   Worked with application developers to improve scalability and application performance. Part of the Merrill Lynch’s team to evaluate and approve new application architectures. Responsible for developing and documenting change management procedures to insure quality, repeatability and application delivery. Lead project to determine impact of upgrading to SQL Server 2005 and Reporting. Designed and implemented disaster recovery procedures for SQL2000/2005 for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Lead , architected and developed an ASP.Net 2.0 C# application to manage and report on company wide provisioning user base and another application to provide consistent enterprise wide. Responsible for the design and architecture of internal support website.

Contracted to AstraZeneca of Wilmington, DE to manage, lead, architect and develop .Net website using C#, ASP.Net and Oracle 8.1 to replace and reengineer existing ASP application. Interviewed and hired additional project resources. Conducted meetings with business sponsor and various user groups to determine application design, processes, deliverables and project plan. Responsible to make sure work was delivered according to specific project milestones and within negotiated fixed price contract. Secondary goal was to establish and showcase UML design methodology and best practices for the entire IT organization. Wrote function specifications, use cases, state diagrams, database model, and object models. Created application framework based on Model/View/Controller design pattern and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using the domain model. Designed and created Oracle scripts and stored procedures. Designed and developed object models using Enterprise Architect.

Contracted to Competitive Media Resources to architect, manage, support and develop .NET applications with a Sybase database. Responsible for working with business sponsors to produce user requirements, use cases, technical requirements, user interface prototypes, object design, .NET components, web services, and web pages. Developed project plan and track and report to upper management on project progress.


Contracted to Associated Press of Cranbury, NJ to architect, manage, support and develop .NET applications with a SQL Server 2000 database. Hire, supervise and mentor staff of 4 developers as well as other staff within various areas of the company. Met with C-level executives, directors, business managers, and corporate lawyers to discuss the value of those company’s software, hardware and employee resources. Reviewed lawyer’s acquisition documents for one company that was purchased. Development responsibilities included producing UML models, Erwin database models, .NET components, web services, web pages and windows applications. Create disaster recover procedures, clustered database environment and backup/recovery scripts and procedures. Build primary key relationships, create indexes, tune and optimize database performance, created stored procedures, design and implement maintenance and backup strategies.


Senior Microsoft Consultant – Consultant

Contracted to be part of a 5 man development team for FreightPro’s website ( Provided business analysis, technical specifications, software development, testing, and deployment in a Visual Basic 6.0, COM+, MTS, ADO, XML, XSLT, T/SQL and SQL Server 2000 environment. Developed database design, wrote stored procedure, triggers, table modifications and views. Responsible for documenting and developing rollout procedures.


Team Lead/Principal Engineer

Hired as a Principal Engineer in the professional service division. Lead a team of 5 engineers on an extensive web development project for the Houston Museum of Natural Science ( Produced RFP responses, timelines and project plans. Met with Museum Director to determine project scope and deliverables. After initial product delivery, negotiated professional services support contact as well as several RFP responses for additional functionality with the Museum Director and IT director. Provided technical specifications, software development, testing, and deployment in a Visual Basic 6.0, COM, ADO, VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, DHTML, HTML, T/SQL, Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, IIS 4.0, and Server 7 environment. Setup and installed IIS, SQL Server 7 and Site Server Commerce Edition with Personalization and Membership. Created databases, tables, views, stored procedures, jobs, and DTS packages. Responsible for the design and development of the cross-browser e-box office. Responsible to do live demonstrations of Attunity’s software product to IT managers and developers on a pre-sales basis.


Team Lead/Project Manager/Program Manager


Contracted to manage Voicestream’s/T-Mobile’s intranet. Teams consisted of 5 local resources and a team of 6 additional developers in a remote location. Provided system architectural design, business analysis, system requirements, database modeling, database administration, technical specifications, software development, testing, and deployment in an ASP, ADO, COM, T/SQL, SQL Server 6.5 and Oracle 8i environment. Designed and implemented disaster recovery procedures. Responsibilities included meetings, hiring contractors, tracking project progress and timelines.


Contracted to be part of the Microsoft’s Premier Support Team. Responsible for developing a cross-browser website to deliver Premier Support content and hot fixes. The technologies used were ASP, VBSCRIPT, ADO, COM, Visual Basic 6.0, T/SQL, SQL Server 6.5 and Site Server 3.0


Contracted to build a commercial Visual Basic product for Mosaix that interfaced with Mosaix’s automated dialing solution. Hired to create a product from the work I had did a few months prior. The product was developed in Visual Basic with a SQL Server backend. Developed the product concept, the database design, and the software and worked with the marketing department and testing department in the development process. Wrote database creation scripts, stored procedures, BCP scripts and I/SQL commands.


Contracted to develop a product for one of Moxaix’s customers that input text files into SQL Server and then exported those files to Mosaix’s dialing software and hardware.


Contracted as a Backup DBA and developer for SQL Server 6.5 and Oracle 7.3 for Blue Cross. Developed project status website using IIS 3.0, HTML 3.2, ASP, VBSCRIPT, T/SQL and SQL Server 6.5. Created Erwin 3.0 database diagram, developed SQL database scheme change scripts, created backup scripts for both SQL Server and Oracle. Member of a development team that made multiple enhancements to a Visual Basic 4.0/SQL Server application.


Contracted to design and construct an application for Media Passage, an advertising startup company. Responsible for supervising an 8 person staff in developing system requirement, database design and construction, network design and architecture and software design and development. Used SQL Server 6.5, ErWin and Visual Basic 5.0

Contracted to First Choice Helth tolead a 5-person team in modifying and creating a PowerBuilder health care insurance package in an Oracle 7.0 environment running on SCO UNIX. Developed a data warehouse to manage claim history. Wrote queries, procedures, packages, functions and SQL Loader scripts. Managed a team of 4 developers and assisted with network and capacity planning.


Contracted to Tosco to be part of a 20-person team to migrate from BP of Ohio systems to in-house system. Created COBOL interfaces from flat files to Oracle Database. Wrote queries, procedures and SQL loader functions with an AIX environment.


Systems Analyst

Designed and developed a process engineering system. Installed and maintained UNIX and PC network. Lead a project to replace aging MRP system.


Business Applications Analyst

Managed two major full life cycle projects. One PC project that was used to bill high power customers and track energy usage at substations, schools and homes. The second project was a system for the advertising department to track responses to advertisements. The system was designed and developed using COBOL/CICS and DB2 with James Martin Information Engineering techniques.


Programmer Analyst

Responsible to maintain various financial applications including payroll, financial reporting and cash in an IBM Mainframe environment.



Trained as a COBOL programmer. Maintained and enhanced a line of credit system and a deposit system.


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