Enterprise Architecture And Program And Project Management Resume Profile , CA

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Enterprise Architecture and Program and Project Management  Resume Profile  , CA



n  Developing and implementing strategies for Data Quality and Data Migration.

n  Developing analytical and statistical approaches for characterizing and monitoring complex data environments.

n  Evaluating the quality and integrity of complex data and related architectures.

n  Developing and implementing organizational governance frameworks and processes.

n  Developing strategic planning and oversight frameworks and processes.

n  Creating frameworks and managing IV&V and quality assurance functions.

n  Managing large, distributed projects involving multiple national laboratories, universities, and federal agencies using federated architecture principles.

n  Developing frameworks, architectures and models for storing, processing, and visualizing data.

n  Managing contracts and grants lifecycles from proposal development through project closeout.

n  Architecting, designing, coding, and distributing custom software.



data domains

Retirement/Healthcare Benefits              Nuclear / Scientific

Accounting / Finance                            Justice / Corrections

Human Resources                                


NIEM Data Modeling: Corrections/Justice/FBI/Hazmat/CBRN/Immigration/Intelligence


standards, Frameworks, and TECHNOLOGIES (abbreviated list)

Assembly, Big Data, Business Reference Model (BRM), C/C++, Checkstyle, ClearCase. ClearQuest, Dimensions, Data Reference Model (DRM), Eclipse, Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)/FEA2, FIPS, FSAM, Forth, FORTRAN, Hadoop, HL7, Hibernate, HIPAA, Java, Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Object Oriented Databases, Oracle, Pascal, PHP, PII, PMBOK, PMD, Performance Reference Model (PRM), RapidMiner, Risk Radar, SAP, SharePoint, Sonar, Spreadsheet ML, Spring, SQL, Service Component Reference Model (SRM), TOGAF, Technical Reference Model (TRM), Troux, XML, XBRL, XPATH/XSL/XSLT


Other Skills

Mathematics, Statistics, Analytical Methods, Experimental Design, Modeling, Association Management.









Role:   - Enterprise Architecture and Program and Project Management


Serves as a lead for the development of frameworks, methodologies, processes, and guidelines for enterprise architecture as well as program and project management.


Role: Enterprise Architect


In the role of Enterprise Architect, establishes the technical direction for architecture within CDCR through interaction with the EA Program and their internal CDCR clients to define architecture changes across FEA reference models as modeled in Troux. Also in this role, analyzed information flows in all mission critical prisoner and parolee management systems, and the CDCR Business Information System (RSTS, LSTS, LINX, LEADS, ERMS, BIS, SOMS); assembling a 13,000 attribute Enterprise Data Dictionary; developing the CDCR Data Architecture Roadmap; developing Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance dashboards that integrate SAP, Project Server, and Troux data; participation in the development of a CDCR SOA Framework and Implementation Guide; and development of a data exchange standard including leveraging NIEM and developing a Corrections domain.



Role: Architecture Compliance & Source Code Quality Analysis



·         Managed vendor proposed architecture and implementation promises and commitments for this $500M+ project that involved identifying representations made or issues deferred; determined the technology and business impact of the items; and maintained the status of the items to closure.

·         Performed large-scale Java code analysis identifying gaps in coding standard compliance, undetected and typically subtle coding issues. Work typically involved developing custom Java code to perform coding checks on the 11,000+ file code base that are not available in standard checking codes.

·         Established new and creative ways to create and deploy environment configurations for this enterprise level application being implemented.

·         The primary contractor, Accenture, through a formal request to CalPERS, invited me to join the Accenture Application Development Team to integrate the source code quality work formally into their software development process.




Role: Proposal Architect and Manager


Managed a strong Proposal Unit operation that maintained a healthy proposal pipeline, successfully converting identified opportunities into funded projects through the production of effective proposals. Facilitated proposal production by managing and using corporate resources, including assembled teams of subject matter experts. Applied critical thinking and creativity to formulate winning strategies. Studied the state contracting market to understand the competitive landscape and the needs of current and potential clients.


                                    Internal Team

Role: Senior Project Manager and Solutions Architect


Developed and deployed  Confidential solutions planned to satisfy client problems.  Consulted with clients on key problems to ensure causes are identified and resolved in solutions.  Ensured solutions are production-ready and incorporated within methodologies available to delivery resources.  Trained delivery resources in solutions to ensure appropriate resolution of client problems.  Audited delivery teams for compliance with problem resolution strategy.  Collected solution improvements identified on actual projects for clients.  Assessed general critical solutions that can be developed to anticipate current and future client needs. Member of an architecture team providing services to multiple clients based on project needs.



Role: Faculty, In-Boardroom Program


Facilitate meetings of public company boards and their executives on key topics in governance. This work is part of a national effort to build governance skills among the Fortune 500 and other companies. Dr. Confidential has facilitated meetings on topics such as M&A, strategic, risk, current events, and director professionalism.



Role: President and Founding Director


Develop, host, and lead exceptional events on critical topics in corporate governance. Identify stellar speakers to serve as panelists and facilitate panel discussions. Topics have included CEO compensation, strategy, corporate risk, the financial market, family businesses, and institutional investors.




Role: Faculty / Lead Faculty Chair for Math and Science


Periodic faculty of undergraduate and graduate courses in critical thinking, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, managerial decision making, math, and information technology. Certified to teach 40+ courses spanning the colleges of Nursing, Undergraduate Business, Graduate Business, Information Technology, and Arts and Sciences. Primary teaching assignments have been related to descriptive and inferential statistics, and managerial decision making.



Role: CEO


Founded the company and achieved international recognition for work on technology R&D in the area of Data Architecture. Established a high-powered federal contracts and grants operation that achieved an award success rate twice the national average. Developed mission critical technologies for use by the  Confidential in its  . Nuclear Data Program. Served as an invited member of  Confidential  delegations to the International Atomic Energy Agency providing subject matter expertise on data quality and emerging software technologies.



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