CM /Build & Release Engineer Resume Profile, OH 

Reference Id: 83181     Posted on Friday 18th September 2015      Release Manager

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CM /Build & Release Engineer Resume Profile, OH 



·         Around 8 years of experience in Build/Release Engineering and Process Methodologies

·         Extensively worked with Anthill Pro and Hudson, Continuous Integration and End to End Automation Tools.

·         Deployed code on Websphere Application Servers for Production, QA, and Development environments using WSADMIN scripts and integrated  then with Python/Jython scripts to enhance the functionality of the deployment process

·         Used Puppet for Configuration Management tool

·         Experience in administering and supporting the CM tools including Subversion, Clear Case,Gradle, GIT on UNIX and Windows environments

·         Good Command in Shell/Perl/Python/DOS scripting

·         Developed multiple power shell scripts for DOT NET Applications.

·         Proficient in Unix/Linux/Windows OS administration.

·         Experience in using Subversion, Perforce and CVS Version Controls.

·         Expertise in working with Remedy, ITS, PICCT, JIRA and Bugzilla Tracking/Auditing Software.

·         Hands on Experience in Java/J2EE/C++ development.

·         Wrote deployment Automation scripts for multiple DOT NET and JAVA/J2EE Applications

·         Used Ant/Maven and make for building Java/J2EE Applications.

·         Experience with Devenv, msbuild for building DOT NET APPS.

·         Experience with Code Quality Tools like PMD, Find Bugs, and Covertures.

·         Knowledge on Code Analysis Tools SONAR and XRADAR.

·         Exposure to Jython, Python scripting.

·         Worked on SOX and OCC Compliant/Regulated environments and with SOX for internal auditing.

·         Worked on IIS, Apache, IBM HTTP, Jboss and IPlanet web servers.

·         Experience in Project Delivery Framework and Project Portfolio Management.

·         Hands on experience in writing Database scripts using PLSQL.

·         Extensive working experience on Oracle xi/xg, MS SQL, IBM DB2.

·         Hands on Administration experience with Websphere and Weblogic Application Servers

·         Experience in Jython for writing and editing Wsadmin scripts for IBM WAS deployments.

·         Experience in automating wide variety of J2EE Applications including DOT NET applications.



Technical Skills


Build Tools:                   ANT, Maven, Jenkins, MS build, Cruise Control, Bamboo and Hudson

SCM Tools:                    CVS, SVN, Gradle, Clear Case, TFS 2010, Star Team, Perforce.

Processes:                      MS Windows XP/2000/NT/98, UNIX, Linux, MS DOS

Languages:                     C, C++, JAVA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#

Database:                       Oracle 10g and 9i, PL/SQL, SQL 2005 and Enterprise

Scripting Languages:      JavaScript, Shell, XML, HTML, VB script, Batch script, Ant, Maven

Operating Systems:        MS Windows XP/2000/NT/98, UNIX, Linux, MS DOS






CM /Build & Release Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

·         Implemented software engineering best practices around software release, tools and IT management

·         Implemented a complete automated build-release solution using a combination of technologies like fisheye, Ant, Jenkins/Hudson, Anthill, Wiki.

·         Performed automated code check-outs in perforce and created branches.

·         Supported parallel development by creating multiple dev branches, by performing merges in Perforce.

·         Manage daily builds and deployments to multiple SIT environments.

·         Coordinating database drops, debugging builds and deployment issues.

·         Prepare implementation plans and packages for deployment to QA and Production environments.

·         Verifying submitted by development groups TR forms and insuring requested changes were part of particular build or deployment.

·         Used Puppet for Configuration Management tool

·         Automated Unit Testing, functional Testing using Anthill Pro.

·         Extensively used Maven and Ant for building applications.

·         Integrated Covertures, Clover for Code Coverage and PMD, Find Bugs for code quality testing and analysis in Anthill Pro.

·         Used Python/ Jython script to configure the Weblogic application server in all the environments

·         Written Perl and Shell Scripts to perform deployments to Jboss and Tomcat Web servers.

·         Initially used Ant for writing build.xmls for building Java/J2ee applications later on migrated to Maven.

·         Wrote Power shell scripts for Dot Net application deploys, service installs and for windows patches/upgrades

·         Wrote Perl scripts for IBM message broker toolkit applications and plugged them in Anthill and Jenkins/Hudson.

·         Also managed Anthill Server for a short period of time – performed backup activities, cleanup of build lives and artifacts, helped for troubleshooting my changing log levels, configured repositories

·         Performed automated labeling after every build

·         Played a key role in proposing best branching strategy using Release and Docking branches

·         Strictly enforced ITIL process while pushing builds and deployments to prod and pre-prod environments.

·         Gathered all the stakeholder approvals, necessary signoffs while acting as a release manager for two development teams

·         Implemented Anthill-maven integration for 4 development teams that used maven to build their code

·         Administered Websphere/Weblogic application Servers at configuration level

Environment: - Anthill, UNIX, Linux,Gradle, AIX, HP-UX, Jenkins, Windows x, Ant, Maven, Perl, Shell, Bean Shell, Perforce, Websphere, ITIL process




SCM/Build & Release Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

·         Designed Subversion (SVN) branching strategy and implemented version control environment to suit the needs for development and release management. Involved in creating new projects in SVN. Integrated JIRA in with SVN and dealing with its administration in change management process.

·         Converted and automated builds using Ant and Maven Scheduled automated nightly builds using Hudson and maintained Continuous integration effort with Hudson along with scheduled builds

·         Responsible for migrating source code from Rational Clear Case to subversion and automating the build process using Hudson. Developed and maintained tools that automate the building of software releases for an Agile based software development process.

·         Maintain all build functions, and release functions of large driver and application code base.

·         Setup Maven Remote Internal Secure Repository  with access restricted to team members

·         Configuring Pom.xml for automated deployment of artifacts to remote repository and automated build drop to QA for further testing.

·         Automated packaging of artifacts into self-extracting installers like RPMs using maven and adding configurations/mappings in pom.xml

·         Documented Build process, branching strategy and continuous integration design and setup along with deployment instructions for QA

·         Recommended build management, defect management development process flow. Administrator of Clear Case and SVN

·         Co-ordinate build and release cycles on the request of business with dev teams, testing teams and project management teams

·         Created and modified trigger scripts in ClearCase environment using Shell and Perl Scripting. Developed and maintained UNIX/Perl/Ant scripts for build and release tasks.

·         Responsible for deployment of builds in different environments as per request. Installed Cruise Control and performed troubleshooting during installation.

Environment: -  Clear Case, SVN, Shell, ANT, Maven Hudson JIRA .Linux, Windows, Jboss.



Build, Environment and Automation Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

·         Worked as a Build Engineer, to promote builds into QA, Integration, Training, DR and Prod environments.

·         Managed and administered Version Control - IBM Clear case.

·         Handled weekly Merges for the Composite applications and their modules.

·         Sustained the deployed code into Production.

·         Used Maven for building the artifacts and also administered the Maven Build scripts.

·         Created Maven POMs to automate the build process for the new projects and integrated them with third party tools like Sonar, Nexus.

·         Administrative knowledge of Nexus repository.

·         Worked as an SCM in automating the build and deploy process through Anthill Pro.

·         Worked on deploying applications in Web Sphere.

·         Written Shell and Perl scripts for the automation of deployments and integrating them with the CI tool.

·         Troubleshooting and stabilizing the various environments - build, deploy and environment issues.

·         Worked on Batch Scripts for automated jobs.

·         Used Wily Introscope to monitor JVM performances, across various environments.

·         Used Soap UI for wsdl invoking and simulation on various applications.

·         Created documentation for design, review and implementation.

·         Coordinated with Delivery Team Leads and Release Management to ensure efficient build automation process.

Environment: - IBM Clearcase, Anthill Pro, Shell, Perl, Websphere, Ant, Maven, Nexus,  Soap UI, Wily Introscope, Java, .NET.




Build Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

·         Worked as a Build Engineer for a team that involves three different developments teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.

·         Integrated the existing Ant scripts to automate the code quality report generation process for the existing legacy based applications

·         Responsible for deploying the application WARs in Weblogic application servers and troubleshoot any deployment issue.

·         Used ANT for building the applications and developing the build scripts, from existing Shell scripts.

·         Developed and tested installation scripts for automated deployment.

·         Coordinated the build and deployment bottlenecks with the development team.

·         Worked as a SCM in automating the build and deploy processes using Teamcity.

·         Worked on Jenkins for builds and deployment using Ant scripts to build and deploy.

·         Worked closely with developers to pinpoint and provide early warnings of common build failure.

·         Designed and implemented GUI modifications, stored procedure changes, and report changes.  Created documentation for design, review, and installation.

·         Worked directly with Project Managers to establish, create and design the build automation process.


Environment: - Subversion, Teamcity, Shell, Weblogic, Apache, Ant, Jenkins .

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