Storage/Net App Administrator, Resume Profile, USA

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 Storage/Net App Administrator, Resume Profile, USA







To secure a position where there is scope to implement my current skills and enhance my knowledge through practical learning.






·         Over 8 Years experience in implementing, administering and maintaining NetApp FAS6100, FAS3100, FAS3000, FAS 2000 with Snapshot, Snap Mirror and UCS with Flex Pod.

·         Progressive experience in IT industries, hands-on experience with VMware vSphere, VDI View , SRM , P2V , Windows , Unix , Linux and  EMC/Netapp Storage Area Networks (SAN) & Networked Attached Storage (NAS).

·         Experience in VMware vSphere 5/4, VDI View 5,SRM ,P2V migrations and Infrastructure Build /Design and administration

·         Experience in deploying and implementing Vblock infrastructure

·         Experience in large P2V migration using Platespin,VMware convertor and Doubletake

·         Experience in implementing NetappSnapsuite solutions like Snapshots, SnapMirror, SnapVault, SnapRestore for backup, migration andVMwarre SRM  project for disaster recovery.

·         Expertise in creating VFilers, Aggregates, Volumes, User Quotas and Qtrees.

·         Experience with Platespin power recon and platespin migrator.

·         Hands on experience in DataOntap7G Series, FilerView, Data Fabric Manager, SnapShot, SnapMirror, SnapVault, OSSV, SnapLock, SnapDrive, ECC, Navisphere Manager, Solutions Enabler, SymCLIandSyncMirror in a Clustered Environment.

·         Hands on experience in updating / upgrading ESXi servers, Virtual Center servers and windows virtual machines using VMware Update manager and manual upgrades for Patching

·         Deploy, Secure, Analyze, Administer and Troubleshoot VMware VI4 platforms

·         Extensive hands on experience with design and implementation of enterprise wide Virtualization Projects with VMware and Vblock POC with Cisco UCS

·         Experience in the V2V and P2V migration of Physical servers to VMware ESXi hosts.

·         Installing VMware ESX and ESXi Servers on Cisco UCS and HP blade servers with Flex 10 Networking.

·         Experience in Windows clustering Administration and troubleshooting.

·         Experience with system and Storage Sizing, Capacity Planning, System Tuning andSystem Integration.

·         Experience with Cisco UCS and HP Blade environment

·         Experience in UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Windows Servers.

·         Installation, Migration and Implementation of NetApp FAS Series.

·         Experience in Administration of Storage to Multiprotocol Environments like CIFS and NFS in NetApp environment.

·         Extensive Experience on Storage provisioning LUN creation, Mapping and Masking in SAN environment.

·         Experience in using oncommand systems manager.

·         Experience in Firmware Upgrade and Zoning on Switches and Storage Technologies like iSCSI, FC, RAID and Storage Virtualization.

·         Management of Emulex/QLogic Fiber Channel HBAs, QLogiciSCSI initiators, Heterogeneous bridged Fiber Channel and iSCSI fabric/network environments.

·         Knowledge on VMware Infrastructure design & implementation experience.

·         Virtualization with VMware ESXi, ESX, VSphere and VCenter Suites.

·         Provided the shared LUN to ESX Cluster connected to VMFS Datastore via FC and iSCSI.

·         Installation, Configuration and Administration of VeritasNet Backup, Legato Networker and Disaster Recovery.

·         Knowledge of maintaining Business Continuity and performing Disaster Recovery (DR) using VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

·         Acts as a resource to the customer, providing creative problem resolution and manages service delivery against negotiated goals.

·         Dedicated team player adept at collaborating with members of technical teams or working independently to attain goals and objectives.

·         Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills/24x7 on Call Support for Troubleshooting.

·         Good Overview of Vblock Environment

·         Experience in Technical documentation and RUN books.







Storage/Net App Administrator


·         Involved in design and deployment of VBlock 100

·         Helped the client migrate data from NetApp to EMC VNX 5300 using FastCopy

·         Configured Vcloud on VBlock

·         Configured Backups using EMC Legato Networker

·         Monitoring and Maintaining the NetApp FAS 3200 storage

·         Monitoring the VMware environment

·         Administering the NAS environment

·         Created Virtual Machines on the ESX host and virtualized the applications

·         Monitoring the Backups on every day basis.



VMware/NetApp Engineer


·         Involved in Design and planning and deployment of Cisco UCS with VMware.

·         Worked on complete Cisco UCS build environment with  VMware ESX5.1 

·         Racking, stacking and configuring Cisco UCS

·         Creating service profiles

·         Experience in Knowledge transfer and Run book documentation on the complete Cisco UCS implementation and VMware Environment 

·         Migrating data from NetApp 3240 to NetApp 2240 using snapmirror

·         Configured NetApp 2240 filer

·         Created SAN boot policies

·         Involved in SAN storage LUN alinement and configuration with Cisco UCS/VMware servers.

·         Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtress

·         Fiber channel cabling between Nexus 5k, 2240 and UCS

·         Installed ESX 5.0 on the UCS

·         Deployed Windows/ESX OS on Blades

·         Migrated VMs of ESXi host

·         Zoned Boot Luns/ESXi data stores

·         Documentation and RUN books



Accenture – NetApp/VMware Consultant                                                                      


·         Experience with VMware vSphere upgrade from 4.1 to 5.0

·         Experience in implementing, administering and maintaining NetApp FAS6100, FAS3100, FAS3000, FAS 2000.

·         Experience with VMware vSphere 5.1/5/0/4.1 and Netapps NFS and SAN storage administration.

·         Experience in Datacenter relocation projects with VMware/SAN replication .

·         Very good Experience with Cisco UCS / HP C7000 Blade Server environment

·         Migrated from EMC products to NetApp filers.

·         Configured and managed FAS3K series using Ontap 7G

·         Deployed and implemented complete NetApp NAS setup during datacenter migration.

·         Migrated NetApp to NetApp filers during the same migration process.

·         Replaced the failed disks on the NetApp Filer.

·         Worked on large P2V migrations using VMware convertor and Platespin Migrator

·         Administering Windows 2008/2003 Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and building new windows physical/virtual servers as per the requirement of the project

·         Implementation of VMware vSphere 4.1 with Enterprise Plus Features of vDistributed Switch and Host Profiles Upgrade Experience from VMware Infrastructure 3.0, 3.5 to vSphere 4.1 and Update 1 including vCenter4.0, ESX Hosts, Update manager, vSphere client, and Virtual machines tools and H/W upgrade to vSphere 4.0 (Ver 7)

·         Installation of ESXi 4 Nodes, vCenter 4, Update manager, and Administering VM’s across 2 Datacenters Running 1500 VM’s

·         Maintenance and Monitoring of NetApp FAS Storage by Configuring Aggregates, Volumes and Qtrees using CLI and Oncommand systems manager, Configured Snapshots on NetApp filers.

·         Supported and Implemented NetApp (SAN/NAS) in an existing environment of VMware, UNIX and Windows Servers.

·         Created and configured CIFS Shares, NFS Mounts, Quotas, Groups and Permissions on NetApp NAS.

  • Configured DFM to generate reports automatically at scheduled time.

·         Implemented SnapMirror, and SnapRestore solutions for Migration and Backup restore operation in NAS Environments.

·         Worked with Backup team to process the restore requests on NetApp filers.

·         Worked on VMware ESX Servers and provided NFS volumes and LUNs to ESX Servers.

·         Worked on technical documentation and RUN books.

·         Installed Management Server (VCenter Server) instances to enable centralized management of multiple hosts

·         Designed and administrated server consolidation program through use of VMware ESX server and VMware Virtual Center.

·         View 4 POC assessment /Design and Implementation

·         Analyzing the VM-support logs for ESX servers and Virtual Center logs to diagnose the root cause for the problem Hot and Cold cloning of Virtual Machines using VMware Converter

·         Configured  VMware HA, VMware DRS in acquiring higher efficiency for VMware Infrastructure

·         Installed and worked on VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM 4.0)  for the disaster recovery and managed recovery plans



Environment:VMware vsphere 5.1/4.1 , VMware Convertor , Platespin ,NetApp FAS 3210, 3240, 3270, DataONTAP8.17, Data Fabric Manager, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, Snapshots, SnapVault, SnapMirror, Fabrics Manager, VMware ESX, VSphere Suite, VCenter, Veritas Net Backup, UNIX and Windows 2008.




NetApp/SAN Administrator:


·         Installation and configuration of ESX servers and VM virtual servers using VM-templates to facilitate server consolidation, migration and testing.  

·         Analyze performance of physical servers to determine and customize virtual server specification Deployment of VM Templates to deploy virtual servers.

·         Migration of virtual machines from ESX 3.5 to ESX 4.0.

·         Implementation of NetApp FAS 2000,3000,3100,6000,6100 series and EMC Celerra, Clariion CX 3-40 on SAN and NAS environments.

·         Experience in large P2V migrations of Windows and Linux machines

·         Expertise in Thin provisioning, VMFS expansion, RAID technologies.

·         P2V & V2V conversions using System center virtual center manager 2007.

·         VMware tool up-gradation at host level and VM level.

·         Good experience working with HP EVA virtualization adapter.

·         Server bang light fixing once every month.

·         Clear-up of orphaned vmdk files periodically to clean up memory.

·         VM migration across cluster level using v2v, Mount file option and SCP.

·         LUN path mapping and keeping track of VM’s along with their datastores.

·         Worked on day on support troubleshooting client’s problems.

·         Implementation of Host Profile in development cluster.

·         Good experience in working on Vshield manager.

·         Good administration command on vsphere using Linux commands.

·         Configured volumes for CIFS and NFS in NAS environment and created LUNs using SnapDrive for SAN environment.

·         Maintained EMC Symmetrix and Clariion Storages using SymCLI and Navisphere.

·         Array based and Host based Migrations of Data using SRDF and SAN Copy.

·         Created Arrays, LUN’s on Fiber Channel and iSCSI SAN and present them to hosts.

·         Working with SRDF configuration, management and performing different modes of SRDF operations.

·         Zoning and Firmware up-gradation on Cisco Switches using Fabric Manager with load balancing.

·         Created an initial VMware ESX environment for production on Servers connected to NetApp Storages.

·         Installing and configuring ESX, VCenter and VSphere Suite.

·         Storage level management on VMware/ESX server’s.

·         Creation and management of Virtual Machines, Installing VMware tools, Creating templates, cloning and deploying Virtual Machines from Templates.

·         Creating and configuring VNetwork Standard Switch (vSwitch) and Distributed Virtual Switch (dvSwitch).

·         Installation and configuration of HBA on ESX, Windows and UNIX platforms.

·         Working on various levels of Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas file system and Veritas Cluster Services.

·         Backup, Recovery of the database using Veritas Net Backup.

·         Used analytical skills to resolve complex problems and identify potential solutions by exploring and analyzing diverse alternatives, including, where applicable, risks and potential business impact.

·         Worked on Central Management Server (VCenter Server) to manage all the ESX hosts in the datacenter. Designed and successfully implemented VMware ESX 4.0 servers for server consolidation.

·         Installed VMware VSphere 4 and created virtual machines on ESX 4.0 Servers. Created standard images and deployed servers from the images

·         Analyzing the VM-support logs for ESX servers and Virtual Center logs to diagnose the root cause for the problem.

·         Implemented successful recovery by VMware SRM and eliminated the complexity of managing and testing recovery plans

·         Responsible for routine health-check of the SAN including configuration, documentation, maintenance and upgrades.


Environment:NetApp FAS 3020, 3040, 3170 and 6040, EMC Symmetrix DMX4, EMC Clariion CX3-40, SymCLI, Navisphere, NaviCLI, DataONTAP 7.3, FilerView, Data Fabric Manager, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, Snapshots, SnapVault, SnapMirror, OSSV, SAN Copy, SRDF, Fabrics Manager, Cisco MDS 9000 Series, Emulex HBA, QLogic HBA, VMware ESX, VSphere Suite, VCenter, Veritas Net Backup, Veritas Volume Manager, Solaris 9/10, AIX, UNIX and Windows 2003.




NetApp Storage Administrator:

·         Administered and Maintained NetApp FAS 270, 960 and 3040 series and EMC ClariionCX-700 Series.

·         Configuration of RAID’s and LUN’s on EMC Clariion CX700.

  • Involved in installation and configuration of NAS device EMC Celerra NS40, NS80 Arrays.
  • Configured Celerra Manager, Celerra Replicator on Celerra systems for Local and Remote Replication after creating checkpoints.

·         Creation of Aggregate, Traditional Volume, Flex Volume and Flex Clone using Data ONTAP 6.5.

·         Hands on Experience in Navisphere Manager, NaviCLI and Fabric Manager.

·         Creating, configuring and Managing CIFS and NFS shares.

·         Created LUNs on Fiber channel and iSCSI SAN and presented them to Hosts.

·         Zoning and Firmware upgrade on CISCO Switches.

·         Configuration of Snapshots,Snap Mirror and Snap Vault technologies.

·         Using SnapMirror to Create Disaster Recovery for SnapVault.

·         Installed, Configured and Maintained of NetApp FAS 3040C in Clustered environment.

·         Migrated data using SnapMirror and NDMP

·         Experience in Storage Technologies like SCSI, FC, RAID and Storage Virtualization

·         Installation and configuration of HBA on Windows and UNIX platform.

·         Installed and configured host based multipathing software and patch levels like EMC PowerpathandVeritas DMP.

·         Experience in Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM&VxFS), VeritasNetBackup.

·         Administered VeritasNet Backup 6.0,Creating Backup Policies: Attributes, Clients, and Files

·         Part of team involved in the VMware environment, personally configured the virtual networking within ESX environment.

·         Installation, configuration & maintenance DNS,DHCP,NFS in Solaris, Linux and Active Directory in Windows 2000/2003.

·         Day to day problem analysis, escalation and resolution on NetApp Filers.

·         Provide Level 1 & 2 of Technical Support for NetApp filers.

·         Installed VMware ESX Server 2.5 on all the physical servers to host multiple virtual machines.

·         Installed Management Server (VMware VCenter Server) instance to enable centralized management of multiple hosts

·         Installed VM Clusters (ESX 2.5), Hosts and virtual machines

·         Converting the physical servers to virtual servers using P2V Assistant

·         Enabled VMware HA, VMware DRS for higher efficiency for the Infrastructure


Environment:NetApp FAS 3040, 960 & 270 Series, EMC Clariion CX700 Series, Celerra NS40,NS80, Cisco MDS 9000 Series, Data ONTAP 6.5, Snapshot, SnapMirror, SnapVault, Navisphere Manager, NaviCLI, Fabrics Manager, Emulex HBA, Solaris 8&9, Linux, UNIX and Windows 2000/2003 Servers.





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NetApp Storage &System Administrator,

·         Maintained and Implemented NetApp storages FAS 3000 and 200 Series in NAS environment.

·         Worked with DataONTAP 6.5 Filer Administration.

·         Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees and Quotas on Filers using DataONTAP.

·         Maintained a healthy NetApp storage by Configuring snapshots using Data ONTAP FilerViewand Scheduled daily, weekly, monthly backups using Snapshots.

·         Performed Disk and Shelf firmware upgrades on filers including ESH and AT-FCX modules.

·         Handling system administrator activities of backup servers.

·         Performed server and client backups using Legato Networker.

·         Providing Installation support for Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris 8&9 and Windows 2003.

·         Troubleshooting FTP, NFS, Samba, NIS, NIS+ related issues.

·         Setting up user accounts and group accounts on NIS+ servers.

·         Provided on-site customer support functioning, answering and responding to all reported systems concerns and/or system outages.

·         Installed hardware and software, conducts system upgrades, evaluatedpatch levels and resolved software security related problems.

Environment:NetApp FAS 3020, 270 & 250, DataONTAP 6.5, Legato Networker, Solaris 8/9, Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000/2003.




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Solaris Administrator

·         Installation, configuring all the hardware, peripheral devices, operating systems and software's to effectively deliver system up time.

·         Monitoring the system performance and doing the kernel tuning to enhance the system performance.

·         Performing IT infrastructure and System administration routine activities.

·         Maintaining the CPU & Memory utilization of SUN Servers and performed benchmarks for new software and hardware upgrades.

·         Creating, Managing and Configuring Data consistency of file systems like NFS, NIS, NIS+ and DNS on Sun Servers.

·         Deployed and configured windows 2003 servers with DCHP, DNS, IIS, Active Directory, TCP/IP and Domain Controllers.

·         Securing the Sun Fire System controller (SC) by configuring platform administrator settings and domain administrator settings.

·         Jump-Start installation of Solaris on an array of hardware including E-250 and Ultra5/10.

·         Troubleshooting the network issues and response problems on SUN servers.

·         Administering the software packages and patches on servers as well as workstations.

·         24x7 support to the Production and Test Servers.

Environment: Sun Enterprise Servers E6500, E5500 & 10K Class Servers, Sun Sparc 1000, Shell Scripting, Solaris 8/9, Red Hat Linux 4, SUSE (Linux) and Windows 2000/2003.




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