Storage Engineer, Resume Profile, USA

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 Storage Engineer, Resume Profile, USA


“Storage Management Professional”

Problem-Solving ò Capacity Planning òPerformance Tuningò Storage Infrastructure management


v  8 Years of Professional IT Experience in Configuring and Administering Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Implementing Backup and Disaster Recovery.

v  Experienced in Setup, Configure and Administration on VPLEX, Recover Point,VNX Storage Array.

v  Expertise in EMC Storage Area Networks (SAN) including Administrating, Maintaining and Troubleshooting of Storage Arrays like Symmetrix, VMAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, CLARiion CX-4 and CX-3 Series, VNX 7500/5700, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Backup & Disaster Recovery.

v  Extensive experience in working with EMC Products and Tools like Unisphere Analyzer, Unisphere Manager, Navisphere Analyzer, Navisphere Manager, PowerPath, SnapView Clone/Snapshot, MirrorView, SnapSure and SANCopy.

v  Experience configuring CIFS using VNX file and migration of CIFS using EMCopy.

v  Experienced in Implementing Disaster Recovery Solutions using Open Replicator, SANCopy and Host level migrations (Mirror View), Snap View and SRDF.

v  Well Knowledgeable in Configuring, Troubleshooting and Managing Cisco Switches using GUI and CLI and Brocade Switches using CLI and Connectrix Manager.

v  Expertise in troubleshooting day-to-day SAN Storage and host related issues.

v  Experienced in Installing, Configuring and Maintaining Virtual Machines, ESX Servers, VMware Tools using VMware vSphere 4 and Virtual Center.

v  Knowledgeable and experienced in Installing and Configuring, Multipathing and Load Balancing Software such as EMC PowerPath.

v  Well experienced in Implementing Migration tools like Recover Point, Replication, PPME, SAN Copy Tool, Open Replicator and Open Migrator.

v  Worked on FCOE, ISCSI, FC, and FCIP technologies on different Storage and Server platforms.

v  Experienced in conjuring Dell Compellent Storage Arrays.

v  Experience with Dell Compellent Instant Replay, Compellent Live Volume, Compellent Snapshot

v  Expert in implementing Auto-provisioning and Storage Tiering on VMAX 40K, 20K using SYMCLI and SMC.

v  Worked and knowledgeable on Windows Server 2008, 2003, UNIX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux & VMware platforms as it relates to disk allocation, managing LUN's, Host Side and HBA configuration.

v  Great planning skills with Symmetrix Performance Analyzer for short or long term planning and decisions making and analyzing the root cause of performance issues.

v  Experienced with Disk Management related operations.

v  Experienced in Data Migration using tools like Open Replicator, Hot Pull and Host based tools Open Migration/LVM mirroring, PowerPath Migration Enabler.

v  Expertise in Recover Point with array based splitters in VNX environment in CDP mode along with CRR modes.

v  Worked on VNX file including configuring CIFS Servers and migration of shares using Robocopy.

v  Very well experienced and motivated to work with teams and meeting all deadlines under company’s budget.

v  Team player with strong management and excellent communication skills.


Core Competencies

§  Data Migration

§  System Reporting

§  Disaster Recovery

§  Technology Refresh

§  Backup Recovery

§  Provisioning

§  Solution Design and planning

§  Fabric Zoning

§  Troubleshooting

Technical Skills

Storage Systems:

EMC VNX 7500/5700/5300  VMAX 10K/20K/40K, VPLEX, Data Domai, CLARiiON, DMX, XtremIO

Storage Software:

ECC(EMC Control Center), GUI/CLI, SMC, Device Manager, Fabric Manager, Navisphere Manager, SRDF, SRDF/A, TimeFinder/Clone, Mirrorview/Snapview, ProSphere, Celerra Manager/Replicator, SanCopy, Open Replicator, Recover point.

Unisphere Manager, SYMCLI 6.x/7.x

Migration Tools:

SanCopy, SnapView Snapshot, SnapView Clone, MirrorView, BCV, PPMe, Open Replicator (hot and cold), SRDF, SRDF/A, Vplex Encapsulation.



MDS-Cisco 09513/9509/9506/9216

Brocade- DCX/12K/24K/48K/6510


Fabric Management:

Soft zoning (WWN zoning), hard zoning (port zoning), Fibre Channel SAN Topologies, Inter-switch Links (ISL), Brocade Fabric Manager, Brocade CLI, Cisco CLI, Fabric/Device Manager


Operating Systems:

Windows XP/7, IBM AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1, HPUX 11.x, SunSolaris 8/9/10, Redhat

Linux (RHEL) ES4/ES5/ES6, ESX 3.5, 4.x & 5.0, HP 11.x, VMware Vsphere, Inform OS



Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Storage Engineer


Roles & Responsibilities:


v  Involved in Day-to-Day Administration of Symmetrix V-MAX, VPLEX, VNX 5300, VNX 5700 and CX-4 arrays using SMC/SYMCLI, Unisphere.

v  Implemented Disaster Recovery Exercises to check the consistency of the replicated data along with DR test clean up procedure once DR testing was over.

v  Actively participated in DR testing meetings and recommended action plans after DR test to overcome reported issues. Well-versed on VMware virtualization including creating VM’s/Datastores/VAAI plugins per EMC best practices. 

v  Implemented SRDF/A for production systems including creation of dynamic RA groups, creation of Dynamic RDF pairs, enabling SRDF/A for the group of devices.

v  Actively monitored existing SRDF sessions and resuming them upon suspension using EMC best practices.

v  Worked on configuration and assigning of storage to VMAX and VNX storage array using SYMCLI/ /SMC.

v  Provisioned TBs of space from VMAX to Vplex and created distributed devices and presented in storage views along with creation of new storage views.

v  Migrated VMAX devices using lun migration to maintain the array performance.

v  Created logging volume in VPLEX as it ran out of logging volume space.

v  Experience with data mobility and Management of distributed volumes in VPLEX metro.

v  Migrated VNX thin Luns to thick Luns and Expanding Thin Pools with additional capacity.

v  Comprehensive knowledge in using Unisphere and NavisecCLI in Implementing and Administration of VNX Arrays.

v  Provisioned storage from VNX to Vplex using mapping file and presented distributed virtual volumes to the storage views.

v  Unclaimed storage from the host and unclaimed storage volume from the VPLEX.

v  Created file systems replications and NFS shares.

v  Troubleshoted file system and involved with hardware team in replacing DATA movers and management module in VNX 5300.

v  Well versed with RecoverPoint Implementation in CDP/CRR Environment and created consistency groups.

v  Performed DR testing using RecoverPoint test copy and monitored Journal space.

v  Added new replication sets in existing RecoverPoint consistency groups and adds more journal space to maintain the performance.

v  Created distributed consistency groups in RecoverPoint along with consistency groups to balance the load when required and ran load balance report upon high load errors for best recommended action plan.

v  Conducted Knowledge Transfer Sessions on Administration, Operations and Performance of RecoverPoint.

v  Requested upgrades for VPLEX from 5.2 to 5.3 and VMAX upgrades on time for best performance.

v  Imported RecoverPoint certificate in Vplex to add missing RP cluster in running environment.

v  Added RP cluster in Vplex and troubleshoted all the potential errors and fixed.

v  Configured and troubleshoot fabric switch zoning using Cisco and Brocade Switches.

v  Extensively worked on SAN related host connectivity for various Operating Systems including SUN Solaris, Linux, and Windows.

v  Performed snapshots, lun migration and san copy.

v  Migrated VMAX devices to VNX to reduce write pending utilization of VMAX as it was heavily loaded.

v  Implementation and administration of Time Finder (VSE snapshots) using scripts.

v  Unclaimed storage on VMAX and VNX arrays and dissolved Meta volumes when required.

v  Migrated VMAX devices from one storage pool to pool for best performance.


Environment: EMC Symmetrix, VMAX, VPLEX, VNX 5300, VNX 5700, Data Domain, NS-480,Brocade Enterprise Directors and Departmental Switches, SYMCLI, SMC, SPA, Unisphere, VPLEXCLI, VPLEX Management Console, Active Directory, EMC Control Center, Brocade WebTools/CLI and Connectrix Manager, UNIX, Solaris, Windows 2008/2003, VMware ESX/ESXi and Linux.



Client: Confidential Role: Sr. Storage Administrator


Roles & Responsibilities:


v  Involved in Administration of Symmetrix VMAX/DMX, VNX, CLARiiON, and VPLEX arrays using SMC/SYMCLI, Unisphere and VPLEXCLI/Management Console/Unisphere respectively.

v  Configured RecoverPoint CDP/CRR using Array Based Splitters.

v  Implemented FAST/VP and Thin Provisioning in VMAX by creating Thin Pools and binding devices to POOLS per EMC Best practices.

v  Created Device Mirrors in VPLEX to migrate multiple LINUX Servers.

v  Performed Health and Performance checks on VPLEX using Perpetual Monitors.

v  Created various Monitors on VPLEX Directors to study the Performance.

v  Implemented various Scripts on VPLEX for Reporting.

v  Administered RecoverPoint using RecoverPoint Management Application/Unisphere and RecoverPoint CLI.

v  Expanding Thin Pools with additional capacity.

v  Configured RecoverPoint Disaster Recovery Remotely for mission critical Message Queuing Application.

v  Conducted Knowledge Transfer Sessions on Administration, Operations and Performance of RecoverPoint.

v  Replicated Oracle Databases and Application LUNs between Sites in Asynchronous mode.

v  Implemented SRDF for Production by creating R1 and R2 device pairing, RDF groups and device groups.

v  Experience with Prosphere/SRM tools to perform end-to-end monitoring.

v  Involved in migrations using open replicator/sancopy/PPME for array consolidations.

v  Implemented Disaster Recovery Exercises to check the consistency of the replicated data.

v  Performed Failed Over and Failed Back the Production from Primary to the DR Site and vice-versa to perform Maintenance at the Primary site.

v  Created Design Runbook for the RecoverPoint Administration and Operations.

v  Planned and Executed the Encapsulation of LUNs from EMC DMX, VMAX, CLARiion and VNX Arrays in VPLEX.

v  Performed VPLEX Data Mobility to Consolidate the Storage by Migrating Data from Symmetrix DMX to VMAX and CLARiion to VNX Arrays.

v  Created Storage Pools and RAID Groups on VNX Arrays.

v  Configured VNX as CIFS server and migrated CIFS Shares from Windows/NetApp to VNX using Robocopy/EMCopy.

v  Provisioned LUNs from EMC VPLEX, DMX, VMAX, CLARiion and VNX arrays to a variety of Hosts including Linux, AIX, ESX and Windows.

v  Configured and troubleshoot fabric switch zoning using Cisco and Brocade Switches.

v  Configured Dell Compellent Storage arrays.

v  Well experienced with Dell Compellent Instant Replay, Compellent Live Volume, Compellent Snapshot.

v  Implementation and administration of Time Finder (BCV/Mirror/Clone) using scripts.

v  Implemented FAST/VP on VMAX and VNX arrays per EMC best practices.

v  Executed Zero Space Reclamation on Symmetrix VMAX.

v  Performed Disk Clean-ups and decommissioned the older arrays.

v  Configured Zones in Brocade Enterprise Directors and Departmental Switches using WebTools/CLI and Connectrix Manager.

v  Configured back-ups for operating system, Active Directory Back-up.

v  Implemented Core-Edge topology for new Cisco Fabrics to ensure high availability.

v  Involved in switch migration from Cisco MDS 9506 to Cisco MDS 9513.

v  Used Remedy Services for routine ticketing system.


Environment: EMC Symmetrix DMX, VMAX, VPLEX, CLARiion CX4-960/480, VNX and IBM DS Series Storage arrays, Brocade Enterprise Directors and Departmental Switches, SYMCLI, SMC, Avamar, SPA, Unisphere, VPLEXCLI, VPLEX Management Console, Active Directory, Cisco Switches, Dell Compellent SC200, Brocade Switches, EMC Control Center, Brocade WebTools/CLI and Connectrix Manager, EMC PowerPath, AIX, Windows 2008/2003, VMware ESX/ESXi and Linux.



Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Storage & Backup Administrator


Roles & Responsibilities:


v  Responsible for gathering requirements, installation, configuration, and testing of backups in a high availability enterprise system.

v  Supported service provisioning activities, including: Service starts, stops, suspends, etc.

v  Performed customer initiated Restore requests.

v  Solve issues with backups and restores.

v  Created CIFS shares and NFS mount file systems on the data movers for    application servers in production.

v  Restored multiple files from VM using Avamar Administrator.

v  Have recovered data from image-based backup.

v  Configured Data Domain system for safe recovery.

v  Added Data domains in existing policies and transferred Oracle, SQL server image back up to Data Domain.

v  Worked using Data Domain Boost to increase back-up speed.

v  Have Configured Storage devices to perform back up along with restore operation.

v  Implemented Virtual Provisioning technology to assign storage from for VMAX and DMX-4 Arrays using SYMCLI, SMC.

v  Assigned and Provisioned storage from several VMAX, DMX-3, DMX-4, CX3-80, CX4-480 to Windows, HP-UNIX and AIX, Solaris Servers.

v  Executed Zoning on Brocade 48k, DCX, 5100, 5300, Cisco MDS 9513 switches using ECC.

v  Experienced in EMC CLARiion Administration by using Navisphere Manager and NaviCLI.

v  Migrated data from out of family storage arrays like DMX-2000s to upgraded array DMX-3 using LVM/open Migrator and open Replicator depending on the customer requirement.

v  Actively involved in performing day-to-day operational tasks like storage provisioning and monitoring the health of SAN.

v  Involved in migrating SAN environment from Brocade 24k Director to Cisco MDS 9509 and MDS 9513 Directors (interoperability mode).

v  Well Knowledgeable and Experienced in installation, configuration and maintenance of ECC 6.0 infrastructure and expert in installing and upgrading of agents for different entities (SAN, Masking, Database and File systems etc.)

v  Well experienced in creating Zones and zone sets between different fabrics to migrating purpose.

v  Created Volumes, Luns from console and well experienced in Configuring SnapMirror.

v  Identify underutilized resources (FA ports and host based assets) using Storage scope reporting and proactively resolved the capacity allocation issues.

v  Resolved issues if any in the filers.

v  Administered Luns and snapshots using Snapdrive.

v  Restored Luns in case of any corruption using lun clone.

v  Data movement from filer to filer using SnapMirror (planning)

v  Used DFM to collect Reports and responsible for Preparing Capacity report on monthly basis.

v  Worked strongly with Excel, Visio and other tools for best communication and organization.


Environment: EMC VMAX, DMX-3/4, DMX2000 and CLARiion CX3-80, CX4-480, Net App FAS3020/3040/3070, Cisco MDS 9513/9509 Directors, Brocade 48K/5300/5100, AIX (5.3/5.2), HP-UX (11.23/11.11), Celerra, Win 2K/2K3, Solaris 8/9/10, SYMCLI6.x/7.x, SMC 7.0, ECC 6.0, NAVICLI, Navisphere Manager, Time Finder/BCV, Clones, SRDF/S, Open Migrator and Open replicator, Avamar, NetApp FilerView/CLI, Commvault Simpana9.0, Symantec NetBackup.



Client: Confidential

Role: Storage Administrator


Roles & Responsibilities:


v  Created storage policies for backup for requested volumes and VMs Commvault, CommCell Console from storage policy level.

v  Supported Daily operations and storage provisioning on EMC DMX, VNX storage devices.

v  Timely upgrades, troubleshooting database performance issues, migrated volumes between different aggregates and filers.

v  Monitored the performance of storage array and tuning by moving stressed volumes to other drivers and RAID policies.

v  Experienced and actively worked on DR issues using Snap Mirror along with performing DR tests.

v  Creating NIFS and CIFS shares and migrating to servers and troubleshooting access issues in VNX environments.

v  Management of NAS through NFS and CIFS.

v  Actively worked on snapshots and snap mirror technologies for replicating VMware data stores.

v  Worked on the Installation, Configuration and Zoning on Cisco MDS Switches.

v  Involved in Troubleshooting storage issues and SAN communicating issues from the level of storage administration.

v  Storage Provisioning on EMC DMX-4 and creating TimeFinder clones, SRDF/A replications, troubleshooting connectivity issues, zoning on Brocade switches.

v  Supported DFM operation manager, Akorri monitoring tool for monitoring the performance and checking historical performance to analyze and trace out bottlenecks.

v  Configuration of storage using SIS and compression technologies that resulted in saving more than 50% of storage costs.

v  Documented various Procedures/Run Books as part of knowledge transfer.

v  Worked with SMVI to restore snapshots of ESX hosts and implemented file restoring in Windows and Linux environments.



Environment: EMC DMX-3, DMX2000, CLARiiON CX3-80, CX4-480, Cisco MDS, Netapp 6000/3000 Series, Windows 2008/2003 Servers, Varonis DataAdvantage, Treesice Professional, Varonis DataPrevilage, Commvault Simpana9, Hitachi ESX servers, Red Hat Linux and Solaris Servers, IBM DS800 Series.

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