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 Storage Architect , Resume Profile, CA






  • SAN Storage Technical Consultant with over 12 years of demonstrated expertise delivering critical business projects in financial, government and Education domains with stringent requirement on time.
  • ITIL v3 foundations certified and have worked on Incident/Change/Problem Management. This framework is a process oriented which uses the ITSM tool to manage the ticketing system.
  • Storage Design and allocate SAN space for multiple OS platforms including Host WWN zoning on the fabrics, registering hosts on arrays, Map LUN devices to new or existing hosts.
  • Design and Implement cloud based VDI solution of 2000 desktops using EMC VSPEX -VMAX and VMware Vsphere5.5.
  • Design and Implement Private Cloud solution to migrate Legacy applications into Virtual environment.
  • Design and Implement SRDF/A and Timefinder Clone solution for ERP Database on DMX-4.
  • EMC Replication Manager 5.4 Implementation for Exchange and Oracle Database backups.
  • Experience on Mainframe OS2200 storage configuration and integration with DLM for backups.

·         Help improvise the environment by coordinating with vendors to perform upgrade tasks on SAN switches and Storage Arrays to maintain the environment up-to-date.

·         Device strategies and share reports to optimize performance needs for critical applications.

·         Work closely with the vendors to perform periodic health checks on DMX /VMAX /Cisco / Brocade and schedule a change window if upgrades are necessary.

·         Create “How-to” and “Client specific” document to help new people get on board as reference.

·         Pull out SAN storage utilization report from EMC control centre- Storage Scope and provide it to the client for Business decisions based on current trending and forecasting.

·         Work with Storage Management tools like Unisphere, Navisphere, CLI, Putty, EMC performance management client application to manage Storage and Fiber Channel Infrastructure.

·         Use Symmetrix Performance Analyzer to monitor performance of VMAX/DMX storage arrays.

·         Use Unisphere Analyzer files from Clariion to analyse performance of LUNs from Clariion Arrays.

·         Configure Replication from site to site as a part of Disaster Recovery solution with the help of EMC Recover Point Solution and work with network teams to identify bandwidth requirements.

·         Perform configuration tasks like Zoning/Firmware upgrades on Cisco and Brocade switches.

·         Knowledge on ATMOS & VNX series management via Unisphere and Command Line Interface.

·         Create topology diagrams for client to help visualize their investments in the infrastructure.

·         Work closely with the project management team starting from Plan, Design, and Implement up until steady state support has achieved. Seek advice from Vendor to tackle compatibility issues.

·         Perform Root Cause analysis of incidents and take necessary steps to avoid such occurrences.

·         Perform basic administration tasks on NETAPP FAS 3040 dual controller arrays such as LUN aggregate creation/Volume creation/LUN mapping/Replication and performance Monitoring.

·         Involved in many Migration projects to move data from End of life to the latest Storage Arrays

·         Configure Alerting using SNMP traps and SMTP tools to send alerts as email notification.






TECHNICAL SKILLS                                                                                                                         


System Hardware

HP9000, Sun V490, V880, IBM P650, IBM X3850, X3950, P670.

Operating Systems

RedHat Linux-3,4, HP-Unix11i, Sun- Solaris 8,9, Windows 2003 and 2008, VMware Vsphere5.1, AIX 5.0

Storage Array Systems

EMC Storage Arrays (EMC Clariion CX-2, CX-3, CX-4 480/960) (VSPEX VNX-5600). EMC VMAX, DMX4, DMX-3, DMX800, 1000, 3000 NAS (Celerra) NS-4-960 .EMC Centera. Netapp Filers FAS3210, Hitachi VSP.

SAN Fabric switches

Brocade 4800/5300/8510 6510/, DCX, Cisco MDS 9513, 9120, 9509 Mc-Data- ED64, Brocade Pass thru 20 ports switch module, Ciena 2000 FC/IP routers.

Storage Management

ECC 6.1 IONIX, Unisphere Manager, ECC Storage Scope, EMC Connectrix Manager, Cisco Fabric Manager, EMC Replication Manager 5.4, EMC E-Lab Navigator, HEAT and SWAT tools analysis, EMC FAST, Brocade SAN Health.

Replication and Data Migration Product

Replication – SRDF and Time Finder,Mirror View SAN Copy, Hitachi Universal Replicator and Shadow Image, Celera Replicator, VNX Replicator,SNAPMirror


Migration – Open Replicator, PPME

Process Management

ITIL-V3 processes management integrated with Remedy

EMC Design Tool

VNX Sizer, VNX Capacity Calculator, NSDU, EMC Mitrend







PROJECT EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                           

Confidential  - Storage Architect                                                                     

Description:  Working as a Storage Architect for Designing Storage Solution to meet client workload.

·         Working with Pre Sales Architect for Proposed solution

·         Understanding Client Infrastructure and requirement.

·         Scheduling and attending client meeting to meet client expectations.

·         Analysing client infrastructure using EMC tools.

·         Driving and taking initiative for getting device installed and initialize.

·         Working along with Project Manager, CE and Implementation Engineer and Client engineer.

·         Putting Layout Design for proposed Solution and reviewing with client.

·         Implementing Storage design as per agreed for laying out Pool, Fast Policy as per  current workload

·         Working on Client Data Migration using recommended tools.

·         Getting signoff from customer for completed Project.


Confidential - Tech Lead                                                                                         (Dec 2012 – Nov 2014)

Description:  Build a Shared storage infrastructure using EMC Virtualized storage solutions like VMAX and VNX and migrate legacy applications. As a part of the Unisys cloud offering, major task was to set up the infrastructure to support a variety of Cloud services such as Storage as a service (SaaS), Remedy as a service (RaaS), Unisys Secure Private Cloud/ Hosted Private cloud, Exchange Infrastructure on Cloud.

·         Plan, design, Implement SAN solution for Cloud deployment within the Data centre.

·         Deploy Virtual desktop solutions for 2000 users using EMC VSPEX solution.

·         Integrate IBM blade centre Servers with built-in Brocade switches with VMAX and Clariion to configure them on Transparent (NPV) mode as part of the requirement.

·         Troubleshoot Pass-through Switch module level issues and work with Vendors to fix/replace broken parts. Schedule change windows if hardware replacement is required.

·         Generate periodic reports using Prosphere tool to determine the utilization levels of SAN and Fabric space.

·         Prepare a performance report using Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA) on VMAX arrays.

·         Perform Data Migration activities within or different Storage TIERs if application owners experience slowness in Data Processing or Reporting or during Backup activities.

·         At times, make suggestions to stakeholders to improvise and safeguard the environment by providing alternatives and strategies to make their investment robust.

·         Configure alert thresholds to notify SAN Administrators when settings breach with regards to VMAX Front End Adapter Utilization, Response time limit, Hardware errors.

·         Provide heads up to Application owners about Top Talking LUNs that is being heavy utilized causing its neighbouring LUNs to respond slowly or bombarding the entire array.

·         Configure FAST VP policies and monitor the oversubscription values across the tiers.

·         Work with OS, network, Infrastructure Cabling teams to ensure their tasks  are completed

·         Fabric port assignments on Cisco MDS 9513, Version Compatibility Check and Assess the application IO requirements were a part of mandatory pre-implementation tasks.

·         Configure storage for Mainframe OS2200 servers on VMAX and Clariion arrays.

·         Setup and Build Cloud Portfolio ( IAAS- Infrastructure as a service- STAAS- Storage as a Service,

BAAS, Backup as a Service – Using ATmos Cloud , WAAS- Workspace as a Service. )

·         Automate the LUN creation process via scripts to create TBs of data in a short span.


Environment: EMC VNX 5600, 7600, EMC VSPEX and VPLEX, EMC VMAX, EMC Prosphere, EMC RecoverPoint, Cisco MDS 9513 Fiber Channel Switches, Brocade Pass thru modules, PowerPath VE, VMware ESXi  5.x Servers.




Confidential                                                                                             (Nov-2010 – Nov 2012)                                

Subject Matter Expert/Tech Lead       

Description: Maintain end-to-end SAN and Backup Infrastructure with ever growing need for storage space for their Production Databases running Oracle Applications, other Application Databases and Infrastructure Servers. A separate Fabric for backup was deployed featuring StorageTek SL8500 Silo that housed 30 tape drives and 100s of tapes for backup purpose.

·         Daily activities include Routine health checks of DMX/Clariion/VMAXe/Replication status/ Fabric Health check and provide updates to the Management.

·         Identify Storage TIER based on their Application IOPS requirement and provision them.

·         Receive inputs from the Platform team and Mission Critical Application owners to include devices into the Replication. Use EMC RecoverPoint tool to configure source and target devices with EMC VMAX Splitter Technology to replicate site to site.

·         Identify/Troubleshoot bottlenecks during the times the replication between sites is slow.

·         Preparedness for Disaster Recovery Solution Test and assist Platform team bring up the applications and databases successfully on the DR location.

·         Work on New Storage requests and carve up Space on VMAXe/Clariion/DMX4 arrays.

·         Create devices on FC/SATA pools and monitor FAST VP utilization across the VMAXe.

·         Attend Severity 1 calls during and after work hours to help resolve the incident and if required seek Vendor’s assistance to troubleshoot the issue.

·         Follow up on the root cause and document the findings to prevent issues in future.

·         Generate performance report graphs instantly if a performance problem is notified.

·         Set performance thresholds that alerts and sends notification to a group DL.

·         Attend weekly technical review calls to discuss ongoing issues and Change implementation calls to discuss the implementation of weekly changes.

·         Generate periodic reports to determine the utilization levels of SAN and Fabric space.

·         Manage Separate SAN Fabrics for Tape backups at different locations.

·         Perform Zoning Activities for New Tape drives on Cisco MDS 9509 switches.


Environment: EMC Clariion CX 4 series, EMC VMAXe, EMC DMX 4, Control Center 6.1 with storage Scope, EMC RecoverPoint , Cisco MDS 9513 Fiber Channel Switches, PowerPath, VMware ESX 4.5 Servers, EMC PPME (PowerPath Migration Enabler Utility), SL8500 tape  Silo, BMC ITSM process management tool.



System Analyst – Storage and Backups

Description: The Exchange infrastructure was spread across a group of Clariion CX4-960 Storage array and Business decided to virtualized the entire infrastructure by incorporating 10 ESX servers in the environment. A series of Migration activities was involved with and across the array in order to achieve the load balance.

·         Implement EXCH 2010 solution using Clariion CX4-960 arrays and Windows 2008 servers.

·         Implement ESX 5.1 farm by configuring Luns for Datastores and RDM requirements.

·         Zone host with storage and register them on the arrays with proper failover settings.

·         Generate capacity reports array wise and produce them to the operations team for chargeback.  EMC Storage Scope tool was used to accomplish this task.

·         Troubleshoot LUN level issues by collaborating with Platform teams.

·         Work with Networking and Datacenter team for new host connections into the SAN.

·         Use Power Path Migration Enabler (PPME) tool to migrate exchange data to a different frame and at the same time ensuring that the host CPU resources are not compromised.

·         Generate monthly capacity reports on Tier 1, Tier 2 arrays with EMC Storage Scope.

·         Participate in Weekly Technical Review meetings and address ongoing technical issues.

·         Create and map LUNs to hosts on NETAPP FAS 3040 filers with dual controllers

·         Create Aggregates and Volumes, Monitor Snapmirror Status and Performance Matrices at Volume level Data Ontap version 7.x and 8.0

·         Configure FCoE and create zoning based on client requirements.

Environment: EMC Clariion, IBM blade center Servers with Brocade switches, PowerPath Migration Enabler (PPME), Cisco MDS 9513 Fiber Channel Switches, EMC Navisphere SAN management tool, EMC Control Center 5.x with Storage Scope, NETAPP FAS 3040, Data Ontap 7.3.x, VMware ESX 5.x Servers, Cisco MDS 9509



Confidential -Senior Storage Administrator                                                                                   

Project:  State Street Bank and Trust Company (USA) - Role- Senior Storage Administrator

  • Worked as a Senior Storage Administrator for State Street Bank (USA)
  • Managing High End Storage Infrastructure DMX-3 for Storage provisioning to ESX VMWARE server and AIX Host.
  • Worked on BAU related activity for Storage Allocation and De-Allocation.


Project: MIAL (Mumbai International Airport Limited)- Role:   Transition Lead

n  Worked for Transitioning Project to IBM for Datacenter Infrastructure Management.

n  Worked closely with Project Manager and all MIAL officials to understand their infrastructure.

n  Completed Due Diligence after interacting and visiting Datacenter.

n  Studying Infrastructure and Diagram to understand better scope.

n  Designing and Documenting Solution as per Client requirement.

Implemented proposed solution for EMC for EMC DMX-4 & Clarion CX using EMC Connectrix Manager for ED-140 and DS-4700 Fabric Director

Project:    NDPL, Delhi (North Delhi Power Limited)- Role:   Storage Implementation Specialist


n  Storage Migration from Clariion CX-700 to CX-4 series.

n  Zoning on Brocade switch and migrated Server to new switches.

n  Migrated data from ESX, AIX server using SANcopy.

n  Migrated Windows server using Robocopy after adding new LUNs to Server.



Role:   Storage Implementation Specialist- Project:  EMC DiskXtender Support.

n  Worked on different application for EMC such as DiskXtender for Windows, DiskXtender for NAS.

n  Installing, configuring and troubleshooting EMC DiskXtender and file system manager.

n  Installing, configuring and troubleshooting secondary storage such as Celera, Center a, Clarion, Symmetrix, supporting ACSLS (Plasmon Jukeboxes) and TSM with secondary media storage such as Celera, Centera, Clarion, and Symmetrix.

n  As a part of archiving solutions worked on DiskXtender for Windows, DiskXtender for NAS. Mediastor, ACSLS (Plasmon Jukeboxes) and TSM in connection with above application.

n  Providing support different utilities like DxDiagnostics for Diskxtender for FSM, DxDmChk for Centera, Recycler for Dx for FSM, DxNASVerify for Celera.



Role:   Storage Implementation Specialist


  • Troubleshoot the potential DU/DL situation which includes Lun un-owned , Storage Processor Faults, Backend LCC/Cable/Enclosure Issues, Loss of Server connectivity, Double faulted Raid Groups in EMC SAN environment. Solve the issue within stipulated SLA mentioned with the help of EMC Sustaining Engineering Team. RAID Group creation, LUNs bindings and Implementing Volume access control by creation of Storage groups and domains.
  • Configuration and trouble-shooting of host based fail-over software, like Power Path     on different types of hosts including IBM AIX, HP-UNIX ,SOLARIS and LINUX
  • Installation and configuration of Host Bus Adapters on the hosts to ensure connectivity with the Storage Systems.
  • Gathering logs using EMC Grab and EMC Report from hosts and perform analysis using
  • HEAT (Host Environment Analysis Tool).
  • Implementing fabric security with the help of Zoning on Mc Data and Brocade Switches.
  • Gathering Logs from Switches and perform analysis using SWAT.
  • Monitor and Review the Storage Processor Logs and Hosts System Logs to troubleshoot and perform Health check of Storage System also review the performance of the array.
  • Troubleshoot the issue related to Layered Applications like Snapview, San Copy and Mirrorview.
  • Troubleshoot problems in NAS Celerra systems with backend configuration on Clariion arrays.
  • Using ITIL Problem Management process (HIGH DISPATCH BOX) for Root cause analysis of known problem and escalate the issues to different levels of Engineering Supports to Stop the recurring dial-homes from arrays.



Role:   System Administrator (Windows and Exchange)      

Project: Worked on Multiple Clients for a Project as a System Administrator.

1. Jabil  (Celetronix) India Pvt Ltd, SEEPZ, MUMBAI.      

2. Carat Media Services India PVT LTD                                                    

3. Manpower Services India Pvt. Ltd.  Subsidiary of Manpower


Job Responsibilities

§  Maintaining and Administrating Servers such as Windows2003 & Exchange servers.      

§  Maintaining Active Directory and user management.

§  Administered all servers & client pc remotely at global location using Dame Ware

§  NT & PC anywhere.

§  Maintaining of DHCP server on Windows 2000/2003 environment.

§  Installation and maintenance of the In-house developed software’s, with Oracle

§  Backend.   

§  Symantec Antivirus/ Filtering for Domino are running on the servers for antivirus  

§  Defense.   

§  Install & Administer an IBM Lotus Notes R5 / R6 client installation and trouble

§  Shooting.

§  Troubleshooting of LAN.  Worked on Dlink / Cisco switches.

§  Provide definite program & schedule work ad tasks to junior engineers.     

§  Ability to provide support for live users and other team members.

§  Running backup script to copy the data.

§  Backup using VERITAS software on Tandberg storage device.



Role:   Technical Support Engineer   )                      


Job Responsibilities:

§  Worked as a System Administrator / Network Engineer at Prince Plastics International Pvt Ltd with 2 junior engineers.

§  Handling IT infrastructure setup for Mumbai and Daman with Primary Domain controller ADS, Exchange 2000 server, DNS & DHCP SERVER at Mumbai office and ADC with Exchange server at Daman Plant connected on leased line with Cisco Routers.



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