Software Programmer/designer Resume Profile ,NC

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 software programmer/designer  Resume Profile ,NC


Motivated, dependable self-starter with a diverse work history. Specializing in information technology, sales, and customer service. Accustomed to dealing with lay people and professionals at all levels. Able to grasp technical concepts quickly and explain concepts to non-technical professionals and clients in a way that is understandable without being condescending.

Skills Summary


u  C#

u  JavaScript/JQuery

u  SQL Server 2012

u  Visual Studio 2012 and 2010

u  Access 2007/2010

u  Java EE, Java Server Pages, JSP

u  Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008 R2 setup and admin


u  Mac OS X

u  IPhone Developer Kit

u  Networking Windows and Apple systems


Professional Experience

 Confidentiali  – software programmer/designer  

In my current role, I have designed and coded modules for an online client management application. The application is used by mental health and substance abuse program providers to report information to the Confidential. I am responsible for backend application development and page development using Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC 4 architecture in C# and  database design and implementation using SQL Server 2012. Page level logic and valiadation was coded using JQuery.

During my time with Five Points I have also worked with a team to prepare specifications and estimates for a contract we bid on and won and I have assisted other programmers by giving guidance and helping them navigate through difficult technical problems.


 Confidential - Insurance sales/claims adjuster

Both roles were frontline customer service roles. As a sales agent, I was responsible for taking incoming calls and engaging potential customers in a consultative sales process. My responsibilities included educating customers on our auto insurance products, highlighting the features and benefits of our products, and closing sales of insurance policies.

As an insurance claims adjuster, my job is to investigate incoming claims, to ensure the proper coverages are in place, to make a decision on the liability of those involved in the claim, and to make sure all parties are compensated per the policy coverages.


 Confidential – programmer/analyst/tech support  

Designed and coded an online training site using ASP.NET, Adobe Captivate, and SQL Server. Site allowed administrators to create, add, and edit courses and also track student progress through an administrator website.


Created an online time card system using ASP classic. Users entered their hours for the week which were then stored in an Access database. At the end of the week, the HR department was able to pull time card data from the database and upload it to the payroll processing company.



Professional Experience, continued

Managed the website redesign for 3 company websites. My responsibilities included interviewing and hiring website designers, creating and managing the project plan using MS Project 2000, conducting regular status meetings with the web site designer and coding the back-end application code using ASP.NET. The completed websites can be found at  Confidential


System and network setup for both the company and our external clients. This included:

u  Computer setup and configuration (Mac and PC)

u  Wired and wireless network setup

u  Server migrations

u  Creating and implementing back up and disaster recovery protocols

u  Setting up remote managed services using LogMeIn


 Confidential – real estate sales associate

u  Residential real estate sales as a buyer’s agent

u  Residential real estate sales in a sales center environment

u  Training other agents in pre-foreclosures and foreclosures


 Confidential – systems analyst  

Lead Programmer for an enterprise Java project. The application was a replacement for three older applications written on CICS and Power Builder platforms. Responsibilities included obtaining system requirements from the client, designing and coding parts of the application, and directing other programmers in design work.

Programmer on an intranet project written in Java. The application was a replacement for a system that was being used by telephone customer service to take orders. The application followed the MVC architecture using a web front end, servlets, and Java and CICS on the back end.

Web programmer on company Internet sites used for taking orders online. Pages were written using ASP, JSP, and HTML.


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