Software Engineer Resume Profile USA

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 Software Engineer Resume Profile USA



 Over twelve years of IT industry experience in the design and development of software applications. Worked on complete software life-cycles, from gathering requirements, design, writing code, testing and maintenance of projects. Along with software development experience, strong experience and knowledge involving relational databases, graphical user interfaces, networking and online search databases. Strong customer service skills including experience in working with users, resolving problems and meeting specific technical and business needs.



Technical Skills

Programming Language

Java, C++, Perl, PHP, Unix shell scripting, Oracle

Platforms/Operating Systems

Solaris, Windows


Subversion, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, gdb/ddd (C++ debugger), SQL, Make, CVS, proprietary bug-tracking system



Professional Experience





Software Engineer


·         Gathered requirements and created user stories in pivotal tracker

·         Deployment of application development on Ruby on Rails using Redis and Cassandra

·         Completed new version of  sales tracking application writtend in asp .net




Web Developer



·         Worked with Javascript and the phonegap library to develop iOS apps for Apple devices

·         Worked with Javascript and JSP to develop web applications





Testing Manager



·         Collected ERP Test Scripts from the ERP Development Team and converted them to OATS Open Script

·         Worked with ERP Development Team to identify data requirements for each script

·         Modified OATS Scripts (JAVA) as needed to support execution









§  Completed regular quarterly maintenance and code reviews of Java applications running on Linux.

§    Wrote scripts for regression testing.

§    Completed code reviews and code validation

§    Used Oracle SQL to fix inconsistent data in database.









§    Provided a client with regular quarterly maintenance of Java applications.

§    Involved in testing of the applications. Requirements were captured and scripts were written for regression testing.








§  Completed regular quarterly maintenance of existing C++ software.

§  Completed updates and regular maintenance of Java software for new releases and new vendors

§  Worked on Java applications to convert XML and HTML files to a normalized standard format.




C++/Java Developer



§  Created software with Java, SAX, DOM and XSLT to convert proprietary vendor data files into company's standard.

§    Wrote Java applications to convert vendor data into XML and HTML files. Other Java applications were built to convert these XML files into a normalized standard format.

§    Designed and developed software to load bibliographic databases on online servers.

§    Designed, developed and implemented software using C++ on Solaris to display controlled vocabulary terms in the data in the form of a tree or a thesaurus.

§    Maintained and updated legacy systems to keep critical production processes running.

§    Maintained and supported critical content production processes through time-sensitive reloads.

§    Completed an average of 8 changes and builds every month.

§    Maintained and supported production processes for the top-selling database product for 8 years with a 90% record of on-time software deliveries.

§ Supervised an offshore team of developers for 7 months.






Software Engineer



§    Developed database applications using Oracle running on a Unix server and Delphi on MS-Windows 95 clients.

§    Developed distributed student registration system. 

§    Unix-based Oracle application designed to interface with Windows 95 clients using ODBC. 

§    Analysis of business requirements and design of the client software and user interfaces. 

§    Developed database applications using Clarion Database Developer and Btrieve.





Software Engineer



§    Team Member designed and implementation of automated land and mineral record system project for the Bureau of Land Management.

§    Responsible for the design and development of a GUI for the initial operating concept. 

§    Designed and developed utilities as part of the land API. 

§    Worked with the group that developed the customer interface. 

§    The application was being designed and developed using Teamwork 5.0.1, C, C++, Informix and OSF/Motif on a network of IBM RS6000 workstations.




Network Supervisor and System Administrator



§     Responsible for the maintenance, installs, and software and hardware support

§      Responsible for network management of Novell Netware file servers and Unix workstations.




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