SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER , Resume Profile, Bellevue, WA

Reference Id: 83980     Posted on Sunday 20th September 2015      Software Engineer

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 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER     , Resume Profile, Bellevue, WA



Well-developed software development and testing skills and in-depth systems expertise incl. analysis, design and programming across client-server, database and Internet in Windows and UNIX/Linux environment. Self-driven quick learner with attention to details, hardworking and excellent team player.



Operating Systems:

Windows 7/8/Server2008&2012, UNIX/Linux, MAC OS X


C#, Javascript, ASP.NET, C/C++, SQL, XML, HTML, Perl, Bash, Python


MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle

Software and Tools:

Visual Studio, MS Azure, WTT, Hyper-V, WindowsSDK, CrypotoAPI, ASP.NET, TFS, SVN, EclipseIDE, GDB, WinDBG, CDB, Wireshark

Network Technologies:

Windows/UNIX/Linux networking and security, Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, PKI, SSL, CIFS/SMB, TCP/IP, Samba,  BITS, Kerbros and NTLM authentication, Identity and Storage Server




SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                  Confidential

As a contract senior software design engineer, currently working on the next version of Visual Studio products at Cloud Platform Tools Dev Team, performing code changes and code refactoring, issue investigation and bug fixes on both native and managed code, using C#, Javascript, C++, WCF, Web service, MVC, MS Unit Test, .NET, TFS, Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V, etc. Worked on developing and testing Windows8.1 component called Background Intelligent Transfer Service which executes asynchronous file transfer by using idle network bandwidth, investigated and fixed issues caused by test and product defects. Used SQL, C#, C/C++, COM, XML, Perl, Powershell, Batch file, WinDbg/cdb local & remote debugging and Wastson data analysis, Wireshark; used Hyper-V, Visual Studio and TFS, CodeFlow, apache proxy server, IIS, Product Studio & Source Depot and WTT, Maddog and Unified Test System(UTS) in Windows XP/7/8, Winodws2012 Server and SQL Server network environment.


SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                        Confidential Performed the development and testing on identity and storage products in Windows and UNIX/Linux

environments. Developed identity test automation; Developed file server security and I/O test suites using win32 modules(win32security, win32net, win32file, win32api, etc); designed and implemented complex Windows Active Directory toplogies infrastructure and Windows/Unix/Linux network test environment; executed Protocol test, Performance, Stress, Build Verification Test, API test, system functional integration testing and scalability testing (smbtorture, Netbench and FSCT); debugging, tracking and reporting product issues. Used C/C++, Bash Shell, Python, SVN, Win32, GDB, VBScript (LDAP), Group Policy, Kerbros5 and NTLM, CIFS/SMB, Samba/Windows servers and virtual machine environment such as AIX, Solaris, HPUX, MacOSX, Win2003/2008 servers, and VMware ESXi/ESX, Citrix XenServer, and windowsXP/7/Linux(Ubuntu, Ferdora, FreeBSD, RedHat Enterprise Linux etc.)


SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                         Confidential Acted as the main contact person for Japanese customers, performed system analysis, investigated the existing system problems and fixed the problems on a real-time quality management system that integrates all quality aspects of manufacturing for aerospace industry in USA and Japan. Used C#/ VB/ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MS JET4.0 Engine, SQL Server and Visual Studio, Unicode and Japanese language, SQL, Encryption/Decryption (Rijndael), .NET programming techniques, Windows Networking, IIS server technology and Japanese language skill are essential.


SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER IN TEST                                Confidential Involved in MS System Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM) server and client side system testing including stress and performance test, bandwidth test, group policy test, AD design, performed manual and automation testing using Windows CE, Windows Server, Visual Studio, C#, C++, Windows Server Update Services, Debugging tools, VPN Gateway, Device Management and Enrollment environment, software distribution and mobile devices. Designed and implemented network topologies for SCMDM product testing environment including VPN Gateway, Device Management and Enrollment servers, Software Distribution, ISA Server, Exchange Server and Outlook client, using Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS, Virtual Server, .NET framework and mobile devices.


n  SOFTWARE ENGINEER/LEAD                                          Confidential Designed and developed Finger Print Identification System for Hitachi, used Public Key Infrastructure, CrypotoAPI, VB & VC++, Windows Platform SDK and Microsoft Visual Studio.

n  Developed New Decision-making Process System for UFJ Bank of Japan. Developed the server side business logic on UNIX system. Used C/C++, SQL, ODBC, Hitachi Cosminexus Application Server and HiRDB/Oracle database.

n  Developed a web-based insurance data processing system on Win2k Server, used Websphere AS, Websphere App Server, IBM DB2, VisualAge for Java, IBM Websphere Studio, RationRose2000, used MVC architecture, Java, JDBC, and HTML.


       SOFTWARE ENGINEER /ERP CONSULTANT                              Confidential Performed system analysis, user training and implementation of Protean ERP package on Windows NT and SQL Server database. Designed and developed an add-on program for client’s daily business data processing, used VC++, SQL, ODBC, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

         Developed a CASE environment for business software processing on SUN Workstation. Used the theory of parsing, translation and compiling, C and YACC/LEX programming.

         Developed a billing system including interface, database, data transfer. Used SUN Workstation, INGRES, C/C++, MFC, Windows SDK, image data compression and TCP/IP. Developed a dedicated protocol stack.






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