SAP Technical Consultant ( ABAP-Vistex ) Resume Profile Ohio.

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 SAP Technical consultant ( ABAP-Vistex ) Resume Profile Ohio.




Professional Summary:


·         8 years of experience as a SAP – ABAP/4 Developer working on different versions (R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0) and SAP Netweaver.

·         Experience in SD, MM, FICO, PP, WMS, Vistex, and SCM – APO, SNC, and EWM modules.

·         SCM-APO experience has covered implementing SAP in Manufacturing, Brewing industries.

·         Good understanding of business process in DP, SNP, gATP, APO.

·         Good knowledge on business workflow and experience in implementing 3 complete life cycles.

·         Good experience working in SAP Agile type project methodology apart from ASAP and waterfall methodology.

·         Experience in developing Web services to integrate SAP and 3rd party tools like – Salesforce and Tibco.

·         Good Experience in Objective oriented ABAP.

·         Expertise in WebDynpro Applications and Integrations on Netweaver.

·         Expertise in ABAP/4 Reporting (with Interactive, Classical, ALV list/grid).

·         Good experience in Performance tuning of the programs.

·         Good experience in developing Dialog Programming and experience in Runtime analysis.

·         Expertise in working with ALE/EDI to transfer IDOCS for Cross applications to integrate systems.

·         Experience in customizing ALE/EDI process and using SAP OSS Note to solve issues.

·         Expertise in Data Migrations/Conversions using BDC Programming on Call transaction and Session method and also migrated data using LSMW.

·         Enhanced the SAP standard functionalities using User Exits, BAdIs and Enhancement Frameworks.

·         Developed and modified Forms using Smart forms, SAP Scripts and also have good knowledge in Adobe forms.

·         Experience in designing and configuring Workflow for validating business process including transactional data processing.

·         Good Knowledge on Logistics Execution and worked on their components for maintenance in SD, MM, WM and EWM (SCM).

·         Good knowledge of VISTEX and involved in integration with SD (OTC) model.

·         Have good knowledge in Order to Cash module (OTC) and Supply Chain Management (SCM – APO).

·         Experience in gathering business requirements, participating in system design, configuring and testing existing system and providing post implementation.

·         Worked with business clients to gather requirements and prepare a technical requirements document. Prepared detailed technical specifications based on BRD (business requirement document), for hand-off to onsite and/or offshore developer resources.

·         Highly motivated, industrious and self-disciplined team player.






            Programming Languages

  ABAP/4, SQL, JAVA, C++, C.

            ERP Packages

  SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0. SAP Net weaver

            SAP  Modules                                    



           Web Development                            


 HTML, HTML5,XML,JavaScript,  BSP,Netweaver7 ,

           CRM Applications                  









Project Profile:





             Environment: SAP ECC 6.0.

              SAP Technical consultant ( ABAP-Vistex )





          Key Contributions:


·         Worked on Enhancements to support vistex -Abap developments for creating agreements and memberships via SAP paybacks and chargebacks by Vistex for OTC – Pricing project.

·         Worked on enhancements BADI’s for Vistex - Agreement request and Agreements.

·         Involved in Enhancing standard tables in Vistex /IRM/IPCBASP charge back agreement header, and /IRM/GMLMBR Membership List Members for customizing agreement and membership fields.

·         Worked on enhancements - BADI /IRM/BADI_IPCB_ASP for enhancing the Agreement and Membership in Vistex.

·         Worked on implementing Membership BADI - /IRMBADI_GML_ALL.

·         Involved in analyzing and provide project document for studying existing EDI – IDOC functionality of the company for creating supplier agreements and membership documents via Vistex Data Objects.

·         Coordinated with functional team members to understand the requirements.

·         Involved in Analyzing functional specifications, Prepare technical document specifications and Provide unit test plans.





           Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SCM -7.0                                         

           SAP Technical Analyst (SCM – APO)



          Key Contributions:


·         Involved in developing various enhancements involving ECC to SCM – APO for PDS transfer.

·         Involved in developing enhancement (BADI’s) for the PDS transfer from ECC to APO PPDS.

·         Worked on the Core Interface master date enhancement for enabling classification on PPDS PDS for block planning.

·         Worked on CIF BADI to modify PPDS PDS structure with respect to the resource network attached to the recipe.

·         Worked on CIF integration model to transfer master data from ECC to APO system.

·         Developed a web service to connect from ECC to SRM PORTAL NWBC for enhancing the search Criteria in SRM system.

·         Worked on Supply Network planning (SNP), supply planning part of the SCM-APO.               

·         Developed a custom program using BAPI method to create a time dependent Product Location hierarchy as for the Txn. /SAPAPO/RELHMAPPING in APO.

·         Developed a custom tool to delete existing Hierarchical Nodes and Periods for the Staged/Selected Changes in APO using FM BAPI_LPHSRVAPS_REMOVENODES.

·         Worked on Enhancement of a standard webdynpro component /SAPSRM/WDC_SH_PRODCAT for enhancing SRM search help Material Group – V_SH_PRODCAT.

·         Developed interactive ALV report to to calculate the total Barrels of the resource , used by the brewing and packaging schedulers to update and maintain the planning value rates used in the scheduling models in Supply chain planning.

·         Created Technical specification documents required for development of various objects.

·         Involved the Peer reviewing the Technical specification documents and provided review comments for the Technical feasibility of the technical design.

·         Involved in converting business requirements into functional and system design documents using designing tools in share point.






           Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Netweaver                                         

           SAP Technical Analyst




          Key Contributions:


·         Involved in developing Webdynpro -Configuration, Pricing and quoting application tool– for the Orders and Contracts Portfolio of the company.

·         Worked on ABAP object oriented development to create class and methods.

·         Involved in developing various web services to connect to Salesforce system as CRM via TIBCO.

·         Involved in developing web service to connect from salesforce system to SAP for updating the Pricing conditions in a Quote on the SD module.

·         Involved in working with Vistex supplier agreements and membership- Pricing, Contracts and Promotions for OTC module.

·         Developed a web service to connect from Salesforce to SAP for updating the Quote status and web enabled status.

·         Developed remote function module used to update status of the quote after the pricing procedure is performed using BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE.

·         Involved in developing CASE_API method and function module to create a case in Salesforce and call back to SAP.

·         Developed a custom function module to perform the goods prep check, to extract Hardware and software BOM and return validity status of the materials.

·         Involved in developing Contract amendments Webdynpro tool accessed through Salesforce, to make an update to the existing contract in SAP.

·         Developed a custom FM to send an email about the document status to the contract admin using call function SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.

·         Developed a tool integrated in Webdynpro component which validates the items entered in the quote creation tool for the HP CPQ project.

·         Developed a background task RFC function module to update the custom pricing conditions types in sap quotes fetched from KONV table.

·         Developed ALV report in Webdynpro to display shipment report with all details of freight including cost, Ship to Customer details and estimated cost for shipping.


·         Created technical specification documents required for development of various objects.

·         Involved in converting business requirements into functional and system design documents using designing tools in share point.

·         Involved in monitoring the error logs using HP Application Life cycle management and fixing the Defects and Change requests.

·         Developed ALV program for Certificate of Analysis and configured for printing using SAP Script in WM module.

·         Responsible for interacting with business users and develop the application in SAP Netweaver.

·         Coordinating with offshore team and managing onsite support for technical development of various objects in SAP ABAP.

·         Involved in training End User and created test scripts accordingly for their business practice.







             Environment:  SAP ECC 6.0                                                  

              SAP Technical Analyst        




Key Contributions:


·         Involved in Upgrade project for EHP 4 to EHP 6 upgrade.

·         Developed a custom program - mass upload tool, used for creating user profiles using BAPI’s-for creating and modifying users as in SU01 transaction.

·         Developed a Custom Function module to create new user profile and change existing user profile by using BAPI‘s BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN and BAPI_USER_CHANGE.

·         Involved in changing various BDC programs using BAPI’s which were affected during EHP4 to EHP6 upgrade.

·         Implemented OSS note 1490708 - billing user exit- for the FICO module during the EHP6 upgrade.

·         Developed a custom function module for billing invoice creation.

·         Involved in Archiving project for archiving the data - various portfolios of R/3 archiving.

·         Involved in developing custom program for data Archiving – to customize the R/3 archiving done through SARA and SARI transactions.

·         Worked on Procurement related IDOCs and interfaces to Legacy, SAP APO and SAP ECC.

·         Worked on CIF with APO and R/3 to transfer Material Master Data.

·         Worked on CIF enhancements to stop purchase requisitions flow to ECC from APO.

·         Worked on processing IDOC ORDERS05 for inbound orders using the function IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS.

·         Developed IDOC to extend standard INVOIC02 IDOC by configuring to inbound EDI 810 Invoice.

·         Developed program to upload Business Partners information using call function BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA.

·         Worked on LSMW to map data fields from legacy system and developed Routines to upload data by data extracts for sequential files on application server and using UPLOAD/GUI_UPLOAD for local files on presentation server.

·         Worked on developing an interactive application using BADI USER EXIT_SAPLV50I_004 with WebDynpro to update outbound shipment processing information to customer.

·         Developed interfaces for third party WMS to send delivery information using IDOC DELIVERY03 and Material Master Information using IDOC MATMAS.

·         Designed layout for Invoice and Interactive Credit memo for returns using Adobe Forms and configured using BADI.

·         Developed Smart forms for Pallet Label used for shipping multiple purchase orders in each pallet for transaction VL74 of handling unit output.

·         Developed Adobe interactive forms to request billing information and delivery information through email.

·         Analyzed the CRM middleware for any errors and reprocessed them.

·         Defined client specific payment terms, performed unit testing for customer invoices, created scenarios to test the clearing of partial or residual open items in WMS module.

·         Developed an implicit enhancement for function module FI_PAYM_MEDIUM_CLOSE based on data populated in REGUT table and control output file for ACH payment in FBPM transaction.

·         Developed Adobe interactive forms with pricing conditions for a SO created online with WebDynpro.

·         Created Smartform for delivery orders and configured Fax Maker accordingly to send order status to the customer.

·         Worked on creating a release strategy of Workflow with RFC for processing STO Stock Transport Order and Delivery process.

·         Worked on workflows to configure ALE/EDI partner.

·         Designed workflows to configure ALE errors.

·         Involved in Unit-testing and Integration testing of workflows in multi user environment.







             Environment:  SAP ECC 6. 0

             SAP ABAP Consultant




Key Contributions:


·        Developed custom RFC and configured for uploading specific data into QM components.

·         Involved in developing ALV report to see Open Orders and Back Orders based on multiple selection criteria for OTC management.

·         Worked on optimizing processing time for collective processing Sales orders due for delivery in transaction VL10A.

·         Worked on forwarding billing data to IDOC_INPUT_ACLREC using BAPI.

·         Developed BAPI interface using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVE_DATA for updating material information in MM02 from flat file of legacy system.

·         Implemented user exits by using USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK, USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP to add new pricing logic to standard transactions; VA01 & VF01.

·         Creating the LSMW object for the SAP standard programs or recordings or developing the custom programs.

·         Developed LSMW conversion to upload Product list price data from flat file to the transaction VK11.

·         Worked on USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE to have different internal number range for different sales organizations for the same order type. Client wanted each company to its own number range to easily identify their orders.

·         Developed ALV program for P2P team to overview material list using BOM Revision Level.

·          Developed custom validation for adding data using IDOC to MM02 by User Exit EXIT_SAPLMV01_002.

·          Worked on restricting Payment Block Removal in FB02 transaction using IDoc depending on access level.

·          Configured and Customized FI-AR and FI-AP modules including creation of Vendor master records, Customer Master Records, Account Groups.

·          Created Invoice for Sales Order, Material List and Delivery receipt. using Adobe Form.

·          Developed email notification to customer using Smartform for order confirmation and material status.

·         Developed a Backlog Report for Sales Order using WebDynpro.

·          Worked on developing Workflow authentication to perform a verification of PO using RFC that can be created only with reference to PR those have been created on-line.

·         Created workflow for purchase order in General Ledger account.

·         Involved in designing and developing Workflow for CATS approval.

·        Created Workflow for Delivery process based on release Strategy.

·        Performed Unit Testing, Integration Testing in MM and WM module.

·         Involved in designing and developing Workflow for CATS approval.

·      Created custom BAPI using standard BAPI BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA to WebDynpro web services for new quote creation.





             Environment:  SAP ECC 6.0                                                                 

             SAP ABAP Consultant






Key Contributions:


·   Worked on the BAPI material related function modules BAPI _STANDARDMATERIAL_CREATE and BAPI_ MATERIAL_ EDIT to load/change the material master data.

·   Created an interactive ALV report to simulate an existing legacy such as Purchase Price Variance report, Invoices awaiting receipts.

·   Used the BAPI named BAPI_VENDOR_EDIT to modify some of the suppliers in the Vendor      Master Data.

·   Used BAPI named BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA to copy the material from one plant to other plant where the change of material text is also made possible according to client requirements where the material determination is also considered.

·   Worked on IDoc segment filtration using transaction BD56 to avoid mismatch of data due to additional fields that needs to be mapped over.

·   Created ALE for updating Material master table using BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT depending on the region of supply.

·   Worked on a User Exit to Change Payer value for invoice list instead Sold to party value of Invoice when creating invoice List using VF23.

·   Worked on applying OSS Notes using SNOTE for standard SAP Objects for the issue raised using while testing with Test Units.

·   Worked on developing an interactive application using BAPI USER EXIT_SAPLV50I_004 with WebDynpro to update outbound shipment processing information to customer.

·   Developed XML interfaces for third party WMS to send delivery information using IDoc DELIVERY03 and Material Master Information using IDOC MATMAS configuring RFC.

·   Configured ALE IDoc for processing logistic data for sending data to branch location of client.

·   Worked on forwarding billing data to IDOC_INPUT_ACLREC using BAPI.

·   Worked on an enhancement program to consolidate the deliveries so that the items belong to same shipping point can be grouped according to the number of orders and quantity to fit in standard boxes to reduce cost as batch job which can be called further with an User Exit.

·   Worked on IDOCS and maintained Inbound IDocs – ORDERS05. Checked the status of the Inbound IDOCS that is posted on the system and recovered it from errors.

·   Modified the Smart Form layout to print invoice and also the amount, billed quantity and unit price where also being calculated according to specification.

·   Used Runtime analysis to analyze the processing of the reports based on the estimated time for each action, modified queries to ease the database interaction.

·   Designed and developed a Smart form to print the Purchase Order form from the PO overview screen of SNC this provides the supplier with the ability to print the PO details of SNC into PDF format which is triggered using BAdI implementation.

·    Developed a Workflow for Creating MIRO whenever an SD Invoice is posted with reference to Purchase Order.

·   Worked on an enhancement program to consolidate the deliveries so that the items belong to same shipping point can be grouped according to the number of orders and quantity to fit in standard boxes to reduce cost as batch job which can be called further with an User Exit.

·   Developed Test Scripts using Load Runner for load testing.






             Environment:  Upgraded SAP R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0                                                    

             SAP ABAP consultant




Key Contributions:


·         Actively involved in Technical Upgrading 4.7 to ECC 6.0.

·         Data Cleansing and analysis of technical objects usage for Migration to new system.

·         Transferring all the technical objects like Custom Reports, tables, data elements, domains, Function Modules used in the Old system to ECC system through Download/Upload or creating new.

·         Unicode syntactical Corrections and Conversions after migration of Old reports to new system.

·         Analyzing the programs and performing the code modifications as per Business requirements.

·         Worked on developing Z Program for updating automatic movement of material in creating or changing reservation with BAPI such as BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE and CHANGE.

·         Modified inbound interface with BAPI BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA to update new implemented package condition field.

·         Developed ALV report using BAPI BAPI_PO_GETDETAILS to generate list of PO with details for a selected period of dates.

·         Worked on modifying existing SAP Script according to client’s specifications for Indents, Delivery notes in RVDELNOTE and Invoice customizing RVINVOICE.

·         Developed new routines for Delivery and Pricing in SD using VOFM transaction and changed existing Delivery related routines mapping using TVFO transaction.

·         Worked on User Exit enhancement for mandatory fields and minimum value in Sales Order creation using USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT and USEREXIT_SAVE_PREPARE.

·         Developed Smartform for printing Delivery documents for WM module.

·         Worked on customizing Standard SAP MM Purchasing Smartform for printing.

·         Modified existing custom SAP Scripts and implemented new User Exits for Service and Sales Order.

·         Developed Workflow for material movement and delivery processing in WMS module.

·         Involved in developing WebDynpro ALV application for Warehouse costing report.






Environment: SAP ECC 6.0.

SAP ABAP Consultant





Key Contributions:


·         Developed an ABAP List Viewer reports for internal order costing in Plant Maintenance.

·         Developed ALV Grid Report based on PNP Logical Database to overview employee Payroll information from different Infotypes.

·         Developed ALV Grid Report using SAP standard Report RPTABS20 to generate employee Attendance data customizing absence types for a selected period of dates.

·         Worked on BDC program for developing FI interface to HR Plus payroll system.  

·         Developed Time management report based on RPTIME00 time evaluation and customized absence quotas in Infotype IT2001.

·         Developed an interface using LSMW to upload data into different Infotypes from legacy system.

·         Developed Program to load information into Asset master using BAPI_FIXED_CREATE1 parameters from flat file.

·         Worked on General Ledger, Asset accounting interface for adjusting data and upload to SAP server using IDOCS for Journal entries from flat file.

·         Developed Custom Screen Exits in Accounts Receivable for OBJ7 related to exchange charges under FI/CO.

·         Developed material content invoice using SAP Script for WM using Material Master Table MARC and sales data table MVKE.

·         Worked on creating new Authorizing Object using TCode SU31 and customized standard Workflow WS4200009 using TCode PFTC_CHG to edit authorization.

·         Involved in designing and developing Workflow for CATS approval.

·         Used the ABAP runtime analysis tool (SE30), SQL Trace (ST05), System dump analysis (ST22) to analyze and improve runtime performance of existing ABAP programs.

·         Involved in designing and developing Workflow for CATS approval.

·         Worked on configuring Workflow Events along with HR technical people.







SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0.



Key Contributions:


·         Customized Business Object for Real Estate Leases by creating Trigger events and methods to sent additional data into work flow.

·         Created ALV report for sales invoice with custom fields by ALV grid using data from at item level using VBAP table.

·         Developed an ABAP List Viewer reports for internal order costing in Plant Maintenance.

·         Developed an ABAP List Viewer reports for Percentage Actual Hours Report Costing in Plant Maintenance.

·         Worked on outputs in FI module (Payment advice, customer statement manual FI invoice and dunning) using SAP Script.

·         Developed Fixed Assets Reports, Use Tax Reports.

·         Created an Interactive Report for displaying Vendor Information based on the selection made by the corresponding Vendor Bank details.

·         Maintenance of various data objects definitions like tables, data elements and domains. Transfer data from legacy to SAP using SQL queries.

·         In FI module, wrote reports on Open Items, Closed Items, Credit Overview.

·         Created ALV Reports for Sales and Distribution that gives daily quote activity, sales activity, and total dollars shipped, to ship, sales forecast and freight amount.

·         Created custom IDOCS for EDI (810) Invoice by extending the INVOIC02 IDoc type and adding the logic in the User Exit (EXIT_SAPLVEDF_002).

·         To maintain the Change Number classification BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE function module was used.

·         Provided post Go-Live support to users, helped users in solving their problems in live environment.

·         Worked on IDOCS to forward data to XI for payment transaction in FI/CO.

·         Developed Technical specifications for Workflow and Trained Business personal by creating test scenarios.

·         Customize SAP Script Layout F110_PRENUM_CHECK (Check printing) according to client requirements and formats.






Environment: SAP R/3 4.7.

SAP ABAP Programmer






·         Developed an ABAP List Viewer report for General Ledger report for monthly bases for all the districts for revenue, beginning and ending balances, cash flow data.

·         Created ABAP List Viewer   reports for Production Planning that gives completed jobs, scheduled jobs and shortage reports for daily business processing.

·         Worked on Developing ALV reports based on Objective Oriented ABAP by ALV Tree method using objects for Sales Order Report.

·         Developed different BDC programs to update Master Data of Customer and Material.

·         Worked on BDC program to update delivery status using BAPI.

·         Configured profiles for Technical Objects in Plant Maintenance.

·         Created COPA reports for Business Analysts and for financial persons using Report Painter.

·         Configured ALE interface for migrating Customer master, Vendor master, Material Master Data, info records and pricing condition records from 4.0B to 4.7 environments.

·         Developed Conversion program for Material Revision Level, Unit costing of Materials and new Info records.

·         Developed Conversion program for open Accounts Receivables and open Account payables.

·         Worked on user exists for sales orders, communication method and pricing conditions.

·         Worked on user exit in PM for Function Location Number Range, Equipment and Notification’s.

·         Configured profiles for Technical Objects in Plant Maintenance.

·         Developed a WM report to get the data such as storage location, material available and storage capacity using tables MARD and MAKT.

·         Integration of Demand Planning (DP) with Supply Network Planning (SNP) and Production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS).

·         Worked on Migrating data in the flat files of legacy system using LSMW to SAP data tables.

·         Bug fixing and production support.

·         Performing Unit testing and being part of rigorous End-to-End Integration testing with Source and Target Systems.



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