SAP ABAP Developer , Resume Profile, OH.

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 SAP ABAP Developer , Resume Profile, OH.


§  Over 8+ years of professional Experience in programming as ABAP\4 Technical Consultant.

§  Good Understanding of both Business processes and technical development.

§  Strong experience in SAP Development using ABAP/4 based on functional design documents along with technical design documents

§  Good analytical and problem solving skills with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

§  Positive work attitude and self motivated to work independently and as well as in a team.

§  Good functional knowledge of SD, MM, PP, WM/QM, LE and FI-CO.

§  Good comprehensive knowledge of RICEFW objects.

§  Maintained Structures and Tables in Data dictionary. Created new Data elements, Fields and Transparent tables, Generate Table Maintenance, Created collective/ elementary search help, Created table pool and pooled table.

§  Worked and created Web Dynpro Applications and Designing user interfaces using different UI elements.

§  Extensively worked on Integration of ADOBE Online and Offline Interactive Forms.

§  Extensively worked on Integrating WD Applications into Portal.

§  Extensively worked on ALV Integration in WD Applications.

§  Proficient in Dialog programming using Screen Painter, Flow logic, Menu painter.

§  Expertise in Data Migrations/Conversions using BDC Programming on Call transaction and Session method and also migrated data using LSMW

§  Experience in creating business workflows and workflow processes.

§  Experience in creation and changing of Classical, Interactive and ALV reports.

§  Developed and modified Forms using Smart forms, SAP Scripts and Adobe forms.

§  Good programming knowledge in Enhancements and Modifications using Enhancement Framework, Business Add-In (BADI), User Exits.

§  Expertise in ABAP Debugging, Performance Tools, Runtime Analysis, SQL Trace.

SAPTechnical(ABAP/4) Skill Set:

ü  Reports ( Classical, Interactive & ALV)

ü  Interfaces(File & Core)

ü  Enhancements ( User Exits, BADIs & Enhancement framework)

ü  Legacy Systems Migration Workbench(LSMW)

ü  Batch Data Communications(BDC)

ü  Data Dictionary Elements

ü  SAP Scripts, Smart forms & Adobe forms

ü  SAP Queries

ü  Function Modules ( Normal, RFC & BAPIs)

ü  Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs)

ü  ALE &IDocs

ü  Object Oriented Programming(OOPS)






Role              : SAP ABAP Developer                                                    Support/Maintenance

 Module         : SD, FI, WM, LE

Environment : SAP ECC 6.0


Description: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is one of the nation’s largest fabric and craft retailer with locations in 49 states, was founded in 1943 as a single retail store.




§  Primarily involved in resolving problem tickets, bugs, break fixes and minor enhancements to the existing programs.

§  Worked independently with very minimal guidance for resolving the production issues with priorities varying from low to high.

§  Worked on a mini project and developed an Interface program to capture the tracking information of the domestic orders shipped through UPS.

§  Developed an RFC function module to call the ECC system to get the sales and promo details for an already existing program which creates a file for promo event information for Crosscap on the BW side.

§  Debugged and resolved bugs on the SAP Retail store web based UI related to the Vendor Audit Receiving.

§  Worked on the correcting Idoc errors which failed due to sales order stock issue when in multiple cartons.

§  Modified an existing program which processes International Invoices to SAP  to correct the handling of the invoices.

§  Adjusted an existing program to allow PGI of outbound deliveries in prior accounting period to correct the Idoc errors as per business requirement.

§  Worked on tickets from many business groups such as Logistics, Demandware, Supply Chain and Finance.



            Role              : SAP ABAP Developer                   Implementation Module         :  SD, MM, WM, LE

Environment: SAP ECC6.0


Description: The Carrier Corporation, based in Farmington, Connecticut, is a manufacturer and distributor of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, as well as a commercial refrigeration and food service equipment industry. A wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, Carrier is a $12.5 billion company with over 43,000 employees serving customers in 170 countries on six continents.


§  Involved in this project from realization phase till the Go-Live phase with active participation in all phases.

§  Involved in preparing Project templates (Technical Design, UTP, Code review checklists etc).

§  Understanding the functional specifications and preparing technical specifications.

§  Developed various complex report programs, Interface programs and Module Pool programs.

§  Supported Various testing phases in the project from Unit testing till User accepting testing.

§  Developed custom Yard Management (GUI) program in WM using module pool programming replicating the standard SAP transaction(LECI).

§  Created WebDynpro Application for ALV to get Invoice details.

§  Customized and PersonalizedWebDynpro ABAP Applications in EP for changing the look and feel by applying Themes, Desktops and Rule collections

§  Integrated WD ABAP Applications as Iviews, Pages, Worksets, and Roles in SAP Enterprise Portal

§  Developed custom RF Console program for capturing serial numbers for the outbound deliveries.

§  Delivered detailed RF(SAP Console) supported process design  for creating return deliveries and to perform goods receipt.

§  Fine tuned RF support (SAP Console) for custom RF put away program.

§  Worked on ‘BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS’ to create return deliveries for customer returns.

§  Developed a program to create planned orders and production order by using standard BAPIs’ ‘MD_PLDORD_CREATE_W_COMP_BAPI’and‘BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE_FROM_PLORD’.

§  Developed Interactive ALV report for shipment selection and Door assignment for Transfer Order creations.

§  Worked on enhancements (User-Exit) in WM to develop custom strategy for put way of materials between bins while creating TOs’ using LT01.

§  Created a custom Function Module to accommodate a custom put away logic for the materials between bins in WM module.   

§  Developed a custom BDC program to assign a door for a particular shipment as per the functional requirements.

§  Worked on various break/fixes and bugs assigned during multiple test cycles during the duration of the project.



Role    : SAP ABAP  Developer                            Implementation

Module         :  SD, MM, HR, FI/CO

Environment : SAP ECC6.0


Description: Kellogg Brown & Root is an international, technology-based engineering and construction company providing a full spectrum of industry-leading services to the hydrocarbon, chemical, energy, forest products and manufacturing industries.




§  Interacting with Functional Owners, Business people to gather the requirements and getting issues resolved.

§  Created reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details.

§  Developed Adobe forms for offline scenarios with WebDynproAbap with service calls.

§  Installed Adobe lifecycle designer in the system.

§  Developed the technical documents for Adobe Forms. .

§  Worked with user-exit exit_saplrsap_001 to populate the operation status, and status text for the data sources 2lis_18_i3oper and 2lis_18_i3hdr in PM.

§  Worked with user exit to populate z-fields for the data source 0ca_ts_is_1.

§  Created a Custom Infotype 9001 to store the Bonus Calculations as per the Client’s Requirements.

§  Created custom fields in Infotype 0021 to be visible only for a specific subtype and not to show for any other subtypes.

§  Customized the single level approval workflow and send notification email.

§  Responsible for all the deliverables, resources and workflow project plan.

§  Defining standards to be used for all SAP Workflow implementation at the client site.

§  Developed a program to load the PM orders which are in business and operational backlog into the Data Source Object.

§  Developed a program to load the past due operations and past due orders in PM into past due Data Source Object.

§  Worked with Badime_process_po_cust for route re-determinations for STO.

§  Developed BDC program to upload customer material info records.

§  Developed interface program between SAP and legacy system to transfer the asset management data in FICO.

§  Using SAPLRWCL Enhancements spots (Business Add-ons - BADI) for MIGO transaction to check the conditions prior to Posting the material documents and find out the material as well accounting document number. Conditions are based on Group Product Allocation (GPA) and Single Product Allocation (SPA) like finished and damaged goods




Role             :SAPABAP Developer                               Implementation

Module         :  SD, MM, PP, FI/CO

Environment: SAP ECC6.0


Description: The Tarkett Group is a privately owned, multinational French company specializing in sustainable flooring and sports surfaces.




·         Worked on Various Smartforms based on business requirements

·         Worked on modifying SAP script (F110_PRENUM_CHCK) based on business requirements.

·         Worked with Data conversion team to develop LSMW’s for data migration.

·         Loaded the stock managed by IM and WM using LSMW.

·         Developed several Objects,interfaces,Conversions,Reports for SD and OTC.

·         Developed and customized several user extis,BADIs related in SD and OTC for IDOCs .

·         Developed ABAP WebDynpro ALV Report for Material Shortage report for PP-module.

·         Implemented a classical BADI, which triggers when a shipment is saved to do automatic post goods issue.

·         Worked on the user exit USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP, to populate the material number used by customer at sales order item level.

·         Written code for automatic printing of BOL, export declaration form and export packing list in their respective printers based on the user name and the plant when shipment is saved.

·         Created an enhancement implementation to write code for automatic printing of packing list when transfer is confirmed.

·         Interface program is written from SAP to 3rd party label printing software TL Ashford to print the production labels and packing labels for PP Module.

·         Written conversion programs to upload Bill of Materials and Routings for PP Module.

·         Developed the export orders interface, where the orders will be entered using Idocs and input files will be in the application server.

·         Developed a custom function module by copying the standard function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1to send emails to users when ever an interface fails.

·         Enhanced standard BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 while loading the open sales orders.

·         Loaded basic view, alternate UOM, storage location view, plant view, sales view, QM view and WM view of material master using standard LSMW.

·         Created storage bins, WM supply areas and control cycles using BDC programs.


Role              :   SAP ABAP Developer                    Implementation

Module         :  SD, MM,FI, HR.

Environment :  ECC 6.0


Description: Curtiss Wright is specialized severe service valves, pumps, controls and electronics for critical national defense programs and commercial markets such as nuclear power generation, oil and gas processing and general industry.




§  Involved in Functional requirement gathering from the client for development.

§  Worked on sales order enhancement using USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT to check a custom field for drop shipment orders.

§  Worked on BDC report for the transactions f-28 (post incoming payment) and f-04 (post with clearing) using the input csv file.

§  Built a reporting framework using (OOPS concept) a class with various methods to extract and pre-format different kinds of data. This class was used to implement an aging report.

§  Developed Dialog Programs for supporting front desk in printing customer and Vendor address labels by information from orders.

§  Experience in WebDynpro ABAP programming based on MVC pattern

§  Worked on global class to extract for the sales order based on invoice.

§  Data Migration for customer master and Material master in LSMW by defining Source fields/Structure and Relationships and creating couple of conversions rules and field mapping.

§  Worked on BADI for outbound deliveries (LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC) and purchase orders (ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST).

§  Created Adobe print forms using Adobe Designer Form Layout Tool. This was done for Order Confirmation form. Created Master pages and also worked with different Styles, Body pages & sub forms in the process.

§  Used LSMW for mapping fields from the legacy system and created routines for data upload for Fixed Assets, General Ledger, converted AR customers, AP vendors.


Role              :  SAP ABAP Developer                                              Support

Module         :   SD, MM, FI, PP.

Environment :  ECC 6.0


Description:CareFusion is a global, medical technology corporation serving the health care industry. The company specializes in two areas: reducing medication errors and helping prevent health care-associated infections. The company manufactures health care technologies. CareFusion employs 15,000 people worldwide.




§  Analyzing the Business Requirements and preparing Technical Specifications.

§  Involved in Design and development of Various Objects.

§  Configured setting up partner profiles and ports and RFC Destinations.

§  Implemented a BADI to print customer address and vendor address for Transport Management System.

§  Developed an Interface program which uses BAPI Function modules to transfer the data between systems.

§  Uploaded Vendor Master Data using Recording Method in LSMW.

§  Developed BDC programs for G/L Account posting, Automatic Payment and Vendor Invoices and Customer partner profiles.

§  Developed inbound (BDC) and outbound interfaces: interface external analysis tool passing all the profitability analysis data, loaded budgets from Excel spreadsheets, loaded GL history data.

§  Worked on the SAP Script layout sets in SD modules. Involved in modification of SAP Scripts for Purchase orders and indents, Delivery notes, and Invoices according to customer needs.

§  Customized the Smart Forms for Delivery note and Invoices. Developed Interactive Adobe Forms for sales order and billing documents to email as well as fax the adobe print forms.

§  Scheduled the batch jobs in SM36, overview in SM37 and monitoring in SM50 and created the variants for the batch jobs.

§  Worked in all kinds of priorities, supported production fixes/bugs/breaks, escalated issue at right time, Prepare Development specifications, Design ABAP solutions, code and test ABAP/SAP Scripts programs.

§  Coordinated onsite-offshore model, work distribution and guide them for various process of development.




Role               :  SAP ABAP Developer        Support/Maintenance

Module          : SD, MM, FI, PP

Environment  :  ECC 6.0


Description:The San Diego Unified Port District (Port of San Diego) is a special government entity formed in 1962 by an act of the California legislature in order to manage San Diego Harbor and administer the public lands along San Diego Bay.



§  Main responsibilities included developing and managing the development work plan, providing technical guidance and expertise to the Offshore development team.  Other duties included compiling the ABAP Development Standards and SAP Naming Conventions documents.

§   Developing the design document templates for conversions, interfaces and reports; developing the reporting strategy and the FTP strategy for all interfaces.

§  Configured Master Data like Customer Master, Material Master and Sales Areas.

§  Developed Technical specifications for Workflow and Trained Business personal by creating test scenarios.

§  Worked on background jobs, workflow activation, 1099 forms and bug fixing in ECC 6.0.

§  Worked on workflow to resolve issues related to upgrade for MM module.

§  Extensively worked for performance tuning and optimization of ABAP code.

§  Developed workflow for Maintenance orders for checking Material Availability.

§  Involved in creation and maintenance of data dictionary objects including Lock Objects, Match Codes, Views, Structures, Tables, Functions and Message Classes, ABAP queries.



Environment    : SAP R/3 4.6                                                       Implementation

Role                 : ABAP Developer

Modules           : FI/CO, SD, MM.


Description: Cypress Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and marketing of prescription products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, chain drug stores, and other retail merchants in the United States.




§  Report for Order Status, Pending Orders, Open and Cleared Documents, Batch Cards, Object List.

§  Created Interactive report to display all the Purchase Orders handled during the selected range of period with secondary list selection to display vendor’s details.

§  Created an Interactive report to output Vendor details like Vendor name and address etc in the Basic list and Bank details like Account no. Banker's name and address in the Secondary lists.

§  Created BDC programs for customer, vendor, material master & BOM uploading from excel to R/3 system. Error records were collected into a separate session and processed them using batch input session method.

§  Created BDC for Uploading goods issue data from application server into SAP tables. This program is used to upload data on a daily basis using call transaction method.

§  Designed BDC program for Sales orders using transactions VA01.

§  Developed BDC program for Transaction FK01 to transfer vendor address in to SAP.

§  Created the SAP-Script layout sets in SD, MM Modules. The document modified were layout set RVORDER01 & MEDRUCK and the corresponding print program modified as per the client's requirements.

§  Using SAP Script created and modified layout sets and the ABAP/4 program SAPFM06P for Request for quotation, Purchase Order documents and invoice.




Environment: SAP R/3 4.6                                                                               Implementation

Role               : ABAP Developer

Modules        : FI/CO, SD, MM.


Description: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is an energy company. BPCL operates in two segments: downstream petroleum, which is engaged in refining and marketing of petroleum products, and exploration and production of hydrocarbons (E&P).



§  Report for Sales Order Confirmation. Pending Sales Orders. Production Quantity against Sales Order Line wise Scroll Quality Report.

§  BDCs for Pricing Procedure (VK11), creating Vendor Master (FK01), and assigning material group (MM02) for change the materials.

§  BDCs for Source List (ME01), creating Work Centre (CR01), change the materials (MM02).

§  Involved in LSMW projects/subprojects to load MM data, Initial Inventory Load. LSMW project to load customer and customer/material.

§  Uploading material master data using LSMW.

§  Customized and modified SAP delivered Layout Sets (Invoice, Purchase Order, Picking Memo, Check, Production Order, and Service Charge Statement)

§  Bar-coding - created/modified Output Devices, Print Controls to print barcodes.














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