Oracle APEX Developer Resume Profile,USA

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 Oracle APEX Developer Resume Profile,USA




Over 21 years of diverse Oracle experience designing, modeling, and developing full life cycle custom applications using Oracle database and tools, along with configuring, extending, and customizing Oracle E-Business Suite applications.Currently looking for a position designing and developing custom Oracle APEX Applications.

U.S. citizen withan active Public Trust Clearance and an inactive DOD Secret Clearance.




DB Development:


Application Tools:

Oracle Forms, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Web PL/SQL Toolkit, Oracle Applications Express (APEX), HTML, JavaScript, JDeveloper, Oracle Portal, Java, J2EE, MS Access, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler


Oracle E-Business Suite (Financials, HR, Purchasing, Project Accounting, Project Contracts, Federal Administrator)

Operating Systems:

DOS, Unix (HP-UX, Linux, Solaris), Microsoft Windows, DEC VAX/VMS



Sr. Oracle APEX Developer,

As a Senior Oracle Confidential Developer, lead full life-cycle design and development effort for a Contractor Interim Performance Evaluation website for the Division of Restitutions and Receiverships at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

     Application allows FDIC Technical Monitors to evaluate and report on the work done by contractors that are awarded FDIC contracts.  Replaced dated Microsoft Access application.

     Designed entire database using the Erwin Data Modeler R7 tool.

     Developed entire application using Oracle APEX 4.0, using the SQL Workshop tool within APEX to create all database objects.  


Sr. Systems Programmer,

As a Senior Systems Programmer, lead full life-cycle design and development efforts for numerous custom applications using Oracle Database and tools.  In recent years, was instrumental in extending and customizing Oracle E-Business Suite applications to suit the customer's needs.  Main responsibilities and accomplishments include:

     Perform maintenance work on ONR’s main procurement application.  Utilizes Oracle Web Forms V6i, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Web Toolkit, Oracle Applications Express V3.1 & V4.0, and Oracle Workflow for customization and extension of the application.

     Designed and developed an intranet web application for the Acquisitions group that tracks the receiving and distribution of Award file folders from the ONR File Room.  Application was built using Oracle Applications Express V3.1, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and replaces an outdated Microsoft Access application.

     Designed and developed an intranet-based Contract Log Application for the ONR Office of General Counsel to track incoming and outgoing awards that are sent to the counsel office for legal review.  Application was built using Oracle Applications Express V3.1, Oracle PL/SQL and replaces an outdated Microsoft Access application.

     Designed and developed a streamlined and intuitive custom application within Oracle Applications to replace the Project Contracts modules used by the ONR Science & Technology business area’s Program Officers.

     Participated in a full life-cyle implementation, configuration, and customization of an Oracle E-Business Suite application, including custom forms extensions and intricate workflow creation and administration during a three-year transition and deployment period.  Utilized Oracle Web Forms V6i, PL/SQL, and Oracle Workflow for customization and extension of the application.

     Led the design and development of an Oracle Portal project that allows users to access all business applications and reporting tools through one website.  Utilizes the Oracle 9iAS Portal Tool.

     Led the design and development for a Naval Science Award Program (NSAP) website.  Allows users to register their science fairs to receive NSAP awards.   Includes creation of administrative and reporting tools for administrative users.  Utilizes Oracle’s 9i Application Server and the PL/SQL Web Toolkit.

     Developed a ProposalWeb application that allows universities and institutions to prepare and submit their grant proposals to ONR via the web.  Also allows Program Officers/evaluators to evaluate and process the proposals using their browsers.  Utilizes J2EE component-based architecture, consisting of Java classes, JavaServer pages, an ORACLE database, and more.

     Led the design and development for an AdminWeb (Award Close-out) application that allows performers and field offices to submit their final technical reports associated with an award via the web.  Allows ONR’s Program Officers to download and approve these reports from the web site.  Utilizes the Oracle Application Server V 4.0.8 with the PL/SQL cartridge.

     Created several PL/SQL package modules to facilitate querying capabilities and on-line management reports for a Configuration Management Tool, utilizing the Oracle Application Server 3.0 & 4.0..

     Led the development team for the design, development and implementation of an application designed to accommodate purchases using credit cards by ONR personnel, utilizing Designer 2000, Developer 2000 (Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0), Oracle 8 database, and PL/SQL (packages, procedures, functions, triggers).


Oracle Developer,

As an Oracle Developer at the Office of Naval Research (ONR), responsibilities and accomplishments included:

     Led the development of the Intellectual Property Management Information System (IPMIS) application used by all Navy legal offices that tracks the disclosure of inventions by entities (universities, companies, etc.) receiving grant money from the Navy.  Complete life cycle project, utilizing Designer 2000, Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), Oracle 7.3 database, and PL/SQL (packages, procedures, functions, triggers).  Accessed by remote sites through Citrix Winframe.

     Provided ADP analysis, design, process flows, entity relationship diagrams, functional diagrams and programming support necessary for the development and data standardization of the Integrated Naval Research Information System (INRIS) application.  Complete life cycle project, utilizing Oracle’s CASE*Dictionary, CASE*Designer, Oracle*Forms 3.0 & 4.0, SQL*Reportwriter 1.1, Oracle*Reports 2.0, Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), SQR Reporting Tool, Oracle 7.X, SQL*Plus 3.X,  PL/SQL 1.X & 2.X.

Computer Scientist,

As a team member of Confidential technical staff supporting the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Communications Engineering Baseline (CE Base) information management system, an ORACLE-based application designed to provide centralized support for the surface ship configuration management functions and to serve as an engineering and management tool:

     Provided in-house technical support and overall system maintenance support, including software development on a Sequent S2000/250 client-server system.

     Programmed menu systems, data entry screens, reports, and data tables for the customer and in-house personnel using UNIX Korn shell scripts, ORACLE RDBMS 6.0 and its tools SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Menus 5.0, SQL*Report, SQL*Reportwriter 1.1, SQL*Plus 3.0, PL/SQL 1.0, and SQL*Loader.

Computer Programmer, Confidential

     Wrote software in dBase III+ and Clipper that was used to update and maintain regular and planned maintenance job actions of engine room equipment aboard Military Sealift Command (MSC) naval vessels; this software, called the Shipboard Automated Maintenance Module (SAMM), was installed on board ships on Zenith Z 248 PCS.

     Acted as lead programmer when the SAMM system was converted for use on NAVSEA ships, on which extensive portions of the MSC version were rewritten and revised.

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