Associate Director / SOA Architect Resume Profile , NJ

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 Associate Director / SOA Architect  Resume Profile , NJ


Seeking middle level assignments in Software Development in a technology-oriented organisation


Professional Profile

A Computer Graduate with over 16 years of experience in Project Management, Software Engineering, & Development in the IT Industry. Adept in end-to-end development of software products from requirement analysis to system study, designing, coding testing, de- bugging , documentation and implementation.

Extensive experience in Java / J2EE /  C++ / Objective C

Actively involved in mobile development platforms like iOS and Android.

Evaluating cross-platform mobile development frameworks like JQuery Mobile/JQTouch/Sencha including PhoneGap.

Currently leading team to define strategies for Mobile Application Development.

Currently working on developing applications for iPad / iPhone /Android platform.

Experience in working on BPM tools like WebSphere Process Server and Tibco BusinessWorks.

Proficient in implementing J2EE based architecture using application servers like Weblogic/WebShere.

Successfully implemented Distributed Architecture using Corba/Java/J2EE.

Experience in OOD using Rational (IBM) tools like Rose and RSA (Rational Software Architect)

Experience in SOA implementations using IBM SOA product stack  (WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Integration Developer)

Energetic, self-motivated team leader with hands on experience in training, programming skills, client-server infrastructure, business analysis, requirements gathering, application integration and customization.

Skill Set



Client interaction for system study, requirements gathering and analysis.

GAP Analysis and Application Enhancement

Object Oriented Designing using tools like GDPro/Rose/RSA (UML) & Development and Coding


Design and development of distributed architecture using J2EE/Corba.

Design and development using Spring framework and Hibernate O/R mapping.

Good exposure to workflow engine like JBPM (JBoss’s Workflow implementation)

Involve in application development as well as Unit, Integration and System Testing.

Debug and troubleshoot the application.

Manage smooth implementation and testing of the application at client location.

Extend post go-live and application maintenance support to the client.

Lead the team in various phases of application development.

Implemented Service Oriented Architecture.

Design and develop applications using IBM SOA stack.

Design and develop web services using Axis2 SOAP stack/ JAXWS.



Project Management / Off shore Development

Project scheduling and analysis

Resource procurement, deployment & allocation

Monitor the development activities and report project progress.

Manage and provide technical guidance/support to the project team.

Deliver and implement the project as per scheduled milestones.



Operating Systems:   UNIX, Windows, Mac,

                                    MS-DOS, MS-Windows (3.1), Windows 95, Windows NT


Languages:                 Java, C, C++, XML, HTML, Objective C++,

                                    Embedded SQL/C,                                                       

                                    COBOL, Pascal, VBScript, GUI Symantec Visual Café for Java 2.0, Visual                                               C++ 4.2, X-Windows (MOTIF), PowerBuilder (V4.0), MS- Windows (3.1                                                SDK)
RDBMS:                       Oracle, Informix V5.0, SQL Server

Tools:                          Xcode, GDPro (OOD Tool), RSA, Tibco BusinessWorks

                                    WebSphere Integration Developer, Rational Application Developer

Others:                       Distributed Architecture Corba implementation using Visibroker's,                                         Implementation ORB, EJB implementation using J2EE on

                                    Oracle Weblogic 10.3.x,

                                    WebSphere 5.1, 6.x


Career Highlights



Confidential as Associate Director / SOA Architect

Role: Associate Director/Architect (Shared Services Architecture Team)

Environment: Java / J2EE Development, Mobile App Development on iOS / Android




Defining strategy for Mobile Application Development for iPhone / Android applications.


Evaluating cross platform mobile development javascript frameworks like jquery mobile, jqtouch,


Defining Best Practices for SOA (Service Design / Development / SLA Management / Governance )


Defining Best Practices for Web Service Development

Providing reference implementations on how to use ESB using WebMethods platform

Providing guidance to various projects to use SOA approach

Architecting enterprise application integrations.



 Confidential  SOA Architect

Role: Technical Leader/Architect (Reference Architecture Team)

Environment: Websphere Process Server 6.1, WebSphere Application Server 6.x




Understanding the existing working system and new requirements of the desired systems and architecting enterprise application integrations.

Defining Best Practices for Web Service Development

Providing reference implementations on how to use ESB and BPEL processes

Providing guidance to various projects to use SOA approach

Integrating with various external systems like CICS programs, external services provided by CRM system like etc.



Confidential  as a System Architect

Project Title: Right Program Right Time (RPRT)

Duration:          Team Size: 6                Role: Technical Leader/Architect

Environment: Websphere 5.1/Spring Framework/J2EE on Windows 2000

Scope: Visiting Nurse Service of NY (VNSNY) provides full range of home health care services to the   Confidential metropolitan area. There are many health care programs within VNSNY where patient cases are directed for care depending on case criteria and program. RPRT helps VNS users to choose and monitor cases that are referred to various programs within VNSNY and if needed facilitates change in program if a particular case is well suited for another program.



Understanding the existing working system and new requirements of the desired system.

Define the Application and Technical Architecture of sub-systems within VNSNY core system.

Lead the team.

Design using Rational Software Architect (RSA) and Development using Spring framework, Hibernate O/R mapping tool and other J2EE components like Servlets/JSPs/JMS/EJB.



 Confidential as a Technical Specialist

Project Title: Global Trading Profit and Loss System (GTPL)

Duration           Team Size: 30              Role: Technical Leader/Architect

Environment: Weblogic 8.1/Spring Framework/J2EE on Windows 2000

Scope: Cash product P&L systems exist in their legacy state with inefficiencies such as several versions of product referential data and large numbers of feeds from the front office and to the back office systems. A consolidation of the P&L systems (GTPL) will significantly reduce risk and ease corporate reporting preparation, as data from the four cash product systems is centralized to one location. This will lead to fewer data reconciliations, and consistency of information reported by a single set of definitions for P&L terms (unrealized, realized, etc.) and indicative data (along with the data standardization project).



Understanding the existing working system and new requirements of the desired system.

Define the Application and Technical Architecture of sub-systems within GTPL system.

Lead the team.

Design using Rational Software Architect (RSA) and Development using Spring framework, Hibernate O/R mapping tool and other J2EE components like Servlets/JSPs/JMS/EJB.

Used Tibco BusinessWorks to implement business process orchestration


 Confidential as a Senior Technical Leader
Duration           Team Size: (Handled 3 groups of 5 each) 20   Role: Senior Technical Leader


Project Title: Analytical Reporting System

Duration: Since Mar’2001                   Team Size: 30              Role: Senior Technical Architect.
Environment: VisiBroker Corba/Java/C++/Weblogic, Java, J2EE, C++, Linux 7.1, HP-UX, Windows 2000
Scope: The scope of the application is to provide extended OLAP services such as (Analytical, Reporting, Business Process Modeling and What-If Analysis) to Decision support and Business Intelligence systems. It assists in developing applications for multidimensional analysis and discover structural patterns within the enterprise data.



Understanding the requirements of the core OLAP engine of the product

Define the Application and Technical Architecture

Designed application programming interfaces (API) of OLAP engine.

Lead the development effort of the API.

Lead a team of 7 people to implement the server side objects.

Developed presentation layer using Servlets/JSP.

Implemented OLAP security and a synchronous messaging system (Alert Management System-AMS using Corba Notification service.

Developed Server Side Components using EJBs and Corba.

Developed Java server side components using J2EE architecture.

Presentation Layer was developed using MVC pattern (JSP/Servlets)

Implemented load balancing to handle client requests in application layer using clustering feature provided by Weblogic.

Implemented integration with Messaging Servers like Domino and Exhange Server using CORBA.





Confidential., as Programmer Analyst/Senior Developer


At Syndesa Inc., NYC, NY

Project Title: Core Commerce 4.0 (Ecommerce)

Duration:        Team Size: 25              Role:  Senior Developer
Environment:  Weblogic as Application Server, JRun as WebServer, Servers on Windows 2000. Clients were Windows NT/98
Description: The scope of the application was to assist the customers to simply use the existing Internet browser to access the website.


Actively involved in integrating the CoreCommerce software with other web servers using B2B Integration Server.

Extensively worked on J2EE components like Servlets, JSPs and EJBs.


Other Projects


On Line Credit Card Processing for Web-based Applications for Lexitrans Inc., NYC, NY as a
Senior Programmer using Windows-95, Windows-NT, Java (JDK 1.1.4), JavaScript, C/C++, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Symantec Café for Java 2.0, Visual C++ 5.0

Brokerage System - V2020 for   Royal Alliance Inc., NYC, NY, as   Programmer / Analyst
using Windows-95, NT, C, C++, SQL, ODBC API, Visual C++ 4.2, Personal Oracle, Visual SourceSafe

Electronic Territory and Management System for  Dendrite, NJ, as a  Programmer, using  Windows 3.1, UNIX, Powerscript, ESQL (INFORMIX), C, C++, Informix, Watcom-SQL, Powerbuilder 4.0A, Visual C/C++, Informix-Net
Advanced Toll Collection & Accounting System for  MFS TRANS-TECH, NJ, as a  Programmer, using  OSF-1, Powerbuilder 3.0a, Powerscript, ESQL/C, Informix, Informix-Net, ERWin 2

Configuration Management System for Nexgen SI, Inc., as a  Programmer using DOS, Windows 3.1, Powerscript, Powerbuilder 3.0a, Informix, ESQL/C

Simulation Software for  Blue Star Ltd as  a  Programmer, using DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows SDK, C, Visual C++

Market Making Trading System for   Reliance Capital & Finance Trust, as a Programmer, using Windows NT, C, WIN 32 (SDK), Visual C++, SQL Server Deposit & Locker System for Vasta Finance Ltd., as a  Programmer, using SCO UNIX, C, UIL, X-Windows (MOTIF), Ingres 6.2

Status Tracking system for Schweizerhall Ltd., as  a Programmer, using SCO UNIX, C, UIL, Ingress 6.2, X-Windows (MOTIF)



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