ABAP Consultant Resume Profile,USA

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  ABAP Consultant Resume Profile,USA


To become a successful professional and to work in an innovative and competitive environment. As an individual I can learn and gather experience and take my assignments as a challenge.



Professional Preface


ü  2.1 Years of experience in SAP R/3 Applications as an SAP ABAP Consultant ( MM, FI, PP) in application

Development, which includes support. Worked in the application development using the ABAP/4.

ü  A professional with 1 year experience in Software Support Engineering (HCL), and  4 yrs. experience as a Trainer.

ü  Worked with HCL Info Systems, under the CONFONET Project, as Software Support Engineer.

ü  Presently working with Vandana Global Ltd.  as ABAP Consultant.




ABAP  Knowledge : DDIC Data-Dictionary, Various ABAP/4 Programs & Tools, Reports (Classical, Interactive & Alv-Report), Module Pool (Dialog Programming) and Modularization Techniques (Subroutines & Function Modules), Smart forms, &  concepts in ABAP / 4, Table Maintenance Generator.


Conceptual Knowledge : OOPS, BADI, BDC, Enhancement .



ERP                                        :               SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4,

Operating Systems            :               Windows 2000 / XP / NT.                                                        

Languages                           :               C, C++ and ABAP / 4.

Web Technologies             :               HTML and CSS.

Other                                      :             DBMS, SQL



Version      : SAP ECC 6.0


Role           :  ABAP Consultant.





• Reports


    Developed an ALV Report for Material Expiry Information.

    Developed report for Bank Reconciliation Statement.

    Developed report for Gr/Ir Clearing Pending Bill.

    Developed report for Analysis of Consumption of Stores and Spares along with Table Maintenance Generator.

    And Other ALV reports.


• Smart Forms


    Prepared Form for Auction Proposal.

    Prepared Form for Coal Follow Up report.


   Prepared S Form for Stock Quantity with respect to various Plants.

   Prepared Form for PP module regarding TMT Inprocess report and quality certificate.

   And Other Smart forms.


• Module Pool Programs


  Created a Dialog Programs for TMT Quality Inspection Report, for additional fields entry and display with respect to the Lot No.


Employment Scan




r  Managing cases and monitoring software.

r  Installing software and making it operational.

r  Training end-users.

r  Customization as per needs.

as a Developer cum Trainer.



r  Preparing:-



o    Commercial soft wares as per the requirement of the customers like Networking Chain Management, Payroll system.

o    Medical and hospital soft wares as per the requirement.

o    Library Software as per the need of the schools.

o    Maintenance and updating of the databases of the customers time to time.




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